Date of Transmission14 April 1994
Name of TapeA/911
SourceU.S. State Department
Prosecution ExhibitP103/65
Name of TranslatorLydie Mpambara
Date of Translation11 July 1996
Original PDF

R.T.L.M. Tape 0065

Side A

Speaker: Kantano HABIMANA, Journalist for R.T.L.M.

This is the free radio R.T.L.M., broadcasting from Kigali. It is now 0900hrs in the studios of R.T.L.M. radio, the voice of the people, the voice of the people that tells you the truth, that tells you even all the secrets [akarimurori] Dear listeners, we wish you the best. It seems as if there is a lack of beer. In Gisenyi, brew some beer for us to enjoy ourselves because we are seriously winning the war that Inkotanyi and Inyenzi and others had launched against us. Citizens who are at the road­blocks, citizens all over the country, Rwandan soldiers; all of them are winning.

In this town of Kigali, we wish the best to the people of Gikondo up there. Do not think that it is some new Inkotanyi who arrived, it’s not some new Inkotanyi who arrived, it is those who grew slim, those who are still persevering, those who are killing themselves. What happened in this morning is that during the last night, around 0100hrs, Inyenzi came from RWANDEX and came in a minibus, a Toyota Hilux pick-up and a motorcar full of Inkotanyi. More than 100 Inkotanyi followed them. They went upwards to Nyenyeri Bar, turned to the left, intending to go downwards to MAGERWA, because that is the very place they want to take for there is food there.

Then, Gikondo Brigade is asking that MAGERWA should be seriously guarded. The Inkotanyi came from RWANDEX and NAMDHARI compounds last night. So you understand that all those who were in C.N.D. [Parliament] building fled to the industrial area. To tell the truth, what Muhabura radio station says, that those are new fresh Inkotanyi who came from Murindi, is not true. It is those thin ones who are running by there, hungry, yawning. Whatever it is, yesterday they came from RWANDAFOAM and now, they came from RWANDEX. How they reached RWANDEX, they went there when Unamir Belgian troops were there and they hide them and when it was time for their repatriation, they told them, “brothers, we did not hate you but you are black, you are Rwandans, we are going back to Europe, die your own death.” And they left them. Now, they left the place too. The food that was there was just unripe coffee and tea and they have eaten that. That is how they got the strength to run upwards, so that they should reach MAGERWA and eat rice and flour that are there. When a man comes to do such a thing, it is that he is seriously in trouble. Inkotanyi, the days are cruel, I think that the arrogance you came with on the 1st of October, saying that you will take the whole Rwanda within three days, diminished and you went to hide in the volcanoes, you infiltrated the political parties, you infiltrated through the accomplices, you infiltrated so many places and now, the arrogance is finished, accept to sit and talk with the mass. Do not say again that the mass should not sit beside you, in the Parliament. You are very wrong. The world is always changing. Why are you running to eat our flour in MAGERWA? While in C.N.D., were not you eating pleasant food? Your relatives were not bringing you milk there? Now your arrogance made them to be exterminated. So Inkotanyi, cool down and sit.

This morning, Muhabura radio station broadcast that for the Inkotanyi to negotiate with the Rwandan government, all the soldiers should dissociate themselves from the presidential guards and R.T.L.M. should be closed. Inkotanyi, negotiate or do not, it is your business. Nobody has ever asked you to close Muhabura radio station. Nevertheless, you cannot close the voice of people, and say that you are acting in the name of the people. No government could think of closing R.T.L.M. to negotiate with you. So what you are doing is useless, we will go on broadcasting, we will talk for the people, we will tell them the true stories. You will keep on lying and we will keep on telling the truth. Muhabura, for you to negotiate with the Rwandan government, there is no need to close R.T.L.M. We did not put the country in trouble, it is you who did. We did not shoot down the aircraft of the president of the Republic, it is you who did. We did not launch the combat, it is you who did. So, we do not agree of what you say that R.T.L.M. should be closed. We cannot agree with that if the government tells us so. I think that even they cannot do that. Come and negotiate with us; sit, kneel down. They say that “days make an elephant to be cooked in a small jug.” [Literal translation of a Rwandan proverb]. I do not know what they also make for the leopard. No matter what, “it is you who made yourself this beer, so drink it.” [Literal translation of a Rwandan proverb]

Those who are running to eat flour in MAGERWA, saying that it is there where there is some food, will burn inside, they will die. So please negotiate. Those are the people that you put in trouble, those people whom Kanyarengwe told you to endanger in order to exterminate your family; to exterminate the Inkotanyi, so that he could take revenge on Tutsis. Unmask him and do for him what he deserves because he has deceived you. After that, we will negotiate. It is true that he liquidated the one he hated but “death ate the others but did not forget him.” [Literal translation of a Rwandan proverb] So, Inkotanyi, instead of being exterminated, running all over this town, eating ground, eating flour, eating unripe coffee, accept the negotiations because your time is over.

You are still tuned to R.T.L.M. radio station, broadcasting from Kigali. You, sons of Sebahinzi, unite and be vigilant. However, we have to tell those who are killing and looting that they should stop. The one who did not die will live for a long time; property that has not been sacked belongs to that person. But to go and scare somebody, while they gave you the gun to conduct night patrols or to ensure security; and you rather point it at somebody to steal his property. And when he has nothing to give you, you kill him. I think that it is really enough, it should be stopped.

Radio Rwanda Broadcast

The Prime minister’s interview with Radio Rwanda’s journalist [in Kinyarwanda]

Speaker: Hyacinthe BICAMUMPAKA, Journalist for Radio Rwanda

Concerning the war in which our country is engaged, some people do not yet understand clearly what concerns this war or even the troubles that take place in our country. During this available moment, we would like you to give a true explanation to our listeners about this war, about this launch of combat.

Speaker: Jean KAMBANDA, Prime Minister of Rwanda

People must understand that the fact that there have been troubles did not cause this war, because we were already in war. The war started in October 1990, and they settled the Arusha agreements for stopping the combats. Still, R.P.F. Inkotanyi has never really agreed to stop the combats. Otherwise, they should not have taken the pretext of troubles that took place after the death of the Chief of State to break the agreements. Troubles took place, caused by the anger and the sorrow of the citizens because of the death of the president, as I had often said it. That made them to demonstrate on the streets. Even some of them started to loot their fellows’ property but the R.P.F., instead of helping Rwanda to stop those troubles, immediately launched the combats. Something else that is evident is that those combats that they launched were already prepared. Nobody can understand how a battalion of 600 men could have shot from all over the town. The information we have tells us that R.P.F. had already brought arms and hidden in all the parts of Kigali city. There are those who would say that those troubles are the cause of the launch of the war; rather, they had already made preparations for it, and they just wanted a spark.

Speaker: Hyacinthe BICAMUMPAKA

Your Excellency Prime Minister, some people say that this launch of combat by R.P.F. and the fact that they keep on saying that, no matter what, they will take Kigali, makes the citizens angrier and makes peace difficult to be recovered. What do you think about that?

Speaker: Jean KAMBANDA

As I said when I took the oath with the ministers, the objective, one of the main objectives of this government is the implementation of Arusha agreements. I mean that this government’s opinion is that the war cannot solve the problems of Rwanda. So R.P.F. should not think that if they even take Kigali, they will have solved the political problem of Rwanda. As for us, we think that we can only solve the political problem through negotiations. The combats will not result to anything, neither for R.P.F. nor for the Rwandan government. Although when someone is clearly attacked, he has to reciprocate, so if R.P.F. decided to launch combats, we had to fight back until they understand for themselves that only negotiations can resolve the political problem of Rwanda.

Speaker: Hyacinthe BICAMUMPAKA

Your Excellency Prime Minister, you are talking about negotiations. This morning, local and foreign radio stations broadcast about negotiations that were to be held between the Rwandan government and R.P.F. Inkotanyi. How far along are those negotiations?

Speaker: Jean KAMBANDA

It is true, we schedule negotiations. I would not say that it is not the Rwandan government, because it is the Army, and the Army belongs to the Rwandan government. So those negotiations are to be held between the Rwandan Armed Forces and the RPA. Those negotiations aim at stopping the combats, for the political negotiations to start and so we should settle those institutions purview by the Arusha agreements. Those negotiations are not just rumors. They are really scheduled. For now, we are trying to choose the members of the Rwandan delegation that would go and meet with the R.P.F. Inkotanyi delegation.

Speaker: Hyacinthe BICAMUMPAKA

Your Excellency Prime Minister, the citizens got up, Rwandans got up as you said, to conduct night patrols, and to help the Army in the search for the enemy’s whereabouts. However, I would like to ask you if you have a message for the Rwandans, the foreigners, the Rwandan Armed Forces, even for those R.P.F. Inkotanyi people who do not want to lose their hold to give back peace to our country.

Speaker: Jean KAMBANDA

The message I will address to the Rwandans is the same as the one I earlier addressed to them, telling them to avoid divisions. Go on collaborating with the Rwandan Armed Forces, keep your unity, and avoid any kind of division based on regions, ethnic groups or anything else. Because that would be like attacking yourself while they attack you. Something else that we ask the Rwandans is … [interruption]

Speaker: Hyacinthe BICAMUMPAKA

Dear listeners, that was the message of the Prime Minister, His Excellency Kambanda Jean. So, let us avoid rumors and help each other. You even heard that foreign radio stations have started to appreciate the courage of Rwandans, collaborating with the Rwandan Armed Forces to protect our country’s sovereignty.

Original: French

It is 1003 hrs in the studios of Radio Rwanda. Regular listeners of the national radio of the Republic of Rwanda, you know that since the cowardly assassination of the president of the Republic, His Excellency Major General Juvénal Habyarimana, the current government is trying to restore a climate of peace among all the sons and daughters of the home country. [inaudible] …peace negotiations begun between the R.P.F. and the Rwandan government concerning the establishment of the transitional broaden based institutions. In this context, the pacifying message that the Rwandan government endeavors to give concerns all the Rwandans without any kind of distinction. For the moment, we propose you to listen to the interview that our colleague Hyacinthe Bicamumpaka had with the Prime Minister Kambanda Jean.

Ladies and gentlemen, since the tragic death of the president of the Republic who perished in the aircraft shot down while carrying back the Rwandan and Burundian presidents from a summit of the Chiefs of State of the region called by the Tanzanian president, ethnic divisions caused many victims. Under the pretext of those troubles, the R.P.F. reopened the combats, contrary to the Arusha agreements’ spirit, as you know. For the moment, the security situation is disquieting, especially in Kigali city. That is why today we have the honor to receive in our studio His Excellency the Prime Minister Kambanda Jean who is going to take stock of the current situation.

Speaker: Jean KAMBANDA

On the military level, the current situation seems rather calm in Kigali where yesterday the R.P.F. troops fought against the Rwandan Armed Forces in Gatsata area and our Army has driven off the enemy. In Kacyiru area, you remember that yesterday in the morning, some RPA men had tried to take the military gendarmerie camp but they suffered a sharp defeat. In the other parts of the country, in Ruhengeri area, the situation is very favorable for the Rwandan Army where our Army was able to drive off the enemy almost to the Ugandan border. In Byumba area, the elements that had advanced in Mutara are now facing our Army’s resistance.

Speaker: Hyacinthe BICAMUMPAKA

Sir, I take this opportunity to ask you about the statements made by Radio Muhabura this morning. We heard that that the population is alleged to be supporting the R.P.F. Are there any explanations about that?

Speaker: Jean KAMBANDA

It is just an illusion for that radio, believing that the population would be in a way or another supporting the R.P.F. If they were frank, they should have considered the fierce resistance of our population against the enemy’s attack. And they would understand that in any way, the population will never accept at all to be R.P.F.’s hostages. They must know that even if, for one reason or another, the R.P.F. could occupy a part of the Rwandan territory, the population will never accept the R.P.F.’s power. The resistance they opposed against R.P.F.’s elements in Kigali is an eloquent evidence for that.

Speaker: Hyacinthe BICAMUMPAKA

In the prologue of this interview, I said that these last days, there have been some victims consecutively to the prevailing situation when the presidential aircraft was shot down. Is the situation now improving?

Speaker: Jean KAMBANDA

The situation is improving. We have to point out that there are no more troubles in Kigali town. It is a context of war in which the Army is facing the R.P.F. However, as for the population, the situation is getting calmer and calmer. Some isolated elements make troubles in the quarters, but in the whole, Kigali prefecture is calm regarding security.

Speaker: Hyacinthe BICAMUMPAKA

Let us go back on the media campaign currently carried out by the R.P.F. The R.P.F. declared that they are allegedly around Kigali for a final attack. What do you say about this?

Speaker: Jean KAMBANDA

People must understand that guerilla differs from classical war. So, it is enough that some elements in a quarter fire in the air or do not, to make people believe that they have mounted an onslaught on the town. If we refer to the real situation on field, we cannot say that R.P.F. is ready to launch an attack on Kigali town because our armed elements are still on their positions. It is true that there some shots between our Army and the RPA here and there but for what they say that they are ready to attack Kigali town, we really do not see from where they will get that strength to take Kigali town.

Speaker: Hyacinthe BICAMUMPAKA

From foreign radio stations, we heard about negotiations that have allegedly started between the government and the R.P.F. How far about that?

Speaker: Jean KAMBANDA

In fact, there are negotiations initiated between the government through the Army and the R.P.F. Today or tomorrow, there might be a delegation of the Rwandan government constituted of military that will start negotiating with some R.P.F. elements.

Speaker: Hyacinthe BICAMUMPAKA

As you just told us, today we listened to Radio Muhabura that was saying that the R.P.F. will never accept to negotiate with the government. You are saying that you have already given a mandate to the national Army to engage discussions between Rwanda and R.P.F. Is not that a certain contradiction between the R.P.F.’s words and yours?

Speaker: Jean KAMBANDA

As for us, the Rwandan government and its Army are a common body. So, they cannot say that they negotiate with the Rwandan Army and that they refuse to negotiate with its government since they are a same body, they are interdependent. In other respects, we do not see who will be their Interlocutor if the R.P.F. refuses to negotiate with the Rwandan government. Except if they say that they will negotiate with themselves. If not, they do not have any other option but negotiating with the Rwandan government.

Speaker: Hyacinthe BICAMUMPAKA

Since the establishment of the Rwandan government, you did your best to pacify the country especially through broadcast messages, by visits to the scene to appeal the population to cool down. How far have you got with this campaign?

Speaker: Jean KAMBANDA

The consciousness-raising campaign for pacifying the country is going on. You remember that we organized a meeting with all the prefects of prefectures to ask them to pacify in their turn their prefectures and their communes. Now, this campaign is going on and we hope that the Rwandan population has understood that they must make common cause with their Army, that they must avoid any kind of divisions, interethnic or interregional hatred, etc. That only unity will lead to the final victory.

Speaker: Hyacinthe BICAMUMPAKA

Your Excellency P.M., I would like to ask you another question about the concern of the international opinion for the troubles that were set off these latter days. Can you explain better the position of the Rwandan government, the position of the population that put themselves in such a delicate situation? :

Speaker: Jean KAMBANDA

The Rwandan government is sorry about those troubles, that there were victims because of those troubles but the international opinion should understand that the Rwandan government did not organize troubles, that it is in consequence of the president of the Republic’s death that the angry population started those troubles. Rather, the government did its best. One should see the results reached since its establishment, after not quite a week of existence. For the results, since its establishment, we can congratulate ourselves that the situation is calmer in Kigali and in other parts of the country. The international opinion should rather congratulate the government for their efforts for the pacification of the population, because the situation that was prevailing before the establishment of the government has totally changed in comparison to the current situation.

Speaker: Hyacinthe BICAMUMPAKA

Before closing our interview, I would like to ask you another question concerning a special message that you would like to transmit first to the population, then to the clergy and why not to the Army?

Speaker: Jean KAMBANDA

To the population, we ask them to unite their efforts with those of the Army to ensure their own security. We tell our Army not to yield to R.P.F.’s blackmailing that pretends that our Army is allegedly disintegrated because we know that the Army is still joining with the government and that, in consequence, the population must make common cause with the Army in their combat against the attacker. For the clergy, we tell them that they have understood the current situation. We also thank them for they have admitted the efforts made by the Rwandan government and in consequence, they have acknowledged the Rwandan government. We believe and we hope that they will try to preach to the population the principles of peace, fraternity and unity that are the very base of their ideology to bring back calm and peace in the country.

Original: Kinyarwanda

Message concerning times and the current problems of Rwanda:

The Prime Minister, His Excellency Kambanda Jean addressed today a message to the Rwandan people about the general situation of Rwanda, about security and about the front.

The Vice Prime Minister of Lesotho was assassinated.

The President of the Republic His Excellency Theodore Sindikubwabo addressed a message to the Rwandan people, regarding the times and the problems that Rwanda is facing. Let us listen to the President of Republic, His Excellency Doctor Sindikubwabo Theodore:

Speaker: Théodore SINDIKUBWABO, Interim President of the Republic of Rwanda

Rwandan people, residents of Rwanda, as you have been informed or as even some of you have seen it for themselves, after the death of His Excellency the president of the Republic Juvenal Habyarimana on the 6th of April, because of sorrow and anger, there were troubles in some parts of the country, especially in the capital of Rwanda and the war was reopened again, all that making many innocent victims. However, what we should rejoice at is that the national Army along with your government, and with you too; what we should rejoice at and for what we thank you is that those killing and looting troubles have stopped. The government and all those in charge of security are also working harder for stopping totally those evil actions for the implementation of the peace agreements. Rwandan people, residents of Rwanda, in fact whatever we do cannot result in anything good if we do not first bring back peace in the residents’ hearts, for a better mutual tolerance… [inaudible]

As far as how the Army is standing on the front, the Prime Minister informed you about that they are doing well Still, what we ask you again is to help them, to help your government; not only by saying it but we should see that through acts and good behavior. You should forget forever about anger, hatred, revenge because if they attack you and that you attack yourself, what will you gain, except to come back to the yoke and destruct what you have achieved by your efforts? We then ask you seriously, to help us and work with us on discovering and protesting against anyone who would still have evil plans of bringing us back to a worse situation. However, be careful and clairvoyant for nobody to be unfairly attacked as it happened for some people. Rather give information to the soldiers, and all those who are in charge of security, continue to conduct night patrols but only those authorized, calm each other, collaborate on protesting against the looters from wherever they should come. This is the best arm that will allow very soon Rwanda to recover a good image, the international community to trust us and help us again, and the applauses to replace shots. And then, everybody would be happy for having participated in rebuilding their country and God will help us with that. Go on fighting for peace, and have a long life.

Speaker: Unidentified

You were listening to the president of the Republic, His Excellency Doctor Theodore Sindikubwabo addressing a message to the Rwandan people, a message relating to the times and the problems of Rwanda.

The Rwandans have a good habit of greeting. You meet a Rwandan and he tells you: Good morning. Rwanda is facing many problems and many misfortunes because of the death of the Chief of State His Excellency Major General Habyarimana Juvenal whom the enemies who shot down the aircraft that was carrying him from Dar Es Salam in Tanzania assassinated, where he had gone to look for peace for us. In that aircraft, his Burundian counterpart His Excellency Ntaryamira Cyprien also perished along with many other officials. After that, many other bad things happened; we lost many people including the Prime Minister, Mrs. Agathe Uwilingiyimana. There was a lack of security, especially since R.P.F. Inkotanyi decided to reopen the combats.

On this Thursday, all over the country and here in Kigali, the Rwandan Army is doing well. In Gisenyi and Ruhengeri, there is no any problem.

In Byumba, RPA is still managing to make a breach for attacking toward Kigali but until now, the Rwandan Army is still indomitable. R.P.F. could not make any breach.

How about Kigali? Kigali, the capital of your country is well this morning. Your Army is doing well.

Every day, we met high officers who tell us about the climate of our country.

Yesterday, R.P.F. tried to take the Gendarmerie Camp of Kacyiru but failed. They rather left behind them fifty-eight of their men. Those are the bodies that could be counted.

Jean Kambanda spoke about the security of the country and about the front. Prime Minister Kambanda declared that in an interview he had with Jean Baptiste Bamwanga.

Let us listen to the Prime Minister of our country, Jean Kambanda:

Speaker: Jean KAMBANDA

As I told you yesterday, the Rwandan Army is still doing well on the front. Yesterday, Inkotanyi coming from Nyacyonga area tried to attack Nyabugogo, at the light road signs, intending to block vehicles that are going toward Gitarama and Ruhengeri areas. However, the National Army drove off the attack so that in the evening, vehicles passed on that road, those going toward Ruhengeri as well as those going toward Gitarama.

Concerning the other parts of Kigali, they are calm. There is no combat except the attacks that the RPA tried to launch again against Kimihurura Camp, where reside the presidential guards. In the morning, they told us about those attacks but they told us that there is no matter to worry about, that the Rwandan Army was doing well.

For Ruhengeri and Byumba areas, yesterday, I told you that in Ruhengeri, the National Army has driven off RPA and until now the situation is still the same. Overall, one should say that there is no fear (interruption)

End of Side A

Side B:

A large part of the cassette is empty.

[An extract of the first interview of the Prime Minister [in Kinyarwanda] ]

[Message of the prefect of Kigali urban, [in Kinyarwanda] ]

Speaker: Unidentified JOURNALIST

In Kigali town, I would like to inform you that the government is still concerned about the problem of security. As you know, these latter days, there were many victims and property damages due to the troubles that took place while we are also facing the problems brought along with the combats reopened. So, we appeal all the citizens to unite their efforts for facing the enemy. That cannot be done while some people are busy stealing and looting, and killing. So I would like you to stop those activities. In the latter days, we held a meeting of the authorities at the commune and sector levels. We agreed that they should hold meetings in the localities under their authority to teach citizens that our country needs peace, comfort. This is the principal mission that the government chaired by His Excellency the Prime Minister Kambanda Jean assigned to themselves. Then, here in our country and outside, people are staring at us to see if we would reach that objective. Many things show that in reality, we have reached it because in many sectors, we recovered peace. However, I want to warn definitively groups that in some areas continue with those shameful activities. I want to inform you that we have given instructions to the security agents so that they should take severe measures against anyone they would see doing those looting, killing activities. But we ask all the Rwandans of good will to teach others that that is not right especially because we must use our strength for something else.

I mean especially to face those people who are attacking us. As you know, citizens have their own means to ensure security in their localities. I want them to remain courageous as they showed it these last days, to unite, to conduct night patrols, to prevent the enemy from infiltrating because as it is evident, the war in town is different from the one in the forest. The war in town uses many ruses, some can hide in the bushes and fire at anybody who passes nearby; some can hide in the houses and liquidate anyone on the road. In brief you started to see some of those activities here and there. So I ask you to keep on thinking that you must do your best to prevent the enemy from infiltrating among you. Do what you can do. For what you cannot do by yourself, you should appeal to the strength of the country, I mean the Army Staff to help you in fighting against this enemy. During night patrols, I warn you to try to follow up the instructions that the concerned authorities would give to you because it is not just a matter of putting things on the road or standing by there. They will tell you how to do to avoid accidents. Something else is that you should conduct a better check of vehicles driven in the night. To tell the truth, we think that those vehicles are the ones carrying those criminals, or supplying them or carrying them to some other places. So check them but especially those who have got equipment, do not give them a break, do not wait for them to reach you. Because perhaps people inside have with them arms and may fire at you immediately, as it happened in Gikondo last night. So you have to check them from far, and if you have what you can use, use it earlier. However, when settling those roadblocks, do not just be around them with crooks because if there are criminals inside those vehicles, nothing will prevent them from doing something bad to you. That was about night patrols.

So continue to conduct them, watching your security. When doing so, everybody is guarding his family, his house, his property. I take this opportunity to tell some people that seem to avoid night patrols that wherever they go, if they leave their houses and if those are looted, they would not have gained anything. I do not know if where they are going, they have enough means of living, if they will find more material than in their places. So we think that people should remain in their localities, and when something happens there, the Army will tell them to leave the place and will show them where to go, waiting for the Army to finish their duty. Something else is that if there are people leaving, there are causing problems to us because Inkotanyi might occupy those houses that they are leaving behind and they will be firing at people, and that activity of ensuring security in the quarters will never reach its objective. I want to ask you to be calm, to unite your efforts, to do what you can do and submit the problems you meet to the authorities in charge for them to help yon Another problem that is in this town is the problem of food, for we have not been supplied for a while, particularly because of these combats but I would like to tell you that we are doing our best to allow the town to be supplied. And I agreed with my colleagues in the other prefectures to look for those who used to supply us, and with the help of the Army, to help them to come with the supplies for the citizens of Kigali to get food. But I would like to inform you that before we can achieve that, here, there are some people who have got stocks. I want to agree with them on how they can be given to the salespersons that have small shops in the quarters to allow the citizens to find whatever they need in their quarters. I hope that from tomorrow, and the following days, there would be vehicles supplying potatoes and other kind of food that they used to supply. Then I want to ask the citizens to remain patient and not to be greedy, and to help us on fighting those bandits who are taking anything they met on their way. They use the pretext of hunger, saying that they are hungry but who is not hungry in this town? But instead of taking your fellow’s property, you should be patient as the others are and we should try to find a solution about this problem of supplying Kigali town. I wanted to tell you that about improving security, especially in fighting lootings, thefts, killings; I held a meeting with the officials of political parties at the prefecture and commune levels. That meeting was successful because we shared ideas and we found that those in charge of the citizens’ problems must do their best to try to make citizens understand that those criminal actions are not the ones that will allow us to win the war. That they should rather avoid such actions in order to unite their efforts, and to fight against the enemy who attacked us in our areas, where we used to share everything. Then, killing each other will not cancel the problem of Inyenzi-Inkotanyi. We must rather unite our efforts since we are facing the problem of war in order to win that war. That is why I thank very much the representatives of political parties for the constructive ideas they gave us during that meeting and they were determined to submit to the institutions under their authority which will submit them to the citizens under their authority. But they told me that they do not replace the administrative institutions, that they just want to help them in order to bring back the peace for which they are looking forward in their areas, And we took the following decision: tomorrow, in all the sectors of Kigali City, we will hold meetings at sector levels, bringing together leaders of cellules, “nyumbakumi,” political parties’ representatives for taking firm measures on how to make clear instructions to reach the people under our authority in order to stop all those activities. So, we will hold meetings tomorrow and I ask the citizens, especially those in those institutions that they have to come. All the citizens do not have to attend those meetings because the citizens have to conduct patrols, they have their roadblocks they are guarding and at which they must remain. So that means that they will be represented by those levels we talked about, and they will come and give them the instructions, they will ask questions and will be given answers and then, their role will be to report to the others. That is for the citizens not to leave their quarters, what should bring us problems because if they are not there, people should do whatever they want. Then, I would like that in those meetings, we should take measures bringing peace among the citizens, for stopping definitively those activities of looting and killing. I also want to tell the citizens that they should assist us, that we want this town to be supplied. How can one understand that there are some people who put barriers on the road from the light road signs there at Nyabugogo, at Giticyinyoni, toward the bridge to Runda when you are coming to Kigali? That is not understandable. Because many vehicles pass on that road to supply the town. So we think that only the gendarmes who are on that road should be the only ones to check if the people passing there have the authorizing papers. They have to check those papers and let those who have them pass. Because if the criminal activities and killings that are taking place there continue like that, this town will never be supplied. That is why I ask those who are doing this that they should stop forever, and I ask the citizens who are seeing that, that they should protest against those criminals who are doing this, especially because we have institutions in charge of punishing them. We have given the instructions that you should remove those barriers on that road. You must remove them, and those who are doing that must be prosecuted and punished exemplarily. We hope that that road should be then practicable, and the town supplied.

A vehicle cannot waist five or six hours at those roadblocks, because of unqualified people. You see that in reality, they do not even have any instructions they follow when checking while there are gendarmes in charge of that kind of work. That is disorder, we cannot stand it. The authorities of Prefecture of Kigali rural promised that tomorrow, they will explain to their people about those measures that we have taken for people to be allowed to come in town. And we think that all the people of common sense should let them pass, to allow the town to be supplied. I would like to thank all the people of good will who helped those in need during these times. I also thank the citizens of good will who are leading the others, telling them how to react in these moments. I will add that our country needs to have a good image. During this time when the international community seems having forgotten us, I think it is not good to continue to commit unclear, inexplicable actions because those acts make our government to lose their credibility. And the government is yours because it is a government that was settled according to the rules and it is a government settled in a way that satisfies many citizens. So we ask you your assistance in order not to make things difficult for them, not to give them difficulties when they are facing urgent international problems of trying to explain what is now happening in this country, and asking the international community to take care of the problem of Rwanda for peace to be recovered in the country. If you are not doing so, you are losing out because things will never be better. So we ask you your assistance and we ask you to use your common sense to understand that those bad actions do not give strength to the government, that they rather oppose them against the international community while our problem is that the international community should do something about this problem of war in order to find a solution on that. We will never find that solution alone, we will find it with the assistance of the international community, with the friendly countries. So do not let them laugh at us, but let us try to do all the possible in order to help our government, so that they would reach the objectives they have assigned to themselves without any obstacle. Citizens of Kigali town, as you have always helped us with the problems that we have met, listen to the instructions given to you and try to act according to them. If you follow them, you would have greatly helped your counts) and that is the war you can wage. Thank you.

Original: French

The tragic moments that the Rwandans are now living appeal to the Rwandan authorities at the highest level to give a message to the population in order to mobilize them for the combat that we must conduct together in order to bring out the country from the current crisis. During daytime, we have listened to the Prime Minister Kambanda Jean to whom we will listen again in a moment. But for the moment, be aware that the President of the Republic, Doctor Sindikubwabo Theodore has also addressed a message to the nation this evening in the local language. The president of the Republic joined his voice to those of his close associates to appeal the Rwandan people to form a coalition against the R.P.F. that unilaterally decided last week to reopen the hostilities. The President of the Republic is encouraging the population to give a helping hand to the Rwandan Army, to ensure their security within their sectors but without making attempts on neighbors’ lives and on of other innocent citizens. Doctor Sindikubwabo is also asking the population to track down all the criminals and all other trouble-makers and to denounce them to the security agents. However, the Rwandan Chief of State is warning the population against barriers anarchically settled. Only the legal barriers, namely those settled with the consultation of local competent authorities are authorized. You must demolish all the other ones. The President of the Republic thinks that for winning the trust of the international community, the Rwandan population should have an exemplar behavior, and respect human rights.

As I told you at the beginning of this news, the Prime Minister Jean Kambanda has also addressed a pacifying message to the population. That was this morning, in an interview he gave to my colleague Hyacinthe Bicamumpaka from the animation-production section of Radio Rwanda.

The Prime Minister begins by telling the military situation that was prevailing yesterday in our country:

Speaker: Jean KAMBANDA

On the military level, the current situation seems to be rather calm in Kigali where yesterday the R.P.F. troops fought against the Rwandan Armed Forces in Gatsata area and our Army has driven off the enemy.

Speaker: Unidentified JOURNALIST

That being so, the R.P.F. is simultaneously carrying on at least two campaigns, the military campaign of course but also the media campaign. And it is in this context of their media disinformation campaign on their pirate radio, Radio Muhabura. So, on that radio, the R.P.F. is trying to make believe that they have the support of most of the Rwandan people [inaudible]The Prime Minister Kambanda Jean thinks that this is a genuine fantasy. It is always on my colleague Hyacinthe Bicamumpaka’s microphone:

Speaker: Jean KAMBANDA

If they were frank, they should have considered the fierce resistance of our population against the enemy’s aggression. And they would understand that in any way, the population will not accept at all to be R.P.F.’s hostages. They must know that even if for one reason or another, the R.P.F. could occupy a part of the Rwandan territory, the population will never accept the R.P.F.’s power. The resistance they opposed against R.P.F.’s elements in Kigali is an eloquent evidence for that.

The remainder of the Prime Minister’s interview in French (from Q3 to the end) is broadcast again.

Speaker: Unidentified JOURNALIST

The Prime Minister Jean Kambanda to whom you just listened talked about a meeting between the R.P.F. and the Rwandan government. Such a meeting was in fact scheduled for this morning at …[interrupted]

End of Tape.