Date of Transmission28–29 May 1994
Name of TapeC.62 K/95
SourceMinistry of Information
Prosecution ExhibitP103/195
Name of TranslatorYves-Florent Ndimurukundo
Date of Translation22 July 1995
Original PDF

R.T.L.M. Tape 0195—Extracts

Side A

Extract I

Speaker: Ananie NKURUNZIZA, Journalist for R.T.L.M.

We must fight on until we win and the white men will come back. They will bring us money because this is their political morality. Don’t think they will help Tutsis because of their physical appearance resemblance. White men have their own interests. So if we win and become part of their interests, they will come back to us. We should avoid listening to R.P.F. propaganda and Belgian newspapers, which support R.P.F. and do everything we can to win the war. Next, to have opponents against us is somehow normal, what is strange is the U.N. troops sent in Rwanda supposedly to stand between fighters. They will hardly explain why they fighting us. For instance, the U.N. representative, I won’t name him pretends he ignores who shot at the U.N. plane when it was landing at the airport. He says that it looks like it was an attack against the U.N. plane but things are so confused that we are not sure about who was targeting us. He told this to French newspapers while sitting here in Kigali. This is shameful for a U.N. official to say so because the airport is occupied by U.N. force in which are found Belgians who murdered the President [Habyarimana]. This kind of people are the ones who make our war tougher, such people as Belgian Flemish and other people who chased BOH BOH, surely because he is a French speaker. That’s why if they want to bring other troops, they should send soldiers who speak French since we are a French speaking country. Even my friends have pointed, particularly the senior editor of R.T.L.M., that the President has been killed by R.P.F. helped by foreigners. I have a journal, that I won’t name, which wrote the following title: Belgians, Americans and Ugandans involved. [The speaker reads an extract of the journal in French and then translates it in Kinyarwanda]. According to faithful sources officials at the State Department and the Pentagon have plotted with Museveni, Ugandan President, and R.P.F. rulers to complete the assassination. They add that the last meeting the President participated in was part of the plot. BILOA from Jeune Afrique asks if it was necessary for the President to go to Dar es Salaam. Until the last minute, the President knew it was useless. Nevertheless he went while others were plotting on his back and they killed him like we said on this radio. He died for the Republic and the Rwandese people. Now that he’s gone, we the survivals, Interahamwe [M.R.N.D. militia], Rwandese soldiers, Impuzamugambi [C.D.R. militia], Inkuba [M.D.R. power], Abakombozi [P.S.D. youth], we must go on fighting otherwise we will all perish, we will be severely judged like R.P.F. wants it to be. [Music].

Extract II

Speaker: Gaspard GAHIGI, Editor-in-Chief of R.T.L.M.

Soldiers, young boys and all countrymen, be strong in the fight, stay careful at all the gates. Rwandese once said that you neglect a tiny man and he makes you swallow dust. Museveni and R.P.F. thought they would capture Kigali like they did with Kampala. Unfortunately for them Rwandese are different, they thought they’d take Kigali within 3 or 4 hours, now they must be regretting why they came to disturb Rwanda. As long as we stick together nobody will break us. [Music].

Extract III

Speaker: Gaspard GAHIGI

I would like to thank people from Nyakabanda sector who caught a transmitting radio. According to the Councilor of this sector, its owner claims he uses it for his job with Americans. For the time being, our soldiers are checking whether it is for his job or it belongs to the enemy. So, stay awake and catch all that kind of instruments so that our enemy knows we are awake and they cannot defeat us if we stay awake, [As the weather is cool this morning, the speaker plays an African number]

Extract IV

[This sequence is made of song in which the singer express in Kinyarwanda, Swahili, French, English his sadness about the war which is destroying the legendarily beauty of Rwanda. He is encouraging the soldiers to fight strongly against R.P.F. and calls on the international community to search for the genuine truth. He claims that Rwandese people wants democracy, thus war is not the way to true democracy and to the solution of refugees (Tutsis who are abroad).]

Side B

Extract V

Speaker: Gaspard GAHIGI

Time: 10:23 AM

Frankly speaking, political parties should have been prohibited since the beginning of war and we could have won the war. Instead, soldiers were sent to the frontline where they would think about other matters than the enemy and things went bad. Now we wonder what all these people making speeches, like KAMBANDA the Prime Minister and those who are demonstrating were doing. Had they acted earlier, we could have put Tutsis back to their place equaling their number [suggestion to reduce Tutsis to a small number= to kill them] and they would never think again about invading us. Like the apostles who said:”say one word and I will be safe,” somebody should have raised his voice to make the same speeches as now and Rwanda would be in peace. Such speeches must go on, it’s not too late, even if they must be responsible, it doesn’t matter. Had we started earlier, we could have defeated INKOTANYI and brought them to Kigali, crawling or hands up. This minority and white men would understand how wrong it is to take power by force. So go on speaking [these speeches are orders to kill]. [Music].

Extract VI

Speaker: Kantano HABIMANA, Journalist for R.T.L.M.

Instead of living like civilized people, they chose to live hiding themselves in holes, I don’t know where they got their education from. Anyway, one day, they will criticize and laugh at themselves because we cannot stand democracy and power established by means of guns. Kagame, alias Kagome [naughty] went through the mountains of Byumba and found them empty. Is he going to settle there with refugees beside? What does he think when he gets through the bananas fields of Kibungo and finds nobody? Kagame said he will sleep in Kigali on this 18th. I don’t know whether he will go to Hotel des Diplomates or in a determined Villa, but I guess this will be hard for him; I don’t really share his optimism. Here I am with Ananie whom you now know well, he is going to give us some information he got for you. [They greet each other].

Speaker: Ananie NKURUNZIZA

Today, we are the 16th and if we count the days left before R.P.F. gets to Kigali, according to what they said, tomorrow that will be the 17th, after tomorrow the 18th when Kagame is due to sleep in Kigali as you said it [you=Kantano]. But when I take a look to how things are progressing in the different cities of Kigali, I must recognize that Kagame has no chance to sleep in Kigali at all. Maybe he could stand a chance if he had come as a leader of those who stayed at C.N.D. [reference to the 600 R.P.F. who lived at C.N.D. building as R.P.F. officials’ security guards]. But in the mean time he can die at any moment before he gets to Kigali.

Day after day we get some newspapers which help us understand the depth of our trouble. According to them, on April 6th, 94 our President was hesitating to go to Dar-Es-Salaam but they told him that the meeting was very important. Furthermore, MOBUTU would come, MOI from Kenya as well, MWINYI who invited them, even the President of Mozambique and many more. But as we all saw it, only Museveni came, which shows the plot to kill our President has already started. TSHILUBA [Zambian President], MOI and MOBUTU didn’t come; perhaps they could have caught in the trap. We got this information from the Ugandan political party Uganda Democratic Coalition which gathers Ugandans living in Washington. This was also written by the journal Le Courrier du Sud issued on April 18th, i.e. two weeks after his assassination by white men and R.P.F. It says that this project to kill the President was made up in the USA and was transmitted to Belgians and MUSEVENLI ignore whether the Americans planned it or the Belgians planned it; or if both of them planned it and to Museveni to execute. Among the Americans who planned the murder in the USA, the journal writes about P. B. [it’s impossible to fully hear his name on the tape], Secretary at the African Department and Arlene Lender [not sure of the spelling], Head of the Office dealing with Central Africa; both are working for the Foreign Affairs office. The assistant US Defense Secretary, who is also in charge of the Human Rights and Refugees [the speaker repeats these functions twice to insist on them], was among them because, as he said, he wanted to eliminate a dictatorship state. And at last there was a woman called Patricia Erwing [not sure of the spelling]. All these persons have visited Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi during March of this year as if they were preparing their heinous crime. All of this happened.

There is another journal in which the President’s wife narrates in details how it happened. She says she heard a plane’s noise and told her children: “This is daddy’s plane landing.” Children agreed with her. A few seconds later, the plane exploded. What is surprising is that the plane exploded in the late President’s yard. They spent the whole night looking for corpses because everything was burnt. According to her children, this woman has been courageous. A little bit later, guns were heard as if they wanted to take the President’s palace. The PG [Presidential Guard] made their job; they fought with those who remained until the morning when a French soldier came to tell us to prepare ourselves to go because things were getting worse. What is shameful is how all white people fled when zings worsened. This journal writes about “The westerners’ breaking up. Around 10:45, when they learnt the President’s death, all the Unamir asked to go home, even if they went later, they had asked for it earlier. After their crime [against the President], Belgians started running away; as their Foreign Affairs Minister put it:”our blue helmets are tracked like rats.” They followed the 24 hours delay imposed by R.P.F. to leave the country and fled away. The only people who stayed faithful to us are Russians and Chinese. It’s therefore amazing and it will always surprise us to a state like USA which pretends to fight for democracy supporting these communists as we have noticed it. Maybe they gave communism up because some of them reported when they came back from Cuba that American political morality is surprising. Some got trainings in America. Some, like Kagame, went to study in Arkansas, where CLINTON was Governor; others went to California, Oregon, Louisiana and New Mexico. Those Inkotanyi who went to study in America, got there as Ugandans but Americans knew they belonged to R.P.F. as someone called NKINKI [the name is hard to get] from Uganda told Colonel Tom MARLEY. We have certainly already mentioned Tom MARLEY in our previous programs because this man followed closely the negotiation of Arusha and he is for being a specialist of mixing soldiers in wars like ours. He is well known for having made that kind of job in the Southern American countries. It’s a shame to see the manner people, who supposedly believe in democracy and God, who are Christians, used to kill our President. Now they seem to forget it and say they want to look after refugees at Mille Collines. The news we gave you this morning, we have concentrated too much on our country and we omitted what goes on away.

In Burundi, among our brothers and neighbors who are undergoing the same trouble as in Rwanda, former President BAGAZA made a political party, PARENA, Parti pour la Reconstruction Nationale [National Reconstruction Party]. This party intends to reconstruct Burundi which went through destruction and killings since BIKOMAGU [Burundian chief of staff] Tutsis soldiers began to shed blood all over the country. This party intends to call on a National Conference because as BAGAZA argues the actual Burundian government does nothing to work out the situation and if it goes on like this Burundi is likely to be like Rwanda. This National Conference would seek how to divide Burundi in two: one side for Tutsi, another for Hutus. A journalist asked BAGAZA if to make Tutsiland and Hutuland is possible in a such small country like Burundi and BAGAZA replied that it was the tightest solution since there are entire regions where all Tutsis were killed. If those Tutsis perished, I hope Kagame won’t do the same in Rwanda like Museveni who wants to create an empire for Hima and Tutsis. This empire would include Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. Therefore, BAGAZA has been thinking about it and Kagame is acting the same way. According to a French radio we heard this morning, it reports that war is rough in Rwandese towns: Nkumba, Ruhengeri, Bugesera and Gitarama. That’s why I have been telling you that our radio lacks information. Yesterday the French Minister KOUCHNER went to Gitarama, on his way back he got shot by R.P.F. at Nyabugogo. So I wonder where this journalist heard war in Gitarama from. I don’t know who told him Bugesera is a town. If we get back here, I think Kantano informed you, yesterday, R.P.F. shot at U.N. officials. I hope KOUCHNER now understand R.P.F. respect nothing. I would advise people who are with KOUCHNER and who understand what we say on this station to tell him to visit places where R.P.F. passed by and see what they did instead of always condemning machetes because Kalashnikov also hurts. I would end by recommending our government to get in touch with our ambassador in Dar es Salaam to check R.P.F. reports saying that they imprisoned some of our refugees in Tanzania. R.P.F. says they are imprisoned in Ngara. Tell the ambassador to hurry up in rescuing our people because R.P.F. never joke, they can commit a crime. These are the news I had for you, see you tomorrow.

[Kantano thanks him; it’s 11:06 AM].

Extract VII

Speaker: Kantano HABIMANA

There’s no way we can leave our country in the hands of Ugandans, there’s no other place we can hide in because R.P.F. is everywhere, let’s stay in Rwanda. There’s no other Rwanda. The ant defeated the elephant, we could defeat R.P.F. and Ugandans and both they would return to Uganda. Little by little, step by step, with discipline, we can achieve it. [Music].

Extract VIII

Speaker: Gaspard GAHIGI

He told me how they decimated people and how soldiers from Bangladesh saved him because they knew him and they were going to that Hotel. At Amahoro Stadium and Roi Faissar, many Hutus have been killed, only Tutsis survived. I would like to take as an example those who are at Mille Collines Hotel; I want to let them know they are in an area controlled by soldiers of our government. They have been told to choose where they want to go. Therefore, in these times of trouble we should avoid falling in the trap. Even the government should avoid traps because if these persons are in a governmental area, their security lies in government’s hands. The most important task of the government is to protect the population in its security and its health. So, the security of those who are at Mille Collines lies in the government’s hands. Thus, if the government tells people to go anywhere they want, it rejects them as if it was unable to protect them. For me this constitutes a genuine trap for the government to avoid because it recognize its incapacity to protect its population, it’s rather an implicit recognition of R.P.F. charge stating that it’s a criminal government while it was set up to rescue the country. It visited the urban zone and rural zone to claim for peace and to tell people to stop the killings. So if people are told to take any direction they want, they are likely to accuse it of failing to protect them. R.T.L.M. asks the government to be careful and find out a solution because these people once tried to go out but some other people were waiting for them and they forced them to return inside. Has the government taken a decision? I would also like to add that if those persons say they are not safe and wish to go where they want, what about people who are in jail in Kibingo, Kayonza, Murambi, Rukara by R.P.F. and who also want to take a direction of their choice? Refugees in Runde, at Sainte-Famille [church], wouldn’t they want to go back home. Unamir can help everybody to go homes. The government should focus on this problem, if they are some people who have a determined place to go, it should help them all instead of discriminating helping some and omitting others. The first task of the government is the population security. I want there to remind you that those who are at Amahoro Stadium and Roi Faissar are in the hands of R.P.F.; among them, Hutus are dying. The security of people at Mille Collines and all over the country comes to the government. There’s no way some can be granted the right to choose their direction, pretending they are unable to go back to their homes whereas others can’t. This situation requires the government’s decision without falling in the trap because it has been participating in meetings with the youth sent by political parties whereas we all know this youth leads a questionable life. The fact that Unamir, which belongs to an international organization, holds meetings with this youth, parties’ delegates, government officials should awaken us and people should look closer. People at Mille Collines, Amahoro Stadium and Roi Faissar are in Kigali Prefecture which must do everything to loot after them since it participates in the meetings. That’s what I had to say about those people. [When GAHIGI finishes, another speaker thanks him and sums up what has been said. He adds that the government should leave Gitarama and come back to Kigali in spite of the bombs falling on this town in order to look closer to the population’s plight].

Extract IX

Speaker: Unidentified

People are complaining as there are some greedy persons on the gates. You ought to chase such individuals because they are useless. Yesterday evening there was a rumor in Nyamirambo saying that there is a list of people who must be executed, among whom are prostitutes. So, I really wonder if people have enough cleaned ears to listen. I have asked where those persons were hidden what they are accused of. They replied that there came some Interahamwe with the list. I ask which country do these Interahamwe come from because their boss, the Prime Minister, even the President of Republic have warned to stop the killing, those who died are gone forever. Killing is over now; our major enemy is Inkotanyi like we say it every day on the radio. Since one month and a half, is it now that you become aware he is a R.P.F. soldier or a R.P.F. treacherous. People who make lists to kill others in the name of Interahamwe are from R.P.F. and must be treated like they deserve it, like the Prime Minister said yesterday. In Nyamirambo, if you see somebody shooting at people or dressing a line of people, that will be a R.P.F. treacherous, so don’t hesitate kill him immediately. That’s how things should work in order to solve this disorder. The one who killed the bad ones also killed the good ones. This proverb means that you can kill persons you are convinced they are bad and in the end you find out you killed also the good [or right] ones. Sometimes you see a beautiful girl passing by and all the heads turn wondering why she is still alive whereas she is Hutu. It’s true a Tutsi shouldn’t die but now the war is between soldiers and R.P.F. in the bush. People are misbehaving like this ugly woman who asks her husband to kill all the beautiful women in the neighborhood so that she can stay the only woman there. She might have had a quarrel with her before. So such people, the Prime Minister said you must denounce them because they are pure members of R.P.F.; they are traitors among others because they still kill. They want to perpetuate the killings in order to make the reputation of our country dirty abroad. Such madness can lead us to miss financial assistance. You meet someone and you ask him why he is still alive as if you had no blood running through your body. People from Karambo, be strong and fight R.P.F. who is spreading over the town, fight them and our soldiers are to come to help you because R.P.F. wants to catch MAGERWA in order to steal our maze, beans. Take into account how we starving and prevent them from drinking our beer, eating our rice, they didn’t buy it, nor did they cultivate it. Stop them and do not give up your homes at Karambo. The same thing for you people of Gatenga: keep fighting until soldiers come to help you to take R.P.F. back to Mulindi where they will think about what they did. Good morning to SAFARI Jean Baptiste, how do you do at Kabeza? I think everything is alright since the airport is in the hands of our soldiers. [He greets somebody else living in Nyamirambo, impossible to hear his name]. Some talks about R.P.F. suicide and if you analyze it you find out it’s true. Some days ago R.P.F. officers held a meeting at the Egyptian Embassy, near Meridien. Instead of being indoors they were outdoors giving directives and one of soldiers using heavy weapons saw them through binoculars. Then he threw 3 bombs which killed them all. Now you understand how foolish this guys are with their conviction they can rule so many people with their small number. Furthermore we know where they are, they always seek to steal our soldiers’ material, they wear their uniforms, so they are easy to recognize. You can also find them in Gacuriro at Joke in RUZINDANA Raphael’s house.