Date of Transmission15 May 1994
Name of Tape1/RTLM
SourceU.S. State Department
Prosecution ExhibitP103/47
Name of TranslatorEliphaz K. Bimenyimana
Date of Translation9 July 1997
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R.T.L.M. Tape 0047

Speaker: Unidentified

…fingers into his cheeks scornfully/disdainfully. Do not be lazy, let us fight for this Rwanda; do not say that you are fleeing, until when will you flee? What do you flee? They are as young as you are. You are even stronger than they are. Learn the tricks to catch them. You may set a trap for them; you may dig a hole in which they can fall… You have actually to fight. They must see that you are fighting them. Why should they purchase you? Remain strong everybody, all the people who are at Ngara in Tanzania, either young people or strong men, do not behave like orphans, train yourselves, run in the morning, run in the evening, make warming up exercises because in a very near future you will be given tools ( weapons, arms) in order to go and liberate Rwanda, your mother country, there is no other way, people from Uganda, Burundi and elsewhere cannot invade our country instead of coming in peace, they steal our country, they destroy it whereas we contemplate them, why should we let them remain in peace? It is impossible, impossible. Wherever we should go they would call us dogs, no one else would give us beer. Therefore, let us get up and fight for Rwanda, without pretending this or that, let us Get up and really fight and forget the rest, forget marriages, forget dances, all this will come later after the liberation of our country, when there will be no more foreigner in our country. Why should we let them walk freely while they are young men like us? No Inkotanyi weighs 60 kilograms, I did not see anyone. They are just very, very tall [murefu]. Anyway those people are worthless, they should not disturb/upset our country, we told them to come like brothers, it was seemingly accepted, but they refused, it is up to them. If you tell someone that he is your brother and he refuses saying that he is your enemy, it is up to him, you take him as an enemy. Then those who attacked our country either Tutsi or whatever, we do not want them, those impossible people, they say that they will defeat us, they think that we have no youth, they think that they have friends but that we do not have. We shall look for friends, we shall ask all the French speaking country to give us grenades, to give us old guns that are kept in their stores, all those guns they have forgotten and even those used during the world war, we only need something which may explode, you know that Inkotanyi use the bullets that they produce themselves, they use metal sticks/ metal rods. We must fight seriously. They have finished our cassava, why don’t they cultivate for themselves or come and work? We shall fight them and we will defeat them; that is the truth. If they do not pay attention they will all be decimated. I have remarked it, they are in the minority. The Inkotanyi form a minority group in Rwanda. Tutsi are very few. Even if we used to say that they are 10% may be the war has taken away 2%. They are now 8%. Will they go on committing suicide? Won’t they be exterminated? As I can see, I think that one person among Inkotanyi is responsible for their extermination. I do not know if it is Kagame alias Kagome, I do not know if it is Rutaremera or Mazimpaka or Kanyarengwe, Kanyamurengwe. Anyway there must be person who has contracted to exterminate the Inkotanyi, to exterminate Tutsi all over the world - and in that case people will forget the Tutsi once for all- we do not know him, let him go on. I think that he will see the consequences himself and it will be late. Let me stop with The Inkotanyi for a while, what about a soldier who is looting while other soldiers are fighting, he is looting televisions, where will he watch his televisions when the Inkotanyi will have captured this country? Can someone lift it while he is fleeing? It is said that some people at Ruyenzi are determined to take things by force, they sometimes take your coat or your pair of trousers saying that that they have to wear something, saying they also left their properties. It is unbelievable, they even steal the clothes of children, they are angry. Where will you bring your TV? If Ugandans capture the country how will you carry your TV? They will kill you. As for us, we do not approve the looting acts. Yesterday we talked about 5 soldiers who were arrested because they stole things from a man of Matimba, Hitimana they stole 80.000 RWFS. They went to his home in the morning instead of going to the battle field…

…he temporarily replaced the President of the Republic, thus, his Excellency SINDIKUBWABO Theodor became the President of the Republic. Many people, especially the Inkotanyi, said that this government is illegal, you heard it yourselves. They said that it has to follow the instructions of Arusha. We affirm that R.P.F. and its army did not read these instructions well because what they did, to kill the President of the Republic, this was not prepared before, they had prepared to kill him after the establishment of the institutions recommended by Arusha, that was the way they had intended to replace the President of the Republic but they did it before the planned time. Thus his replacement was not provided in Arusha peace agreements. And Arusha peace agreements were not implemented yet. According to those peace agreements, these would be implemented as soon as the transitional government is formed. You know that that government did not take place. Those agreements were never implemented, that is the reason why five parties which formed the government found that the country could not remain in a chaotic situation and decided to maintain the former constitution of 06/ 1991 which provided in article 42 that if the President of the Republic, in case he is absent because of a given reason, he must be replaced by the President of the National Development Committee. R.P.F. knows it but does not accept it so that it may say that that government is not legal and we do not see how it can recognize it. If recognizes it, it would be considered like the former government, the one it replaced. We do not wish that R.P.F. recognizes our government, it is not necessary. We affirm that it is not necessary that R.P.F. recognizes our government because they will meet in negotiations and come to an agreement which will designate a government. Saying that it does not recognize the current one is not surprising mainly because the history reminds us that in 1961 there has been formed a government of salvation like this one on 28 January 1961 which was not recognized by the Inyenzi of that time. There has been a Referendum and the population showed that it wanted this government. Now if R.P.F. does not recognize it, it should then ask the U.N.O. to organize the referendum and ask if the population agrees it or not. If it does not recognize it, we find that it doesn’t matter. On the contrary if it accepted it we could not feel at ease because in that case it will have an army and representatives within that government as it was in former governments. We make you understand one thing and we want R.P.F. to know it, it has to know that as long as it is not represented in the administration it will not have any representative in the government. We will not accept any person to represent R.P.F. in the government. R.P.F. is one part recognized by Arusha and the Rwandan government represents Rwandan people. Until it has not taken part in the institutions it will have no representatives. This must be well understood it must be represented in all the institutions not only in the government. It means that the accomplices of R.P.F., the representatives of R.P.F. in the administration and in general works should choose to go to Mulindi or outside the country and wait that R.P.F. comes to Rwanda so that they might be offered places in the administration. Representing R.P.F. in the government must stop. R.P.F. must understand it and accept it. No one will represent it here in the country. Everyone who will need to represent it will ask for an authorization, and we will bring him to Unamir and the latter will transfer him to Mulindi, from where he will speak, he will go and speak on Muhabura radio. They will no longer have the right to speak on our radio until the time when they will have taken part in the government. That must be understood like that, because the one who will try to do it will be considered like an enemy, we already know the enemy, I will tell you, we know who he is. We will judge him as we judge the enemies of the country. Things must be understood in that way, there should be no more suspicion saying that we heard R.P.F. saying that it regretted that we have dismissed the Prefects who were its ambassadors. It is not surprising; we will dismiss whoever will represent it in any government. He should wait for R.P.F. to come and take part in the government; he will wait until we negotiate with R.P.F. so that we may establish the government in which it is represented, and in that case he will defend it. He will go to Mulindi or outside the country and will represent it from there. And I take this opportunity to officially condemn some politicians or those who pretend to be politicians but who actually are riot. I am surprised by some people who we heard some days ago, saying publicly that they were the representatives of the population, but who are invisible now, we do not know where they have gone, and they are now under their beds while we are on the battlefield. Now, the President has been killed, the country has been attacked, a new government has been established, and others things happened, where are those so called politicians, who are they working for? We say that the time of choosing has already come; it is up to them to choose to fight against Rwandans, to fight the citizens so that we may know it and consider them as enemies. They should choose and ascertain that they fight for the country and say it on the radio, speak among the population so that we may know where they are speaking from. I congratulate at least, even if I do not like them, the men who accepted to show their position, they secretly went to Muhabura radio and told us whom they support. Please help me to condemn those who are hiding and ask them to put in an appearance and show their position and who they work for, that is a new thing and it must be understood as such. This government has been formed by 6 parties. It, truly speaking, has 3 purposes:

  1. To rule the country adequately/properly and hurry up to restore and maintain peace of Rwandans and their properties, this is the most important objective of the government and it is implementing it.
  2. To pursue the negotiations with R.P.F. in order to establish the institutions of the broad based government in 6 weeks as required by the Security Council.

    It is relevant to explain this: We know that the war cannot end/solve political problems and the political problems of our country are to share the power among ethnic groups which live in this country. This has been kept in secret until it led us to this war. We want this to be made clear that the problem of this country is to share the administration so that the Tutus, Hut or Taw may know his role in the administration. This must be clear for we all know that there exist ethnic groups in the country, this should be known clearly. It must be known, understood that R.P.F. is composed of Tutsi and their accomplices/henchmen./ supporters/ disciples so that it may be attributed places according to its importance. We have to know that the remaining parties are for Hutu and they must be given places in the government following their number. Twa must also be given their places. To pretend to fight and take the power by force is an illusion because we will not accept it. If 10 out of 100 Tutsi, and I am not sure if it is all Tutsi, if R.P.F., the descendants of the 1960 Inyenzi fled the country and looked for weapons and attacked the country and plunged it into a disaster to affirm that the population of this country, living in Rwanda, who are more than 85 % can also find those weapons, have also the force like that one which can enable them to fight and win the war except that we do not believe that the war itself would not have solved the problem in that way. But R.P.F. should not go on saying things in secret pretending that it can attack if we do not keep quiet, it has now dispelled our fear. Will that war be different from this one? Since it intends to fight let it fight and show us its victory. What we know is that we cannot allow it to win victory. People are ready to fight. I would like, Mr. Prefect, to thank officially the population of Kigali city because they have been the models in fighting the enemy, they supported the army in an obvious way and we want to invite the population of the other Prefectures to act in the same way in order to stop the enemy. If R.P.F. wishes to continue the war, let it continue, we have the population, we have the government, we have the army and weapons and we prepared ourselves for the war. Let us fight because this is what he has chosen. If negotiations are its priority, we then do agree with it, and we want them in order to understand each other/ to come to an agreement without tricks, without hypocrisy. People have to be frank; those who are not frank should go to R.P.F. zone and then work together but in their zone. Those who support the Rwandan government should be in the Rwandan government zone. Things must be clear; no one will represent R.P.F. from Rwandan government. Those who represent R.P.F. will do so in R.P.F. zone and then when the time of negotiations comes we will actually negotiate in frankness. We hope that R.P.F. has understood and it must know that Rwandans have no more places where to seek refuge, they must no longer run; we are tired of running with mats on our backs. That is why I invite people to go back to their belongings/ properties and then the government will provide them with arms so that they may protect themselves with their properties here in Kigali. Those who have been removed from their properties in Byumba or Kibungo should be trained as soldiers and go back to their properties in Byumba and Kibungo. Everyone will take a gun and shoot, and if the Inkotanyi shoot, he will take a gun and shoot. When they will have gone he will take the hoe and cultivate. Things must be like that…( applause)… we do not agree that 7 millions of Rwandans go on wandering here and there, we do not want to meet them every time on roads with mats. They should no longer fear the war, some will die but the rest will fight till the time when they will liberate the country everywhere either in the north or in the south. They should no longer think that and Butare belong exclusively to Inkotanyi. They should go back into the whole country, people should cultivate or graze their cows in fighting when he chases the enemy, then he works; when the enemy arrives then he fights. That is the guerrilla, now we want the population to learn it and practice it. We cannot agree with those who deceive us in requesting us to disarm the population as a condition to recover, we will never disarm the population as long as R.P.F. will be shooting at the population. They should first disarm R.P.F. and in that case we shall disarm the population. As long as R.P.F. will be fighting we will arm the population, if necessary all the economies of this country will be used for that purpose, they will fight in order to protect themselves and then cultivate and eat their crops, in that case exportations will stop but our main objective is now to look for arms. We said that this is a government of salvation, it has to do that job, it must help them get rid of that situation, and we must follow that line. It should be understood like that. R.P.F. must know that the population, the government, the army, all of us should get up and fight it and then go back to our properties by force and stop their sporadic attacks. If the enemy attacks, the population should encircle the enemy and fight him and chase him and if necessary they can ask for the assistance of the army. We like negotiations but if they refuse negotiations and want to fight, we are ready to fight.
  3. There is a will to solve the problem of famine which threatens a lot of the population which has been removed from their properties. You know that, as I have just said it, some population has been removed from their properties, the others live in the regions threatened by famine; the government has to solve that problem. This is among the problems that the government intends to solve. It is carrying out negotiations with the international organizations, we have remarked that many organizations do not believe in the allegations of R.P.F. and have consented to assist us. You often hear on the radio that some organizations have agreed to help us. Following the message that the president communicated to the population especially on 8, 13, 14 and 17 April and following the messages I have been communicating to Rwandans, and on the basis of the meetings of Ministers who have been incessantly discussing about the security of Rwandans and communicating to them the message related to maintain peace in the country, particularly the meeting of Ministers and prefects on 11 April 1994, the meeting of Ministers held on 23 April 1994 and the meeting of Ministers held on 27 April 1994, on behalf of the Rwandan government, I am pleased to communicate to you the instructions which have to be respected by all the administrative organs in charge of maintaining peace/ security in order to rapidly restore security and peace in the country.

    This has already been done in many prefectures, you are also required to hold many meetings on the levels of the prefectural organs of which you are responsible, in those meetings, firm decisions of what you have to do should be taken, and they should be executed following the issues related to peace which have been raised on the prefectural level. Each prefectural meeting regarding security should provide the way of implementing these decisions in order to closely follow the restoration of peace. We are pleased that meetings like these have often been made in Kigali.

    Provided that maintaining peace concerns everybody, all those in charge of security are advised to seek assistance from the security organs, the representatives of parties, the representatives of religion, the representatives of the administration, the representatives of the justice…as I can see all those organs are not here, so you should invite them in meetings so that they may try to attend meetings like this one.
  4. The enemy who attacked Rwanda is known. He is R.P.F.-Inkotanyi. Here, I want to explain that R.P.F. is our enemy; no one will say that it is our brother while it will be fighting. This must be understood like that, it is not a calumny. Whenever R.P.F. fights us, we consider him as our enemy, the enemy of all Rwandans, whenever it attacks us and fights us we consider him as such and we fight him like that. During all the time R.P.F. will be fighting us, while it will not yet have joined our government we will go on calling it an enemy. The reason why I say that the enemy is R.P.F. is to distinguish it with another who they call an enemy although he is not really an enemy. You are asked to train and explain to the population to avoid whatever can lead them to fight each other because of their ethnic groups. Some people think that a person of different ethnic groups is your enemy. To be an enemy he must belong to R.P.F. R.P.F. has its supporters, this is no longer a secret, the documents that we have discovered either in Gitarama or in Butare show us where R.P.F. soldiers are located in every commune, a Tutsi, a Hutu, a Twa who is not a R.P.F. soldier is not our enemy we cannot say that the one who is from a different ethnic group is our enemy, the one from another region is our enemy. R.P.F. often uses these elements in order to seek a way to infiltrate. As I told people yesterday at Kibuye a man recently met me at Gitarama and told me: “Interahamwe originating in the northern part of the country have attacked Gitarama and Butare, they have sent 1000 Interahamwe.” And I answered him: how many Lorries did you see in the direction of Butare? If we count well in such a way that a lorry may accommodate 10 Interahamwe we may find at least 10 lorries which are moving closely carrying Interahamwe who are going to attack the south, did you see them? As we suppose that a bus may contain 200 people this would be 5 Lorries, have you met 5 Lorries? Suppose that a small bus may contain 20 people have you seen 50 small buses carrying Interahamwe who are going to attack Butare prefecture, did you see them? Now they have just met people from commune Kibayi who told me that R.P.F. soldiers have started to fight the population, are these the Interahamwe who have arrived there? Here, I want people to understand clearly and avoid those people who are propagating false information lying that those who are dying are from such or such areas because when it was attacking R.P.F. entered by everywhere, why did it enter by the north? Now when it caused troubles in the country did it leave any place? Is there any part of the country where you cannot find R.P.F.? This is the way R.P.F. divides the regions, we must avoid that because this is one of the weapons R.P.F. wants to use at this moment for it remarked that the other ways he wanted to use did not succeed; now it wants people to fight each other on the regional basis. We do not want divisions based on religions, some are burning churches in order to recruit members, and we must avoid this for it is the weapon of the enemy, the weapon used by R.P.F. People should not be divided by parties, Parties exist, we know them, those which support the government are known, those which support the population are known, and we know those which support R.P.F. People should now know that the misunderstanding based on the fact that they do not belong to the same parties. Remain within our parties but first we should win the war; in case R.P.F. wins the war it will not consider that you belong to such or such a religion, it will decimate us together like it started to do it. It will not forgive us because we are in such or such a party; I am going to tell you who it calls an enemy according to its writings we found at Butare and Gitarama. It has four enemies: M.R.N.D., C.D.R., all the POWER members and Barundi refugees, those who are not blind or deaf understand who the enemy of R.P.F. is. When it says so, people should understand who he calls the enemy because it preaches it to its followers telling them that its enemies are those four. And as for us, our enemies are the partisans of R.P.F., because one good turn deserves another. Since its enemies are M.R.N.D., C.D.R., all the POWER members and Barundi refugees, then it should know that our enemies are itself and its followers. People should not quarrel because of their simple misunderstanding, for when R.P.F. comes it will never know that you did not understand each other. It will kill you together you should instead unite and fight your common enemy who is R.P.F. Say this in order to urge the population to know the enemy and protect themselves, know how to search the enemy wherever he may be. Those who are looting, those who engage in criminal acts, we consider them as our enemies. They did not understand where the enemy is. The people who fight the neighbor instead of fighting the enemy, people who carry out the deeds of looting, people who loot the person who would assist him in bad times, a person like this one should be considered as our enemy, as the enemy of the country because he is assisting the enemy, he is lending him forces gave an example which many people have not understood yet, it was about people who loot money saying, now that I do have money, now that I have one million it is O.K. for me, if this is a soldier, then he says I will no longer fight because I am rich, if it is a citizen, he says I will no longer take part in night rounds, they must know that if the country does not exist, if the government does not exist, if the army does not exist, whatever amount of money he has will become papers. I do not know if they understand, if one leaves his country and goes to another country whatever amount of money he has will become papers; if you have no government, that money becomes paper. Now those people who fleeing, did not have huge buildings, trucks, weren’t they rich? Now you are gathering things and R.P.F. is fighting at Rebero, How are you going to carry your things, where are you going to bring them? When will you bring them? How will you bring them? Choose, choose and obtain the country, when you have obtained a country, you will look for things, do not think that you will bring with you the fridge that you have looted, you will leave it here, you will be running after they have chased you. Look those who have fled, didn’t they have fridges, didn’t they have champagne in their fringes, didn’t they have money? Fight for your country, when you have got a country, then you will look for wealth. Now the government can strike another type of money.

Don’t you need peace?

Yes, we need peace but we do not want to negotiate with the government but soldiers. The army works for the government even if the Inkotanyi meet with the Rwandan army the latter would be representing the government. The representatives of the mediator used to tell Inkotanyi to negotiate but Inkotanyi refused. Now the representatives of the government have brought a written proposal/project to stop the war, you know that the delegate of the U.N.O., Mr. Roger Boh Boh was in Arusha and said there is a proposal, let us examine and seek way to stop war in Rwanda. And R.P.F. said that it could not conclude negotiations with Rwandan government. And they said that the essential is that war may stop and peace be recovered in Rwanda, it was said that R.P.F. and the Rwandan government had to sign that document in order to stop the war. R.P.F. seemed to agree but it is said that R.P.F. had left a short moment ago. Now Kantano, why did R.P.F. refused negotiations?

Speaker: Kantano HABIMANA, Journalist for R.T.L.M.

Who represented R.P.F., who were the members of the delegation?

Speaker: Unidentified

When I arrived there, R.P.F. had already left; I did not intend to know who the members of the delegation were. The reason why R.P.F. refused negotiations is because they had distributed letters in foreign countries saying that they were going to capture Kigali in a very short time and take the power that is the reason why they refused negotiations.

Speaker: Kantano HABIMANA

On your way back to Kigali you went through Nairobi, how are the Rwandans you met there?

Speaker: Unidentified

Nairobi is their base, they occupied all the hotels, they always tell the international community that they are in town, that they have captured the town, and that the Rwandan army has run away, you know that many people fled Kigali. But, not only Inkotanyi are in Nairobi, there are also some Rwandans there who do not support them. The atmosphere is tense, if the Inkotanyi lie they contradict them. Kenyans and white people know that no one supports Inkotanyi and they ask Inkotanyi, why do you fight since Rwandans do not support you? When they arrive somewhere the population run away, for example when they arrived in Kibungo the population fled. What can you do if you capture the town whereas the population does not support you? Inkotanyi have problems and the International community wonders why they fight while they are not supported by the population. What can you do with the power since you are a minority? Inkotanyi have always pretended that they fight for democracy, that they are supported by many people; the International Community knows that the population is fleeing the Inkotanyi ; the latter are supported by the Red Cross. The International Community tells them why do you fight don’t you see that the population are fleeing you? You know that when Habyarimana died the Inkotanyi feasted for they had killed IKINANI, many of them are jailed, the leaders of those countries said: “you used to say that you are fighting for democracy, now you are feasting because our neighbor died? They told them: now we know that you are cruel, you are feasting for the president who guaranteed peace and democracy has died.” Now in Kenya and in Tanzania people do no longer agree with what the Inkotanyi say, particularly because the new Rwandan refugees are contradicting/belying all what the Inkotanyi say.

Speaker: Kantano HABIMANA

Fight those Inkotanyi with your weapons [ibikoresho] arrows and spears for they bleed, they bleed and you bleed. Instead of being chased from your properties you can die. Take your traditional tools [ibikoresho=weapons) go close to the Rwandan army, get trained and when you find tools go back to your properties and chase those Inkotanyi who are meant to die prematurely[gukenyuka]. And those who fled Kigali like those who are in Gitarama stadium, in Runda, the responsible of those refugee camps should tell them to come back to their homes and fight or an order might be given so that their properties be seized for they are cowards, for they do not actually like the country, the one who likes the country is that one who fights for it. Some people lie in saying that Rwandan soldiers have been moved from their positions in Byumba and that the Rwandan army in Kibungo has joined the Inkotanyi, that lie is aimed at demoralizing people and make them believe that the number of Inkotanyi has increased. That is not true, The whole Rwandan army support Rwanda and all RPA Hutu soldiers have begun joining the Rwandan army, now one side there is a Rwandan army, on the other side there is an army of a small group/ a minority in despair who think that they will capture Rwanda by force and drive away the Hutu who are in the majority and if possible annex it to Uganda, that is an illusion. Apart from that desertion, those soldiers who spend days wandering here and there protecting the things they have looted, you should ask them to exhibit the written authorization, they should ask for authorization. In case they have no authorization, hit them, bring them to the administration, and treat them badly because they are useless/worthless. Another thing, another thing, the reason why that small man [akagabo] of Gisozi and small men of Kicukiro are still shooting is because no Inkotanyi withdraws, it is because they say “let advance up to Nyamirambo” [songa mbere mpaka Nyamijos]. The Rwandan army must do the same, if someone leaves the battlefield, deposits his army, they should purchase him and kill him like Inkotanyi do, when Inkotanyi runs away from the battle field they kill him. Such a person is a traitor; he does not work for the country. A Hutu soldier who does not sacrifice himself is useless and must therefore be shot because in front of him there is a Tutsi who says we must take this country. You leave your gun and run away, you run away to go where, they will look for you and decimate your family. Fight for your country, fight for your family, fight for your relatives. Running through the whole country, seeking refuge in Cyangungu, rob, eat without paying money because you were a soldier, if they caught you they should kill you because you are useless. It is the same case with Inkotanyi ; that is why no Inkotanyi withdraws, they keep the gun up to the old age, except that they are disabled and others have got AIDS. As the enemy says “advance” we cannot say “withdraw.”

Concerning the salvation government people, continue to wonder whether it will remain in Gitarama. People say the members of the salvation government should come to Kigali to support the population, to support the army. They have to find us guns; they have to find us tools. We hope that where they are, they are working. Is there any problem if a Minister dies at the battle field, supporting people at roadblocks, supporting soldiers, supporting all people? At that time there would be a reason for him to die. We have to fight Inkotanyi ; we must see the deeds of everybody. Ministers have to visit the non attacked areas, they have to teach the population how to hide themselves, and they have to erect/establish roadblocks. Rwandans have to fight, you cannot flee Inkotanyi, if you go to Burundi soldiers will kill you, if you go to Zaire you will meet Inkotanyi, if you go to Tanzania, Inkotanyi will meet you there and it is impossible to seek refuge in Uganda; that is obvious.

We must be proud of the fact that there is already a discipline in the Capital, killing and looting have stopped; it means that we start the second step of winning the war.

I have just been reading the writings of Paul Mbaraga, he is in Europe, in Deutsche Welle, and he wrote about Willy Class, the latter is Belgian, this one said: “you know that there is a Tutsi minority in Rwanda which must be protected,” he wants to protect Tutsi but what he really wants is that Tutsi decimate Hutu.

Concerning Simon Reymond, he is praying for R.P.F., he wishes the victory of R.P.F. so that it may clean Rwanda, to clean means to remove dirty things, which means Hutu. You understand that we cannot expect any interesting thing from Belgians. Belgians are our enemies, that’s all…

End of Tape