Date of Transmission3 April 1994
Name of TapeC.58/K 95
SourceMinistry of Information
Prosecution ExhibitP103/192
Name of TranslatorCharles Zikuliza
Date of Translation1 August 1995
Original PDF

R.T.L.M. Tape 0192

Side A

Speaker: Noël HITIMANA, Journalist for R.T.L.M.

Today I have told you that we will start with religious songs. That is how I have planned it. So let’s listen to the music. It is now 8:15 AM. Then we will go on with warm news. [song]

…Then we wish you to recover and be strong again. [We don’t know whom he is talking to but, we think he wishes good recovery to an R.T.L.M. journalist who is ill.] Otherwise people would think that R.T.L.M. does not pay its employees [Burst of laughter]. Yes they pay, they pay! They really pay their employees and that is why we look healthy. Thanks to Gishwati [A famous farm where we find a lot cows and where cheese is made, It is in Gisenyi prefecture] we have no problems. People say we should eat some cheese. There is no problem we have got cheese from Gishwati. I am eating it neat today, but that does not mean I don’t have anything else to eat. Next time I will be eating meat. There is no problem because in Gishwati they raise cattle!

Here I have a 500 hundred banknote that looks strange! I don’t know how it was made! It is a note of 500 francs. It was brought to me by Mr. Shyirubwiko Mathias from Giciye commune [in Gisenyi prefecture]. This is the first time I see it. On its emblem we can see the picture of General [President Habyarimana] The note’s number is Z 10501. We read the number on top and it is also on bottom right. It was made on 19 April 1974. Mr. Shyirubwiko Mathias told me that he went in a bar, had a drink and was astonished when he was given a balance comprising that note. He [Mathias] sent it to me and asked rue to look at it. He asks about when the note was created and where it is used. I [R.T.L.M. speaker Noel] myself don’t know it. Perhaps those who work in the National Bank, where banknotes are issued, have some information and can give it to us. The persons who signed on the note are the Governor and the Administrator. 19 April 1974 is a long time ago! That must be Governor BIRARA [Former Governor of the National Bank in the 1970’s, opponent of President Habyarimana and presently Minister for plan] who signed on it. We also read on the note that the law will punish the counterfeiter. We also see a picture of the old man carrying a basket while being in a tea plantation. We also read that it is payable at sight. It is really a 500 hundred banknote. And we can see General on it in full uniform! Here at R.T.L.M. we sometimes see miracles! I asked the person what he will do with the note and he told me that he will keep it all his life long so that his children, his grand-children and all his descendants can see a note that has General’s picture. That was warm news.

There is lots of information. Mr. Twiringiyimana Augustin who lives in Sector Rusiga in Shyorongi [A rural area in Kigali prefecture] has just phoned me to ask R.T.L.M. to condemn Tutsis who send names of Hutus to the R.P.F. so that they can be exterminated. So, we ask you Noel to inform the people about our imminent death.

We have also been informed that Mr. Uzabakiriho who lives in Gasyata [A quarter in Kigali] has been attacked. We were told that Unamir came to rescue him. We ask Mr. Uzabakiriho to tell us whether he is still alive if he is now tuned to our radio.

I greet Mr. Kigingi who lives at Mumena [A quarter very close to another one called Cyivugiza where journalist Noel lives]. When people shoots from Mumena you would think that they are doing it from under my bed. Kigingi is nicknamed “Habyara” [President Habyarimana] because he loves the president very, very much. How are you, people at Mumena? Let us dedicate a religious song to you. And let us keep on praying so that we can live longer. [RELIGIOUS SONG]

Though we are at Easter and we are happy, there are persons who are sad. The family of Mr. Rwabuzisoni Jean de Dieu, a physician in the hospital of Kigali, informs relatives and friends that his father Kwisaba Augustin, who lived in Kidaho Commune, Sector Kitaraga, passed away yesterday on Saturday. 2nd April 94. Burial ceremonies are taking place today afternoon at his home in Kidaho Commune. Though people from Kidaho have lost someone, they are also begging the government to come and rescue them, [Kidaho is among the demilitarized areas which were agreed upon between Rwanda and Inkotanyi during wartime]. They say that Inkotanyi attacked them on 29 March 94. It was last Tuesday at 10 am that Mr. Munyamasoko Jonas, a driver at ONATRACOM [a public company that deals with transport] has had a narrow escape. He went to his home in Kidaho on a leave and accomplices of Inkotanyi signaled his presence to the latter and gave them his identity. When Munyamasoko heard it, he immediately took his bicycle and rushed to Ruhengeri [One of the northern prefectures of Rwanda]. When he arrived at Rutete [A place in Ruhengeri], he found himself surrounded by Inkotanyi. Instead of staying in their positions, the latter are always present in the demilitarized zone. They maltreated Mr.

Munyamasoko and kidnapped him though he had tried to defend himself. The population informed Unamir forces when they heard that the man was taken away by Inkotanyi. The problem that the demilitarized area has is that there are no gendarmes to work hand in hand with Unamir troops. Normally, the two groups have to work together because Unamir soldiers from Ghana and elsewhere can neither speak Kinyarwanda nor French. Inkotanyi, on their pan, speak English because they came from Uganda and other Anglophone countries! They can talk with Unamir soldiers. So you understand that people who live in communes like Cyeru, Nkumba, Kidaho and Butaro. Cyumba, Cyungo and Muvumba cannot communicate with Unamir troops because they cannot speak English. So there is lack of communication. That is why people decided to defend themselves. They, therefore, hijacked two accomplices of Inkotanyi that they took to Unamir forces to demand the liberation of Mr. Munyamasoko. If Munyamasoko was not liberated the population would punish the hostages accordingly. Unamir made a report since according to it; a solution had to be found via diplomacy. So, since that day no one has seen Mr. Munyamasoko. But the population told Unamir that they will kill those Inkotanyi [accomplices of Inkotanyi ] if Munyamasoko is not liberated. So those people asked R.T.L.M. radio to talk about the problem. They want Rwandese gendarmes to come and work with Unamir troops so that they can also do the translation or register their complaints.

[Laughter] They also express their astonishment to us [R.T.L.M. journalists]. Their letter is long! They say that they have already said many times that Inkotanyi had killed their people in November last year. They wonder why Dallaire [A Canadian Head Commander of Unamir troops who was replaced by Shahariar Khan] has not yet issued his report on the killings which took place at that time at 10 o’clock. What will happen since Dallaire’s survey has not been issued!? They have also sent R.T.L.M. a list of persons who are accomplices of Inkotanyi. Those persons are the following:

  • Mr. Sebucinganda of Butete in Kidaho Commune.
  • Ms Laurencia Kura, wife of Gakenyeri, living in Butete Sector.
  • The Counselor of Butete Sector is also an accomplice of Inkotanyi.

Mr. Haguma, an Inkotanyi who sells drinks in Laurencia’s house, near Kidaho Commune. Mr. Haguma with other known young men from Gitare Sector at Rusizi and others from Mu Burambi can speak English with Unamir soldiers. That brings back sad memories about their relatives who were killed such as:

Kanyamibwa Charles, his three wives and his children, Gasopu and his wife Mutumwa Josia who eloped with Inkotanyi last year at night. Up to now no one has seen him and people do not know if he is still alive. So, we ask you at the R.T.L.M. to speak for us because we, in Kidaho, are in danger of death. Kidaho is a demilitarized zone and Unamir does not do anything but only watching them [Inkotanyi] and it is not aware of Inkotanyi ’ wrong deeds since the latter wear civilian clothes. They come and speak English with Unamir members, and as they behave and look like civilians, Unamir cannot know what is going on. So they need gendarmes as it was promised before, Unamir has to collaborate with the gendarmerie. The gendarmes would help them to convey their messages about the prevailing situation to those foreigners [Unamir Observers].

They cannot be able to inform Unamir because they don’t speak English. They say they express themselves by way of gestures like dumb people [inaudible words].

There are many dignitaries who listen to R.T.L.M. and the country is capable of rescuing those populations. So, they should rescue them for things have worsened! Let us listen to a religious song because at Easter we have to pray, [RELIGIOUS SONG]

[Inaudible words] Yesterday Mr. Ukwizagira Gaspard [A famous Hutu businessman] was nearly killed. Belgian soldiers were watching! [LAUGHTER] And they will have to make a report. Let’s continue with music because Mr. Ukwizagira likes it very much [SONG]

It is 9 o’clock here in Kigali [laughter]. There is someone who has just phoned to ask me [Hitimana Noel] why I feel happy today. I told him that this is because I took some tea though nowadays there is a shortage of sugar. Perhaps there is some in Kabuye, but it is expensive. [Kabuye is a place near Kigali where there is a sugar refinery]. We are suffering great hardships nowadays because things are expensive. So, we have to live an austere life so that our child cannot lack… I was going to say sweet potatoes. Here in Kigali the price of a kilogram of sweet potatoes is twice that of potatoes. It is terrible! We cannot talk of bananas because it is worsen! A stem of bananas which cost one hundred (100 RWF) costs today 800 RWF! Things are bad and no one can afford sweet potatoes or bananas! We only eat rice and the price of beans has also gone up. I was told today that a kilogram costs 75 or 80 RWF! Sweet potatoes cost 40 or 50 RWF! A kilo of bananas costs 40 or 50 RWF now! It is good, however, that a kilo of potatoes costs 24, 23 or 22 RWF. That is what we can eat. Now we are surviving!

Let me greet a friend called Rudatsikira Joseph who lives in Gatenga [A quarter in Kigali]. Let me greet you because you are like me Noel. Your name and mine are always published in their Radios [the radio of Inkotanyi ]. I don’t know if they do it with love or they are rather planning to kill us! But it does not matter since that is already known. If we die people will avenge us. It is better to die a martyr in a cause. If a person breaks wind it is better if it stinks [He is condemning the timorous who dare not condemn Inkotanyi openly]. When things happen we have to say it openly! If you have a job you have to do it, otherwise you are despised by people. So, do not worry if your name [Rudatsikira Joseph] is broadcasted on radio Muhabura. They say you appointed yourself Responsible of Gatenga Sector whereas you have been elected

Ha! Ha! Let me greet Bikindi Simon [A famous singer who composed many revolutionary songs to support the army of late president Habyarimana]. Radio Muhabura also likes to say your name and that of our radio [R.T.L.M.]. I [Journalist Noel] asked Bikindi why he didn’t say the name of the big black man [We do not know whom the journalist is talking about]. He answered me that he didn’t say the man’s name because he met him and gave him a remark face to face, Bikindi warned the man that if something wrong happens to him, people will avenge him. He says that if he died other people like him would remain. Even Ndadaye [The first Hutu president to be elected in Burundi, killed in a coup attempt in 1993] died but many people like him remained and they are working well! [For the journalist, to work means to kill Tutsis. After Ndadaye’s death many people were killed in Burundi].

Now I want you to follow another program. You will also enjoy our religious songs. There is a rumor that Mr. Nzamurambaho Frederic, President of P.S.D. [Parti Social Democrate] was summoned to attend an investigation about Felicién Gatabazi’s [Gatabazi was Secretary General of P.S.D. and Minister for Public works and Energy] death but he refused. So he refused to appear! This was said to- Gahigi Gaspard, editor of R.T.L.M., by the Attorney General of the Supreme Court of Appeal, Mr. Mbarushimana Bonaventure, Let us listen to the interview where the latter said how Mr. Nzamurambaho Frederic categorically refused to respond to the court’s appeal. So, listen to this news on this Easter Sunday so that you can know what this is all about.

Speaker: Gaspard GAHIGI, Editor-in-Chief of R.T.L.M.

Mr. Nzamurambaho, President of P.S.D., party was invited to the investigation about the death of Mr. Gatabazi Felicién who was the Secretary General of that party. I have a chance of meeting Mr. Mbarushimana Bonaventure, Attorney General of the Supreme Court. Mr. Attorney General we would like you to tell us if what people say is true. Tell us if Mr. Nzamurambaho refused your invitation.

Speaker: Bonaventure MBARUSHIMANA, Attorney General of the Supreme Cour of Appeals

Thank you, Gahigi. It is true that Mr. Nzamurambaho was really invited. But before the D-day people had already spread the rumor that that person will never respond to the court’s appeal. I thought that it was not possible that a person can refuse to respond when he thinks he is innocent. So, what you heard about is true.

The person was invited but did not respond. It is a pity nowadays to see that some
authorities refuse to appear before a court when they are invited according to the law. It is known that everyone has to respect the laws. It is also a pity that no one among the authorities and the population give any information that is susceptible to help the court to know the truth so that the guilty can be prosecuted.

Speaker: Gaspard GAHIGI

Mr. the Attorney General you have just said that he has refused to appear. This reminds me that the Arusha Peace Accord stipulates that Rwanda is a country which follows laws. If the person keeps on refusing to appear, how would you punish him?

Speaker: Bonaventure MBARUSHIMANA

Thank you. Normally, the law says that when a person who is summoned refuses to appear to the Well of the Court, he has to be put in jail for one week or pay 2,000 francs. It is a pity that I was not prepared to come to your studio. Normally there are laws which show how such a person can be punished. But I can tell you that in the days to come when the Arusha Peace Accord will enter into force, it will not be possible to imprison those authorities temporarily. But this does mean that such persons cannot be punished! However, as we are undergoing political changes, people would say that someone is imprisoned because he adhered to such and such political party or because of his views. That is why one has to be prudent when this kind of things happen. So, the law punishes a person who refuses to appear before the court but I have no documents here to tell you how the law stipulates it writing.

Speaker: Gaspard GAHIGI

Mr. the Attorney General, you have just said something that I want you to clear up for our listeners. You said that a person who thinks he is innocent should appear to the court, In your view, do you think Mr. Nzamurambaho feels innocent since he had been in a meeting with the victim i.e. his Secretary General, some hours before? Mr. Nzamurambaho even said that he had heard people firing at Gatabazi’s house but he didn’t go to see what was happening! Do you think he himself feels innocent?

Speaker: Bonaventure MBARUSHIMANA

That is a very difficult question. But I want to tell you that even if I thought that Minister Nzamurambaho felt himself suspicious, I would not tell you. I have no right to do so. That is a secret and I would do what I can to find out the truth.

Speaker: Gaspard GAHIGI

I agree with you that that is really confidential but our listeners know that you have started investigations. Do you think they will reach a good outcome?

Speaker: Bonaventure MBARUSHIMANA

We do hope so since the investigations involve many people. I am not saying that the number is of some importance but let’s hope, The investigation is being done Unamir, the Well of Court, the Gendarmerie, the Kigali Court of Appeal and I think there is no way such a commission can fail to find out the criminals. So, I think those experienced men are equal to the task. And I think the investigations will not and up like the ones about Mayuya [A former officer in the Rwandese army who had family links with late Habyarimana. He was assassinated some years before the coming of the multiparty system in Rwanda.]


Speaker: Noël HITIMANA

Now it is 9:10 AM in Kigali. You have just listened to the story of Nzamurambaho Frederic, President of P.S.D. party. He was invited to the court to answer questions about the death of Gatabazi Felicién but he refused to respond. So, you were listening to the Attorney of the Supreme Court of Appeal, Mr. Mbarushimana Bonaventure. It was in an interview that the latter gave to Gahigi Gaspard. Nzamurambaho Frederic thinks he is invulnerable and mighty here in Kigali. But people in Gikongoro people are also against him. That is why the latter compare him with other calamities that that region is faced with like hunger and diseases as you often hear it on other radios.

Listen to an interview that Gahigi Gaspard had with Mr. Nkurunziza Ananie [Probably an R.T.L.M. Journalist] who has been in Gikongoro. He had gone to Gikongoro to make an investigation in Nzamurambaho’s homeland. Listen to it:

Speaker: Gaspard GAHIGI

I am greeting you dear listeners. The population of Gikongoro faces a terrible hunger in all its 13 communes. People die of hunger and some other diseases, like malaria end dysentery, which kill hungry people. But apart from that starvation which is in Gikongoro, there is also a political problem which has arisen in that area. Here in the studio I am with Mr. Nkurunziza Ananie that you already know. He has been in Gikongoro very recently and has witnessed the situation. I will not spend much time on it, but Nkurunziza Ananie has told me that Gikongoro has another problem which centers around one person named Nzamurambaho Frederic, President of P.S.D. party. So, Mr. Nkurunziza you have just come from there and are a representative of the population. So how can Mr. Nzamurambaho be qualified to be another “disaster” that is undermining Gikongoro?

Speaker: Ananie NKURUNZIZA, Journalist for R.T.L.M.

Thank you, Mr. Gahigi. I will start by greeting R.T.L.M. listeners. I think it is not only the population of Gikongoro who are starving but rather people from this entire region. And this problem concerns not only the population who are starving but also donors who are committed to root it out. It is really true that there is hunger in Gikongoro. Imagine that all the 13 communes are starving, though some of them are not seriously harmed. For instance things are more or less better for people from a commune like Mudasomwa in Bufundu (Natural region of Rwanda), which is close to the forest, and some others of Nyaruguru (also a natural region of Rwanda). That is because they have tea plantations which allow them to make money. That is the same for the population of Kinyamakara Commune who live close to the river Mwogo and its valleys. They have been able to cultivate. But we find that in general the communes have been seriously starving. Donors have tried to help but there have been many losses among the population. For instance, Karama commune, which is in Bufundu region, lost 317 persons in two months. Last year in December it lost 197 because of hunger and diseases as you were saying. Around 120 persons also died in January though the number has decreased. R.T.L.M., therefore, calls for help for/ this prefecture and the listeners should lend them a hand. So, as you were asking the question about the minister, misfortunes never come singly…

End of Side A.

Side B

Speaker: Gaspard GAHIGI

You said that Mr. Nzamurambaho [President of P.S.D. party] has dispossessed the population of their valleys and cultivated them for his own benefit. Instead of helping that starving prefecture, he rather has taught them the policy of Kubohoza [Kubohoza means to take things which are not yours by force]. So, Mr. Manic, you who talked to people from Gikongoro, do you think they are still supporting Mr. Nzamurambaho?

Speaker: Ananie NKURUNZIZA, Journalist for R.T.L.M.

I talked to people when I arrived there. Rwanda has lost many people in general and so has Gikongoro as you know. They lost the Secretary General of P.S.D., [Mr. Felicién Gatabazi] a party which has a lot of members in that prefecture; He died in the same period as Mr. Martin Bucyana, President of C.D.R. party [Coalition pour la democratic au Rwanda]. So, the population of that region told me that since the death of Gatabazi, Mr. Nzamurambaho has never gone back to his native region. I was not able to believe what they told me since, to me, he could come at night to see his cows and return to Kigali. People did not see him, however, I talked to many of his political supporters in the region and they told me that he betrayed them. He has allied his P.S.D. to the R.P.F. as he said on radio Rwanda and radio Muhabura [Radio of Inkotanyi ]. He has also been going to Mulindi to visit Inkotanyi. And the population says he did not rescue them. When I asked them about politics they told me that, though they have not yet handed back their P.S.D. cards, they have adhered to what is now known as “Power “[There were M.D.R.-power, P.L.-power, P.S.D.-power and PDC-power etc. the word power was used to mean Hutus who were members of extremist wings of the parties named above].

I also visited Butare after Gikongoro because that prefecture has similar problems. The two prefectures have serious problems due to the draught, the coming of Burundian refugees the political crisis and the death of his Excellencies Gatabazi and Martin Bucyana. The latter was killed in Butare. So on my way from Gikongoro I stopped at Butare for some time I talked to the people who were still mourning the two men. I asked them if they knew people who could be the murderers of the two men. That is a very serious problem for us Banyarwanda. We should know who committed those crimes. The problem we have is that of finding out the criminals. That is why I asked those persons if they suspected any person. The people told me what they had in mind. They reminded me that Mr. Nzamurambaho, as we have said it many times on this radio, has said that Gatabazi was killed by M.R.N.D. As you know the population of Butare is clairvoyant and they asked Mr. Nzamurambaho if he was really certain that Gatabazi was killed by M.R.N.D. You guess that he didn’t give an answer to the population’s question. The latter told me that they even have not seen Mr. Nzamurambaho for a long time Someone told me that their prefecture has had a terrible blow to lose their “son” [Gatabazi was born in Butare prefecture].

That person told me that he saw the corpse of Bucyana in a very bad shape, He was frightfully mangled. He also told me that the last time they had seen such a dead body in their prefecture was long, long ago. It was then the corpses of MP Kayuku who was killed by Inyenzi in their first attack to Rwanda in the 1960’s. He told me that when Inyenzi killed Kayuku they disemboweled him and put stones in his belly. That was almost the same thing for Bucyana whose neck was cut off. And someone else came and pressed his body with a car. So, people were still upset when they were telling me the story. I then asked who killed the two men. They didn’t know who but you could see that they had settled ideas on the murderer. For instance, when they asked Mr. Nzamurambaho if in his opinion Gatabazi was killed by M.R.N.D., So, here lies the problem. That is why even when I came back to Kigali I went on asking myself who killed his excellencies Gatabazi, Martin, Gapyisi Emmanuel [an M.D.R.-member] and Rwambuka [an M.R.N.D.-member]. Who kills those people? Some people ask themselves who kill those Hutus born in Nduga. [A natural region which is found in the central Eastern part of Rwanda; People from Nduga are said to be enemies of people from Gisenyi and Ruhengeri, in the north, because president Habyarimana who was from Gisenyi overthrew and killed president Kayibanda who was born from Nduga]. People ask themselves why Hutus from Rukiga are not killed. [Rukiga is a northern natural region which comprises Ruhengeri and Gisenyi where president Habyarimana was born]. That is a question! One may think that the killers want to divide Hutus. That is why when I came back I criticized the newspaper “ISIBO.” Its editor was born in Gikongoro. In ISIBO N. 126 he wrote to tell people of Gikongoro that he knows the murderers of Gatabazi. On page 4, he writes that he had asked himself in the former number 125 why only people from Nduga are killed. Or why only those who are not M.R.N.D. members are killed? On page7, however, he gives a list of people who have been murdered and we can find Mayuya’s name on it. And he wrote that the latter is from Gisenyi. [Mayuya was an opponent of Habyarimana, born in Gisenyi too. He was killed in mysterious circumstances]. On the list we find Rwambuka [former bourgmestre of Kanzenze commune in rural Kigali; also member of M.R.N.D.]. So if we come back to ISIBO N. 126 the editor says that the murderers of Gatabazi were four. He says that they killed him near his house. He goes on saying that after killing him, two of them headed for Kimihurura [A quarter in Kigali]. If we [Ananie and Gahigi] consider where the crime was committed, we find that one cannot move towards the east of Kimihurura and arrive at Cyimicanga. [Cyimicanga is a quarter in Kigali which is in the western part of Kimihurura]. He also says that the two other killers ran in a car, with no plate number, which was waiting for them at “Kigali Night” [A night club in Kigali]. The editor also says that Kigali Night is a bar which belongs to president Habyarimana’s son. The truth that one reads in the newspaper is that the bar surely belongs to the president’s son but it is nonsense to say that the killers ran towards the car. The journalist also writes that another car which belongs to the GPs [Presidential Guards] was driven by a young slim military boy who is always in civilian clothes. He says that the car was near the place, waiting for the killers. People who read the newspaper told me that that last element did not help them find who murdered the late Gatabazi. We should comment on the fact that the journalist also wrote that the meeting that the victim was attending was chaired by Twagiramungu [President of moderate M.D.R. and now Prime Minister of Rwanda]. Those who were present were Nzamurambaho, Ngango, Ndasingwa, Nayinzira and R.P.F. members who are not mentioned by name. The aim of the meeting was to find strategies of setting up transitional institutions on the following day. That is also amazing! In conclusion, the journalist says that investigations are underway and done properly. Unamir and the well of court have begun them but they say they are afraid of undergoing some threat. This is quite contradictory to say that investigations are in good way whereas investigators are afraid. So, without being too long, Mr. Gahigi, this was the news I have brought from Butare.

Speaker: Gaspard GAHIGI

Thank you, Mr. Ananie. Clever politicians compare politics with a very sharp sword. So, they say an apprentice should not carry a very sharp sword because it can either harm him or harm the people. So, Mr. Nzamurambaho has been minister of agriculture and forestry for a long time before the coming of a multiparty system. He was minister of agriculture when we were all still members of one party: Mouvement revolutionnaire national pour le developpement [M.R.N.D.]. So, I think it is now too late for Mr. Nzamurambaho to develop his prefecture since today’s policy is that of rooting out regionalism. He would have done it earlier because now it is not possible, You [Ananie] even have just told us [Gahigi, R.T.L.M. listeners] that Mr. Nzamurambaho has dispossessed people of their forests and valleys where they used to cultivate, Instead of teaching people how to develop themselves, he has brought them into savage politics. Normally politics aims to better the living conditions of the population. You also have told us that Rwandans already know who kill those politicians. You said, however, that the journalist did not give detailed information about the killers. Let us hope that people will go on with the investigation. So, Mr. Ananie we should end by saying that Nzamurambaho’s policy undermines the development of Gikongoro people rather than helping them. I, therefore, thank you Ananie and I also thank our listeners. We will keep on working with you for the good of our radio. We will also try to find true and detailed news.

Speaker: Noël HITIMANA

… That is where Inkotanyi meet in the demilitarized zone; they meet in a bar held by an Inkotanyi lieutenant and Mrs. Laurencia. They have also set up a video and one has to pay twenty francs to enter the place. And the attendance is somehow compulsory since you have to be there to learn Inkotanyi ’ ideology. Otherwise it would be dangerous for you. This takes place at Laurencia’s “Lando” who shares with an Inkotanyi lieutenant.

Mugabo Xavier who lives in Kagarama was seriously beaten by Makuza’s relations [Makuza is a Tutsi businessman who owns Rwanda-Foam, a factory that produces mattresses]. They have robbed him of everything. Keep courageous and take care dear brother! Your neighbors are known and they are Tutsi relations of Gamete [I do not know who is Gamete]. The latter has fled and his whereabouts are not known. Among your neighbors we can name the three brothers who work at Rwanda-Foam and whose names are Marco and Victory [He does not give the third name]. People who beat you are known but we think there is no problem since you are also strong.

In Gatenga and Kagarama [quarters in Kigali] 11 houses have been abandoned by all their tenants, except perhaps those which are still kept by watchers. People have tied their houses and went to Nyamijos [This is a nickname for Nyamirambo which is a quarter of Kigali]. Nyamirambo has become a paradise for some people who flee. [Here Noel is telling R.T.L.M. listeners that in Nyamirambo one finds many Tutsis who have sought refuge there because it is near the town-centre]. People come even to my house to ask me [Noel] if I know houses which are for rent. Nowadays a house which was rented for 10 thousand is now rented for 40 or 50 thousand francs because people say Nyamirambo is their paradise. That is how things are. In Nyamirambo, even a single room is very expensive. So, you who own houses in Nyamirambo should reap advantage from them.

In Cyangugu, there is a group of Tutsis who are from all over the country and from Bujumbura.

And yesterday on 2 April 1994 at 10 a. m. they met in Hotel Ituze, The meeting was chaired by the Director of the Sanitary Region of Cyangugu. He should not deny that he chaired the meeting. He was with Emilien from Bujumbura [A Tutsi businessman who had fled Cyangugu in early 1990’s and went to Burundi. He returned Rwanda before the massacres]. They should not also deny that he was with Venuste and Congo, son of Kamuzinzi who is believed to be a Hutu. The aim of their meeting was to support the objectives of R.P.F. He also was with other persons like Karangwa, a Finance controller. So people from Cyangugu ask us [R.T.L.M.] to condemn those people who keep on spoiling our native region and organizing meetings. They should rather organize them in Bujumbura or elsewhere. I will not say the names of those persons who are complaining because some people would perhaps come and set fire on their prefecture. But they [accomplices of Inkotanyi ] should know that the population is watching them.

Last night, Inkotanyi attacked Interahamwe of Remera [a quarter in Kigali] called “Abazulu.” [Interahamwe and Abazulu are the militia of M.R.N.D. party]. They also wanted to kill their leaders Ngirabatware Aloys. They pursued him near SGP [A society that sells motor-fuel] but “Abazulu” were on the alert and Inkotanyi failed to attack. The Abazulu were some meters away and fortunately no one among them was killed. So, Abazulu are condemning people who live at Nyakabanda in Remera Sector near SGP who claim to be relations of Inkotanyi. It is them who signal Inkotanyi where they can find Interahamwe. For instance, they have brought into trouble Mr. Kabonabake and also threw a grenade. They say they also condemn taxi-drivers who transport people to and from C.N.D. [Conseil National de Developpement. It means the house of parliament where the battalion of six hundred R.P.F. soldiers were housed in Kigali while waiting for the implementation of the transitional government. It seems that by that time sympathizers of Inkotanyi who lived in Kigali often came to pay visits to the battalion. And Habyarimana’s regime looked unfavorably upon those people]. So, “forewarned is forearmed”! They should not be surprised if their cars are destroyed. Those drivers who do it are well-known. They are for instance Musabyimana Emile, Kirosho, Kalisa, Kwetu and we hope they are all listening. Their taxi-rank is located near the protestant church and Abazulu know them well. The Abazulu will not stand it longer and they warn you [the drivers], Inkotanyi, and the Belgians are informed about that. They also tell Belgians that they should know that, though they are among Unamir troops, Abazulu could cross swords with them. The person who signed the paper is Zikanga Paul, Chief of discipline of Abazulu. Now let me read our listeners announcements

…They say there should not be problems among political parties. You know that you are also concerned with politics. That is the same for security. We have to preserve security. We get information mainly from Tutsis who are sociable. They tell us they do not want war. They want to live peacefully, and develop themselves. What they want is to raise their children and improve the living conditions of their families. So, those Tutsis say they are not acting in collusion with the attackers of their country. I have already explained to you that if we made a full investigation we would find that Museveni is Rwandan. If you went to Ndera [a place near Kigali at about 17 km] to ask the family relationship which lies between Mr. Ndibwami’s wife and Museveni, you would find that the woman is the latter’s sister. If you went to Kabare and ask if the bishop of Kabare is a Rwandan or a Ugandan, they would tell you that he is Museveni’s brother. If one made a thorough enquiry, one would find that Museveni is a Rwandan. It is Rwandans who attacked Rwanda and we have agreed upon it; there is no other problem.

So, moderate Tutsis tell us that R.P.F. has never won politically. And those who help it among the International Community such as the Belgian, the Germany, the American Embassies and Unamir have changed their mind and are now against the war they have started. They have signed a paper showing that C.D.R., which Inkotanyi have been condemning, should also be included in the transitional government. So, R.P.F. is unhappy because there are people who have cheated on it. Those people are Nzamurambaho, Twagiramungu and Kavaruganda. Those people have lied to you, the R.P.F. [laughter] telling you that if you come [to Rwanda] we will give you “honey and milk” [Rwanda is traditionally said to be the country of honey and milk]. They told you that they would give you the country and on your turn you would make them rich. They said that they would then adopt a haughty stand! [laughter]. Twagiramungu is a cunning person and he said that if things change he will take another position! It is good for him because he says what is on his mind! What about Nzamurambaho!? What will he do!? Will he go back to Mwogo [a river which is in his native prefecture: Gikongoro]. And Kavaruganda? Will he go to Shyorongi to rest there? He will not find a way to go there [laughter]. People will not allow him to arrive at the place, He cannot dare go there even now if he is a man [It seems that the journalist is inciting people to kill Kavaruganda].

I saw the people of Kimihurura [where he lives] asking his bodyguards to shoot at him but the latter laughed. I [Noel] was watching. So, R.P.F. is now aware that the three men lied to them and they have, therefore, adopted a new strategy: that of “working” which means to kill for R.T.L.M. So, R.P.F.’s new strategy is to organize war and assassinations as soon as possible.

So, R.P.F. plans combined attacks so as to assassinate people. They want to launch an attack and assassinate simultaneously. They are now killing people one by one while they are also preparing the war!

[laughter] However, there are serious problems in the R.P.F. even though they do not say it. People have said that Deus will become a member of parliament. Then, someone whispered to me that if is so, it means that the former will replace Lizinde [Burst of laughter] ! [Here I think the journalist is trying to tell R.T.L.M. listeners that there is division among Tutsis and Hutus of the R.P.F. because Deus is a Tutsi and Lizinde is a Hutu. Both are now Mps and R.P.F. members]. But then if Lizinde is replaced what will happen to him since he is an escaped prisoner! [Lizinde was liberated from prison by R.P.F. soldiers in a raid launched to Ruhengeri prison on 8 February 1992. He had been arrested in an alleged coup plot against late president Habyarimana. Since His liberation, he joined the R.P.F.] So, what will happen to Lizinde if he is no longer an MP? He will not have an immunity to protect him. Lizinde knows well that he is an escaped prisoner and he also knows what the law stipulates in such a case. I am sure that he knows. Will he be able to move out of C.N.D. [house of parliament] if Deus is going to replace him. [Lizinde will not have immunity if he is replaced]. That is a very serious problem for the R.P.F.! [the journalist wants people to tell people that there is a problem between Hutus and Tutsis of the R.P.F.]

Hutu-members of the R.P.F. have problems. The latter say they [Hutus] were sent to Nyamagumba [a place in Byumba] and Ruhengeri to fight alone against the Rwandan army. They say they were put in front position and most of them were killed. So, they say they [Hutus] should find a way of leaving the R.P.F. And the R.P.F. say if they run away they will all be killed. That is how things are. I can give a witness. R.P.F. knows well that on 1 April they arrested 32 Hutu soldiers who were deserting via “Birunga” [The word means a chain of volcanoes found in the north-west of Rwanda near Gisenyi] Among them were 4 non-commissioned officers. Can R.P.F. swear that they did not kill them with hoes!?Yes, they killed them! Those Hutus deserting the R.P.F. because they have already realized that there is democracy in our country. We know the number of Hutus who have left Inkotanyi and I can give you statistic data about it:

  • In Cyanika [Byumba prefecture], there are 64. Inkotanyi cannot deny that this is true.
  • In Butaro [Byumba prefecture], they are 107
  • In Eastern Byumba they are 44 and we think the number has increased.
  • In Western Byumba there were 45 last Friday.

I told you that 32 soldiers were arrested but there are also other 36 that they [Inkotanyi ] were not able to arrest and their whereabouts is unknown. They all make 68.

Our position should know where Inkotanyi are in Cyahafi. We know wherever Inkotanyi are. Sergeant Cyambarantama Aani and his half-company have deserted R.P.F. and no one knows where they are So, among those who fled three of them died, seven of them were wounded and even four may die. And when they leave they do take their weapons and equipments with them. They’ do not leave their arms to Inkotanyi. And Inkotanyi know well that their soldiers have begun to desert because they have realized that they will not win. So, the virulent Tutsis of the R.P.F. want to come to power by using arms. They are planning an attack by Easter and we do know the dates. They should watch out because we do have accomplices among R.P.F. members! We have accomplices who give us information. They have told us that there must be an attack in Kigali on 4 and 5 April; that is today at Easter, tomorrow and after tomorrow. The 7th and the 8th are also included. You could, therefore, hear gunshots and grenades. I hope, however, that our military men are on the qui-vive: there are many battalions such as Inzirabwoba.” eh! I cannot mention all of them. Inkotanyi know them and their bravery more than I do since they fought against them and had many lassies because of them! Those who attacked Inkotanyi at Nyamagumba can also tell us how crows enjoyed our enemy’s flesh. We do know how to protect Kigali [laughter]. An R.P.F. attack is, therefore, planned on the 3rd, 4th and 5th April. So, the attackers would have a break on the 6th and resume fighting with bullets and grenades on the 7th and 8th. However, there would be an unprecedented attack after this period of unrest

End of Tape.