Date of Transmission23 March 1994
Name of TapeCE 88/95
SourceMinistry of Information
Prosecution ExhibitP.36/73
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R.T.L.M. Tape 0180—Extract

Speaker(s): Kantano HABIMANA/Noël HITIMANA, Journalists for R.T.L.M.

There are people who do not understand; they are the ones who easily lay the blame on others. They accuse Habyarimana, then M.R.N.D., then this, then that. Yet, it is a long-term plan that is being executed. You heard that even at the last meeting held at Mulindi which was attended by Ngango and many others, they undertook to fight anything related to “Power,” that is, to fight any Hutu, any Hutu who says, “Rwanda is mine; I am part of the majority. I decide first, not you.” For such people, the plan continues. These cases in Burundi; just now you were condemning those who draw up lists; to be honest with you, even though it sounds frightening, these lists exist; they have been drawn up and shall be used even if not at the time of the killing; people dying and being buried, they will be used in the context of the race for the Justice Ministry portfolio. People will be arrested and thrown into prison for many years without trial, gendarmes will be authorized to arrest people solely on the grounds that they had been Interahamwe, that they threw grenades, etc. All this is part of an existing plan, as Kagame himself said, even if the armies are merged, the Inkotanyi still have the single objective: to take back the power that the Hutus seized from them the Tutsis in 1959; take back power and keep it for as long as they want. They tell you that the transitional period will last for two years, but it could last a hundred years. What is happening in Burundi should serve as a lesson to us.