Date of Transmission14 March 1994
Name of TapeRTLM NO.54
SourceMinistry of Information
Prosecution ExhibitP.36/54
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R.T.L.M. Tape 0340—Extract

Speaker: Gaspard GAHIGI, Editor-in-Chief of R.T.L.M.

At R.T.L.M., we have decided to remain vigilant. I urge you, people of Biryogo, who are listening to us, to remain vigilant. Be advised that a weevil has crept into your midst. Be advised that you have been infiltrated, that you must be extra vigilant in order to defend and protect yourself. You may say, “Gahigi, aren’t you trying to scare us?” This is not meant to scare you. I say that people must be told the truth. That is useful, a lot better than lying to them. I would like to tell you, inhabitants of Biryogo, that one of your neighbors, named Manzi Sudi Fadi, alias Bucumi, is no longer among you. He now works as a technician for Radio Muhabura. We have seized a letter he wrote to Ismael Hitimana, alias Safari… Ismael Hitimana, alias Safari, heads a brigade of Inkotanyi there the in Biryogo area, a brigade called Abatiganda. He is their coordinator. It’s a brigade composed of Inkotanyi over there in Biryogo.

Our investigations indicate that brigades like this one exist in other parts of Kigali. Those living in the other areas of Kigali must also be vigilant. But, for those who may be inclined to think that this is not true—normally, I’m not supposed to read this letter on R.T.L.M. airwaves, because we respect the confidentiality of those documents- but let me tell you that in his letter—I’ll read you a few excerpts just to prove that the letter is not something I made up: Mani Sudi Fadi, alias Bicumi Higo, wrote, “The young people within Abatiganda brigade, I, once again, salute you… you the young people who aspire for change in our country, and who have come together in the Inkotanyi -FPR family, I say to you, “Love one another, be ambitious and courageous.” He asks, “How are you doing in Biryogo?” … Such is the greeting of Manzi Sudi Fadi, alias Bicumbi to the young members of the brigade in Biryogo. As you can see, the brigade does exist in the Biryogo area. You must know that the man called Manzi Sudi is no longer among you, that the brigade is headed by a man named Hitimana Ismael, coordinator of the Abatiganda brigade in Biryogo. The Manzi Sud also wrote: “Be strong. I think of you a great deal. Keep your faith in the war of liberation, even though there is not much time left. Greetings to Juma, and Papa Juma. Greetings also to Espérance, Clarisse, Cintré and her younger sister, Umutoni.