Date of Transmission3 July 1994
Name of TapeRTLM/68
SourceU.S. State Department
Prosecution ExhibitP103/42
Name of TranslatorFabien Nsengiyumva
Date of Translation31 October 1995
Original PDF

R.T.L.M. Tape 0042


This tape contains a long discussion by Bemeriki about the creation of a new parliament in Gisenyi and the role of the PSR (Rwandan Socialist Party). Ruggiu focuses on foreign journalists’ misrepresentation of the situation in Rwanda. He also reports on the “military situation’ in some detail.

Analyst Comments

This tape contains some evidence of general incitement. Towards the end of side B, the last sentence of the second to last paragraph, a reference to ten Germans who have disappeared should probably be double-checked.

Side A

Speaker: Gaspard GAHIGI, Editor-in-Chief of R.T.L.M.

Let’s try our best to collaborate with French soldiers. We have to unveil not only people who set obstacles against them but also criminals. The International Community must make efforts to know what Inkotanyi are doing.

As you have mentioned, French soldiers and International Community must come to see people injured by R.P.F.’s bullets. As Ananie has expressed, R.P.F.’s shooting at innocent people shouldn’t be praised as heroism. We should instead consider it as an ignominious act. I think that we have to fully support the French soldiers’ operation. They should proceed ahead to know R.P.F.’s deeds. They should arrive in town and other places where Inkotanyi have exterminated people so that they can understand the real image of Inkotanyi and help us explain what R.P.F. is.

I have said that Inkotanyi are not extremists. Let’s call them nihilists for the lack of an appropriate name. We would like French troops to continue ahead to know what Inkotanyi have done. On their first contact with Inkotanyi one of them has been injured. We will work, hand in hand, to condemn R.P.F. Then the International Community which refuses to condemn R.P.F. will know the truth.

Thank you very much Kantano, you have enough expanded this issue, I can’t add more. However, people have to keep in mind that French troops should continue. We welcomed them warmly but when they first met Inkotanyi the latter have injured one of their soldiers. French soldiers have to tell the truth about Inkotanyi.

Speaker: Kantano HABIMANA, Journalist for R.T.L.M.

Thank, you very much Mr. Gahigi and Ananie. People are making others starve but the International Community should use the same operation as the one used in Bosnia of dropping food from planes. You are still tuning to R.T.L.M., the time now is 10:20.

Speaker: Valérie BEMERIKI, Journalist for R.T.L.M.

[The beginning is cut] … I don’t start with the war news. Today, I haven’t been able to know how the situation was on the battlefield yesterday and in the night. I am still waiting for information from the Ministry of Defense. Now I would like to talk about the news broadcasted today. You have heard it this morning. We will also discuss other pieces of news we haven’t been able to discuss before due to short time.

You know that Rwanda is breaking the world media. Any radio speaks about Rwanda. The important news today concerns the creation of a new parliament to replace he former one whose mandate expired in December 1993 pending the creation of a broad based transitional parliament of almost all parties. However, some Parties especially C.D.R. were excluded due to Inyenzi [cockroaches] Inkotanyi.

Mr. Eliezel MYITEGEKA has expressed that the new parliament is characterized by the entry of C.D.R. [Coalition for the Defense of the Republic] into the National Assembly with five parliamentarians. Another thing worth mentioning is that PSR [Rwandan Socialist Party] has been forgotten. But this is not a voluntary decision. Maybe PSR has been simply forgotten or its representatives were not present to show that their party still exists. I was asking myself such a question when leaders of PSR came to tell me that this party has the “powers” [people who formed wings in almost all parties and who considered themselves as the most powerful] who are for the Republic. They told us that they didn’t know what happened and that they had no means to go to Gisenyi.

Though I have read their communiqué and I can reread it. I have met Calliope MWISENEZA, the first interim secretary of the party at the national level. He told me that he didn’t know whether PSR’s post has been taken by others. The communiqué reads as follows:

“After having heard the decision of the government in its meeting held on Friday 1 July 1994 to create the parliament replacing the National Counsel for Development [C.N.D.] whose mandate expired; after having heard that all parties approved in this country should form this parliament, the executive Bureau of PSR, in its session, today on 3 July 1994 in Kigali, has decided and declares that Calliope MWISENEZA who was the substitute candidate, will represent PSR in the National Assembly.”

The former candidate for this post, ZITONI, may have joined the cockroaches, Inkotanyi, as he has been supporting them. Members of PSR were controlling him so that if one day he joins R.P.F. they can stir up their party. Mr. Calliope MWISENEZA is a “power” who has been excluded by Zitoni helped by accomplices who were in the government including the Prime Minister, and cockroaches so that he couldn’t accede to this post. However, we know that he is among the first founders of PSR and ipso facto he couldn’t accept the exclusion of his party from the new parliament. So since Zitoni has joined the cockroaches and given that the substitute candidate is there and also given the fact all parties approved in this country must constitute the National Assembly and PSR being one of these parties, Calliope MWISENEZA should represent his party in the new parliament

However, I think that the government didn’t exclude PSR willingly. The thing is that it has forgotten this party and its representatives didn’t show themselves up. There was no way to present themselves but they should have behaved like the President of MFBP Madam Gaudence NYIRAHABIMANA who, thanks to her ideas has played a significant role in this war.

I have been astonished to find PSR’s members among the people who resisted and who are still resisting and fighting for this town. But never have they shown up, nor come either to R.T.L.M. or Radio Rwanda to say that they have sworn to fight for their country as they support the Republic and independence of their country. We were asking ourselves whether they still existed or not. So they shouldn’t condemn the Government. After having read the communiqué, it is clear that now the government is informed and it knows the name of the candidate. The Government also knows that this candidate has no means to go to Gisenyi due to the lack of taxis. They have to arrange transport for him so that he can arrive in Gisenyi at 9:00.

We also ask ourselves haw comrade Calliope MWISENEZA can be included on the list of parliamentarians if their number has to be only 70. Maybe the government will find a solution to include MWISENEZA at the same time keeping the number of parliamentarians. We are confident that the government will examine the case. We know that PSR and its “powers” who have sworn to fight for the Republic still exist.

Aside from PSR, the Liberal Party [P.L.] has been unable to give names of its candidates in the National Assembly. While I was with Calliope MWISENEZA of PSR, someone from P.L. came and told me that they have designated candidates for the National Assembly. He asked me to read his communiqué in French. He said that Ministers know French and all Rwandans can understand something in French.

“NEMEYE Ephrem, president of the Commission of Survey and Projects and KARUMUHINZI Laurien, Secretary General of PD designate HABIMANA Laurent,.president of the PD’s political commission, to represent this party in Gisenyi and to present its candidates to the parliament. The party proposes that the choice of parliamentarians be either

NEMEYE Ephrem or KABANDA Dominique and on two other candidates, active members of PD. Done in Kigali 3/7/1994 Signed by NEMEYIMANA Ephrem, president of the commission in charge of Survey and Projects and KARUMUHINZI Laurien, Secretary General of the party.”

These are the names of candidates designated to represent P.L. at the National Assembly. We trust that the government has copied these names. But we don’t know whether these persons are already in Gisenyi or here. They share the problem of transport with PSR’s candidate. They are doing their best to find transport and they are asking the government to be patient in case they are late. We don’t know what will happen if they fail to find transport. Today, no taxis, no buses move due to the cockroaches. We don’t know whether the government can ensure transport.

Our radio is becoming famous due to many people who are tuning to R.T.L.M. and they do recourse to us. This is the reason why some people are people who are against it. When they criticize our radio, they advertise it. In some elapsed minutes, I have welcomed members of other parties, that is M.D.R., M.R.N.D., SD’s members of parliament. All of them are asking themselves how they will arrive in Gisenyi in time since they are here in Kigali resisting and defending the Republic. They are asking the government to examine the case and see whether one part can’t take the oath and the other will have its turn after. Here is a problem of knowing whether the remaining part will arrive in Gisenyi on the same day. They inform the government that they don’t know when they will arrive in Gisenyi but that they are trying to look for transport to see whether tomorrow at 9:00 they can be there. We are confident that the government is aware of the problem. We still don’t know whether our parliamentarian Adalbert MUHUTU of Butare has arrived in Gisenyi. We encourage him where he is in exile.

End of Side A.

*Side B of this tape is identical to R.T.L.M. Tape 0037.