Date of Transmission25 June 1994
Name of TapeRTLM/57
SourceArchive, R.P.F. Sec.
Prosecution ExhibitP103/302
Name of TranscriberBéatrice Mushonganono
Date of Transcription17 September 1999
Duration60 Minutes
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R.T.L.M. Tape 0302—Extract

Speaker: Gaspard GAHIGI, Editor-in-Chief of R.T.L.M.

What I wanted to ask Rwandans, in order to show the French that we back their action and that we support peace, is that this business of looking at your neighbor and killing him because of the way he looks or behaves, such things must stop. That’s how, I believe, we can help the French. Spending the day running, plundering, all that is over…That must stop. In my view, that’s how we can help the French, and aspire for peace. In my view, if the French come to help the country to restore peace, peace must come from among us. In order for peace to be restored—as Mr. Jean Kambanda once said, and rightly so—you must know our adversaries, the Inkotanyi. Your neighbor is not our adversary, simply because he is this or the other way. You know our adversaries. No one should be victimized on account of his appearance, no one should be victimized because of his height, people should be judged based only for their acts. If anyone misbehaves, he should be punished for it and not for his ethnic or regional origins. In my view, if misfortune has befallen this country, we should strive to extricate ourselves from it. If the French come to help us, we must make our contribution. The killings must stop everywhere. As for us, we must ensure that no one is victimized because of his appearance or regional origin, but rather for his acts. That’s an idea that I support. And the French arrive, we must show them our support, we must show that that we want peace. All those who are flying flags should keep them, the inscriptions at the roadblocks should remain, but everything must be translated into real acts. We must show the French that they are welcome, but we must not let them know that that there are criminals, even though crimes have been committed, I personally think it’s unfortunate. Where there is war, there are also killings; that’s how it goes.…