List of U.N. Security Council Resolutions

The following list contains all U.N. Security Council resolutions pertaining to Rwanda, the Arusha Accords, the Genocide and the I.C.T.R. from 1962 to mid-1995. They are ordered chronologically, and included with each is a short synopsis of the resolution

Resolution NumberDate of AdoptionBrief Summary
172 (1962)26 July 1962Admission of Rwanda to the United Nations
812 (1993)12 March 1993Encouragement of the Arusha Accords
846 (1993)22 June 1993Creation of Unomur
872 (1993)5 October 1993Creation of Unamir
891 (1993)20 December 1993Extension of Unomur’s mandate
893 (1994)6 January 1994Approval of the way things are going
909 (1994)5 April 1994Concern over delay in implementing the Arusha Accords
912 (1994)21 April 1994Condemnation of violence in Rwanda
918 (1994)17 May 1994Further condemnation of violence in Rwanda; expansion of Unamir’s mandate; authorization of larger peacekeeping force
925 (1994)8 June 1994Concern over “reports indicating that acts of genocide may have occurred in Rwanda”
928 (1994)20 June 1994Extension of Unomur’s mandate
929 (1994)22 June 1994Authorization and encouragement of an operation to combat the humanitarian crisis in Rwanda
935 (1994)1 July 1994Creation of a panel of experts to analyze claims of genocide and human rights violations in Rwanda
955 (1994)8 November 1994Creation of an International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (with the statute of the I.C.T.R.)
965 (1994)30 November 1994Further extension and expansion of Unamir’s mandate
977 (1995)22 February 1995Decision to place the headquarters of the I.C.T.R. in Arusha, Tanzania
978 (1995)27 February 1995Encouragement of member states to apprehend genocide suspects on behalf of the I.C.T.R.
989 (1995)24 April 1995Appointment of judges for the I.C.T.R.