Date of Transmission2 April 1994
Name of TapeC.56/K 95
SourceMinistry of Information
Prosecution ExhibitP103/190
Name of TranslatorCharles Zikuliza
Date of Translation9 August 1995
Original PDF

R.T.L.M. Tape 0190

Side A

Speaker: Kantano HABIMANA, Journalist for R.T.L.M.

We greet you all the listeners of R.T.L.M. Cheer up! How do you feel this morning at your city? And what about security at your place? Here in Kigali nothing goes well especially at present. One would think Satan has invaded the place. The number of killers has gone up tremendously. Someone has just told me that he has seen a dead-body at the main-road which is used by trucks, near Kinamba, at Kimihurura [a quarter in Kigali]. He also told me that people in Kicukiro may have also been wounded. So, you understand that there is less security in Kigali. That is why today we will focus on security in Kigali. We will talk about the security of people, in general, and then to that of things. We will see how security is undermined at Agatha Uwilingiyimana’s house. She is Prime Minister of the endless transitional government. Mr. Kavaruganda Joseph, the prince, and president of the Supreme Court of Appeal, has also the same problem [Kavaruganda is called prince by Kantano because according to the Arusha Peace Accord he was going to be -to inherit- President of the Constitutional Court]. We will see how security is also undermined for Mr. Kabonabake Thomas [a journalist] at Kicukiro [a quarter of Kigali]. We will also see that Rwemalika Frederic, a journalist of the Rwandan television who lives in Gitega, is in insecurity. [Gitega is a quarter in Kigali]. We will also talk of lack of security for Mr. Gatabazi who lives at Rugando in Kimihurura sector. We will also talk of insecurity for the prostitutes of Matimba [a place in Kigali] and for the people who do the watch patrol in Nyakabanda [a quarter in Kigali]. We will also go to Karago commune [in Gisenyi prefecture] where someone is also calling for help. There are also other many people for whom security is undermined. We will talk of all of them briefly.

Mrs. Uwilingiyimana Agathe is alerting people that he saw a person with a dagger [near her house]. Imagine that this is the first time she sees a person carrying a weapon!! Now if you go to visit Mrs. Uwilingiyimana you have to be thoroughly searched. It is a pity that there is little confidence! We will have a look at the situation and then read your announcements. And while we are still waiting for the printing of our greeting cards, we will read your own dedication papers. We have found dedications and announcements of various kinds on some of them. We will start with that. So today morning you are with Habimana Kantano from 8 to 12. I will be behind the microphone talking to you up to 12. Ntezimana Jean is our sound engineer and Agnes, our secretary, is waiting for your many announcements that we will broadcast immediately. She is waiting for you and she is smart. Our security forces are also there to show you around and protect you. They will show you where your announcements are received. They do it in a very polite way. Our R.T.L.M. radio, which broadcasts from Kigali, is found near “Bank de Kigali,” in front of the president’s office and on the way to the hospital. It is also near its rival: Radio Rwanda. You are still tuned to R.T.L.M. which broadcasts from Kigali. We love those who do not know us and who love us. We also love those whom we know who love us. That is better than anything. And we pray God for those who do not like us and whom we do not know. Should God help them to get rid of that hatred because in our opinion they hate us unfairly? You are still tuned to RUM, a private radio which broadcasts from Kigali. It is now 8:13 here in our studio. We are on Saturday 2 April 1994. We all greet you and let us start with this song.


We greet you all who are tuned, wherever you are, and we wish you a nice week-end. Have a nice day, all who are tuned to R.T.L.M., the private radio. This morning, there are lucky people whose letters are going to be read. We are going to convey their greetings to their friends: Umutesi Chantal who is in Kigali first greets the journalist of R.T.L.M. and wants to know the results of a competition which was done earlier about environment. I, sooth to say, have already told you that the results will be given soon. It will be on Tuesday at the latest and then the winners will get their rewards, which are interesting. And those who are doing Kangura’s competition are asked to be quick. Some of them ask if they will have to wait for three issues of Kangura. I think that one increases one’s chances if one buys many Kanguras. You can answer and also ask your wife and child to participate. If you do so you increase your chances. So, Umutesi Chantal, you are saying that you approve the listeners who write to congratulate us [R.T.L.M.] because we tell the truth. That is obvious since no one can disprove people who are frank. You say you tune to R.T.L.M. and you verify the accuracy of what we say. You [Umulisa Chantal] go on asking for a song because R.T.L.M. has good music. You want us to play Kalai Boeing or Papa Plus [Zairian songs which, are liked by many people] for you. You dedicate the song to all the young who are on holidays, mainly those who live in the hostel for young girls at Rugunga [a quarter in Kigali]. You wish them to go on having fun.

Mutorwa Marie Claire who studies in Groupe Scolaire Zairois of Gikondo,” [a quarter in Kigali] asks for the song Papa Plus and you want to dedicate it to the following people:

  • Your mother who is at Muhima
  • Umulisa Alphonsine,
  • Faida Justine
  • Mbulanga Justin
  • Mutungirehe Olivier
  • Kasoki Sandrine, student at “Groupe Scolaire Zairois
  • Macozi Solange
  • Gahigi Hubert. [Kantano jokes saying that this one must be the son of Gahigi Gaspard, editor of R.T.L.M.] [laughter]
  • Ndagijimana Froduald and finally
  • Niyibizi Amida and you say you greet them all.

Macozi Solange of the same school also dedicates the song to:

  • Her parents who are at Gikondo
  • All R.T.L.M. journalists. [Kantano thanks her]
  • Mutana Marie-Claire alias Kantano [laughter]
  • Gahigi Hubert
  • Mushimiyimana alias Nkomati
  • Kasoki Sandrine
  • Nyirasinamenye Anisie
  • Mukamusoni Hortence
  • All your elder sisters
  • Byamungu Muganga
  • Sebahakwa Nadine
  • Kabera Mangaza and all others.

I myself greet Habiba, who studies at the same school. What news? I also greet the players of Kiyovu football team who spent the night drinking Miitzig at Matimba [a quarter in Kigali]. They say they will win over Stir [a football team] today even if they have drunk Miitzig [laughter] ! I also greet Safari Ernest at Shyorongi station in Kigali and all the people of Shyorongi [a place which is at about 20 km from Kigali]. They say they like R.T.L.M. radio. We encourage all those who love us. We also do love you. Should you live in peace.

  • Mukamusoni Hortence has also asked for a song. She dedicates it to:
  • Her God-mother who is in Kayove [Gisenyi prefecture]
  • Nyirankezabo Adela and her family.
  • Students of Nyundo [in Gisenyi prefecture], especially Cyiza Natacha
  • Her parents who are at Gikondo
  • Nyirishema Cyprian who is on campus in Mburabuturo [a place in Kigali where the faculty of law is].
  • Nyirasinamenye Anisie
  • Her grand-mother who is in Lubumbashi [Zaire]
  • Macozi Solange of the “École Zairoise”
  • Babonangenda Isabelle
  • Tabs Eliane of the same school
  • Umulisa Delphine and her boyfriend Kabirigi
  • The children: Mireille, Odette, Rene. Patrick and Serge, I wish a nice week-end to you all.

Habukubaho Gilbert, who studies at ETL of Gikondofa private technical school, has also asked for a song. He wants to dedicate it to:

  • All R.T.L.M. journalists
  • His mother Niyibizi Melanie
  • All his sisters
  • His brother Nshimiyimana Albert
  • His uncle Nsanzabarinda Denis who lives at Remera-Kigali
  • The family of Major Twambaze Aloys at Muhima [a quarter in Kigali]
  • Ntahomvukiye Jean d’Amour who is in Cyangugu
  • Basabose Creophas in Ruhengeri [prefecture] and
  • Ndayambaje Albert who is in Kigali.

Tuyisenge Jean Pierre and Ndahayo Théoneste are also lucky to be read today. They are sad, however, because they say that Unamir troops arrested them pretending that they had grenades. And when they were searched nothing was found on them!

I rather greet Biguma Jean Baptiste of Ruhengeri. Ah! Heu! He wrote in English! He simply wants to greet all R.T.L.M. employees. Ah! Thank you, Mr. Biguma, thank you.

Another one is from Uwihanganye Anselme, student of Bio-Chemistry at the lycée of Rambura [in Gisenyi]. He is now on holidays in Kigali. He greets us and tells us that he is enjoying his holidays. He hopes that we are doing our job well though the authorities are keeping us in turmoil. Especially that woman Agathe [Former Prime Minister Uwilingiyimana who was assassinated after Habyarimana’s death] who thinks she is very important. Let us keep on struggling though we [Uwihanganye Anselme] cannot change anything to the situation. We expect a lot from you [R.T.L.M.] for you are our representatives. The reason why I write to R.T.L.M. is that we love it so, so much. And I also want to thank you because you give us good news. So please send this song on my behalf to:

  • Twagirayezu Emmanuel in Karago Commune [Gisenyi]
  • Rukebesha Pierre of Karago
  • Nisingizwe Claudelle, on holidays in Kigali
  • Sibosiko Denis
  • Ndayishimiye Aaron
  • Niyonzima Jean
  • Serugango Jean Claude of Mukingo Commune
  • All the students of 2nd form Bio-Chemistry at Rambura [Gisenyi prefecture].

I dedicate this song to the driver of Taxi N. DB 0745. He has a conductor whose name is Jordan who has a bare-head and a long beard. For the time being he must be at work calling passengers. But I told him that there is no radio in his taxi. Radios are not expensive and you should put them in your cars so that people can listen to R.T.L.M. People need to be informed and hear how things are evolving. I also dedicate it to those who have given presents to all R.T.L.M. employees at Easter. Have a nice Easter! There are others who invite us, such as Gaharambuga Innocent who lives at Kicukiro near Charlotte’s house.

So, R.T.L.M. greets Innocent and Charlotte in this morning. Let us find a nice tune for you before we look at security issues in our country. We will talk of security for Mr. Kavaruganda Joseph [President of the Supreme Court of Appeal] as it has been written in Isibo [a newspaper] and for Mrs. Uwilingiyimana Agatha who is nowadays threatened because she has seen persons with table-knives near house. We wonder if she will attend banquets anymore as there are many knives there!

So she is horrified when she sees a C.D.R. [Coalition pour la defense de la Democratie] member with a knife and she says that people want to assassinate her. We will see why those people [Mr. Kavaruganda and Mrs. Agathe] are afraid. We will also talk of lack Security for Kabonabake, a journalist, and for Rwemalika Frederic, journalist of the Rwandan Television. He lives at Gitega [a quarter in Kigali] What about Kimihurura? We will also have a look at Matimba [a place in Kigali]. Prostitutes who live there are protesting because they are raped and are not given their pay. Yesterday Mr. Kayibanda, a porter, has been robbed of 200 RWF by people who were going the rounds in Nyakabanda [a quarter in Kigali]. He asks why those patrols are behaving like this way. Ah! Ah! Heu! But before coming back to this subject, we have forgotten to tell you that our guard Musabyimana Emmanuel married Umurerwa Solange. The ceremony took place in Buhanga Sector at Gatonde in Buharabuye Cell. I think for the time being they are enjoying Easter and I congratulate them for having been faithful to each other. We wish them success in their marriage. So, we wish joy to their parents Gatabazi Joseph and Riberakurora Juvenal. And let them enjoy rwagwa [banana wine]. So, a nice Easter to you all. Listen to the music before we talk about security in the town of Kigali. [SONG]

You are still tuned to R.T.L.M. which is broadcasting from Kigali; dear listeners wherever you are, be it from rural Kigali, Gitarama, Butare, Gikongoro, Cyangugu, Kibuye and Gisenyi. The news I have from Gisenyi says that people hold meetings in Hotel Meridien. I will tell you about it shortly. How are you this morning people from Ruhengeri, Byumba and Kibungo? There is lack of security here in Kigali. People do not know anything about their future. People say they spend sleepless nights. When you go to bed, you start thinking that they will throw a grenade, a bullet to you or destroy your house. It is a pity! And these are the consequences of the war started by Inkotanyi and the consequences of the lack of transitional institutions. No one knows where one can go to sue the guilty. And all this unrest is caused by the quest for power. How is Mrs. Uwilingiyimana Agathe, Minister of the never-ending transitional government? She is also threatened! She says that she spends sleepless nights though she is protected by Unamir troops. She is terrified because of a knife!! People were really astonished when they heard the statement on the radio! They ask themselves why such a statement about the knife [sword] is broadcasted before any investigation is made. What would have happened if they had seen a gun! In any case one can go home or to a bar after a visit to Mrs. Uwilingiyimana Agatha’s office! And it is quite normal that those who cannot be protected by Unamir or Belgian troops etc, as it is done for Queen Fabiola [of Belgium], can find ways and means of protecting themselves with things like a bludgeon, a panga or anything that could protect them, especially when they know that they are wanted.

So, yesterday Mr. Misago who is an important C.D.R.-member had an appointment with Mrs. Uwilingiyimana Agathe. They had to discuss about C.D.R. party that the latter has refused to recognize. The man put a sword in his bag and then went to the Prime Minister’s office. And since Agathe blames herself for what she has done, she decided to search the man’s bag because she thought people bear her ill-will. This is to show lack of confidence if one searches a person one has invited. I think Mrs. Uwilingiyimana Agathe would not feel happy if such a thing happened to her. So, a VT of C.D.R. was searched and when they found a sword on him they said it was to be used to stab Mrs. Agathe. Mrs. Uwilingiyimana Agathe has always tried to refuse the inclusion of C.D.R. in the National Assembly on pretext that C.D.R. has exterminated people. They say C.D.R. are killers because they are found with swords and other things…But, it is not good to move here and there alerting people that you have seen a C.D.R. member with a knife [a dagger] which is not even a self-acting one! He held a sword because it could protect him after the meeting since they [C.D.R.] have no Unamir or gendarmes to protect them. Or he could even use it to peel oranges. In any case, that was not strange since nowadays one has to hold a weapon. So, if you are invited all of sudden you can carry a weapon and show it. Even common people have pangas when they go somewhere! So one should not be bothered if one sees a man with a dagger, since there are people who even have guns. This is just for protection since investigations are not well done. There should be no exaggerations nowadays because one has seen someone with a sword at the Prime Minister’s house. No one walks with empty hands nowadays! They simply want to throw discredit to C.D.R. by sending those announcements on radio Rwanda. That is how people were told that C.D.R. was preparing to kill people when late Katumba was killed [Katumba was an important young C.D.R. member who was killed before the death of Habyarimana by unknown persons].

On that day vendors left their goods at the market and there were no taxis because of fear. People killed Katumba on purpose because they said if Katumba was killed. C.D.R.-members would start killing people and that would be a reason of refusing its entrance in the broad-based institutions. I think people should know that “Diamond cut Diamond.” What is a shame after all is to hear a statement from the Prime Minister’s office that they have seen a simple knife! A knife which has not even a safety-catch!

The visitor could even hold a gun and show it to the security service of the Prime Minister. They could then keep it for him! So, there must be “something in the wind” for those people who think they could be killed. They should not think they are wanted because of power-sharing, but it is rather because of their treachery!

A person named Kavaruganda Joseph, President of the Supreme Court of Appeal, is also afraid because of his treachery. That is fine! Should they be afraid since those traitors have betrayed the people!

So, in ISIBO Newspaper N. 126 of yesterday, there is a letter of Mr. Kavaruganda Joseph to the President of the Republic. He shows that he is afraid of people who want to kill him. Mr. Kavaruganga, after failing a constitutional coup, is now asking himself what is happening! He wrote that letter on 23 and he was alerting the opinion that the employees of the president’s office are planning to kill him.

On page 1 on this letter, he says that on 19 March 1994 someone came near his office and asked his guards why they are protecting Inyenzi. Kavaruganda [They call him Inyenzi because he is said to be an accomplice of the R.P.F.] whereas his killers are known!? How can people who want to kill Kavaruganda can first warn his guards!?

The second point is that he also says that on 22 March 1994 at 20. 30 people asked his employee if HE left home driving the car himself. When the employee replied that he did not know, the gendarmes left and went to drink bear nearby. So he is asking the President of the Republic why those gendarmes are so curious as if the latter were sent by him. Kavaruganda is screamingly funny! Because of his wickedness, he has no driver!

The third point of his letter is that he says that on Monday, 21 March 1994 at 17. 30, two militaries of the Presidential Guard went near his court. Kavaruganda has adapted himself to the court! The house even no longer belongs to the state! He adds that fortunately he had just left his office with his guard. The two men toured around the Supreme Court of Appeal but one of them ran back to the President’s Office when the watcher went closer to him. Then he is asking the President what that is all about. [Laughter]

Kavaruganda is really funny! He says the two men toured round the Court at night! Did they want to kill him at night?! All the cases that he deals with, well or badly are tackled during the day, not at night! He is off duty early and goes to visit his many houses which are being built in different quarters of the capital. He works in a public house, so what can he do to people who come close to it? Perhaps he thinks it is his home as people say now that he has been sitting on King Rudahigwa’s seats! [The former was a king in Rwanda]

The fourth point is that Kavaruganda does not want military men to pass near the place where he is building a house at Kimihurura III. He says he deplores that there is one who passed there and talked to his employees. He says that is a fault he has to submit to the President!!

The fifth point of his letter says that when C.D.R. members went to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, on 22 September 1994, to ask for papers to sign, they went in Kavaruganda’s office which is found in the vicinity and stole documents and a paper-fastener. Ah it is amazing! Now that he believes that he has C.D.R. documents in his office, he should hand them back or else he will say that they have been stolen!!

[The journalist skips points number 6 and 7 and moves to point 8]

On the eighth point, Mr. Kavaruganda is lodging a complaint to the President of the Republic against Mr. Kayonde Enoch who has insulted him instead of suing him at law. [LAUGHTER]

I went to Kayonde and asked him why Kavaruganda has prosecuted him. He told me that what he remembers is that one day he passed near the Supreme Court of Appeal with someone in a car and he showed the house to the latter saying that it would be better if someone bought that small building where Kavaruganda works and build another big house there like that of the Ministry for Finance.

Then, the person said that it would be better to also buy the house, close to Kavaruganda’s office which belongs to the Ministry for Agriculture and livestock. That would then allow them to have enough space for a parking. That is all the two men said but Kavaruganda concluded that Interahamwe wanted to kill him.

In brief Kavaruganda’s letter is written in a very Hutu way [I do not understand what Kantano means here]. That is how he likes to say it. He is only alerting the opinion because of fear.

Mugenzi Justin, President of PI, party [Liberal Party], said at Nyamirambo regional stadium, that those who plot against our republic will undergo a terrible disaster and that disaster is death which always threatens people like Kavaruganda and Agathe,

There is also lack of security for ordinary people. Journalists also have this problem. In Nyakabanda cell, Kicukiro Commune, in the Prefecture of the town of Kigali, where journalist Thomas Kabonabake lives…. [The sentence is not finished]

End of side A.

Side B

Speaker: Kantano HABIMANA

…they threw a grenade there and only one exploded and injured many persons. Fortunately, Kabonabake who was in his bar was not killed because he lay down on the floor. The pieces of grenades did not reach him. But you could see him hobbling and it would have been dangerous if he was wounded because recently he had broken a bone. The invaders ran away in a car with no plate number. The car is exactly similar to the one which transported those who threw a grenade to the Counselor of Gitega [an area found in Kigali]. In any case, Kabonabake has released a statement to R.T.L.M. radio on 23 March 1994 in which he said that he knew those who wanted to kill him. He said that they are his neighbors who are assisted by a corporal, brother of late Quartermaster-Sergeant Munyempanzi [a member of late Habyarimana’s army]. He also says that Mr. Murihira, leader of the CCDFP of Remera, Kacyiru, is among those persons. The latter cheated people by asking them money on pretext that he needed the money to make the car N A 79.45 of CCDFP serviced, whereas he needed the money to pay the killers of Kabonabake. The latter also wrote that after sending the statement via R.T.L.M., Mr. Murihira phoned MP Kabageni Venantie, Mugiraneza Vincent, the principal private secretary of minister Lando [President of the Liberal Party], Kayiranga Ezira, Karinganire, driver of UNICEF and Murihira’s driver named Mudenge to ask them what he would do since their plot had been known. Kabonabake did not know what those persons answered to Murihira. He also was aware that apart from the persons he mentioned in his announcement of 23 March 1994, the militia of P.L. were also involved, mainly Hussein living at Kanombe, Rwabuhungu Claude, and Claude who lives at Nyakabanda, Remera near SGP and Ngirunkunda who works at Hotel Lando. So, Mr. Kabonabake asked us [R.T.L.M.] to condemn people who plan to kill innocent people. He says him and his family are on the qui vive day and night since they know their enemies. Kantano approves that they have to be on the alert since the enemy is always there. Kabonabake says that in any case if he dies, the killers would be Murihira Eugene, born in Gashora and leader of CCDFP and some Inkotanyi who move out of C.N.D. in civilian clothes [C.N.D. means Conseil National de Developpement, i.e. House of Parliament. That is where the first contingent of R.P.F. was housed when it came to Kigali]. Kantano comments by saying that those persons who want to kill others should let down their plans because they are also mortal.

Another person who is in danger of death is Bikindi Simon [a famous singer who composed many revolution] songs to support the army of President Habyarimana. The latter has just come to our radio [R.T.L.M.] and told me that things are really bad for there are people who want to kill him. He says he is a singer and does not know why they want to kill him. He is a singer who has not done harm to anybody. He says that there is a very black man who wants to kill him and he is assisted by two others. Bikindi says that those men came to his house in a pajero [a car made in Japan] with other unknown persons. They had come to see where he lives. He also says that those men met in the town of Kigali yesterday to conclude that plan of eliminating him. So, Bikindi asks that man to leave out that dangerous plan since he already knows it and because there is nothing wrong between him and that group. So, he asks them to let him live in peace as he also wishes them so. Bikindi says that he could even say the man’s name which he was told by the latter’s assistant who has made away with him. So, you understand that some people are very wicked and plan to eliminate others. It is a pity!

There is also an Interahamwe named Kaparata who lives at Kimicanga [a quarter in Kigali]. He says that there are persons who are planning to kill him. But it is difficult to them. I [Kaparata] want you to tell them, on my behalf, that God is great and is protecting me. They say they will kill me on my way back from the mass that I attend every day at Les Peres Salesiens’. I know those persons.

We also know watchers who are accomplices of Inkotanyi. Kantano comments on that saying that it is a pity that people want to avenge others.

There is also a person who has written to me saying that people think it is ISIBO [a newspaper] which plans the massacre of people. He says that the death of Gapyisi had been predicted by ISIBO beforehand. That was also the case for Mutombo, Leone and Katumba [C.D.R.-members]. He says the latter was severely attacked by ISIBO, before his death, as one can read it in N. 125 on pages. The page was about the demonstration which took place when M.D.R.-TWAGIRAMUNGU [there are two factions of M.D.R., one being that of Hutu extremists and the other being Mr. Twagiramungu’s which is moderate] was about to organize a meeting at Nyamirambo. Mr. Sixbert [editor of ISIBO] writes that if one makes a thorough analysis of those naughty killers, starting with those who are already known. one can first of all mention M.R.N.D., INTERAHAMWE and C.D.R. He says it because he saw many prominent Interahamwe in the demonstration, such as Katumba, a C.D.R., who was leading a group which had done wrong in Gitega [a sector in Kigali]. A man who calls himself Mukingo, member of Akazu, [a limited group that was created by Habyarimana to advantage some people, mainly from his area] and his group had obstructed the road of Kimisagara [a quarter in Kigali]. Minister Nzabomimana Callixte was coordinating the operations. Amri Karekezi, an Interahamwe, was with young loafers who were throwing stones near the mosque of Qaddafi [a mosque built in Nyamirambo, Kigali and called “Qaddafi” because it is the latter who sponsored its building]. Those children were transported in a taxi belonging to Hakizimfura Zubeir. Ali Kitonsa had to provide them with stones. So, the person who has written to R.T.L.M. says that every person who is written about in a wrong way by ISIBO has to die. So, if something wrong had to happen to me [the letter’s writer], though I do not tell you my name, you would guess that it is Isibo which has plotted against me.

Kantano says that it is a pity because now people are threatened. We can mention for example Mr. Rwemalika Frederic, a journalist of the Rwandan Television who wrote to the prefect of Kigali on 29 March 1994. He sought for protection saying that people who called themselves “Abadahusha ba Rwanda Locale” wrote him the following letter [Abadahusha means people who never miss the target] :

The reason why we write to you, Rwemalika Frederic and your relation Twagirayezu Innocent who works in Micomart, [Ministry for Commerce and the working classes] is that you have been working for a long time and ‘eating’ your money alone and sharing it with the Tutsis who are your tenants. We, “Bene Sebahinzi” [it is a word used to mean Hutus who are said to be descendants of Umuhinzi i.e. a cultivator], are poor and that is why we write to you both and we know that you have enough money. We have heard that you, Twagirayezu, wanted to buy a Yamaha for 500. 000 and you Rwemalika you want to buy a mini-bus. That is why we warn you. And we are your neighbors. We demand that Twagirayezu gives us 200,000 and Rwemalika 350,000. You should get the money ready the day we will come, if you like peace and yourselves! You lie saying you have a physical disability as if you do not know where the disabled are!! You export gold abroad and go there on missions and then you say you are disabled! We have to find the money ready for us. We will come on unknown date and day. You should simply count 15 days from now. The letter is signed by loafers “Abadahusha”who are members of Rwanda Locale. And they drew a cross on the paper to end the latter.”

I hope that before the D-day those persons will have been arrested. Where are the people who work for the intelligence department!? They should try to enquire and find out who are the members of that Abadahusha group and arrest them.

People are crying and calling for help from everywhere. Mr. Hakizimana Makambo Leopold who lives in Buremera Cell, Nanga Sector in Karago Commune [Gisenyi prefecture] is also crying. He tells people the following:

“Please protect me from a person named Kanyove. He lives in front of my house and he is determined to kill me because I am wealthy. He also wants to kill me on pretext that I do not Him where I was born. On 24 March 1994, thanks to the population, I had a narrow escape when he met me in Emmanuel Beruye’s bar in the evening. We were having some drinks. So, it is a pity and I am in danger, don’t know why that man bears me ill-will. ” Kantano also asks himself what Mr. Kanyove is up to?

Another person wants me to ask Mr. Gatabazi who is the responsible of Rugando Cell, in Kimihurura Sector, near the school, why the latter’s wife has attacked and beaten a sick woman called Mukarurinda and her baby. He then asks Gatabazi if he is no longer the responsible and whether he has been replaced by his wife. ‘This Rwanda of women is amazing!’ says Kantano.

Prostitutes of Matimba are also protesting against some military who rape them in the evening a then pay nothing. Those military men who do that should know that rape is an infraction even if the victim is a prostitute. The latter is free to manage her body and do what she wants with persons she wants.

In conclusion, I want to talk to those people who go the rounds in Nyakabanda. I met Mr. Kayibanda [unknown] who told me that the latter are harassing him. He told me that Fupi and Kolimba took 200 RWF from him last evening. He is a porter and earns just what he can use for the living. So, I dedicate this song to those who plan to kill others and shade blood.


This is the time for your announcements. It is 9:35 in the studio of R.T.L.M., a private radio which broadcasts from Kigali. We will first listen to a short piece of music that is proposed by our sound-engineer and then I will proceed with announcements. Let us listen to the music…[SONG]

Speaker: Valérie BEMERIKI, Journalist for R.T.L.M.

The Kangura competition is in its second phase. We do have many prizes. Industrialists have given us many. Buy Kangura No. 59 and send us a paper which is inside and on which you have to answer the questions. You have also to tell us what you think about R.T.L.M. journalists. Give them grades according to how you listen to them. Students who are on holidays should also participate. So as to accept your participation you have to send three pages attached together and they have to be from Kangura No. 58, 59 and 60.

We greet you the listeners of R.T.L.M. and we wish you a nice week-end and a nice Easter. We wish you peace and good luck. Let me proceed with your announcements. I was out to follow various news stories. And one news item is terrible. It is about our journalist Nkomati Emmanuel. Yesterday a trap was set for him but fortunately he did not go home because he spent the night at the office. Instead of him, another person was arrested by the wrong-doers and he got released when they found that it was not Nkomati. I think that this lack of security for journalists is very bad and it will harm many.

Let me proceed with your announcements…

[A series of announcements]

Speaker: Kantano HABIMANA

…Then we have news about Inkotanyi [accomplices of the R.P.F.] living in Gisenyi. I will also talk of C.D.R. which organized a press conference and read only one important point which is the statement released by that party. [C.D.R. was a Hutu extremist party] But meanwhile a person whose name is Emmanuel has just made me laugh. He says he did not remember that yesterday was the day of telling lies, and a person lied to him knowing well that the lie was going to •cause me trouble. The lie was about Rayon Sport [a football team]. He told me that when the team went to take the car that the president gave it, Inkotanyi through a bomb to the vehicle thinking that President Habyarimana was inside with the players and the team committee and Kantano [LAUGHTER]. I [Emmanuel] immediately ran to sleep after he had finished telling me the news because of sorrow. It is only in the morning that he came to tell me that he lied to me. But I had spent a bad night! Emmanuel asks us to tell the liars that they should tell lies which are not discouraging. So as to feel better he wants the journalist to convey his greetings to Musoni Jean Baptist alias Tigana who is at Kicukiro, Rutazihana Anastase of the district of Nyanza. He tells him that the appointment he had with him is cancelled since he spent a sleepless night. [Kantano goes on with some dedication]. [Laughter] So Emmanuel you should remember that the 1st of April is a day on which one tells lies. It was invented by Europeans and you should not care about those lies.

You are still tuned to R.T.L.M. In a short moment we will talk about Gisenyi and on this week-end some are going to dance, but do not forget that there are also football matches. We will talk about it shortly. [SONG]

[I think here Kantano is reading the letter from Gisenyi] … he says may be Inkotanyi are planning to kill us. He says the son of Bisengimana [he was a Zairian dignitary, of Rwanda origin, who was close to Mobutu. He died some years ago in Kinshasa] who lodged in an apartment N. 316-318 in Hotel Izuba-Meridien At is found in Gisenyi on 29 March, telephoned his relations living in Burundi to tell them that they have already surrounded the town of Gisenyi. And the next phase would be to kill those who do not share the same views with R.P.F. That is how some news is known [via telephone conversations] and the writer asks people living in Gisenyi to watch out. And they ask the manager of Hotel Meridien to tell them the aims of the meetings which are held there. He says that the majority of employees who work at Hotel Meridien have come from Goma, Zaire [Tutsis who infiltrate]. They do not understand what- is going on. He says there is also a person named Solange, from Bibwe Zaire, who organizes meetings very often in collaboration with a man who teaches in “Institut Saint-Fidele.” He says the meetings are organized in the latter’s house. He also says that telephone numbers of almost all the Hutus who live in Gisenyi have been registered. And those people are still searching for the missing ones. He wants people to be careful because what is going on in Solange’s house is suspicious. People should also be careful with the group made of Tabaro Modeste, Semucyo, Semukanya Jean Marie Vianney, Rukazabigunda and Nzigiyimana Gilbert because their plan has been discovered. As you know, there is a Rwandan proverb which says that “IBUYE RYAMENYEKANYE NTABWO RYICA ISUKA” which means that, “A stone cannot damage a hoe if the cultivator has seen it beforehand.”

I have just met a man called Kiringiti [A cab driver, member of the Liberal Party] downwards who told me that he was astonished to hear that people were condemning him falsely saying that it is him who tried to kill Kabonabake [a journalist]. He says he is innocent and has no yet even killed a chicken. He says if he were to kill he would have started by killing those who shot at him recently. He said, however, that he cannot deny that he is an Inkotanyi. [A member of R.P.F.] He asks himself the question to know what else would people want him to be if he is not an Inkotanyi ! He says may God help those who wanted to kill him. And he insists that he is not among those who want to kill Kabonabake. He says when he was with Inkotanyi in Arusha he met the latter and chatted with him simply. And he has never said that he will kill Kabonabake, So, those who are plotting against Kabonabake are others and not him. Kantano also begs those who want to kill people to abandon their projects. Our country which has been called the paradise of Africa is now going to become Sodom and Gomorrah. For Kantano, it is really a pity and terrible! Worshippers should pray very much tomorrow at Easter for ill-doers and Inkotanyi who want to exterminate their opponents and govern this country by force. Prayers should also be said for all those who want to avenge themselves. May God help all of them so that they can leave out their heinous crime.

You are still tuned to R.T.L.M., a radio which transmits from Kigali. In about 6 minutes it will be 12 o’clock. And at that time one needs to eat [LAUGHTER] and that is why we close our transmission by that time. But I remind those who want to enjoy the week-end that there is a football match between KNOW and STIR. The former has been losing in the championship and people ask themselves if it is still the same or if it has been divided into pieces after the departure of Aloys Kanamugire [the coach of the team]. Some others ask if STIR also still exists. Is it still playing good football? It seems that Kanamugire is now its coach. How did it happen? Therefore, soccer-lovers ask themselves questions. So, those who like football should go to Amahoro Stadium where the two teams are to cross swords. The match-is sponsored by Parteners International and Jobanputras Group in collaboration with FERWAFA; in what has been called “Joban round.” They want to develop football. That is why they organized a tournament of 8 teams and the winner will be rewarded a mini-bus which costs 3 million five hundred and twenty francs. Fanatics of RAYON SPORT have started to say that the latter will win the cup. So, people tease each other. It is possible that Rayon Sport can win the cup since it is now on the top. Those small teams, however, can also win the cup.

So the latter have to do their best and win so as to prevent Rayon Sport from getting two vehicles. Let it take the big one [donated by President Habyarimana when the team beat the Sudanese] and other teams have to show Rayon Sport that they are also good. And then Rayon Sport would devote all its energies to the tournament. For instance if FLASH [a football from Gitarama prefecture] beats Rayon Sport, that would force its coach to take a decision because he would have found that the level is low. So, on our part, we fanatics, should watch all the matches and all the teams every time and then choose the very first player for each position (back-middle and front). Then you will write to R.T.L.M. and Joban Round and tell us the best players you have chosen. We will totalize the points and if more than one participant chooses the same best striker there will be a drawing of lots and the winner will get a radio, those who will have chosen the best mid-field and the best defender will also get a radio each. So, you understand that this is an opportunity for you to get a radio simply by watching matches. So you will start today with watching Kiyovu and Stir and then we will be able to assess the level of football in Rwanda.

Earlier I have told you about the announcement of C.D.R. party on the press conference that it has organized today. But J will tell you about it briefly since this announcement has not been paid.

About the setting up of the transitional institutions, C.D.R. tells the following to the population:

R.P.F. uses its accomplices of P.S.D. party and other individuals such as Mrs. Uwilingiyimana Agathe, Twagiramungu Faustin of M.D.R., Nayinzira Nepomuscene of PDC, Ndasingwa Landouald of P.L.-ntutsi [the wing of the Liberal party which is moderate] in order to be included in the government and in the transitional parliament by force. That is why they have created a group wherein they study ways and means of preventing their opponents [those of the power-wing] from entering the transitional institutions.

Concerning the lack of security in the country C.D.R. party condemns the present government which refused to do its job of protecting the population. The statement says it is deplorable that minister Uwilingiyimana has allied to the R.P.F. which began the war and did the indescribable killings of innocents. That was in brief what C.D.R. has issued in a statement that comprises 5 points. I cannot read all of them since an announcement has to be paid. In a while, I will read you an urgent obituary notice and then we will sign off and we will resume our transmission in the evening.


End of tape.