Date of Transmission3 April 1994
Name of TapeC.59/K 95
SourceMinistry of Information
Prosecution ExhibitP103/93
Name of TranslatorYves-Florent Ndimurukundo
Date of Translation1 August 1995
Original PDF

R.T.L.M. Tape 0193

Side A

Speaker: Noël HITIMANA, Journalist for R.T.L.M.

…to tell R.P.F. that what they plan to do during the Easter days will not help Rwandese. He said that those acts of violence and blood shedding whereas we are fed up with blood. You must know that the standing army of Rwanda [this is said both in French and Kinyarwanda] will persecute us while we could avoid it. You cause the Rwandese soldiers’ anger which makes them feel that all the disorder has been brought by Tutsis. I told you that since the beginning of this revolution on October 1st, 1990, they used to stay at home, they never hurt any Tutsi. They provoked nobody, nor did they threaten anyone. Hutus and Tutsis usually share beer in bars and no Tutsi got his face spit at. Tutsis with whom we share are temperate ones. These Tutsis speak less and understand with other people. They work in Ministries or at home. After, they go back to their homes. They are not the kind of those who escape bars and join Nyamirambo [where they were supposedly safer]. But with other common Tutsis, we still exchange brides and grooms. They can be godfathers of Hutu children on their baptism without any problem. One of them can come to Kigali and find a quiet place to stay in, why do they separate from others? Therefore, R.P.F. military have no advantage in obstructing democracy; they have no advantage in killing their Hutu and Tutsi brothers. R.P.F. military must remember that they gained nothing in the attacks against Ruhengeri, Mukarange, Birunga, Mutara and so on. R.P.F. should know it is indebted in front of the people and history of these youth it keeps decimating [this is said both in French and Kinyarwanda]. How will Rutaremara [an R.P.F. official] explain it? You can spill blood, but you can’t pick up again?

On the other hand, we, people refer to the fourth article, we are the genuine soldiers. Our soldiers can fight, but we can tell them we have also an important power. So they day the citizens will stand up and reject you from the roots, where will you go since you cannot rule people who reject you? It’s impossible. Even if Habyarimana was rejected by the people, he would not enter his office. You heard how Faustin Twagiramungu disfigured Sylvester who did not hold out two days. Twagiramungu always say he cannot put in the government people -who are hollowing his grave Can you, yourself be ruled by someone who hollowed your grave? All observers notice it. When people from Nyacyonga [where the displaced were settled] go back home with their baggage accompanied by U.N. and find you there, I don’t know how you will explain it to the world and how you will prevent them from settling down again. That’s serious! As to the army, you know soldiers have committed themselves to fight, that’s normal since it’s their job, therefore compulsory. They have agreed to fight to death. So, if R.P.F. wants to attack, it must know with whom it will be dealing. First, R.P.F. will be attacking Rwandese. Next, it will be provoking soldiers who have committed to struggle for the people and the Republic. They will teach them a lesson, training is over now. Yesterday, they were scouts, today they are senior scouts. They are now accustomed to war. Let’s listen to some music, in a moment I will read your announcements out to you. I may have some guests to discuss with. But she also said [she probably refers to Mrs. Agathe Uwilingiyimana] that on a given date, C.D.R. militants plan to kill people. If this is the only problem she has because she will have to answer in court to how people can kill others while she is Prime Minister. She had all the security material to prevent those persons from killing. People perished because Madam is an accomplice, a treacherous Hutu woman, a treacherous to the dead. How did she let so many people die while she was Prime Minister? Why didn’t she arrest the murderers? How can she, as a Hutu woman, denounce other Hutus? She will have to report to court that secret she kept for them? This secret she hid for her Hutu brothers.

Let’s listen now to Misago who has been accused of carrying a table-knife in order to assassinate the Prime Minister. Let’s listen to Antoine Misago Rutegesha during three minutes explaining how he was going to murder Mrs. Prime Minister. Gahigi Gaspard?

Speaker: Gaspard GAHIGI, Editor-in-Chief of R.T.L.M.

The news is now notorious as one of the C.D.R. officials, Mister Antoine Misago Rutegesha, was caught with a knife at the moment they were received by the Prime Minister. Mrs. Agathe Uwilingiyimana. We have already seen the press official statement made by the Principal Private Secretary of the Prime Minister which confirms that Misago was caught with a long red handled knife. Here we are with Mr. Misago on the phone and we would like to ask him whether he really held a knife or it’s just a bad publicity.

Speaker: Noël HITIMANA

Thank you, dear journalist Gahigi. I also heard the news but it is not what I was expecting. I was expecting the results from the interview we had with Agathe Uwilingiyimana. We thought she would let us know her point of view about our discussion. Like you put it, I learnt too that a press statement has been released. This is how it all started: Agathe Uwilingiyimana called us. She told the first Vice-President, Nahimana Théoneste, perhaps on 30th evening that she wanted a meeting with us without pointing out the topic of the discussions. As to me, I was absent. I had gone to my birthplace and I had taken all the material I needed. Moreover, I have evidence that I was not at home because I left in the afternoon. Then, early in the morning around seven, they called me to tell me we had an interview with Mrs. Prime Minister, Agathe Uwilingiyimana but they added that they didn’t know the subject matter of the discussion. So we had to go and check what she would tell us. We suspect it had to do with the answer to the letter we wrote to her on March 22nd, 94 in which we told her that Kavaruganda [President of the Constitutional and Supreme Courts] and some political parties like P.S.D., PCI, PSR, and R.P.F. have refused to give us papers like everyone else. So, in the morning I took my attaché case, put in some documents which would be useful like Arusha Agreements, some statements, etc… Then, we first held a meeting between us. When we finished, we went to see the Prime Minister, The meeting was scheduled at nine. Around nine, when we got there like usual we knew [a sound prevents from hearing] … She didn’t tell us what to take and what to leave, whether we would come empty handed or naked. When we got there, we introduced ourselves to the usher who said he must check what we carried. So, in my suitcase, there were a lot of documents, many other tools like a calculator, agendas, personal effects, tools I have previously used in my homeland like UHU glue. There were also a table-knife, a fork, all tools you can need at lunch-time. There was also a lot of money because I remember the usher asked me what the money was for. I had not got time to put it aside. It is quite normal that people inform you what you can enter with or without, tell you what they want you to do. So I told them that what they don’t need to enter will stay outside and other stuff will enter. We got in, met with Mrs. Agathe Uwilingiyimana and held the audience. When we finished, they told me I had to make a statement confirming that they kept my knife. It didn’t bother me, I wrote the statement, so we left. Therefore, I was expecting that she would tell us what came out of our meeting. She had also said that she was to meet with R.P.F. at eleven, we were expecting for the results of their interview too. But instead, she brought again her usual stupidity when it comes to deal with C.D.R.

Speaker: Gaspard GAHIGI

Mr. Misago, in order to help our listener to keep something, we can sum up and say that what they refer to as a long knife is… [He is interrupted]

Speaker: Antoine MISAGO Rutegesha, C.D.R. Official and Attempted Assassination Suspect

It’s in fact a table-knife we use to put on some butter, to cut some oranges, this knife we use at lunch, a knife with a fork and a spoon. There was nothing special.

Speaker: Gaspard GAHIGI

It’s a knife you forgot in your suitcase when you went to your birth place?

Speaker: Antoine MISAGO Rutegesha

I have evidence that I went there if she wants to accuse me. I have the number of the car which took me there, even the station where I filled gasoline is known.

Speaker: Gaspard GAHIGI

Now, let’s set this story of knife apart because it became the most important thing whereas you went to see Mrs. Prime Minister to discuss about C.D.R. participation in the National Assembly, what are the results?

Speaker: Antoine MISAGO Rutegesha

Before I tell you the results, dear Gahigi, I think she was sad because her plan didn’t work out. This is my opinion since when we separated, we had agreed upon a number of things she would do. But they must be different from what R.P.F. had told her to agree upon. Maybe this sadness tells her to start. Normally, there’s no place where it is forbidden to carry nail-clippers, knife which can be used to deal with small jobs. If they didn’t need these tools, they could even tell me to withdraw the calculator, the glue which could contain gas or poison. They could keep it. If someone calls you, he tells you what she wants or doesn’t want. She didn’t make it.

So if we come back to the conclusions of the meeting, I can only tell you what she told us. When she called us, she didn’t mention why called us. She only said she wanted to meet us. We replied that we didn’t bother having an interview since we have even accepted to meet R.P.F., so it was quite normal to meet the Prime Minister of our government. She said she didn’t understand how we first refused to participate in the institutions and later changed our mind. Next, she said we made mistakes, serious mistakes which don’t please her, which is the reason why R.P.F. attacks us. She also added that R.P.F. could not trust since we made no statement like a mea culpa in which we recognize we have killed so many people, we have done wrong and then we beg for forgiveness. The letter we wrote to her was not enough because of R.P.F. She also added that we always write letters with an authoritative tone; according to the law this tone condemns us because we have been late. She asked us what we are willing to do, are we willing to lower our voice in order to soothe R.P.F. and launch institutions? We clearly replied that, first of all, a man thinks twice before he says something. As things always change in politics, we also changed our mind as to our participation in the transitional institutions because we want to contribute in the search of peace since we realized that they all failed to work it out within the government with their usual conversations behind closed doors. There should be no pretext against us, we want peace and we want to give suggestions through democracy, but people’s opinions have shifted, so we want to work with the Republic’s defenders, so here we are back.

It doesn’t mean it’s too late because the article 61 R.P.F. discusses about states that all political parties, even in the protocol they are mentioned C.D.R. is mentioned. All those parties must participate in the institutions with well determined seats in the Assembly. We added that there’s no mistake we recognize. Spoiling someone by accusing him of having killed is not what people can refer to. Calling names on the radio because she controls it with its workers has nothing to do with our convictions. We reported the mistakes done by R.P.F.; we began with the people murdered in Ruhengeri. Byumba the disorder created everywhere it attacked and all the bad acts which go with it. instead R.P.F. is the one to quit It cannot find people in Rwanda and asks where the silly ones are going and adds that it doesn’t want us while we are the ones to be in that place. People who think that way are wrong because that’s not the way it goes among the majority… Even if you kill them, they can’t perish all.

As to the letters, they are not authoritative: They don’t need her forgiveness like she put it. Like Mazimpaka said, during the meeting we had, they will forgive us and look into our problem after the institutions are established. We told her we need no forgiveness from her or from someone else. What we need is the application of Arusha Agreements. Next time we will demand to be in the government. For the time being, we claim for our seat in the National Assembly. Nothing will change our decision.

She reached a point where she told us R.P.F. negotiated with the government. We replied that we don’t intend to negotiate with R.P.F. either. We are in the government of Rwanda which we recognize and support. Whether she declares that she withdrew us from the government so that we know we are put aside or she tells R.P.F. that they are Rwandese like others. If they want peace, they must come to live with those who want to live with them. She argued that R.P.F. is strong and can attack again; wouldn’t it be wiser to let us establish the institutions and guarantee you to have a positive answer to your problem one week after they are set up? We replied that it is written nowhere foreign countries support us, 13 parties support us, President Habyarimana supports us, even the government she leads agreed to let us in. They made a declaration in which they state that it’s not up to R.P.F. to give orders in a country it has not yet entered, we must get in together without condition, and she mustn’t withdraw people, perhaps if she wants to work with R.P.F. only.

Speaker: Gaspard GAHIGI

Thank you, Misago. Concerning the so-called C.D.R. mistakes, Mrs. Uwilingiyimana said on the radio that C.D.R. decimated people, then C.D.R. wrote a letter to ask for the right to answer to what a journal or a radio accusations. There is a letter the head of ORINFOR released which states that it doesn’t grant you the right to deny what Mrs. Agathe said. What is C.D.R.’s point of view about this, as Rwandese press laws recognize this right: if someone soils you, you have the right to respond through his own medium? We know the head of ORINFOR has an experience in press he refused it to you. How are you going to act?

Speaker: Antoine MISAGO Rutegesha

The head of ORINFOR’s reply is not surprising because it is Uwilingiyimana’s tool and a tool for those she serves as a tool too. The radio became their ownership; they broadcast what they want and pull out what they don’t like. Asking then what we are going to do, you should know by now that their radio is not the only radio which broadcasts in our country. Instead, theirs is losing its value because of their mistake. You know who the profiteers are. If those people don’t want to broadcast it in spite of the laws, they also know how they will work it out to court. The most important thing is to see which side they stand for when they refuse to broadcast it. Mrs. Agathe hurriedly took advantage of a small hitch saving a person came with anything or heard a gunshot and pretend he was attacked. She immediately handed it to Muhabura [R.P.F. radio station] because she hoped they would broadcast it. For us, radios which are in the country are not few, within few days, they will be five. I don’t know how people will go on listening to Radio Rwanda, instead of the remaining ones, Particularly R.T.L.M. which speaks the truth and let the floor to anyone who needs to express himself. Next, there are foreign radios; there are tribunals, so tomorrow we will give our position but after a small study. I would like to add that when we ended the meeting, Agathe Uwilingiyimana’ told us we would better give up with some guarantees. We replied that we she couldn’t get those guarantees because R.P.F. lies every time. When it attacked in February, we went through negotiations, even with what happened in March, they had signed. You can’t trust them. Then she said if things don’t change I will leave it to the President of the Republic because I have noticed that he supports you since you work for him. He will have to settle the matter out of hand. If he doesn’t do what R.P.F. wants, he will have triggered war which is the only result. I think Agathe gauges or has been told R.P.F. will cause war if we are part of the institutions. So I want to let Rwandese know that if Agathe works for R.P.F. or understand with them, she must know that the President of the Republic is the most important institution which decides for the country and all Rwandese. When he sees who undergo injustice he speaks it out. But as the majority knows what it wants to do, it knows it must protect itself and get its right place. Agathe should know the people is the one to settle the matter not the President only The President of the Republic watches over the way the laws work. To say then she will leave it to the President and that R.P.F. will attack if he refuses, she will be held responsible. The same thing as to those lies she tells so that everyone understands that C.D.R. is violent, kills like she tells every day. If she has ever witnessed it, she will have to answer. On our part, if she knows a law which forbids to carry simple tools, because if it were a serious weapon. I can carry it in case I own a license acknowledged by the authorities. If she felt persecuted, she shouldn’t have invited us, she can go to court the way she told lies about some persons, and she has to explain very well the reason why she did it in order to help R.P.F.:

Speaker: Gaspard GAHIGI

Thank you, Misago. Dear listeners, you were listening to Antoine Misago Rutegesha, a C.D.R. official who has been accused of carrying a knife when he was invited by the Prime Minister. Among things he told us, he said that this knife is a table-knife he has forgotten in his suitcase because he was coming straight from his birthplace. He also told us what C.D.R. plans to do about ORINFOR head’s refusal to give the right to answer to the Prime Minister, Agathe Uwilingiyimana’s accusation stating that C.D.R. has been murdering. Thank you Misago, have a good evening.

Speaker: Antoine MISAGO Rutegesha

You are welcome, dear journalist.

[The previous journalist comes back]

Speaker: Noël HITIMANA

Like I told you in the beginning, we are threatened here in Kigali. They take one brave man after another and kill him. They say if they killed Gaspard Ukwizagira, the ones who usually get the floor would miss it and become angry. If today they murdered a tradesman or a politician, tomorrow they will murder a bishop, a minister, a teacher, an adviser, prefect or his vice, a rich person in a commune, students coming back from school like the ones they killed in Taba. They will keep on killing because it is their plan. In their programs like we learnt it during Easter days they want to take hold of Kigali, bomb it and throw grenades in order we the people lose shelters They want to spread disorder these 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th. They want us to lose control in order to ease their next attack. That’s the way their program is and we know it. As we know it nobody should argue we have been attacked by surprise, it’s impossible. Only if you are attacked the way they killed Katumba: somebody calls you, ask you to meet in private and shoots you. There’s no way out when it’s a surprise. During the night, when there is a power cut, you must go home very early, and then you seek a place to hide with a spear and a bow or another weapon to protect your home. I address particularly men who must protect their homes. We are indulged in war until our government is set up. Right now, they are operating the final action of this war.

Now, here I am with Gaspard, he was not murdered yesterday. I phoned him and asked him how really these things happened to him, how he was wanted and how God protected him.

Speaker: Gaspard UKWIZAGIRA, Tradesman

Thank you Noel, I was not surprised because it’s not the first time I am attacked, especially by people with weapons. Until now, I have undergone two serious attacks. The first time they came. I escaped from them, my watch got broken as you can see. Yesterday, since the afternoon, I foresaw such signs; people I don’t know stopped me and asked for a lift. I did not give it because I did not see the interest to take them in the evening; I went to a football match, I was sitting with Kantano. We went home around 6 p. m. When I got home, I found a crowd of people, Unamir military were just leaving…

Speaker: Noël HITIMANA

Were they Belgians?

Speaker: Gaspard UKWIZAGIRA

Yes. They were Belgians who were escorting four people.

End of Side A.

Side B

Speaker: Gaspard UKWIZAGIRA

They came to spy and detect the door so that they know where they will send their people. As the people were very angry, they took one among the low- who were with them and protected him with a gun they had in their car they came with two cars. Unfortunately, nobody succeeded to take their plate numbers because the Belgians were threatening. Among them was Major Stephane whose telephone number is 85103, but this number was given by one among those who were caught, I can’t certify that it’s the right number because they can hide it from Justice,

Speaker: Noël HITIMANA

Are there some who got caught?

Speaker: Gaspard UKWIZAGIRA

Three were caught; they spent the night in the Justice hands. However, one among them that I didn’t identified, but he may be a black man they took with gun. I was not there I learnt it from the news they broke to me when I arrived. They made him enter the car, when the young boys came to catch them. Together with the Belgians, they all rushed away. They succeeded to catch the three who were left. They were taken to the adviser who took them to the sector. The sector phoned the Prefecture which sent policemen. A police sergeant called Martin Bucyana was their leader and they took them to the Prefecture. But their speech is contradictory since one says I was going to Gatsata, later he says I was coming from downtown. In fact they first came to my shop believing that I would work but it was Saturday on Sabbath day and I don’t work. When they missed me they came to attack my house. From their cars they pricked their guns at my door. The U.N. plane flew over my house for near 15 minutes. I don’t understand the reason why because the problem I have is that dying is not bad since everybody has to die but dying innocently is the problem.

Speaker: Noël HITIMANA

What’s the trouble with you as a tradesman?

Speaker: Gaspard UKWIZAGIRA

I am a tradesman, I don’t indulge in politics. But sometimes ago Radio Muhabura said I trapped Inkotanyi who were coming from Byumba. It affirmed I have grenades in my house arid guns are stored there too. I have no grenades, nor guns; people who work in my house are in charge of the mill only because these machines are still at my home. So, seeing a Belgian Major leading an attack to my home is hard to understand. One of the persons caught had a residence license from 1991 and he said that he studied with the Belgian Major. I once got attacked by security guards but people released them whereas they were coming to kill me. Then, I wrote letters to the Presidency, to the Prime Minister and everywhere else but I got no reply. Even now they came back without explanation. What I ask the government of Rwanda is that if people die, the left orphans should be taken care of by it as we die innocently because of their policy they fail to apply They must care about us because nowadays I may die or tomorrow I will die and fear to leave my house, thus as everyday people are murdered, finally they will kill me while walking down the street. They must know we are in trouble like accusing me I trapped a R.P.F. car. Maybe they trapped a car full of sorghum which I have here. Why is R.P.F. troubling me since I don’t know what brought them.They have their own programs they follow. My own program is searching for money and caring of my family, helping my brothers and other friends who like me still claim that I am not involved in politics, I want them to help me out of it And those who think I am maybe I will since they are involving me in the high positions. The issued newspaper say that Habyarimana comes back from a visit he paid to Uganda and in Tanzania, people who are in charge of killing are the following, later you hear killings in Gatsata. They say that I am the one who gave money to those who killed in Gatsata. I met Habyarimana in exhibitions but I have never had the opportunity to sit and discuss with him. They say I was given money but I have never seen it and I don’t want money from killings. I have never witnessed people who give money to kill. This is troublesome. They add I own grenades at home. They should come and seek since they know where they are. What I ask too much R.P.F. and the State of Rwanda is to avoid indulging in politics a tradesman. R.P.F. has a conflict with the State of Rwanda or the government of Rwanda. It’s up to them to discuss about it and work it out instead of involving innocent people in their affairs. If they fail, let them fight until they get enough of it and the ones to survive will survive. Anyway, everybody will die, but people have always been killed by war. I told them that even if they decided to decimate all Batwa, who are the less numerous in Rwanda, they would not succeed. Even though Hitler tried hard to kill Jews through concentration camps and crematoriums, still the State of Israel exists. Many people die of hunger, they die the same way as the ones who are killed by bullets. We may die but we must not die as innocents. Everywhere R.P.F. passed through in Mutara. Byumba, Ruhengeri, they shoot many people who died and we usually say that one day they will answer to it. But even if they killed so much that corpses would lie upon other corpses, people are still alive in those places. It’s impossible to kill them all; some will die, Gaspard will die, everyone has his day. What’s wrong is to know that you are wanted and you wonder why. But if I make publicity for my business, they should not confuse it as politics. It’s like buying in bulk and taking the stuff in the shop and doing everything to sell it faster. If this is what they want to make the victim of, I will accept it because I cannot do otherwise. However in my opinion, those who are in charge of security in the prefectures and their collaborators should investigate whether the Belgian Major’s telephone number is true or not. They should ask him about the attack he led against my house accompanied by his Unamir fellows with two cars.

Speaker: Ananie NKURUNZIZA, Journalist for R.T.L.M.

You are listening to Ananie Nkurunziza who is giving you a retrospective of the news broadcast in the second half of last March.

  • 16/03/94: We were mourning because of the sudden death of the late Nyirinkwaya and his collaborators and other workers of the tea factory to Cyohoha Rukeri murdered by Inkotanyi. The next day, M.R.N.D. made a public statement to reprove that act But the Prime Minister Agathe Uwilingiyimana shut up in order to avoid embarrassing from her friends. That day, the government of Kenya expelled a German woman who was the Head Friedrich Normann Foundation [the spelling is not sure] in that country. That woman as the victim of her meddling with that country’s business while she was not concerned. She is one of those foreigners who act like untouchables the same way as the reportedly white priest in Kicukiro who cannot give the Eucharist to Interahamwe.
  • 18/03/94: His Excellency, the appointed Prime Minister gave on the Radio the list of members of his government without mentioning the Ministries they are in charge of. It’s clear he wants to keep us in the mist. Mrs. the Prime Minister hurriedly gave the name of the members of the transitional National Assembly.
  • 19/03/94: Colonel Kanyarengwe launched the Muvumba Project, a program aiming at assisting children who are war casualties. These are children who were fighting in R.P.F. When he found nothing else to add, he put on their guards both Habyarimana, M.R.N.D., C.D.R. and the powers. You now see that the list of people Chairman [Kanyarengwe] goes on putting on their guards grows bigger. Next time, he’s likely to warn all Rwandese.
  • 20/03/94: The congress of Gisenyi M.R.N.D. met and decided to replace temporarily Mr. Leon Mugesera by Mr. Leopold Gahamanyi. Radio Muhabura rode the high horse and said that Mugesera must not come back in the M.R.N.D. ranks because he insulted Tutsis when he left. The same day we learnt that the government of Burundi has set a National Counsel in charge of establishing a national army including both Hutus and Tutsis in order to protect the institutions of the country: That counsel was due to be ruled by the president personally. It was useless because the extremist military entered some quarters of Bujumbura and killed more than 400 Hutus. It was also reported that those soldiers were willing to make a military coup. The same day in the school of Kayanza, 50 Hutus pupils saved their lives. A journalist from Radio Bujumbura said that those pupils came to Rwanda in order to be soaked with division and later spread it in Burundi.
  • 21/03/94: In the frame of seeking how to help the country out of its problems, the President of the Republic received the two Prime Ministers. He reminded them that problems prevailing within some parties must be solved quickly in order to set up the new institutions.
  • 22/03/94 The President of the Republic welcomed the representatives of the friendly countries which followed closer the negotiations of Arusha. They dealt with the problem of the transitional institutions 23/03/94 Mrs. Prime Minister welcomed the representatives of friendly countries They advised her to promote negotiation instead of obstructing them as if she was alone But she didn’t pay much attention about it. That day Radio Galaxy was created, represented by Mr. Charles Ntakirutinka, the one who became the adviser and spokesman of R.P.F. during the negotiations of Arusha whereas he was supposed to be among the representatives of Rwanda. It is said that Kajeguhakwa has stocks in that Radio. I think those who claim it refer to the name Galaxy [Kajeguhakwa’s dancing club in Gisenyi]. Since that day those who follow the politics of our country felt something was changing, R.P.F., with its usual pretension, used to say that it negotiates only with the government but it agreed to be simple and met C.D.R. Publically, the party which claims it protects the minority’s interests met with the party which protects the majority’s interests. They discussed together. When we heard R.P.F. is negotiating with C.D.R., we became optimistic. The negotiations failed to go on when Tito Rutaremara claimed that R.P.F. could not proceed negotiations with C.D.R. which killed people in Bugesera, Gisita, Rwamatamu and so on This made all Rwandese laugh apart from Mrs. Uwilingiyimana who acknowledged that C.D.R. massacred people. It’s really funny to hear R.P.F.: keep on saying that C.D.R. killed people including those from Gisita. About Gisita, in November 92 we were in Arusha. I hope Mazimpaka remembers we discussed with him about the murderers of Gisita. I won’t talk long about it, but those people were caught and imprisoned. They were sentenced by the Tribunal of Kibuye; there was no C.D.R. among them.
  • 25/03/94: Radio Muhabura informed that troubles have spread all over the country, that ONATRACOM buses full of tons of weapons drop Interahamwe in prefectures Even if these troubles never occurred, they were R.P.F.’s wishes. The day Radio Muhabura talked about those troubles. It was the day transitional institutions were due to be set up. The President of the Republic and others were present. R.P.F. dared to be absent. They wanted to behave the same way as in Arusha when everybody would be assembled in the conference room These were representatives of Rwanda and the representatives of friendly countries who followed the negotiations Whereas R.P.F. representatives, such as Pasteur Bizimungu, would be laying on their Turkish towels on the swimming pool of the Mount Mem Hotel waiting to be begged to join others. 26/03/94 Mrs. Prime Minister became ardent again and ordered that the transitional institutions must be set up on Monday, 28th March. R.P.F. wrote a letter to let her know that it couldn’t come that day but would be available next day on 29th. She acted as if she had not seen the letter.
  • 27/03/94: R.P.F. stopped negotiating with C.D.R. Tito Rutaremara spoilt it all and soiled C.D.R. The same day, troubles from Kamenge in Bujumbura were reported again. Presidents Museveni and Mwinyi suggested that a meeting between countries of our area should be held in order to look closer into the Burundian problem. It is clear Museveni wants to meddle with it publically. Furthermore, a hurricane blew in the southern part of the USA. It killed 17 persons in the state of Alabama who were crushed by the roof of the church they were praying in.
  • 28/03/94: The famous Prime Minister’s order to launch the transitional institutions by any means failed. However, she didn’t give up; she made a speech and declared it’s the President who refused to come. She was asked why R.P.F.’s deputies were absent and escaped the question. She was asked why diplomats were absent; she replied that our friends couldn’t give us up in Uganda. There were legislative elections in charge of approving the new constitution which suppresses democracy. Candidates made no propaganda since political parties have been suppressed long ago. What is amazing is to see westerners supporting that kind of politics. The same day Mr. Boh Boh together with representatives of the countries which assist us affirmed that there was no reason why C.D.R. could not get in the National Assembly. So about this matter, those who still have doubts, may it be in our country or abroad, are few. These are R.P.F., Twagiramungu, Nzamurambaho, Nahinzira and Ndasingwa
  • 26/03/94: We ended the month in a bad way because of the sudden death of the C.D.R. militant Katumba killed by criminals; it led people to wonder how these endless killings will end. Moreover, both political sides of Zaire agreed that the transition would last 15 months and it is not necessarily Etienne Tshisekedi who will be Prime Minister.

See you! You have been listening to Ananie.

Speaker: Noël HITIMANA

…and their accomplices from P.S.D., and some people on their part like Mrs. Agathe Uwilingiyimana, Faustin Twagiramungu, Nepoimuseni Nayinzira and Landouard Ndasingwa from the Tutsi wing of P.L. R.P.F. uses these people who sought power for their own interests in order to control both the government and the Transitional National Assembly. That’s the reason why they created a group to prevent those who don’t share their political ideas from belonging to the transitional rule.

Second, the present government must meet without delay in order to establish and publish the list of deputies according to the decision of the of the approved parties’ institutions which must participate in the National Assembly without omitting C.D.R. This job must not be assigned to Uwilingiyimana only because she is on R.P.F. side.

Third, C.D.R. decided to be in its right place in the National Assembly according to the required conditions it fulfilled. C.D.R. fulfills the conditions provided for by the article 61 and 80 of the Agreements concerning the power sharing during the transition signed on January 9th, 93:No party, no institutions, no individual is entitled to prevent C.D.R. from getting in its place in the transitional national assembly. That’s why, Mr. Kavaruganda, president of the Constitutional Court, R.P.F., P.S.D., P.D.I., PSR must give papers which contain the guiding lines parties are to follow during the transition so that C.D.R. can sign them. Moreover, R.P.F. must not resort to other tricks to evict C.D.R. from its place in the transitional institutions. It has no more right to control if ever the Arusha Agreements have been respected because this has not ended with the negotiations which were over on August 8th 93 when the peace accords got signed. Really, this control occurred in the negotiations like it is mentioned in the second indented line of the article 61 dealing with the power sharing during the transition. Decisions from that control are found in the first indented line of the article 6 land 62 referring to the number of deputies. It has been agreed that all approved parties, even C.D.R., will be part of the National Assembly. Moreover, on the list written on the third page of the parties code of political ethic C.D.R. is mentioned The control of the respect of the principles which will rule the parties during the transition will be established by a counsel in charge of observing the reconciliation and the peaceful cohabitation between Rwandese which is provided for in the article 81. It’s clear that R.P.F. is not entitled to be the parties’ controller because it has to be controlled too.

Five, C.D.R. takes the opportunity to thank the whole countries which followed the negotiations of Arusha because they supported that all parties, even C.D.R., are enabled to be part of the Transitional National Assembly. C.D.R. is also satisfied by the fact that among 16 parties approved to participate in the transitional institutions, 13 support C.D.R. unconditionally. It’s clear now that R.P.F. remains the only one to impinge on C.D.R.’s right to enter the transitional institutions. R.P.F. is the only one to answer to the delay of the transition’s setting up.

About the insecurity in the country, C.D.R. reproves the present government of Rwanda which failed to do its job in order to protect citizens. What is painful! is that the Prime Minister, Mrs. Agathe Uwilingiyimana joined R.P.F. while she knows it triggered war which caused terrible damage in killing innocent people C.D.R. asks again parties which constitute the present government to be firm in setting up a strong government able to protect citizens and prevent R.P.F.’s death squadron to proceed with its endless murders This government has to assist really citizens in setting up transitional institutions C.D.R. reproves R.P.F. because of its leaders it goes on killing like its president, Martin Bucyana and Alphonse Ingabire Katumba dead on March 30th, 94. If the government goes on giving those innocents up, Impuzamugambi are likely to do everything they can to obstruct these bad plans of R.P.F. because they cannot stand it any more.

Kigali, 2 April 1994.

Speaker: Valérie BEMERIKI, Journalist for R.T.L.M.

…she is often heard since the interview she made with journalists of Radio Rwanda. It keeps broadcast it in order to push us to say something about it. But we will go further in revealing what she goes on neglecting You know there is a lot of things she neglects You know she said the council of Ministers cannot meet unless there is something very important to work out like Security or hunger. But the statement released on February 2nd, after the parties which made her Prime Minister met under the supervision of the President of the Republic views it differently nevertheless she signed it We will deal with that statement’s view and the accusations toward the President of the Republic, you remember that in Radio Rwanda they said that the President considers that P.D.I. and M.D.R. still have problems. The President of the Republic is not the only person who realizes it, even other parties’ leaders realize it and Agathe knows it because that statement mentioned it. So, I will prove that things they say about the President of the Republic are not true as it is going to be shown by the Head of Office at the Presidency Mr. Enoch Ruhigira. Besides, I will broadcast for you the President of the Republic’s speech which completed the statement containing the conclusions of that meeting Even though that statement was read in French the President completed it and what he said is the same as what has been said hi the statement. I will inform you about all this during news time:

…the cell of Rugando in the sector of Kimihurura belonging to the commune of Kaoyini. Some days ago, this area had not enough security and even on Thursday of last week, people quarreled. I hurried there in order to check things out, particularly because it was reported that those problems were due to the misunderstanding between women living there. The responsible of the cell of Rugando was involved and I approached him. I will give you more information about it later.

A report from Bilyogo states that there are two men called Kanyamugenge and Karuhengishya who got stolen. They lost such things as mattresses, bed-sheets and they said they are willing to get their things back. They planned to make it by night. I would advise those people EO rather resort to the entitled institutions instead of acting the way they want to act by night. If they know the thieves, they would better resort to Justice and expose their problems, thus Justice will try to solve the matter.

It’s 19:36 in our studio, usually news are broadcast at 19 o’clock but I was still searching for more news, that’s why I have a six minute delay.

I must confess that this evening we don’t have much news but I can’t miss information for you. You have already heard that in the interview Agathe Uwilingiyimana made with journalists from Radio Rwanda, she said hard things to explain. When she claims that the council of Ministers cannot be held unless circumstances outside one’s control occur. But she said all Ministers can’t be invited if they are not concerned with it. This is evidence that she neglects the conclusions drawn from the meeting which gathered parties which constitute the government she is supposed to rule. The President of the Republic supervised it and both Uwilingiyimana and Twagiramungu were present This meeting aimed at seeking how this government can make an effort to work and be aware that it represents Rwandese people when it deals with R.P.F. If it is impossible, the government should call it quits…

End of Tape.