Date of Transmission15 May 1994
Name of TapeK 7 17
SourceReporters Sans Frontières
Prosecution ExhibitP96
Name of TranscriberDrocella Icyitegetse
Date of Transcription8 July 1999
Duration60 Minutes
Original PDF | Full Transcript (in Kinyarwanda)

R.T.L.M. Tape 0212—Extract

Speaker: Kantano HABIMANA, Journalist for R.T.L.M.

Concerning the Inkotanyi, you are aware that, yesterday, Burundian soldiers attacked Rwanda. They reached the border and killed people. So, those Tutsis… in fact, this is what the Inkotanyi were trying to achieve. Well… the Inkotanyi had requested, “Please, make our task easier, make it easier, help us, lend us your equipment, etc…” That is the reason why the Inkotanyi launched a suicidal attack, in order not… and came close to the border between Rwanda and Burundi to seek for support from Burundians. In spite of all, those Tutsis are wasting their time, they are wasting their time!

We will look for guns and fight against the Inkotanyi here in Rwanda and when we have exterminated them, we will cross into Burundi and fight against the Inkotanyi there, with the support from Burundians and Zairians, and the support from all those people who understand that a minority race cannot exterminate the majority race… We will then fight relentlessly. It does not matter if it takes ten years, provided we eventually put the Inkotanyi where they belong.