Date of Transmission28 May 1994
Name of TapeK 7 45
SourceReporters Sans Frontières
Prosecution ExhibitP103/240
Name of TranscriberPénine-Joie Muteteli
Duration60 Minutes
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R.T.L.M. Tape 0240—Extract

Side A

Speaker: Kantano HABIMANA, Journalist for R.T.L.M.


… [inaudible] … no one can present to the Rwandan people as a nominee to the Broad-Based Transitional Government. The Arusha Accords have slipped into oblivion…It appears that he is trying to rig the Accords in order to overthrow the Bashiru (and yet he himself is a Bashiru), to out the Akazu whereas he is a member of all; he is doing do in order to please the Inkotanyi. What benefit does he hope to achieve considering that the Peace Accords that he has negotiated in Arusha are now a moot point, as no one believes in them. Thus Pasteur BIZIMUNGU has wasted his time; I believe that is the best way to describe it. In any event, he wishes to come. He is bringing us the accords he negotiated in Arusha with NAYINZIRA and his bunch.

The old man Kanyarengwe, alias Chairman, apparently heads a Tutsi Inkotanyi organization. He vowed to take revenge on the Tutsi and has succeeded! He has succeeded in having them exterminated; and yet he claims to be their leader! And now he is visiting people. Why does he do that?

He should… [inaudible]


Speaker: Unidentified

[Missing] …I went to school with soldiers, with other militants; that is why I managed to escape them. Had they found me there, the war would have ended.

Mr. Kantano, I would like to speak to journalists in the few minutes I have available. Down there, in our prefecture of Kigali-rural, the situation appears to be deteriorating. As you have noted, in Murambi sous prefecture, in Gikomero, Gikoro and Bicumbi communes, people are fleeing, whereas, as you know, those communes are the country’s granary. In recent days, the Inkotanyi were in Bugesera, in Gashora commune, and Bugesera had not yet been captured by them. The good thing is that our armed forces managed to defeat them. Thus, at least, so we hope, in Bugesera, Kanzenze, Ngenda and Gashora communes will remain untouched.


I take this opportunity to inform the population, all the militants in Kigali prefecture due to all they can, at least those who have not fled, to provide their own security, conduct night patrols and make use of their traditional weapons. Within a few days, if we have enough guns, we will distribute them to those who have received training, to the Interahamwe and to all the youths of the other political parties. Of course, not everyone will be provided a gun, as we would have wished. That way, there will be no problem and people will be able to return to their communes. I would also like to urge the militants and everyone in the communes that is not yet affected by this war brought on us by the brazen Inyenzi, to endeavor to welcome their refugee brothers and share with them whatever they have; as for us, we are trying to ensure that within a few days, the Inkotanyi return to Museveni, who sent them; that way, we will be able to return to our native communes and recover our property…


I would also like to commend our armed forces, which have fought fiercely and the Inkotanyi have no succeeded to capture the city. As the latter have been unsuccessful, it will not be difficult for us to dislodge them from the countryside, provide we work as a team. If we have the equipment we need, they will be defeated in less than one week. Given your commitment, the fact that you follow events on the front, considering the behavior of the Inyenzi, I urge you to stay informed about the situation, to redouble your efforts… [inaudible] …if they lie, we shall prove them wrong, that way we will send them back to Uganda. They will be confused. Moreover, we believe that very few will return to Uganda and only to relate misfortunes of their comrades in arms. As for the others, I want them to know that they will regret having undertaken this venture. They will cower in shame before the international community to whom they have lied by claiming that they would conquer Rwanda in two days.


Speaker: Kantano HABIMANA

Thank you. Dear radio listeners… I’ll have you listen to Mr. Joseph NZIRORERA, M.R.N.D. secretary general, followed by HABYARIMANA, M.R.N.D. chairman for Kigali, then Laurent SEMANZA, a native of Bicumbi commune, Kigali prefecture, M.R.N.D. MP and the party chairman for Kigali-rural. You have heard the speeches… [inaudible]

[inaudible] … Such and such a shop has been looted, but the one that has not been looted must carry on with its activities; that’s how people conduct business. Otherwise, if we continued to behave this way… [inaudible] …if we abandon our city and allow grass to grow there, and fail to resume our activities there, the Inkotanyi [inaudible] will have won this war.

For the moment, we are in the city and we are strong. I urge you to come back, ministers…I urge the Government to return and conduct its business in this city, as it is now safe. Hmm? I urge the government to remain here, so that we may share what we have with ministers in bars. Hmm, things should return to normal, that’s life: people die and others are born. People succeed one another [inaudible] we must resume our activities; if they destroy one area of the city, we must move to another that is still untouched…If they destroy our property, we must seek to obtain other property. That is how people should wage a war like this one. It’s attrition warfare.

Now… [inaudible] a communiqué from the préfet of Kigali-ville prefecture…


Speaker: Joseph NZIRORERA, Secretary General of M.R.N.D.

was also suspicious of this government; I believe it would be better for the R.P.F. not to recognize in order for negotiations to take place. People negotiate because they have a difference of opinion; we must not negotiate with them, as they may immediately cause us other problems. The R.P.F. has no role to play in this government. It is a national government for Rwanda, for the Rwandan people, and it enjoys the support of the people and the political parties. Whether they recognize it or not, that’s their business. Another thing is that you are wondering how negotiations can take place whereas the R.P.F. does not recognize the government. I have said so in the past… [inaudible]

The R.P.F. wanted to resume the war. The R.P.F. has elected to disregard the Arusha accords, despite the fact that their implementation was going well… and now we are back to square one. In my view, the majority of Rwandans living in the country are Hutus. They have been attacked by a small group of Tutsis, descendants of UNAR party members, Inyenzi, a small group of people who came from [inaudible] …who came from the forest and are trying to overthrow the government in place, a government that is the product of the 1959 Revolution. This power gave the majority people the prerogative to govern the country. Now, those people, the small group of Tutsis, claim that they are capable of taking back us to the pre-1959 era using weapons and other ploys.

In my view, if the R.P.F. is not willing to negotiate, it should declare that they are responsible for this ear. The Inyenzi-Inkotanyi were prepared for war. I think that, rather than negotiate with the Inkotanyi, we should also demonstrate our strength in order for them to realize that they the Rwandan Hutus living in this country represent 90% of the population. I know that we are numerous and that we cannot be defeated by 10% of the population, by a small group comprising 10% of the Tutsi rebels. [inaudible]


Speaker: Valérie BEMERIKI, Journalist for R.T.L.M.


The death of the Head of State, His Excellency Major-General Juvénal HABYARIMANA, is what caused the unrest in our country. He was killed by criminals, thugs, wicked people, murderers, Inyenzi-Inkotanyi, in connivance with the Belgian scoundrels. You recall that they brought down his plane, but the foreign radio stations claim that was simply an accident. And yet the people saying that are at the other end of the world, nearly 7,000 kilometers away. But, think of the location of the plane crashed! In fact, I have heard that according to the magazine Jeune Afrique, the plane of His Excellency the President allegedly crash-landed in the presidential compound.… In reality, we note that such radio and newspaper reports are trying to cover those who brought down the plane. The location where they committed the act is inhabited by Rwandans. The criminals have been surrounded, they have been caught; why are they engaging in falsehood?

The President was a great man, a famous man, and wise and intelligent man, I am not afraid to say it, a great politician, a man that in our view the majority of the population was fond of despite the introduction of democracy based on multiparty system. Now, h multiparty system implies opposition. Opposition presupposes political parties that do not have the same views as those of His Excellency the President.


But we later learned that the political parties declared that their aim was not to kill the president, but rather, a political debate, after defeating him at the polls, they would govern the country… [inaudible] You therefore understand that they are determined to govern by hook or by crook. But in the debate on ideology and politics, it was clear that His Excellency Major General Juvénal HABYALIMANA was winning. He had the upper hand in the debate on ideology; he defeated them publicly. They thus realized that they had no other way to take over power.

This group is that of the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi, we know that… supported by the current Ugandan, and by the Belgian Government, as well their accomplices inside the country, namely, TWAGIRAMUNGU, NZAMURAMBAHO, NGANGO, Agathe UWILINGIYIMANA and the like. This small group is particularly attached to its outdated ideas and forgets coups d’état belong to a bygone era.

Realizing that they were incapable of defeating him on the ideological front, they tried to assassinate him in a bid to take over power. He proved to be an Ikinani (=invincible) and is still one politically, and more so on the ideological front, in his conduct and legacy. They thus thought of “eliminating him at all costs.”

They thus decided to eliminate him in order to take over power. You recall that their design was concocted at Agathe UWILINGIYIMANA’s house. However, the people that were asked to execute it categorically refused to do so. Far be it for us to be associated with that plan, they said, we know the man. Instead, they denounced her, but she persisted to follow through with her plan, that is, eliminate the President. They thus called upon the Belgians to bring down his plane, and we have proof of that. They went ahead and brought it down; therefore, this is not a mere accident and people must that fact in mind. People must not forget that, because the current unrest stems from that

[inaudible] …


Having lost on the ideological and political fronts, they brought down his plane hoping to gain power but they once again were unsuccessful. They did not succeed, because the man was very well liked in this country. The people rose up as one man and said: “We cannot let that happen! Give us back our man!” That’s what caused the unrest. Extremist Tutsis are responsible for the unrest and they seized that opportunity to assassinate him in a bid to take over power. The people said… [inaudible], we, we want our man…our president, we still love him, we want him back, give us back our man, you are the ones who killed him, there is alternative. There is really no alternative, as the now common saying goes. Indeed, there is no alternative. How will children react to the murder of their innocent parents? People must know the truth, this business about confusing and deceiving us must stop.

That is how the unrest began in the country. Hence, the Inyenzi Inkotanyi said: “That’s not possible. What we wanted was power. We have sought to cause unrest. Now that there is unrest, let’s seize the opportunity. [noise] The United Nations Secretary-General asked the Security Council for authorization to… [inaudible] …to allow the Unamir stationed in Rwanda to intervene in the fighting until… [inaudible]

Intervene in the fighting against whom? Intervene in the fighting in order to save who?

They came… at the beginning, they were unsuccessful; they said… [inaudible] …They should have done all in their power to ensure that the fighting did not resume. We showed that numerous people entered the C.N.D. (Conseil national de développement) buildings and were bent on resuming the war. They did nothing to thwart that plan. We showed them all the indicia, but nothing was done.

And now they want to intervene! What do they hope to achieve? We have always said to DALLAIRE that his plan was to perhaps transform the city of Kigali, indeed the whole of Rwanda, into another Somalia.

Moreover, know that about 30 000 soldiers, including Americans, were sent to Somali. How many of them returned home? The Somalis defended their country behind their General. They said that it was not possible for [inaudible] and the contingent went home empty handed. Others, and they were numerous, lost their lives there. Here in Rwanda… [inaudible]

The only thing is that the Security Council refused to grant the U.N. Secretary-General’s request. We subsequently learned that. You will therefore understand that in reality, it was a bid to reduce the number of military personnel… The U.N. also appears to have been defeated… [inaudible] …It was defeated but was not prepared to admit it. It insisted on stationing about 30 men there, both soldiers and civilians, in order for the international community to realize that… [inaudible]. The U.N. did nothing for us, and that was due to the conduct of General Colin, his failure to do his job. In our view -indeed that’s still the case- his presence is not necessary; we want him out. And that is what we have been asking the Government, to do all in its power… [inaudible] …to ask the general to leave.


[Music: “He Brought Us Peace”]