Date of Transmission19 June 1994
Name of TapeRTLM/46
SourceU.S. State Department
Prosecution ExhibitP103/31
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R.T.L.M. Tape 0031

Side A

0.0 minutes

Speaker: Gaspard GAHIGI, Editor-in-Chief for R.T.L.M.

… Be vigilant and be what we call being on full alert, and even the population should take note, because the R.P.F., the maneuvers of which we already know, will presently try to mount a general offensive to see whether they can capture us before those soldiers arrive, meaning that even those who are used to R.P.F. maneuvers know that when the R.P.F. say something they mean business. Thus, according to Radio France, the pro-R.P.F. radio, the R.P.F. has already surrounded Kigali. What the R.P.F. wants, as you know, they started by saying that they were going to take Kigali within a few hours. The hours have become days; the days ended up becoming months, even though they already claimed to have surrounded Kigali. When did they cease surrounding Kigali? Presently the officers and troops, the youths and the population, everybody must be vigilant and seek means of expelling the Inkotanyi R.P.F. as soon as possible, because their plan is to encircle us very speedily before those troops arrive to find us already exterminated. So, when a person is fighting for survival, he does not lack strength. I would want us to use all our strength, apply all our strength in the war as happened the day before yesterday in Nyamirambo when the Inkotanyi from Rebero ran in howling and the youth came from the opposite direction to help the soldiers, while also screaming. And when the Inyenzi heard…

1.6 minutes

…the Interahamwe and other youths screaming, they came running; they came running, believing the youth were coming to their rescue but lost their lives. That is when you heard that our troops had taken hostages, including a heavy piece of artillery called a recoilless cannon and another called the MI-point 50.

Therefore we must be even more vigilant than we were when we started the war, right from today, right from this night. The Inkotanyi launched another attack against Gisozi, around the Kabakene cellule. This means that the armed forces, the Interahamwe, you the youth, should go down to Kabakene cellule and expel them, not allowing any Inkotanyi to escape. On the contrary, surround them and from there we shall immediately launch what is called a general offensive. The ibikoresho [tools] are available; do not allow any Inkotanyi to escape. Even the rank and file soldiers, here I mean that the Rulindo OP’s, must start surrounding them. And they will then regret why they came and Kagame will understand that, although General BIZIMUNGU thanked him yesterday evening, he will understand when he orders his soldiers not to pull back. They will not draw back, yes, but they will not remain there alive. Let us therefore continue to listen to some music, and in a few moments we shall receive some news from the war front, we shall get news. But what I want you to do is remain vigilant, threefold vigilant. And the commanders must turn their minds to the same direction; they should think of nothing else but the war and ways of repelling those Inkotanyi or even exterminating them.


3.8 minutes

(…) important said this morning is the coming of French troops into our country; it is just a matter of days, perhaps a few hours. There is not much time left for those troops to reach Rwanda, according to what the President of France, François MITTERAND, said yesterday. The statement was echoed and confirmed by the Foreign Minister of France, Alain JUPER on a visit to Senegal. Thus, President MITTERAND stated: “We are just awaiting the decision of the United Nations Security Council. We even submitted the plan to the Council and we have proof that Boutros GHALI has accepted it. May I remind you that France is one of the countries sitting on the United Nations Security Council, that in fact the decision and the plan may perhaps be adopted and become a resolution; and that the troops may come.” And President François MITTERAND added, “In any event, those soldiers will come.” So we are waiting for them. Another thing that was said is that the R.P.F. says straight away: “To all my members, whether they are in Rwanda, anywhere in the world, rise and fight against the French decision,” which it deems unfavorable.

Thus, we said that we in Rwanda have to wait, be more vigilant no one is sure of the Inkotanyi ; they change with the weather; let us pope that the …day after tomorrow they do not say that we are the umwanzi and point a linger at us. Then our arms will be seized from us and we are thus captured by the R.P.F. So, I am calling on our military experts look into the way we have to behave when those soldiers get here, as everybody is aware of the Inkotanyi tricks. When somebody…

5.6 minutes

…is attacked, he defends himself. You know that it is the Inkotanyi who attacked us in 1990, saying that they were going to usher in democracy. We defended ourselves, and we ended with the ARUSHA Accords. As we were going to share power and merge the armies, hostilities resumed, I do not know, in the history of this country, the exact date we can take as that on which the R.P.F. resumed hostilities. Some people say it was on the 7th, but I believe it was on 6 April the war resumed because that is when they assassinated the President of the Republic. That is where the problem lies. The only thing that matters is that they resumed the war; we were attacked, so we had to defend ourselves. To do so, no one should take it lightly, because if somebody attacks you, it means he has already introduced what is called “caquaire” and has deployed all his energy. The R.P.F. has deployed all its force; Museveni opened all his military camps to their troops; gave them soldiers and bullets; so when you are attacked, you ought to defend yourselves. We are asking you not to take this kind of defense lightly.

Presently, there is talk about the French troops coming. It is even said that their equipment has already reached the Rwandan border. Therefore, I have today told you what we are urging you to do: be vigilant, be vigilant. Our officers must be vigilant, let us come together. May the Military Headquarters function effectively and study ways of fighting against that umwanzi. All those soldiers, the Interahamwe youths and the population, all of us should triple our vigilance in order to prosecute the war better than we did; let us fight, as the R.P.F. wishes to surround us before those soldiers get here.

7.6 minutes

Thus, the fact of being vigilant, the fact of being more vigilant, in other words means that you should exert more effort, it means that we have to correct ourselves, change our attitude. It means we have to be more vigilant than usual to prevent the umwanzi from capturing us alive. And then Kantano has just arrived, I shall hand over the microphone to him in a minute, for him to salute you and entertain you as usual. But there is some information he gave yesterday, which I would like to repeat. I told you that I was Gaspard GAHIGI speaking. I told you that Gaspard GAHIGI and HABIMANA Kantano had to appear in court in France as we are accused of things we allegedly did at R.T.L.M., and yet we are professional journalists. I therefore said that I would not like to appear before the court in Paris, France. So I said that I did not fancy appearing before a court in Paris when we have courts in our country. So, if ever we are defeated, I am persuaded that when we are defeated, the Inkotanyi (…) let them take me captive and try me before the Parisian court; they can even take Kantano.

But if we win the war, we think that we will hold out. We shall not go to Paris because it is a matter of winning or not; if we lose the war, the Inkotanyi will make sure what they want is done, but if we win, they will no longer say a thing. Therefore, this is a serious problem to say that GAHIGI and Kantano can be taken before the court. That is the ploy that the Inkotanyi continue to use, because when they attacked, you know that they had Radio-Muhabura working for their cause, propagating their ideals and objectives. So Rwanda is attacked, whether it was Radio Rwanda that was “captured” and then freed itself, or whether it was R.T.L.M. fighting for the Republic, none of them can be accused, as there are several ways of conducting a war. On the contrary, if it is a matter of prosecution, then Kagame who brought about the extermination of Rwandans should be prosecuted.

9.5 minutes

Kanyarengwe and other Interahamwe should be taken before the courts. It will not be necessary to prosecute GAHIGI and Kantano as well as the other Rwandans who are defending themselves, because we were attacked and we then defended ourselves.

We shall not appear for trial and I shall even convince Kantano not to appear, because if he does, he will be found guilty, as anyone who loses a war becomes a captive. We shall not be captives. That is why we must fight, and if necessary, we shall fight tooth and nail to prevent the Inkotanyi from taking us alive. Continue listening to music, and in a while Kantano will greet you.

16.6 minutes

Speaker: Kantano HABIMANA, Journalist for R.T.L.M.

Aha! This is your Radio Libre transmitting from Kigali, after my colleague Gaspard GAHIGI. There is a saying that unity is strength. I was slightly late because I was trying to find out what happened in Nyarugenge market. This morning an armored vehicle fired at a house beside NYIRIMANZI’s, the ASCO building, housing a shoe repair shop. So, I stopped to gather information about what happened in that house. In a minute, I shall tell you about it because I tried to gather some information, even though I did not know the rest of the matter.

My greetings to all the listeners of the Radio Libre R.T.L.M., on this Sunday, 19 June 1994; I wish you courage, courage wherever you might be. Be patient, exercise patience, we are undergoing hard times, and God willing, we shall surmount those difficulties. As can be seen, all these ordeals show that we shall overcome. So we have reason to hope for…

17.5 minutes

…victory in the next few hours in order to vanquish for ever the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi and no longer talk of war in Rwanda till doomsday. Thus, on this Sunday, people went to pray wherever there was a church. I believe all of them prayed for peace; peace is necessary even though there are enemies of peace. There are enemies of peace in Rwanda and so are there in other countries of the Central African region. There is no other enemy of the peace we are talking about…except the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi. Thus, we must pray for peace, we must pray for them to know the truth, for them to understand that it serves no purpose to continue risking their lives by claiming to be warriors, whereas you could die at any moment, each day. In principle they gain nothing, but rather have everything to lose.

And what are people saying now? As my colleague Gaspard GAHIGI said, the news we are expecting is about the French soldiers who are due to arrive in Rwanda. Two thousand men will be coming and this is not negligible number of soldiers. The French troops were here before; they came to support us or rather help us restore peace in the country, and then thanks to the Ibyitso governments, the Inkotanyi of course said: “the French must leave the country.” The French went packing and left for good. And this was beyond comprehension, but that was a trick by the Belgians to replace them, and carry on as they wished. You saw what the Belgians did to us; they assassinated the President of the Republic, and then clearly lent substantial support to the Inyenzi­-Inkotanyi. Therefore, it goes without saying that the Inyenzi do not want those French troops; but this changes nothing; whether they like it or not, the French will come to Rwanda at all costs.

19.1 minutes

We should therefore be ready to welcome them. Let’s be ready; there is no other way to prepare, prepare to welcome our French guests; there is no other way to get about it. I think that we should smile when we meet them in the street, and we should also show them the Tutsis they think were exterminated. Wherever they are, we must live with together with them in the communes, throughout Kigali town. We must show them that we are living with the Tutsis, that the Tutsis have not been exterminated as believed.

If necessary, we should offer them flowers; extend a cordial welcome to them, of course in the government-controlled zone. It is understandable that in the part under Inyenzi control, they may even shoot at them. But in our zone, we must smile at them, give them flowers and then later, even some of our “Sederikazi” [women, girls- C.D.R. members] should approach them and chat with them, talk to them, and then er…if necessary, they also will get foreign currency from the troops. You know that when the French were here, the R.P.F.-Inkotanyi told the very beautiful Tutsi girls to accost the French and poison them. From then, the French started discovering what the Tutsi women were; I saw it myself. When the prostitutes went to expose themselves near the hotels, the French first asked, “Is that one not Tutsi?” Upon discovering that a girl was Tutsi, they abandoned her.

We want those French troops; they should come and arrest those criminals. Let them come and prevent those wicked fellows from killing Rwandans. The truth is that the R.P.F.-Inkotanyi are busy killing people, they are exterminating people. I shall tell you a story recounted to me by someone about what transpires on the other side.

21.1 minutes

Actually, we no longer kill people, we kill nobody. It is understandable, for those who have people to kill are the R.P.F. It therefore goes without saying that those criminals said: “We must continue” as (…) SIMBANANIYE, a Burundian Inkotanyi, educated them by saying: “Even if we, the Tutsis, represent 10% of the population, we should see to it that the Hutus who represent 80% are also brought down to 10%. In this way we shall be fifty-fifty.” The Inkotanyi are precisely trying to endure in order to achieve that, but as Major General BIZIMUNGU stated, they cannot decimate the Hutus. On the contrary, they will be the ones exterminated.

I believe the French troops will be here by Wednesday at the latest. Let us prepare a rousing welcome for them. We have no conflict with them; they are our fellow men coming to help us stop the Inkotanyi from pushing us around. We must therefore receive the French cordially, embrace them and chat with them, especially as we share the French language. Even if someone tries saying “Bonjour” to them, it is different from the Inkotanyi who do not even know how to say “Bonjour” [Good Morning]. Let us take the example of Corporal Kagame who cannot even say “Bonjour.” So, be ready to welcome the French troops properly; where possible, prepare sorghum wine for them, concoct banana liquor for them; get Primus beer with which to welcome the French troops. This will make them happy and they will feel at home.

What will happen then on the Inkotanyi side? The Inkotanyi say that they have done a general mobilization; they told their members to rise; they told their soldiers to rise. I can understand in the case of their soldiers, but the members they are talking about must be filthy birds, flying creatures, big birds and animals, toads, as they are the ones inhabiting the part under R.P.F. control. Therefore, I do not know how the French troops will be scared of toads, animals and robbers. I think they will serve no purpose in the R.P.F.… But it would appear that the important point for the R.P.F. is the population, as they boast the whole day long about the people under their control. They boast that they have taken two-thirds of the country, that two-thirds of the country belongs to them, that they have control over two-thirds of the country. This is just a whirlwind tactic whereby they run around saying they have taken this and that locality …

23.0 minutes

…whereas people are fleeing from those areas. If you really want to play politics, you look for people, you do not go about collecting toads, large animals, elephants, lions and what not, otherwise you want to become SARUHARA RWA NKOMOKOMO, the king of sparrows and large birds, as to rule animals, what counts is the population. Even if all the population occupies one-quarter of the country and you remain with the animals, the sparrows and the beasts, they will serve no purpose as animals do not vote, do not pay taxes. Animals are of no purpose to anyone waging a political battle. So he calls the animals, buffaloes and others to go down into the streets and ambush the French. But the population on the other side will mingle with them and speak with them in French. They will then chase away those animals, and if necessary, they will chase away the people who have metamorphosed. They will chase them into the valleys where they have their little bandits and reap what they sowed. So, “What do you want me to say to you, the R.P.F.-Inkotanyi ? Whether you like it or not, François MITTERAND has said, “We shall come, we shall come.” He also added, “We shall come to protect the Tutsis” and you also are Tutsis. That was abundantly clear that he meant a small group of Tutsis. So we do not understand why you refuse to come and protect us. They also know why, but there is no other reason except the thought of trying to kill the Hutus and reduce their numbers to 40 or 30%,” in order to rule the country at last. It will serve no purpose to them because, even if the Hutus move out, it will not be for long. In principle, the Inkotanyi have actually gone mad; they have gone mad, as Museveni is the only friend they have in the world. Looking for enemies all over the world when there are so many enemies in Rwanda beats my imagination; all the displaced people have become enemies of the Inkotanyi and…

24.7 minutes

…the other part of the population has become the enemies of the Inkotanyi because there is no one right now who is spared by the Inkotanyi. There are families with relatives at the war front. There are parents with children in Kigali and elsewhere, in Gitarama. And the Inkotanyi shot down all those people, decimating them. So they no longer have people. Before, they said they loved the “abayenduga,” but this no longer holds since they chased them from Gitarama. They lied that they were for democracy but they failed. They lied that they had friends abroad, even in Rome, but this no longer holds good as they do not go to Rome any more. In reality, they are finished.

In every hotel they stayed at, they boasted of their power, while making speeches everywhere. Now the Hutus themselves have become refugees; they explain the situation in which they are. Boasting that you have friends whereas you are a minority, and believing that the majority will not have friends, that is impossible. The majority has more friends than the (…). It is rather illogical for rubanda nyamuke [a minority people] to have friends when rubanda nyamwinshi do not have any. That is impossible.

26.7 minutes

So, how is the situation in Kigali this morning? In reality, the night was peaceful except in certain neighborhoods. This morning the Inkotanyi this time attempted to pass through Rugenge; from the other side of Kacyiru, they went via Kinamba. And then the shooting you hear is by the Rwandan armed forces fighting the accursed Inkotanyi who ventured an attack. But since it is already daybreak, and they usually under cover of darkness, you do understand that they are finished. The armored vehicles are mowing them down with large pieces of artillery called ‘quadruple’ and another called ‘bitume’ and what not.

In fact, you heard that we have acquired enough cartridges, so now the Inkotanyi should show their faces so we can crush them. And as I said, if they want us to live together, they should lay down their arms, or else we would not wish any of them to go back alive.

In principle, we no longer hear many shots being fired this morning in Nyamirambo, except that small-caliber weapon called milou-milou, which is causing much noise. It is the population that found a name for it; they call it “bavard” [talkative], because it spits out little bullets, bang! Bang! Bang! You get the impression that the Inkotanyi are near. Even the name chatters; it chatters; it is like somebody chattering, who really chatters, who talks too much. Thus, it is those little milou-milous that made such a din early this morning, but the people are used to it, to the extent that they merely smile and say nothing.

In the town centre, I told you that I vent to see something that happened of which we are not yet sure. For those who go to that market, you do see a story building beside Nathaniel NYIRAMANZI’s shop, where there is a shoe mender’s shop. Then you see where the associations ASCO and ASPHAR are located in that storey building. Well people entered the building last night and threw “streams,” fired some grenade-like bullets that are fixed to guns. They fired about five shots at the roadblocks and into the market. And of course, the Rwandan armed forces immediately intervened, surrounding the building.

So, what happened this morning is that the building was stormed with armored vehicles, which damaged it seriously, and this I myself saw. When they went to see what it was, they found three mad street children. There were three of them. They had…

End of Side A

Side B

15.6 minutes

Speaker: Unidentified

They had to bring them downstairs. And that is why we had to be allowed to search all the houses and the backyards; we had to search in NDAMAGE’s backyard and anywhere else, to find out where those people went.

People continue to affirm that they are the Inkotanyi, surely not more that two or three, who must have hidden there in order to shoot into the Nyarugenge market. Thus the market officials continue to be vigilant and do check to see whether it is not the udukotanyi [junior Inkotanyi ] who have been moving to places where they should not be. I therefore exhort you to be vigilant, those of you manning the roadblocks, to double your vigilance in order to identify where the udukotanyi may be going. But you never know; it may possibly not be the Inkotanyi. On the contrary, it may have been street children who were busy shouting as usual. But, but I say, those streams were fired from a gun; through a gun! They were not hand grenades; we have to find out who threw them, especially by searching backyards and checking step by step, to see whether there are no Inkotanyi hiding there.

Regarding the Interahamwe in Kabakene in Rugenge sector, it goes without saying that all the people should promptly lend them a sturdy hand. Instead of being transported in vehicles with guns, the Interahamwe must go out to that neighborhood where danger is rife. What they did was set out speedily for Nyamirambo to the rescue of that neighborhood. They went out in throngs as if to watch a football match, but were armed with their guns. They sped down, each one bearing his gun and to be sure, the Inkotanyi met their fate. Thus, we continue to thank the Interahamwe, but they must have some discipline, they must have some discipline. We reiterate our thanks to the Intera

17.3 minutes

…the soldiers at the front, who continue to show bravery. It goes without saying that we continue to deplore the cowards, but General BIZIMUNGU says that there is no longer time to negotiate. Whoever does his job well, will do so; and to the person who is incapable of doing his job, it will be goodbye! Let him go away and live on what he has stolen from the country. That is the real state of affairs.

You are still listening to the R.T.L.M., the Radio Libre, transmitting from Kigali (…) the Inkotanyi do not know what makes Rwanda to be Rwanda. What makes Rwanda unique today is the God of Rwanda, the people of Rwanda and their strength coupled with their intellect. It serves no purpose coming to attack them with heavy artillery and what you will, under the pretext that you are aided by the whites. Yesterday, people went to snoop around in Rebero to find out the situation, so that in the future we could feast there. I heard that it would happen on 1 July, when we welcome the French troops there.

People went to survey the situation and found a filthy white man who is Chief of Operations in Rebero. He moves around in a small armored vehicle, painted dark green at the back and black at the sides. They also found a Unamir vehicle there and a lorry and a pickup truck, transporting Inkotanyi soldiers, the white man’s guards. I think the Inkotanyi did note notice a thing, and that they will be taken unawares, not long from now. People continue to reward the youth, who killed the dirty white man the day before yesterday in Nyamirambo. MBYARIYEHE, the Conseiller for the town, has just sent in the sum of 10,000 Rwandan francs, which I shall hand over to that brave young man. Bravery is hereditary, it is hereditary, hereditary. That is why people say so. But for instance, the soldiers flee from the front and return to their homes with their guns, with other necessary weapons to go and roam about in the community. What is the role of that kind of soldier? Besides, one wonders whether soldiers who become scared when fighting for their country could invade a country by themselves and be capable of taking war prizes. In that event, it would be a serious problem. That is why, to be candid, we should not be daunted; soldiers and the civilian population should not be afraid of fighting for our country, as we may later be called upon to liberate other countries because er…let’s take the case of Burundi. You see how the Tutsis have become intransigent; on the contrary, they have sent the Inkotanyi to eliminate us together with our children and relatives. If they continue to behave in that way, to the extent of preventing a Hutu President from ruling the country, whereas he is rubanda nyamwinshi, that is understandable. If Museveni is assisting the Tutsis, there will surely be a Museveni in Rwanda to aid the Burundi Hutus across the border. There is no question that when we would have crushed the Inkotanyi from here, we would go to teach a lesson to those in Burundi, after which, we would ask them for news. Thus, the administration would function as it should, and the rubanda will make their presence felt.

May I now read you the press releases, your announcements… announcements by…

20.5 minutes

Speaker: Valérie BEMERIKI, Journalist for R.T.L.M.

Er…by Ananie NKURUNZIZA, giving you the state of affairs in Rugenge. Here in Kigali, you would recall that since the day before yesterday, when I told you that Kagame went, went to Murindi in Rubungo commune and spoke with General AMIDOU, DALLAIRE’s deputy …

20.8 minutes

…but another purpose for the mission was especially to gather the few Utunyenzi [junior Inyenzi] who may have managed to escape death, and issue fresh instructions for them to launch so-called decisive attacks to take the capital of Kampala, meaning Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. That is how they complicated the situation: they complicated matters, by attempting to launch attacks against several neighborhoods on the outskirts of Kigali at the same time. Some started with Nyamirambo, but evidently coming from Rebero as you know. Others in Gikondo are gradually approaching our soldiers’ cannons and guns; they are advancing easily, thinking they are impervious to bullets. Others try, here and there, to cross this or that bridge, in an attempt to destroy the modern bridges we built ourselves.

They precisely want to cross those bridges in order to reach Rugenge and thus create a breach for attaining the town centre. But they found all those places entirely protected, as I mentioned earlier. Yesterday, we told you about the situation in Nyamirambo; and as we speak, fighting is going on, but we can smell the victory of our armed forces aided by the Rwandan youths. You must have gathered yesterday, since many people tune to Radio R.T.L.M., that a youth named KAYIRANGA killed a white man. He valiantly killed a white man, a white man; he killed him over there in Nyamirambo, at the Cosmos, quite near the Café Lion. That is where he killed him; and several other persons were killed and a large quantity of equipment, war prizes, arms and ammunition seized from the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi enemies, whereas several others lost their lives. And…

22.5 minutes

…we found over 200 other persons wounded. Even today, the situation prevails; they knew that in about two days, Kigali would fall into their hands. It may even bode ill to set such a deadline. If their program changes from hours to days, they will end up having months and years as a deadline; one year and then years and years. But they will never succeed in taking the capital, as the experience they had within these two days will serve as a lesson. In Nyamirambo, they died, they lost their lives. If you actually see how they die, you will be sorry for them. People kill those children Kagame continues to send for our armed forces to vent their anger on, because they kill the population. So it is out of the question for our soldiers to spare their lives. You should not stay with your arms crossed, in the face of someone endangering your life; if you are lucky to kill him first, you should react in self-defense.

That is what caused the death of the Inyenzi in Nyamirambo and the loss of substantial material. Therefore, beware of those who claim to be better journalists than the others. They remain in Bujumbura and say there is fighting on mount Kigali, they even claim that they were at the scene, and then announce the taking of Nyamirambo. One would of course say that they only know mount Kigali and Nyamirambo. And then they think that only a small part of the capital remains to be taken; but the talking has been going on for months on end. They declare that there is just a short distance left to take the capital.

But this has been going on for months on end; there has been much talk about the short distance left to reach Kigali; but even as we speak, they still sing the same song. This makes us wonder when they will get there, as our side is in fine mettle and they will never attain their goal.

Thus, the situation in Nyamirambo is critical, and until now, we continue to crush the Inyenzi, killing several of them.

24.2 minutes

At the same time, they leave behind material. You must have heard of the filthy white man who commands them in Rebero. He goes about in a vehicle with the front part painted green. A filthy white man, with a bushy beard; one would even say there is a Unamir vehicle, always parked in Rebero. To tell the truth, you notice that the Inyenzi are aided by Unamir in the fight into which the Inyenzi have dragged us. Otherwise what would a Unamir vehicle be doing there? The fact is that the vehicle is transporting ammunition supplies to them. You realize that Unamir played a major role in this war and in…The role I am talking about, is that Unamir openly supported the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi without taking the other party into account…Unamir failed to take account of the other party to the conflict, especially owing to DALLAIRE. No other person but DALLAIRE continued to do so.

The situation in Gikondo is very interesting, in any case for Rwanda, for our armed forces; it is regrettable for the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi, so much so that they have started losing their heads; even their Radio station has gone haywire; they are desperate, confused and at a loss what to do. They scream to whoever wants to listen that they are going to assemble their members, but we wonder who the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi members are. In any event, in our country, Rwanda, the members who are aware of belonging to that group have been told to join the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi ; but what we know is that we are precisely fighting against that umwanzi, whoever he might be.

In Gikondo also, the population, in collaboration with the armed forces, with the armed forces in the vanguard, have defeated the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi in Gikondo, where they had concentrated their forces by the…

25.7 minutes

…S. G. M., at the Zaïrian School. The population also chased them away from the market and some of them lost their lives; as we speak, those who escaped death are being hunted by the armed forces and our population, saying: “We shall continue hunting them down until we catch them and then crush them!” Imagine those people who have just gone for days without food, left to their own devices on the hill. The morale of the armed forces and our population is high, as they are precisely saying: “We are fighting for our country,” whereas, if you examine the situation closely, you would realize that they are fighting for absolutely nothing, nothing at all. If they had agreed to comply with the Accords, be it the cease-fire Agreement that they recently signed in Tunis or the Arusha Accords signed earlier, perhaps if they had respected them, they would not be dying in this atrocious manner. Kagame, Kagame who is over there in Kampala without any problems at all, whereas they continue to die atrociously, while commenting on what is making them go through. Although they are boasting that it is a question of liberating the country, on the contrary, they are risking their lives, because our country is free, and has never lost that status. And there is not a single Rwandan, a genuine Rwandan of Rwandan origin, who has been excluded from the management of his country’s heritage. You will understand promptly that it is a pretext by just a tiny group of Tutsi extremists who are out to capture power. But at this moment, they have not yet understood; I wonder when it will dawn on them; meanwhile they continue dying like ants. When you see how they die, how the bodies are strewn all over the ground, how the bodies are kicked, how they are crushed in the streets, everywhere, you realize that the Inyenzi are truly devoid of intellect. They do not know what the human body is like. You notice that the Inyenzi is a desperate man, he is…

27.3 minutes

…therefore, be it at Gikondo or Nyamirambo, we know very well that those places are under our control; we have confidence in our armed forces and things are going according to plan. We shall next talk about the situation in Rugenge; as I told you before, in Rugenge the Inyenzi actually targeted the Sainte Famille, meaning the refugees in Sainte Famille— the displaced persons from Gisozi. The Inyenzi suddenly invaded those refugees, stabbing them with bayonets, and torturing them before putting them to death. Others were grievously wounded. They then picked out the Tutsis from the lot and escaped taking them along. It is alleged that they took away 600, but it would appear the real figure was 1,450. The Inyenzi-Inkotanyi had in fact come up, as we rightly pointed out, to capture the town. They came up through the Sainte Famille way, and took the roundabout here, and then climbed straight up to take the presidency, Radio Rwanda and the military headquarters.

But when they were precisely at the roundabout, they found the armed forces firmly entrenched in their positions, together with the entire population. So they were thrashed to such an extent that they regretted having ventured to attack. When those bringing up the rear saw that those in front were in a pretty tight spot, they fled and went to take it out on the refugees. That is how so many corpses were strewn at the roundabout at the peak of the fighting. That is the reason why the Major General was heard telling you so, as the population had spent the whole day of yesterday burying the bodies of the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi. Thus, the ones who escaped death during the battle are the very ones who craftily went to attack the persons taking refuge in the premises of the Sainte Famille School, south of the Roundabout, whom they killed with bayonets leaving others wounded. Those refugees were displaced persons from Gisozi. Some of the attackers went to free the people in Saint Paul Centre and some others from Sainte Famille. Of course, they left with some of those people they freed. You understand…

28.8 minutes

…that they took away about 1450 persons, but it is alleged that they arrived with 600. So, one can only infer that …the idea was to take this town. In fact, the others were trying to cross over our modern bridges to proceed to Kinamba, south of Rugenge sector. They made a dash for Gisozi and reached there since the day before yesterday or last night and even today. And their target is Rugenge sector. As I explained to you, they sought to reach the town. So they crossed at that location, but they found our national armed forces as well as the entire population of Rugenge sector and all youths on the alert. They really found them quite unwavering, so they could not find a breach through which they could pass. Consequently, they precisely fell under the control of our men, who together with the youths crushed them. You know what we mean by crushing, they are being crushed on the Kinamba Bridge as we speak. If you go there, you will be amazed by what you will find there. You will find corpses of the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi and this drove home the fact that ail was finished for them. So they fled, chased by the population until they disappeared. Afterwards the population said: “We shall chase them until we catch them and kill even the few who are left in the fields, and the others must take note, wherever they might be.”

Thus, the frenzy with which the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi launch attacks, decisive attacks, using the whirlwind tactic you know very well, precisely serves no purpose. It is of no use to them, to the extent that they are surely running, fleeing now; of course, we know what Kagame has in store for them when they reach the other side. Kagame will of course deal with them; he will certainly decide their fate. In most…

30.3 minutes

…cases, Kagame of course says: “Let our soldiers advance, kill those who retreat.” That is how the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi attacks are; even if we fail to find them in order to give them what they deserve, Kagame himself will kill them, as it is the rule. But the population says: “No, impossible! We shall hunt them down,” adding: “If Kagame likes, let him come.” Let Kagame come, as they say. It started on the 7th, when he woke up, it was the night of the 6th; people said he was going to punish the Presidential Guard. He of course said that he was coming to slap them; but our country’s armed forces told him to come personally and they would show him how they intended to flog him and make him never dream again of attacking Rwanda. They told him to remember that Rwanda is never attacked; on the contrary, Rwanda attacks.

Well, we have heard about Kagame, we have heard about him. It is said that he has become invincible; well, if he is invincible, let him come! If he is scared and says once more that he is coming to slap the armed forces of our country, he has been invited to do so. If it is true that he is invincible, if he is a man capable of doing so, let him come, as he has been invited to do. They are not scared of him. The armed forces have just demonstrated that they are not afraid of him. Let him actually come. The soldiers say: “Let him come. We shall whip him on the little backside you know.” Precisely, only a beating would make him understand. So we are waiting for Kagame at the invitation of our armed forces requesting him to come for a confrontation. Let him stop treading stealthily, stealthily here and there; and if he is invincible, it is unworthy of him to hide. He should walk with his head high as RUKOKOMA said; but I think that it is very difficult for them to walk with their head high, because all is over with them. That is why Kagame is moving around stealthily, back slumped, looking for people to take him wherever they like, especially under the protection of Unamir…

31.7 minutes

…sometimes they say he is in Murindi, in Rubungo commune, precisely in the Kigali Rural prefecture and sometimes they say that he got there, and so you see how confusing it is. Here, in a nutshell is the situation on the front, but it is in Kigali. Elsewhere in the Rulindo OP’s, we do thank the Chief of Military Operations for the manner in which he behaved and continues to behave, while working in the service of his country. It is a zone where I have been…I told you so and I even made you listen to the reaction of the population. I personally saw how the Chief of Operations in Rulindo chased the Inyenzi­-Inkotanyi, large numbers of whom even lost their lives. They even continued right up to Kinihira and found that it was a buffer zone, which in military terms means an area not requiring military operations. However, the Inyenzi move about freely, going wherever they please, moved around killing people after torturing them.

But our armed forces stationed in the Rulindo OP’s, especially their commander, were so courageous that they recovered a large part of the area and as we speak, they are chasing after the Inyenzi. The Inyenzi cannot venture to launch similar attacks knowing that if they dared, our troops with be there, on the alert. I actually went to the locality and observed the manner in which our forces behave there. It is obvious that they are holding out. Instead of people taking liberties to talk about what is not correct, they should go to the field and find out for themselves. I told you to listen attentively to Radio R.T.L.M. Radio R.T.L.M. gives you genuine information, as we do not disseminate what…

33.1 minutes

…we have not ourselves cross-checked. That is what people must understand, those who undertake to sully this or that individual. That is exactly what I say the Inyenzi are doing. When they feel threatened by a person, a person working in their interest, they turn against him and try to sully his name or resort to slander in order to generate conflict especially within our armed forces. People should in fast understand this and refrain from saying this or that. But if several people are saying the same thing, that is when you should turn to the administration to look into the matter and ascertain whether it is true.

But when you observe the Chief of Operations in Rulindo carefully, when you consider the manner in which he continued and still continues to show bravery, not only in this zone but also in Shyorongi where he fought and led the military operations, when the Inyenzi recently blocked that road. He arrested them; he arrested them. I do vividly recall what one soldier who had just returned from there said. He explained to us how the Inyenzi crossed their arms saying that they were there, that they were controlling the area. He said that they could not understand how they moved freely on the road at night, whistling and smoking cigarettes. Within a certain duration, all those people, all those Inyenzi who were there did not know what had happened. They only found themselves on the grounds with several of them dying on the spot. This action, you must realize, was due to the Chief of Operations beside our troops. So those people need to be foresighted or rather go to the locality to learn what the situation is. Credit for all those achievements also goes to our Generals as I said. Credit goes to the Colonels, Lieutenant Colonels and Majors. All those achievements depend on the manner in which our armed officers…

34.5 minutes

…held out in Kigali, our capital. And all that is thanks to our leaders, who deemed it wise to fight for our country, to see that our country does not become a mouthpiece of the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi. The so-called Radio does nothing but broadcast unjustified comments it does not even bother to verify. What they do mean is that, if people are punished for fleeing from the front and refusing to fight for the integrity of their country, it goes without saying, as we have always held, General BIZIMUNGU had such persons in mind in his speech to all the soldiers. Thus, if it is the duty of such persons to fight for the country and they fail to do so, they do deserve punishment.

Another thing you notice on the front is that they are being exterminated. We say this to those who are perhaps not on the spot to see the how Inyenzi-Inkotanyi are being exterminated. That is why the Inyenzi are affected by this and thus decided to use their so-called Radio; they speak over their filthy radio station, they shout, to be more exact, and take the liberty of insulting our Generals, just like KAYIBANDA started insulting General KABILIGI. I am very sure that wherever he is, he is holding out because the Inyenzi are dying in large numbers at the front. In fact they say: “If this continues, our men will perish; let us discourage them and put them at loggerheads with their soldiers, with other national forces and even the Rwandans.” It is with these pronouncements that Louise made such a racket; but that was to no purpose. On the contrary, they should know that in reality, their death is imminent. Where will those people opting to go to the R.P.F. side go, if we win the war? Where will those siding with the R.P.F. go, when it is clear that victory will be ours?

39.3 minutes

Those people who say: “We choose, we choose the R.P.F. side,” should think of what will become of them later. What will be their fate? We do not know, because we are told that they lead such persons away and put them in Hutu houses in this area where the Inyenzi have killed the people or forced them to leave their property. They occupy such houses, but are they going to remain in those houses? It is impossible because the war will soon end and our armed forces will triumph, the victory will be the governments. Those people must leave their property, so must those siding with the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi. Even those are Inyenzi, they are Inkotanyi, and they must also be hunted down as we are tracking down the other Inyenzi as they are also Inyenzi-Inkotanyi. And I noticed that the not serious Hutus are gluttons and therefore married our Tutsi women. It is not for the women to influence them by saying: “Let us go over to the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi side.” In that event, then the Tutsi woman will also be deemed an Inyenzi and the Hutu husband her puppet. She manipulates him at will, ordering him: “Come and let us go to the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi zone.”

Whatever the case, we have often told you that in the absence of proof that a person is Inyenzi or that such person is an ibyitso (accomplice) of the Inyenzi, nobody must touch that person, be he Hutu or Tutsi, or rather Twa. Nobody must…

End of Tape.