Date of Transmission28–30 June 1994
Name of TapeRTLM
Prosecution ExhibitP103/137
Name of TranslatorGaudence Mukakigeli
Date of Translation28 May 1997
Original PDF

R.T.L.M. Tape 0137


Side A

  • Side A of the emission, hosted mostly by Bemeriki and Ruggiu, focuses broadly on the French troops’ arrival in Rwanda. The broadcasters tell the population that they should cooperate with the French, but that the advice of numerous scholars and intelligent men is that it would be “absurd” for the population to hand-in their weapons or dismantle roadblocks.
  • Side A begins mid-sentence with Valerie Bemeriki obliquely criticizing the international press’s reporting on Rwanda, charging that it has been unduly influenced by Inyenzi-Inyenzi propaganda. She insists that not just the FAR, but all Rwandans, “stood up” to fight the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi, and that the latter intentionally bombard civilian populations.
  • After a news bulletin read by Gahigi (content not in transcript) Bemeriki discusses the late President’s murder. She alleges that the discovery of the black box belonging to the jet in which he was shot down has been discovered, and that it contains evidence strong enough to indict the perpetrators before an international tribunal. Bemeriki insists that while Habyarimana’s family is pursuing legal action, exacting retribution is the responsibility of the “whole nation.”
  • Bemeriki then launches a circuitous monologue about the arrival of French Troops. She claims that everyone, save the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi is glad for their arrival, and she denies rumors that the R.T.L.M. is somehow against the French. But, buttressing her discussion with quotations from Gahigi, Bemeriki obliquely alludes to a rumor about some impending threat to the majority, and concludes that ‘it would be absurd to see roadblocks removed and weapons confiscated”: the government had made a great effort to train the population and provide it with weapons; demilitarizing it now could arouse “misunderstandings between those whose weapons are confiscated and those who confiscate them.”
  • Continuing the extended monologue, Bemeriki recalls the reservations of countless (un-named) “scholars,’ who question France’s even-handedness in dealing with the crisis. According to these scholars, there is reason to doubt that Hutu refugees will be treated as well as the Tutsi refugees, or that R.P.F. attacks against civilian targets will be equitably censured. Another problem, according to the scholars, is that the French Army was not instructed well enough about the reasons for the existence of civilian manned roadblocks. And so, according to the view of the scholars (“scholars are intelligent people”); “It would be a big mistake to remove those civilians from the roadblocks and confiscate their weapons.”
  • Continuing her monologue, Bemeriki cites the alleged testimony of scholars who suggest that, though the population should cooperate with the French army, clashes could ensue between Rwandans and French if the latter don’t fully understand the situation in Rwanda. And such clashes, the scholars Insist, along with the dismantling of roadblocks, could prove dangerous: for “our common enemy, the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi may take advantage and infiltrate among the population … and attack.”
  • Bemeriki then reports that these scholars have called for both the civilian population and the government to show ‘discretion’ in order to avoid the disclosure of any of our secrets.” These scholars are advising government officials on what to say, so that they may not make “contradictory statements’
  • Bemeriki then segues into a circuitous discussion on the battle for international favor. The Inyenzi-Inkotanyi are accused of having “honey-sweet language” that is constantly shifting: until the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi thought they could use France’s arrival to their advantage, they were against intervention; now they are for it. This could, the scholars warn, lead the French army to change sides and “assist the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi instead of all Rwandans.” Bemeriki ends the segment by again insisting that “we support the French army 100%.”
  • Georges Ruggiu comes on next. He begins by questioning a report that 5,000 people demonstrated in Kayonza, saying that the Bourgmestre of Muhazi confirmed that most of the population there had been massacred. Ruggiu then launches a confusing discussion of how and why 10% of Kibuye’s population was killed. He suggests that this number roughly approximates the number of Tutsis living there, and that these killings made sense as the “R.P.F. had Infiltrated all zone…where they could find accomplices” who could assist them. Ruggiu denies that all the Tutsis and R.P.F. agents have been killed in the area, but says that “the population was so angry that they probably killed any person suspected to be close to the R.P.F. [or] could do harm to the majority of the population.” Ruggiu concludes by suggesting that Robespierre did no differently: now as then “a suspect is already a condemned person.”

Side B

  • Side B of the tape consists mostly of two extended monologues. In the first, Valerie Bemeriki explains that when she says Inyenzi, listeners should understand she means ‘criminal.’ Bemeriki accuses the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi of using the French Army’s arrival to extend their exterminations, and warns that anyone remaining in Inyenzi controlled areas is clearly also an Inyenzi and will eventually be treated as one. Bemeriki subsequently calls for the death of the four political figures she holds responsible for Habyarimana’s assassination. In the second monologue, Ananie Nkurunziza makes a direct call against the occupants of a house in Kacyiru, encourages people In Kimisagara, Muhima, and Rugenge to fire at any Inyenzi coming their way, and urges listeners not to let bad weather keep them from manning the roadblocks. Ananie also criticizes the unequal distribution of international aid between Tutsi and Hutu refugees, but says that the International press now acknowledges that Inyenzi attack villages to kill Hutu populations.
  • Bemeriki opens side B with a discussion of the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi …piled up there at the border,” at Byumba. She suggests that the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi are trying to take advantage of the French troop’s arrival In order to continue with their extermination. She also says that “you should understand ‘criminals’ wherever you come across the word Inyenzi.” Bemeriki continues by criticizing Dallaire, who she accuses of being a real Inyenzi advising their operations and speaking on their behalf.
  • Next Bemeriki discusses areas under the control of the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi. She says that though many of the proper owners of this land have been killed by Inyenzi, others still survive and will come back to reclaim what belongs to them. Bemeriki further insists that those staying In the Inyenzi controlled areas are themselves Inyenzi -- “they are criminals like the Inyenzi” and will eventually get their due like any other Inyenzi accomplices. The non-accomplices, she says, fled to Ngara, Burundi, and western Rwanda.
  • Bemeriki then rejoins and repeats her earlier criticism of Dallaire, this time adding that his Intention has always been to divide the country in two, and that soon “Canada will learn the news of Dallaire’s death.” Bemeriki also blames Dallaire for the concentration of refugees on the Rwanda-Uganda border.
  • Bemeriki asserts that the civil war did not break out to avenge Habyarimana’s murder, for had this been the case, four people still needed to die, the people who actually killed the President and caused the “tragedy in our country” Kaguta Museveni [the Biggest Inyenzi], Kagame, Dallaire, and Twagiramungu. “We will feel that His Excellency President of the Republic is avenged It. those four people undergo the same fate as did others.” After again accusing Dallaire of being an Inyenzi and lobbying on behalf of the enemy, Bemeriki cedes the microphone to Kantano, who introduces the next speaker, Ananie.
  • Ananie reports that “the Inyenzi were defeated in Kacyiru,” but that gunshots are still emanating from the house a certain Ruhumuliza. He then tells people In Kimisagara, Muhima, and Rugenge that when “you see them [Inyenzi], beat them, fire on them wherever they are, among trees, houses or trenches.”
  • Ananie then airs his concern that the previous night’s reins might have mime people to abandon roadblocks, and thereby allowed, the “enemy … to infiltrate and come to kill you and the population.”
  • Ananie then compares the accommodation of Tutsi vs. Hutu refugees. Ananie suggests that Hutu refugees bear the marks of Tutsi atrocities and that France’s aid to them is being hampered by Belgians and Inkotanyi opposition. From there, Ananie goes on to suggest that even the International press now acknowledges that “Inyenzi attack villages to kill Hutu populations.” Ananie continues with various critiques of Belgian news reports and U.N. officials.
  • Ananie then ridicules the former Finance Minister Rugenera’s comments to the international press that the M.R.N.D. backed the killing of Tutsis and P.S.D. party members. Ananie suggests that these comments were part of a personal plot for money and revenge.
  • Ananie then reports that the situation is dramatic in the Bujumbura provinces of Cibitoke and Bubanza, where the Hutu population has helped fight back the “Tutsi Army.”
  • Ananie then runs through the headline news from around the world, during the course of which he draws a parallel between Sarajevo’s destruction and “Kigali, which is being destroyed by Inyenzi.”
  • Kantano then takes the microphone and introduces Gahigi. Gahigi returns to the discussion of the arrival of French troops and humanitarian assistance. During the course of his discussion, he accuses Inyenzi-Inkotanyi of bomb-shelling civilian sites, and calls for French intervention in areas where Hutu refugees are concentrated.

Side A

Speaker: Valérie BEMERIKI, Journalist for R.T.L.M.

[The tape begins in the middle of the statement] …French as well as American journalists. They have been given explanation on the causes of the fight between R.P.F. and the Rwandan Army as well as the civil war that took place in Rwandan in April ‘94. One would realize that the information those journalists got has been provided by the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi. They had even believed in what they had been Lord. We found out, moreover that no one is ever informed about their coming. No one ever knows which area will be visited.

We only learn that journalists so-and-so from such and such a country arrived and are already visiting this or that area They come and just move around freely without any bother. No one knows about this. However, we think that some people are informed. Anyway, we find it fit to meet Rwandan journalists first, those ones are specialists know a lot of places. Then, those expatriates have got to know the truth. That’s the content of what I had to say about the on-going hostilities matching the Rwandan Armed Forces against the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi. Besides, the fight matches all Rwandans against the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi, since all the Rwandans have stood up to fight them. They (Rwandans) do not allow them any respite. Because of shame they flew into a fury and started sending bomb shells on the population. They shelled everywhere and killed the innocent. Then, please stay tuned in to Radio R.T.L.M. It’s now 2:44…

Speaker: Kantano HABIMANA, Journalist for R.T.L.M.

…As I had promised, I am here with my colleagues GAHIGI Gaspard and Ananie as well. They have just come in. They have something for us. Good morning Gahigi.

Speaker: Gaspard GAHIGI, Editor-in-Chief of R.T.L.M.

Good morning, dear listeners. We give the floor to Ananie to read us the news bulletin he prepared himself…

Speaker: Valérie BEMERIKI

…to record all the conversation before the accident or be shooting down as it has been the case with the plane of His Excellency president of the Republic on 6 April 1994. So, it has now been discovered. Now, we know its location. The person who keeps it is already known for his bravery. Captain Earl]. Paul is the one keeping the black box. He is really believed to be a high specialist in matter of investigations on the basis of the information from that black box. Without a doubt, his investigations have already reached something; it has been said, “Those who did it shall be prosecuted.”

Moreover, we do not doubt it. We know them. They will be prosecuted. The family of Late President of the Republic is said to be on the way to make a petition before the international community, before the international tribunals against the perpetrators of such foul crimes. Nevertheless, as our editor has just said, his family should not follow the matter alone as long as His Excellency the President of the Republic Major General Habyarimana Juvenal belonged not only to his family but to the whole nation. He belonged to all of us Rwandans. So, the Government of our country should play a role in the petition to prosecute the perpetrators of such foul crimes. I will come back on this.

Moreover, I would like to say something about the French troops’ visit. Yes, the French troops came. The French army took the decision to come to the rescue of Rwandans. Everybody appreciated such a good deed except from the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi and their acolytes who were against this action. However, our country, our regions, the Rwandan Government and were pleased to hear the news. Everybody applauded, those who wanted to enjoy enjoyed, and those who wanted to dance danced. In one word, everybody was happy because of the French troops’ arrival in this country, Besides, this could, especially, be felt when the voice of R.T.L.M., the voice of the majority announced, “Countrymen, stand up and welcome the French troops, let us do our best to show them that we support them!” This was done. The whole population understood the message. They stood up and did so. I was just saying that, I myself went up to Runda with the intention to welcome the French troops who were to come here in Kigali. We had flags of France, with flowers. People in cars were all very happy to be part of the show. However, it is a pity to find out.that some people are not happy to see others expressing their joy or pointing out something going wrong. Those do not wish peace to Rwanda. It’s better to speak out something which goes wrong. When it is talked about, it can be rectified. But when it is hushed up, when people keep it back, it can’t be rectified since it is not known, When it is identified and discussed about, there is a means of rectifying it In this framework’ that you often heard from the beginning the “voice of the majority,” the voice of R.T.L.M. saying “something mischievous is being planned with the intention to do this or that.” You find out that when this is taken into consideration, the evil will be avoided. Unfortunately, those whose ears are -obstructed ignore it. They do not want to hear anything about that Despite all, we cannot hush up something which might do harm the whole country. That’s why some of those say that R.T.L.M. does not support the French army, that R.T.L.M. is against the French army. Fortunately, they are not many. I believe they are not many. They are really few. They do not follow our daily transmissions or do not analyze them well. Besides, we never talk in riddles or in parables. We just speak the simplest Kinyarwanda. However, you still find out that the some people fail to understand by themselves what has been said.

Our Editor said it yesterday. I also said it. He has just said it at the moment of news bulletin. He said, “It would be absurd to see roadblocks being removed and weapons be confiscated from the population without any other explanation whereas the whole population has been mobilized to fight the enemy. In addition, the Government has made an effort to train the population and provide them with the necessary material for civil defense. You find the situation confusing, absurd. According to him (our editor), this could even bring about clashes among people. This may arouse misunderstanding between those whose weapons are confiscated and those who confiscate them. On this point, he says that this should be examined by the Government. The Government must give precise instructions on how people should behave.

I found out that it is not only. R.T.L.M.’s editor who declared that. I had also declared it. However, yesterday afternoon, there were also other intellectuals, our scholars from University, so many of them. We sometimes discussed and expressed their views on the coming of the French army for the emergency operation in our country. Look! A person from Cyangugu asked, “Why do you concentrate on Tutsi refugees more than Hutu ones?”Are we going to say that he is against the French? Does he hate them?

When Colonel Tibault was asked, “How will you manage? Will you stand in between belligerents? Will you fight? What will you do?” He answered, “R.P.F. bomb shells on us; we will hit back, the same with the Rwandan Armed Forces. If clashes occur among the population, we will have to protect the victims. If the Rwandan Armed forces attack civilian populations, we also will have to fight back.

However, he never said what will be the reaction of the French Army in case of attacks on civilian populations by R.P.F. May be he forgot it. Some people allege us to be against the French army when we remind this question. This is not true. It is not a question of going against the French Army. When we judge that something crucial to our country has been forgotten, we believe that we have to say it. That is what R.T.L.M.’s editor wanted to mean. I also repeated it. Moreover, I consulted other intellectuals, our country has get many scholars, Professors of University, people who completed universities, the country has got all those. In fact, yesterday, I told you that I had a discussion with them. Their views aid our editor’s confirm each other, which means that what Gaspard Gahigi said was true. I will not repeat it but it was the truth. It was true. Since other intellectuals also said it. They said, “To tell the truth, the arrival of the French army has never been prepared at the diplomatic level, or the political level of our country. No precise instructions have been given to civilians by our leaders on how to welcome them. There is a danger for the population to do whatever they want and this could result in clashes between the population and the French army. This does not means that we are against the French army. No. Not at all. On the contrary, it is a way of warning the Government and the authorities of our country, in order for the population to be taught how they should welcome the French army, how they should behave on roadblocks, or in case their weapons are confiscated. So, it is not at all true to say that R.T.L.M. is against the French army as long as those ideas came from our scholars in order to clarify the matter. We found this essential.

According to our scholars, the French army should have been given enough information on civil defense and the reason why civilians are armed at the roadblocks. They should have been informed on civil defense, on weapons detained by civilians, and on the reason why the civilians wear military uniforms.

According to our scholars, it would be a big mistake to remove those civilians from the roadblocks and confiscate their weapons since civilians have stood up to help the army in the fight against the R.P.F. These are scholars’ views. These are not R.T.L.M.’s words. I would like people to understand this well. Scholars are intelligent people. If there are 5, 10, 15 or 90 of them who say something, one person cannot contradict them. So it is not at all a question of being against the French army in our country. That is no one’s intention. The only view that has been expressed is that there should be an explanation of why civilian populations have been trained, why they detain weapons, why they stand at roadblocks and why they wear military uniforms.

Our scholars mentioned another issue that I would like to repeat since people might have misunderstood it or might have heard o any one p art of it before drawing the conclusion according to which R.T.L.M. is against the French army. There should be a full cooperation between the French army and Rwandan authorities as far as the giving of instructions is concerned to avoid contradictions. Moreover, those instructions must be firm and clear to avoid contradictions and clashes or any other kind of misunderstanding, especially from the population. In fact, what we should avoid is clashes among the population. The French army came to assist those whose condition was dramatic. In case of a contradiction, there would be two sides, each one working on its own instead of working together for the interest of the nation. If they do not meet for a common interest, they will cause clashes among Rwandans themselves or between the French army and Rwandan civilians or soldiers. It may happen that the French army misunderstand our leader’s instructions and outbreak them. As a consequence, the enemy of our country, our common enemy, the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi may take advantage and infiltrate among the population. The enemy would take advantage to infiltrate and attack Again. They may even do harm to the French army.

As you see, it is not a question of being against the French army. They may attack the French army and then, the Rwandan armed forces, would be charged for the wrong deed. Rwandans living in the areas controlled by f a Government will be charged for that act because of the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi and contradictions between our army and the French army.

Thus, when the French army wants roadblocks to be removed, we do not have any guarantee insuring us that there would not be any infiltration of the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi. We do not have any insurance from the French army that we are fully guarded so that the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi cannot infiltrated in displaced camps and disturb their security. So, I do not see how we are against the French army I cannot see it. Fortunately, some people misunderstood the truth or did not follow well.

These are a few traps we are progressively pointing out to avoid misfortune. Measures should be taken, especially by our Government together with the Ministry of Defense and the Army Staff. This is clear. So, there is no evidence showing that R.T.L.M. is against the French army.

In addition, there should be what our scholars called “discretion.” in order to avoid the any disclosure of our secrets. However, when those people gives their advice to the Government, it is surprising to hear others saying that they are talking about the French army. With regard to discretion, our scholars and intellectuals’ opinion is that the members of our Government should be discreet in front of journalists in order to avoid contradictions.

Those people (scholars) are addressing the Government; they are giving pieces of advice. They are showing them how to behave. Because what you say in front of a microphone may result in contradictory statements. Such a contradiction may, then, spoil good relationships between Rwandans and the French people. So, according to those scholars, they should pay attention before giving long declarations to journalists. You may wonder why I do not skip this issue whereas it concerns us. As a journalist, I say it and still it does not mean that I am against the French army. Scholars met and discussed the matter. They carefully examined the issue and decided to make it known to Rwandans and the Government to avoid bad terms between France and Rwanda. This avoids any misunderstanding between us and the French army. On behalf of the Government, however, the clash in not possible, But when you feel that there might be some misunderstanding, better remove it before it is too late. A French proverb says, “Mieux vaut prevenir que guerir”(Prevention is better than cure).

The scholars raised the issue of language use and diplomacy. As you know, the Inyenzi are no more protesting against the coming of the French army. However, they had demonstrated against the arrival of the French army. As you heard, in Kibungo, 5,000 Tutsi organized a protest march against the arrival of the French army. You heard how, in Burundi, a gang of Tutsi went down road to march against the coming of the French in Rwanda. In Goma, they were about to demonstrate but they failed.

In spite of all this, the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi failed. Though they called their people to demonstrate against them (the French), they failed. They know that they are defeated because the French army came, anyway. What they asked their acolytes to do is and will always stay useless. At present, they have changed their language. They try to behave otherwise in front of the French army. According to scholars R.P.F.’s “Honey-sweet language” masks something behind. This is true. As you know, those Inyenzi-Inkotanyi keep on changing. What they say today is not what they say tomorrow. They sometimes contradict themselves. Such an inconstant language may result in a misunderstanding between the French army and the Rwandan Government or between Rwandans on the other side of Rwanda.

According to scholars, the Government should take serious measures to avoid any misunderstanding. Otherwise, R.P.F. will think that the French army came to assist them. R.P.F. will go and say this or that to the French army. As consequence, the French army will assist the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi instead of all Rwandans. So, our scholars, they are warning people. They want people to examine the matter more objectively. If R.P.F. Inyenzi-Inkotanyi keep on approaching the French army with “honey tongue,” the assistance operation in view will be in favor of those in the area controlled by the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi. This will bring about a misunderstanding between us, Rwandans and the French army. So, what has been said by our scholars, by Gahigi, our editor, or by myself does not aim at being hostile against the French army. We support them 100%. We will cooperate. We only wanted to invite our leaders and the Government to cooperate with the French army without any hindrance. Our purpose is to wipe out that misunderstanding. I always told you this. Our country is sovereign. It has got its leaders. Whoever comes in our, country has to meet those leaders first.

Thus, we do not see how R.T.L.M. is accused of being against the French army. R.T.L.M.’s aim is only to warn against problems that may occur before it is too late. That is our view. Otherwise, we support the French army 100% and have already shown it. It is now [inaudible]…to 4… which is now going on in Rwanda and then, on General Dallaire, [Music]

…in order to assist the victims of the war led by the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi. Moreover, it is reported that the French Minister of Defense, Mr. Francois Leotard visited Rwanda; He is already in Cyangugu to realize himself the situation in the field. Their operation is now being discussed on. It is said that they came to assist the victims of the war led the Inyenzi Inkotanyi. As you know, the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi have always condemned the arrival of the French army.

End of Side A

Side B

Speaker: Valérie BEMERIKI

You find out that, there are plenty of Inyenzi-Inkotanyi on the Rwandan border with Uganda. You find out that most of them are NRA soldiers. They are piled up there at the border. They are equipped with war armament. Some of them have even crossed the border to Byumba and are waiting for orders to attack. Just when the French army comes to calm down the killings in Rwanda, to stop the war which exterminates the innocent, the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi are against this. You show them. They are mere criminals. We cannot doubt it. Their correct identity is “criminals.” You should understand “criminals” wherever you come across to the word “Inyenzi.” When people come to assist others, they [the Inyenzi] strongly condemn them. That is why the border is full of soldiers. Some of them have even crossed the border till Byumba.

Another hot news item is that that guy Dallaire declared not to have been chased by Rwandans but by Radio R.T.L.M. He does not have where to go. He is confused now He tried to go to Goma to see the French Army commanders to ask them to cooperate with him. However, do not forget that Dallaire is a real Inyenzi. He is on the top of other Inyenzi. He is the one who advise them on how to operate. If he went to see the French army commanders, his purpose is nothing than speak on behalf of the Inyenzi. Besides, he, himself said that the French army must operate in the area under the control of the Government and he, together with his Unamir would take care of the area controlled by R.P.F.

Let me tell him that the area occupied by the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi does not belong to the Inyenzi. It is not theirs. The owners are still alive. Those who are not present have been killed by the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi themselves. Others ran away but they will have to come back and get in their property. No single part of this country should remain within the Inyenzi’s hands. All those lands belong to people. The Inyenzi-Inkotanyi took people from Amahoro and King Faissar Hospital and offered them houses whereas the owners are still alive. The Inyenzi concentrated those people in those houses.

I always told you, all the people who joined the part controlled by the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi are Inyenzi themselves. They approve the killings perpetrated by the Inyenzi. They are criminals like the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi. They are all Inyenzi. When our Armed forces will get there, they will get what they deserve. They will not spare anyone since everybody turned into Inyenzi. All those who stayed there are all Inyenzi since all those who were against Inyenzi have been killed by the Inyenzi. Those who succeeded to escape ran away to Ngara, Burundi or to the Western part of our country. So, those who stayed there are the accomplices and acolytes of the Inyenzi. They are Inyenzi working together with the Inyenzi who took weapons to kill innocent people. Therefore, you understand that Dallaire wants to divide our country into two parts since he tell X to control one part and Y to control another part. We do not want this. We do not want our country to be divided into two parts. All Rwandans, the three ethnical groups: Hutu, Twa, Tutsi have the right to reside in this country. They must live in it as brothers. Those who want to govern should do it according the democratic principles.

As for Dallaire, he is the first person have created all these problems in Rwanda. He is at the origin of the restarting of hostilities after the signature of Arusha Agreement. He is on top of it. However, Dallaire keeps on sticking whereas people raised their voices to say that they do not want Dallaire anymore and the Government wrote to the U.N. requesting Dallaire’s departure. There must be something hidden behind: he is working for the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi and he is himself an Inyenzi. Dallaire will regret why he did not go home by private agreement. One day, Rwandans will get furious and he will not understand. Canada will learn the news of Dallaire’s death. The will be astonished. In fact, Dallaire is the basis of this war. This is known.

People are concentrated on the Rwandan border with Uganda, however that MONUOR still present. What does MONUOR do there? What does that mission do when soldiers penetrate till Byumba? Is not he the Commander of it He led Unamir very ineptly, with lack of discretion. He has always been warned. That is the cause of the war. Now, he is going to gossip in the ear of the French army and praise the goodness of the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi. They have never been good at all. He wants the French army to cooperate with him. He wants to mislead them and deceive them. This should be condemned.

Some people are wrong to say that the civil war occurred in our country to avenge His Excellency the President of the Republic Major General Habyarimana Juvenal.

However, we found out that the war had been planned by the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi. They planned it so thoroughly that they had even set up -brigades all over the country. If the war were to avenge His Excellency Habyarimana Juvénal, there are people who should not have been spared; the ones whom we should have killed first. These are four people we should have killed from the beginning. With the deaths of those people, we would really feel that we had avenged His Excellency Major General Habyarimana Juvenal. In fact, this should not end before those people are not asked why they caused such a tragedy in our country and why they killed its Head of State.

The first one is, of course, Kaguta Museveni, the Biggest Inyenzi who supports his congeners. The second one is Kagame alias Kagome, of course. He is the commanding officer of the Inyenzi army. While avenging His Excellency Major General Habyarimana Juvenal, Kagome - these are on the top - The third one is, of course that Dallaire. Dallaire must be answerable for the life of His Excellency President of the Republic, since he was the Force Commander of Unamir. Among them were Belgian soldiers. We have always told him that Belgians would cause dissensions in this country; wherever were the Belgian soldiers, you would also find the Inyenzi. Of course, they have planned together to kill His Excellency the President of the Republic, Major General Habyarimana Juvenal. The fourth one who shall never and never get mercy is, of course, TWAGIRAMUNGU Faustin, alias Rukokoma.

If the above four people were tried. If they were prosecuted. Even though the killings have stopped on the side of Government, if we feel that His Excellency the President of the Republic must be avenged, those people must get what they deserve; they have conspired against him. If you analyze their actions, you find out that they are responsible for the shooting of the plane of His Excellency the President of the Republic who was traveling together with Ntaryamira Cyprian, President of Burundi and their retinue. Then, you will understand that those four people are -- if people said that we avenged His Excellency the President of the Republic, we were defending ourselves against the enemy. It is self-defense. According to me, the revenge has not yet come, but I feel that it will occur. We will feel that His Excellency President of the Republic is avenged if those four people undergo the same fate as the others did. As for those who say that these troubles are a kind of revenge, they are mistaken. Those want to mislead people. They want to cover the errors committed by the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi when they started the war. As you see, Dallaire keeps on betraying us as he has always been doing. Besides, he left his office and established himself in Kabuga. He believes that he is now on the territory controlled by the Inyenzi. He believes that he is safely guarded and he is planning to stay there. He stays in the area controlled by the Inyenzi whereas his troops should be unbiased. We think that he is useless to our country. He has chosen his camp. Therefore, we must openly fight him openly as an Inkotanyi. Our army must stand up and chase him away as they would do for any other Inyenzi. Let us overwhelm him with intensive shelling: he openly turned into an Inyenzi-Inkotanyi.

So, his visit in Goma aims at speaking on behalf of the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi not for our country. We have to fight him since we find out that he has nothing to say in favor of our country. He is going to be the spokesman of the Inyenzi. You are still tuned to R.T.L.M. The time is 3:07 p.m. in R.T.L.M.’s “blindé”(rough and ready installation).

This morning you were presented the news in Kinyarwanda language by our colleague Nkurunziza Ananie together with our editor Mr. Gaspard Gahigi. As you expressed the wish to listen to the news again, I would like you to listen to them again.

Speaker: Kantano HABIMANA

This is R.T.L.M., an independent radio station broadcasting from Kigali. The time is 9:35 in R.T.L.M. “blindé”(rough and ready made installation). I wish a good day to all of you. We hope that the broadcast of R.T.L.M., your radio transmitting from Kigali will please you. As promised, my colleague Ananie will present you his analysis of the news. Our editor Gahigi Gaspard is also present. He has, may be, something to add. Good morning Ananie.

Speaker: Ananie NKURUNZIZA, Journalist for R.T.L.M.

Good morning Kantano, good morning Gahigi, good morning dear listeners of R.T.L.M., today is Thursday 30 June 1994. Today - I will always remind days and hours, especially because of this ultimatum which had been given by the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi who had said that they would capture us in a short time. Today is the 85th day since the starting of the hostilities. It is also the 2,060th hour.

Yesterday, the Inyenzi were defeated in Kacyiru. They fought against our army together with gendarmes and even with the Republican, youth. The machine guns they were using to shoot on Rugenge Sector will no longer be heard. However, there is still heard one from the house of a certain Ruhumuliza. As the Chief of the Army Staff has told us when he addressed the army and to the population, we had asked the question on behalf of the population of Kimisagara, Muhima and Rugenge- you have to stay patient. Your problem is still under examination. As you see, they sometimes beat them and fire on them [the Inyenzi] wherever they are, among trees, houses or trenches.

I do not know if it is worth considering as a piece of news the heavy rain that fell yesterday night. However, since it had not rained for a long time, I think it is one. As Kantano said, this night rain caused us come concern. We thought that those at roadblocks would leave them and 10 to take shelter. I hope you did not do so because if you had taken shelter, the enemy would have taken advantage to infiltrate and come to kill you and the population. In fact, it is in times of darkness or tight rains that we have to stay more alarm than ever.

Radio France Internationale yesterday reported that since the arrival of the French army in Rwanda, at least 10,000 Tutsis have been assisted. Moreover, they reported that there might be many others hiding in forests. We told you that among those Tutsi hiding in the forests, 100 have showed up. Since they showed up, they will also be assisted by the French army.

Another news item is about doctors who visited Hutu refugees via Burundi. They found refugees seriously wounded. Others had their arms and legs amputated. “They informed the doctors that those who are behind especially those from Bugesera region are in the same dramatic situation. Those French doctors—they may not be French, they only spoke about doctors—it is has been reported that they have to fly to Brussels, at the Seat of the Inkotanyi to request the authorization to enter Rwanda via Kirundo in order assist those victims of the Inyenzi. This should be also the responsibility of the French army as our colleague from Radio Rwanda said, “Let them also come in this city to assist Hutu and Tutsi refugees who have chosen to stay on the side of the Government. They are also suffering.”

Mr. Leotard, the French Minister of Defense is appealing the European and Africans forces to come to assist the French troops. He stated those French troops may face serious problems in the future due to the Inkotanyi. Remember that the Inkotanyi said that they will never acknowledge the French troops. This starts to cause concern. May our editor will say something about it. What the cause of the concern? Because those troops take time to come, whereas the place of danger is known and those who are the cause of the tragedy are known. So, the French troops will number 2,500 next week. It is in this framework that Rwandan Government has appealed the French army to go also in areas said to be under the control of R.P.F.

Meanwhile, the few Inyenzi left keep on playing their wicked games in attacking and torturing the population wherever they get. This is what international radio stations called “Offensive du FPR contra les villages Hutu” (R.P.F.’s offensive against Hutu villages). In Kinyarwanda, this means that they Inyenzi attack villages to kill Hutu populations. These are the kind of attacks that R.P.F. is now leading. They go among populations they no longer dare to face the army since they should face the army. This is what the international radio stations call; R.P.F. offensive against Hutu villages. Attacking a village and killing the populations, is neither honor, nor courage. It is not the right way to lead the war.

Yesterday night around 23 hours Radio Netherlands’ analyst said that France is the first in matter of African politics, especially in French speaking countries. Besides, France has superseded Belgium in countries that had been colonized by Belgium such Zaire, Rwanda and Burundi. It seems that following this jealousy France has been alleged by Belgian newspapers of having killed, in the air crash, the President of the Republic, his colleagues from Burundi and their retinue. According that station, these allegations have immediately and strongly been belied by Captain Beryl who, as we said yesterday, is reported to be in possession of tangible evidence on the murderers of his Excellency the President of the Republic of Rwanda, his colleague from Burundi, and their retinue. Among that evidence is the black box and the written documents so that, journalists had yesterday, there was trot news according to which that kind of evidence is really tangible.

Moreover, the same journalist declared that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Willy Claes is not happy with one Rwandan station whose name he did not mention, because that station keeps on protesting against Belgians. He even is waiting forward to seeing the French army stop that station’s their negative behavior against Belgians. That was the news about Belgians. According to me, having said that Belgians will assist Rwanda with aid, is too late.

Kantano has entertaining you on Rugenera Marc. He still picks on what is called “Democratic Forces for Change.” That is political parties which joined together to fight for change in Rwanda. Then, this Rugenera Marc had an interview with a journalist from Radio France International named Monique Mass. They met in Byumba (one wonders what Rugenera is doing there). Rugenera alleged M.R.N.D. of having killed Tutsi and members of P.S.D. party. Rugenera has urged the French army to be unbiased and respect the mission that has been given to them by U.N. The same Rugenera, when he still was the Minister of Finance was against the buying of weapons for the army. He refused them money to buy military equipment in order to defend themselves. His plan is clear. The same Rugenera was about to destroy the National Bank when he unduly demoted its General Director. So, we wish him a good fight there in Byumba.

Bujumbura (Let me fly to somewhere else). In the province of Cibitoke, in the province of Bubanza and even in the very town, the situation is dramatic, as has reported a journalist from Radio Netherlands in Bujumbura. Hutu have likely started a series of acts to fight the Tutsi army. The army alleged that Hutu leaders, from FRODEBU party, support their congeners in their liberation war. However, the mayor of Bujumbura town declared that Leaders support the army.

However, a certain Colonel whose name was not mentioned that what the mayor’s statement is not true. In addition, we learned that among the military equipment used by those Hutu is their Radio station which broadcast from an unknown location, “guns, grenades and even rockets. As you can see, the situation in Bujumbura becomes serious. It is reported that in Bujumbura area in a place called Kamenge those Hutu matched with a group soldiers who were patrolling. There has been a heavy fight. However, Radio Netherlands told us about the beginning but not the end.

In Angola the Government army are said to have captured, yesterday, the town of Malenge. They, today morning declared to have caught the town of Quito where has been a heavy, fight and a lots of killed people. If this is true, Savimbi’s rebels are in a mess.

Nigeria. It is reported that Moshud Abiola who had been elected President of the Republic but had been deceived by the army, is now in jail in an unknown location. In addition, he is sick of an unknown sickness. A meeting on the draft of the constitution has been planned in Nigeria. Four delegates that had come to attend it declared that they will not attend it anymore when it will resume.

Tanzania. President Hassan Mwinyi is reported to have met Kanyarengwe. We have heard it from Radio Vatican this morning, but the purpose of the visit in Tanzania has not been revealed. But I think we can guess. Kanyarengwe is still trying to get a way out. When Gahigi was back from Arusha, he said how Kanyarengwe had despised Heads of States who had come to try to make up a patchwork in order to have Rwandans at the same table of negotiations. However, we have discovered that he is a fool. He banged the door and went out. Maybe, he went back to beg for pardon.

Algeria. 15,000 people demonstrated yesterday, in remembrance of 2 years after President Mohammed Budiaf. Terrorists have once more landed a mine which wounded 64.

The dispute between Nigeria and Cameroon has taken another step. It has been taken before the international court of The Hague in Holland. That means that the question is beyond the stage of reconciliation that has been initiated by the Eyadema, the President of Togo.

It is reported from the U.N. Headquarters in New York that a council has been held found raise a sum of US $540,000 to rebuild the town of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. That town is being destroyed like Kigali which is being destroyed by the Inyenzi. This means that when the war ends, our leaders should remember to request U.N. to hold a fundraising meeting to assist our country, which has been transformed into ashes by the Inyenzi.

Yesterday, we told you that the war between North and South Yemen is becoming more and more serious. Today, it is reported that the U.N. Security Council was held and adopted a cease-fire resolution. The resolution was adopted unanimously U.N. adopted such a resolution but its materialization is still the problem.

As for the world cup news - this is the last item before I give back the floor to my colleagues - in the game between Nigeria and Argentina, it has been discovered that the famous argentine footballer, Diego Maradona had doped himself. If the investigations come to be conclusive, he is expected to be dismissed for the remaining games. Yesterday evening Holland beat Morocco on 2 goals to 1. As for Saudi Arabia, she beat the Red Devils from Belgium on 1 to 0. You had the company of Ananie Nkurunziza. Let me then give back the floor to my colleague.

Speaker: Kantano HABIMANA

Thank you, Ananie. I do not know if my colleague Gahigi has got something to add.

Speaker: Gaspard GAHIGI

Ananie’s news bulletin is self-explanatory. I will not add many things to it. I would like only to talk about the assistance of the French army in Rwanda. According the international radio station, 10,000 Tutsi have been assisted in Cyangugu and Gisenyi. What I can say is that we are really waiting for the French troops. Yesterday, I discussed with one Tutsi woman, who has taken shelter on the side of the Government at Lycee where she went after having left Milles Collines. She said “We really waiting for to the arrival of the French army.” That means that her location is also bombed by the Inyenzi. We would say that the French troops are so far in the area controlled by the Rwandan Government. They are in an area that has not known any fighting but the region has gotten scares showing that there are people who have suffered from the tragedy and who must be assisted. So, there is still much to be done.

Since there has not been any fighting where they are, the French troops should, then, go on their way and get in areas of fighting. They should get to Kigali and see how the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi shell the market place or anywhere on innocent civilians who are not fighting. Let them see how the Inyenzi shell hospitals and hotels and on any other non-military infrastructures. However, according to war regulations, it is forbidden to shell the non-military objective.

If the international radio station reported that Tutsi have been assisted here and there in areas where fighting did not reach, they should rush to the communes of Rukara, Giti Gituza, Murambi, Muhura, Kayonza, Muhazi, Kabarondo, Kigarama, Rutonde, Rutare, Bicumbi, Kiyombe, Kibali, in order to see the unfortunate Hutu who suffered the tragedy and who are still hiding within the banana trees.

End of Tape