Date of Transmission3 July 1994
Name of TapeRTLM/52
SourceU.S. State Department
Prosecution ExhibitP103/37
Name of TranslatorFabien Nsengiyumva
Date of Translation31 October 1995
Original PDF

R.T.L.M. Tape 0037

Side B

Speaker: Valérie BEMERIKI, Journalist for R.T.L.M.

[the beginning is cut] They jump out of vehicles and escape from the cockroaches. We encourage him [the person is not mentioned but one can think of Adalbert talked about on Side A]. We hope that he has arrived in Gisenyi or he arrived there before. In case he hasn’t reached this place, we believe that he is looking for means to go there. We are confident that the government is following up the case of parliamentarians who have no means to arrive in Gisenyi.

I remind you that you are tuned to R.T.L.M., the time now is 3:59. He [Georges] has just come. Let me give him the microphone so that he can present to you news bulletin. See you then after the French news.

Speaker: Georges RUGGIU, Journalist for R.T.L.M.

Thank you very much Valérie. Good afternoon, dear listeners! I am back for the French broadcast and today’s news which, first of all, condemns “Radio France Internationale”(R.F.I.) for having declared today that the Rwandan army is traversing rough times. R.F.I. said that the rebels thoroughly encircle our army in Kigali. I quote, “the capital is entirely encircled and all the access ways are blocked up.”

We would like to formally deny this declaration. Not all the access ways are cut. We have had opportunity to meet someone from Gisenyi, which means that if all the ways were completely blocked, he wouldn’t have arrived here. We greet him but we cannot mention his name due to confidential reasons. I am confident that the exit way exists but we have to be cautious. Heavy fights are taking place around one of the ways which gives access to Kigali. However, this doesn’t mean that the capital is completely surrounded. How can Radio France Internationale allege such things while its its journalists haven’t come to ascertain the situation on the ground?

Let’s listen to music and after five minutes we will give a synopsis of yesterday’s military situation after which we will broadcast political news and comments.

[cut] …yesterday’s military situation in Kigali. Yesterday, Mont Kigali was the stage of heavy fights. Our Army Forces, assisted by civil defense, have driven off the enemy. Heavy fights still continue at the foot of Mont Kigali. Yesterday evening, the enemy launched attacks at Gisozi, Kinamba and Kacyiru but our gendarmes have driven him off. New attacks and massacres are taking place everywhere in the outskirts of Kigali. Also today, the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi are still shelling our civilians. They don’t target soldiers. Their objective is to kill people if they don’t succeed in taking Kigali.

It seems that they don’t hesitate to put this objective into action.

In Gitarama, heavy fights are heard in Runda-Gihara commune. Yesterday, these fights repelled the enemy. Our Army Forces are fiercely fighting in collaboration with the civil defense. Actions around Runda-Gihara are still going on.

Yesterday, during heavy fights, the cockroaches have lost 7 soldiers and a lot of equipment, including one mortar 60 and ammunitions, has been seized. In Butare R.P.F. aims at attacking the Town from Mbazi commune but it is being repelled thanks to the assistance of the population. Also at Rulindo there have been heavy fights in which 31 soldiers on the side of the cockroaches have been killed and a lot of weapons, including 19 Kalashnikovs, one heavy machine gun and ammunition, have been seized. Seeing that it is driven off at Rulindo, R.P.F. is now bombing our positions in Ruhengeri.

R.P.F. also indulges itself in sporadically shelling but the front is stable. This is the complete situation on the battlefield and territory defense of yesterday.

Indeed, this situation has already changed a bit. We are at the end of the day and a lot of things have happened since yesterday. Dear listeners, the situation of our Army Forces is not as dramatic as R.F.I. seems to say. It is rather solid. We are resisting and we hope that with the bravery of our army Forces, we will very soon be able to undertake the liberation of territories.

Talking about this liberation, and before we move to political news, we deplore the death of a person who has struggled to liberate, in part, the zone of Gatsata here in Kigali: The Second Lieutenant of 61st Battalion unfortunately died yesterday. From the bottom of our hearts, we express our condolences to his friends of the 61st Battalion and to his family.

But as you know, life is shared between bad and good news. The good news is that only yesterday we have killed more than 50 cockroaches on all fronts. Let’s hope that this good news is going to cheer up the 61st Battalion. Dear listeners, see you after five minutes for political news and comments. [music]

[The beginning is cut] …in the name of the president of the Republic, Mister Theodore SINDIKUBWABO. Mister Francois NDUNGUTSE, president of the conference of parties, has remarked that the mandate of the National Counsel for Development expired in December 1993 and the mandate of the interim president of the Republic will expire on 9 July 1994. He added that in Rwanda, we are in a particular situation because it is impossible to prepare elections. Therefore, the conference of political parties declares that exceptional measures should be applied and these measures have been adopted without prejudice to the future Arusha Accords and Institutions planned by Arusha Accords.

It is also declared that sine the constitution and even the Arusha Accords plan the Multiparty system, they have thus agreed that the new National Assembly should comply with the multiparty system. They have revised the composition of the Transitional National Assembly as follows: M.R.N.D., M.D.R., P.L. & P.S.D. will have eleven parliamentarians each; five parliamentarians for C.D.R.; four for PDC; PECO and P.D.I. will have three each; RTD will have two parliamentarians; as for PDR, PALIRWA, MFBP, UDPR, PRD, PP RAMARWANDA and the United party COBEC, they will have one parliamentarian each.

In total, 70 members of parliament have been designated to avoid the constitutional gap. You know that they will have to vote on laws. There should also revise the constitution to solve the problem concerning the election of our President of the Republic or to prolong the mandate of the acting president. In addition, members of parliament must work in the aim of restoring peace, perturbed by R.P.F., in order to establish fully democratic institutions. We wish them good work!

My colleague, Valérie, has pointed out that I have forgotten members of PSR party. PSR is one of the parties which must form the National Assembly, and besides, we know and it supports the government. MWISENEZA Calliope, the first Secretary of PSR has issued a communiqué of his party.

Speaker: Valérie BEMERIKI

In fact, Georges, the government has forgotten PSR in the Cabinet meeting held last Friday. This party has not been mentioned on the list read by the Minister of Information and who is also the spokesman of the Government. Then the PSR’s first Secretary at the national level, MWISENEZA Calliope has come to issue a press release in which we read that PSR has gotten a candidate at the National Assembly. The party still exists even though the Government hasn’t mentioned it. Then they have designated MWISENEZA Calliope as candidate of PSR for the National Assembly.

Speaker: Georges RUGGIU

We hope that PSR will be allowed to be represented in the Transitional National Assembly for the same reason as other as the other parties. No party is better or worse than the others, and in politics things are not measured that way. I think that PSR has got full rights to be represented in the parliament. However, this will only be possible if the Government rapidly rectifies and add PSR on the list of parties which must form the National Assembly. We are sure that the government will do that.

Dear listeners, we have another communique from Intellectuals of Cyangugu. First of all, they express their support to the Government and the President of the Republic but they alse regret that some journalists who are in Rwanda weigh or transform the truth. These Intellectuals have declared that 600,000 persons had been massacred or had disappeared in Byumba and that no journalist said it, while they are worried about some hundreds of persons who fled to Mille Collines Hotel. We think that these Intellectuals have got strong reason to make this remark to some journalists who are in Rwanda. We think that, instead of talking, as they did yesterday, of one or two deaths or a shell fallen on the market, they should have first to talk about four shells, sixteen deaths and four injured, which is the truth. And that even though they talk about the market of Nyarugenge and some persons who took refuge at Mille Collines Hotel, they shouldn’t forget people who are at Amahoro stadium, Roi Faissar hospital, Sainte Famille and mainly all refugees and disappeared people among whom ten are Germans.

In any case, some international radios don’t even mention them. Whereas they seem to support the R.P.F. which presents itself as a Liberation Front, they never mention the bizarre fact that they have declared today that more than 200,000 Hutus fled from the fights in Butare. R.F.I. has announced this. They don’t ask themselves why these Hutus are fleeing toward the Governmental Zone if the R.P.F. is a liberation front. Why don’t they flee toward the R.P.F.? No, the R.P.F. declares that it controls half of the country and not two thirds as R.F.I. has declared. Since today it controls 3 prefectures and one empty region and no more than that, of 10 prefectures, this is a third of the country. And if it includes Akagera National Park, one can count it, but, Akagera being empty of people, one cannot count it. So this only makes one half, in suspense, of the inhabited zone under R.P.F.’s control. Obviously, to divide ten prefectures by 3 it makes 3.3 corresponding to prefectures of Byumba, Kibungo, Kigali and a some parts of Gitarama. Then if these journalists don’t even know…

End of Side B