Date of Transmission18 June 1994
Name of TapeRTLM/44
SourceU.S. State Department
Prosecution ExhibitP103/29
Name of TranslatorLydie Mpambara
Date of Translation29 August 1997
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R.T.L.M. Tape 0029

Side A

Speaker: Ananie NKURUNZIZA, Journalist for R.T.L.M.

0.2 minutes

They even fired at them using machine guns and “Milou” guns. So, you understand that many residents were wounded, others were killed but they did not leave the battlefield. That is what the Inyenzi called the “displacement” of that population. Instead of that, as Kantano told them, and I think he was right, time has come for the population to assemble with the help of their Army and attack Gisozi and Kacyiru. Because the evil is now there at Kacyiru. One of the guns that fire at them is in the kitchen of Nyirumuringa’s house and another one is in a quarry near the Gendarmerie. So, those gendarmes are near the enemy, if they could descend a bit, they could take care of him. What I should tell the residents is that they should stay bravely at the battlefield instead of packing their things. They should make use of those trenches they have dug. Our country, our town Kigali will soon be liberated as we heard that it happened in other sectors like Nyamirambo where our Army is doing well with the population behind them. With respect to this issue of the liberation and the protection of our town, the population is unhappy about and I think that it is right that we should first talk about our own news before talking of other news. So, they are unhappy with some people, those who are like “the girl that makes the others to be scolded” (literal translation of a Kinyarwanda proverb) who call themselves Interahamwe, who are always riding motorbikes, who spend their days looting, drinking beer, drunk, bothering the population. And they say that they are Interahamwe. I do not remember who told me that the Interahamwe exist and that they have always existed. Still, there were also Abakombozi, Inkuba and they surely still exist. So, why everybody…Except the Interahamwe that every one of us is because we are united. Why should everybody use the pretext of being an Interahamwe to harm the population, the other residents? Those whom we are talking about will for sure recognize themselves. We do not have to mention names but if necessary, we will do it. An Interahamwe, a member of the Republican youth is now at the battlefield in Nyakabanda, in Nyamirambo, in Kimisange, in Gikondo. He is not now at the market ransoming people. Like what those people wrote in this communiqué…Kantano will read it later. They are saying that at some roadblocks, they are ordering people to pay taxes. That is rather an Inyenzi’s behavior, not an Interahamwe’s behavior. I am talking to you, the youth, you have to separate the.wheat from the chaff so that they will not continue to dishonor you. So, the Interahamwe are at the battlefield, the Republican youth is at the battlefield, they are not busy looting. I have always told you that after looting…The really bad thing is that when looting, you use the gun we have given you to fight and in the evening, instead of participating in night patrols, instead of spending vigilant nights to prevent those Inyenzi from infiltrating, yon guard the room in which you are keeping the stuff you have looted. If you do so, there is no difference between you and an Inyenzi.

3.3 minutes

On this your radio, we told you that the night before fast night the Inyenzi attacked people who had sought refuge in St: Paul and St. Famille: Let us recall that there were three categoriesof people there: People who were in St. Paul, people who were in Ste. Famille but who were in a locked place. Those two categories were under the guard of gendarmes, this because they were Tutsis and feared possible aggressions. Another category of many people who came from Kagugu and Gisozi sectors was at Ste. Famille School. And when those Inyenzi carne to liberate …Of course, you understand whom they were coming to liberate. They liberated their people and they attacked those of Gisozi with knives. We told you this yesterday. Because we went to the Red Cross Hospital and we saw that actually. We should use that commonly used Kirundi word …We noticed that they have killed them savagely (he uses the Kirundi verb “kugandagura”). We left dead corpses there. So, we said that normally, foreign radio stations should condemn this bad action of Inyenzi. However, the French radio station to which we listened this morning rather put that Inyenzi’s action down to the courage of Kagame who allegedly liberated people field hostages. So, as we have always told you …This war we are waging is particularly made more complicated by those foreign radio stations which sharpen disagreements between people. When a Tutsi kills a Hutu, they consider it as a normal thing and when the Hutu defends himself, they say that Hutus have exterminated Tutsis. They are not helping us to wage this war like that. If they really want to condemn, they should condemn any bad action committed by anybody. So, an action like Kagame’s should not result in saying that he accomplished an act of bravery especially that among people he took …They were actually many but it was reported that 600 of them got to their destination. However, in the numbers given to us yesterday, it was said that he took some 1,450 people which means that those who did not reach there were left behind on the way, some were recuperated by the residents when fleeing and he killed some others on the way because obviously among them were some few Hutus whom he killed on the way.

Another piece of news concerns Bernard, the leader of the “Médécins sans frontières” who once came here and were especially famous for their association with homosexual prostitutes. We knew this but we kept silent about it because we did not want to disparage them, hoping that since they were doctors, they have come to help us. But their leader Bernard is now asking for a tribunal of the “Nuremberg tribunal” type that judged Hitler and his accomplices to be set up. Before continuing with what he said, let us remember that at the beginning of this war, the “Médécins sans frontières” fled and showed less courage than the International Red Cross agents led by Philippe Gaillard who stayed here and helped the Rwandans during these difficult times. However, that white man …those people who claim to know everything came here but went back when seeing that they could not tope with the situation. So, it is he who said that a tribunal to judge people who killed others should be set up. We often said this …Maybe when you hear about people who killed others of whom white men are talking about …They just want to protect Tutsis and nobody else. We often explained that all this was brought by that group of Tutsis since 1990, February 1993 and not long ago in April. So, those are the killers. When they threaten us with the setting up of tribunals …They do not know that it is we who want tribunals to be set up. We want tribunals to be set up, even if they are not international tribunals. We want those tribunals to judge that group of Tutsis and their Hutu accomplices like Twagiramungu. He should not think that we have forgotten him. And Kanyarengwe who was talking on the Tutsis’ radio…

8.0 minutes

…should not think that we have forgotten him. When we win this war, we will sentence all those people, it is inevitable. That Bernard too …it is the first time that a doctor asks that they should send soldiers and ammunition to Rwanda. I do not know…Maybe for him, the objective of those troops must be the protection of Tutsis. Still, even journalists were surprised, saying that it was the first time they hear a doctor asking for ammunition.

In the past days we heard from some radio stations that doctors of “Médécins sans frontières” arrived here. If they are here, that means that they are surely behind Inkotanyi lines, looking after their wounded people. So, they did not come to treat Rwandans. Now, they are treating Ugandans, Somalis who are fighting by the Inkotanyi’s side. They are treating those whose nationality could not be determined, those whose pictures we look at and cannot determine their origin. If the “Médécins sans frontières” stars to show such behavior, we should leave them apart. We will never again be mistaken about who our friends are.

The Inyenzi’s radio continued to condemn the French, saying that it did not want them to set foot here. But that does not really worry us because the French are waiting for the U.N. authorization to come. And the U.N. Security Council is to convene soon to take that decision, so that French can come. So, if it takes a decision, I do not know if the Inyenzi will refuse it. Inyenzi are saying that they do not want the French …Let us stress that the U.N. Secretary General Boutros Ghali has agreed with the coming of the French. Let us also say that even the Belgians agreed with that initiative except that they said that they cannot set foot here for obvious reasons. Let us also stress that Italy even agreed to send its troops, Senegal agreed to send its troops and USA President Bill Clinton agreed with the French initiative. So, the Inyenzi are just threatening…Their spokesman is a certain Bihozagara who does not know anything about what is going on here. That is it.

That Inyenzi’s radio also continued to condemn our neighboring and sinter country Tanzania that is allegedly supporting the Interahamwe. Let us recall that the British radio station had accused Hutu refugees who are in Benako camp in Ngara district of attacking the residents, of killing people. But sine those Hutu refugees fled alone, whom are they aggressing? Are those Hutu refugees attacking local residents? That was rather a stratagem used by Inkotanyi through their accomplices in the media in order to have some Hutu Rwandan refugees arrested like Bourgmester Gatete …However, Brigadier General Alexander Mohammed, the leader of Ngara district denied those allegations about Interahamwe and the residents. He said that he did not know anything about that. So, the Inyenzi are telling Tanzania that it should not get involved in Interahamwe matters but that it should rather ease the return of Rwandans. What we should say …It is an agreeable piece of news, Hutus of that Benako camp are said to …This is said by Inyenzi but it is normal …Sa, those residents have started to assemble in order to get ready to come back to their country when the time of liberation will come. Those Inyenzi who are in Kibungo and their accomplices as we have been saying it should be wary. In some areas occupied by the Inyenzi, even the Bourgmestre of Muhazi told us this, some people proved to be overzealous and pointed fingers to others and now, they are the first to help them [Inyenzi] to harvest the crops of the residents who fled. So, those should know that when the residents come back, they will meet with the same face as the Inyenzi and will go together where they had sent those residents.

11.0 minutes

Another frightening piece of news from Kenya that I heard on the French radio station…Residents of Kenya who live on the Banks of Victoria Lake. That region’s inhabitants are fisher people named Basamya and Bajyaruwa. They refused to eat Tilapia fishes from Victoria Lake because those fishes fed on the flesh of Hutus whom the Inyenzi threw into Akagera River which finally took them into Victoria. That was said that many Hutus were killed, almost a hundred thousand of them. They went flowing in the river and were eaten by fishes. So, the residents said that they cannot eat fishes fed on human flesh. Nutritionists tried to explain to them that these fishes will not harm them but the residents refused, saying that they cannot eat fishes that fed on human flesh. So, you understand that the residents of Kenya respect humankind, that they are still afraid of a human dead body unlike those Inyenzi who pierce people’s eyes and pregnant women’s wombs.

The Belgian newspaper Le Soir accused the French soldiers who were present here when this war started of having shot down the airplane of His Excellence the President of the Republic of Rwanda General Habyarimana. That is unbelievable. It is like that wicked and ironic neighbor who sees you going to bury somebody and says that you are going to soak crops. We know who killed our people. They were killed by Belgians with the assistance of Inyenzi and their accomplices and not by anybody else. We know about those misleading tricks. We should rather associate this with what they say that blood brings bad luck. So, if they are starting to accuse people. Did the Belgians carry out an investigation and then, that newspaper Le Soir discovered the assassins of the President of the Republic of Rwanda? No, it is rather the blood that starts to bother them, to backfire against them.

The last piece of news is about the football match between Germany and Bolivia in the World Cup. That match took place in Chicago, in the Illinois State. It is reported that not many people watched it. They were almost 64,000. It is even suspected that most of them were not American citizens, but had rather come from Europe in Italy, from Africa in Morocco and elsewhere. So, the American citizens are not interested in football at all. Last Lime, I told you that according to pools, 70% of them did not even know that the World Cup will be played in their country. This match between Germany and Bolivia ended with two goals of Germany against one of Bolivia. That is the end of today analyzed news. Let them play some music for you.

Songs praising the Rwandan Armed Forces.

Speaker: Kantano HABIMANA, Journalist for R.T.L.M.

…R.T.L.M., your radio broadcasting from here in Kigali. We greet all our listeners, wherever you are. We will praise our Army …We will praise them. So, when the Inkotanyi come with obsolete weaponry they picked up from anywhere …People and even wizards told them lies that they should go …[interruption]

The remainder of this side is blank.

Side B

The beginning of this side is blank.

From 4.6 onwards there are broadcasts of an American radio station from Washington. Near the end, the voice of Valérie Bemeriki can be indistinctly heard overlapping those programs.

Speaker: Valérie BEMERIKI, Journalist for R.T.L.M.

31.0 minutes

…Inyenzi are telling them lies and those radio stations talk about things they do not know. Inyenzi went there at St. Paul and took people …They first said that they had taken 1,500 people but as Ananie told you there were three categories of people: those who sought refuge in St. Paul and of different ethnic groups, those who were at Ste. Famille in a sisters’ convent where they lodge people. They were in a locked compound. Others had come from Gisozi fleeing from the spears, knives, killings of Inyenzi-Inkotanyi but they were not lucky enough because Inyenzi came there and killed them with knives and wounded others. Almost 100 people were killed and others wounded. Those who had sought refuge there in St. Paul compound …We are saying this because foreign radio stations are broadcasting wrong things …I want to remind you of this … They stole those people and took them. There were some Hutus among them. However, on their way, those who did not want to go in R.P.F.’s zone turned back …But we should be careful with those people who are turning back …The reason why they are turning back …If they are really of us or if they are Inyenzi-Inkotanyi who are misleading people. So, they say that they took 1,450 people but in fact only 600 got to Kacyiru from where they took them to Kabuye. They took them to the sugar factory of Kabuye and then, a vehicle would come to pick them up. Indeed yesterday they were still waiting there at Kacyiru. One group had left and the second group was waiting to be taken to Kacyiru (maybe she means Kabuye) However, foreign radio stations broadcast that Inkotanyi …You heard their lies that they came firing at soldiers and they said that 10 people died while we know that Inyenzi-Inkotanyi killed more than 10 people with knives …They padded along silently, they surely crawled like snakes to reach the place where those people were. They come barking …We knew that usually they came while driving cattle in front of them …Then, the cows are killed and the Inyenzi continue to advance. They also come barking like dogs. The day before yesterday, we heard them meowing like cats or crowing. Now, they are snakes, they come crawling so nobody can know when they arrive. So, they arrived there, took those people and killed others. However, those radio stations claimed that they killed la people while we know that they were a larger number than that. And they claimed that they took 3,000 while we know that they were actually 1,500 and that not all of them got to their destination, only 600 people arrived there. And more than 600 of them turned back because they did not want to go in Inkotanyi’s zone. Here, they also lying that children were killed in that compound …They are saying that some 60 children were killed there. However, those who were killed there were those Inyenzi who infiltrate places where people are gathered. With knives as they killed those who were at Ste. Famille, that is how those 40 people…Most of them were men, there was not any child or woman or girl among them. Most of those killed by…

33.7 minutes

…Inyenzi are 40 men whom they selected from those people at Ste. Famille. As [inaudible], that is a sign that those 40 people were also killed by the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi. So, they were not 3,000 as they are claiming. Then, the Inyenzi are saying that those people were sequestrated in those buildings and that they came to liberate them. The Inyenzi should know that they are not cleverer than anybody. We said this …The handing over operation in order to help them to go in the zone of their choice. That had been initiated by Unamir which was transporting them. Those who went to the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi’s zone would go peacefully and would not met any obstacles on their way but those who would come to the Rwandan government’s zone would be fired at and bombed at by Inyenzi. Some of them even died. You remember this that even Unamir had stopped that operation because of those Inyenzi-Inkotanyi’s criminal acts. Now, they are claiming that they could not continue to watch quietly people being field hostages…That Unamir failed to have them liberated and that they came to liberate them. This was broadcast by Bujumbura radio. So, they think that it is an act of bravery. But it is not. They were rather conducting their usual attacks attempting to capture the capital. And when they failed in this, they got shameful and went to steal those people. However, when stealing them, they aimed at exterminating Hutus and everybody among those people who did not share their opinion. So, that is what happened. And those people were not hostages as you know it. They went to that place because they judged it safe, waiting for their situation to become clearer. That is what happened. They went there …And Unamir had even restarted that operation of transporting them to where they wish to go …When they went there to transport them, they saw that last night the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi had done that unspeakable act …I remind you that even the Préfet of Kigali urban prefecture explained that they had an arrangement and he said: “We arrived there and were puzzled. The unspeakable things done by Inyenzi-Inkotanyi last night are not clear.” So, you understand …Before shouting, radio stations consider the real situation. They continued and said that a militia was seen …They often call it a Hutu militia. That it was going to kill people who are in Mille Collines. I think that yesterday I gave you explanations about this because I was coming from there. We gave enough explanations condemning people who use names. Yesterday, Unamir soldiers present there told us that they were Interahamwe but those radio stations talked of Hutu militias. However, that took place right after the events of St. Famille.

So, we do not doubt that it is the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi who came there at Mille Collines intending to carry out the same operation as at Ste. Famille. We also condemned people who use the name of Interahamwe to commit atrocities such as thefts, to aggress people, lying that they are Inyenzi while there is not any evidence whether they are truly Inyenzi or Inyenzi’s accomplices. So, you see that those people have a double objective. They want to kill people so that they can foot their things.

About this point of looting, many people are keeping on phoning us, talking of authorities who are working with those gangs. We really do not know what to do. I remember that we talked of this the day before yesterday and now people continue to talk about this. For instance, Nyakabanda sector is much talked of …Even now, people are phoning. I received three phone calls about the unspeakable acts that are being done in Nyakabanda sector. Young men are looting houses of people on the pretext that they are accomplices or Inyenzi. They use that pretext and say that they are going to search their houses …When they arrive there, they attempt to kill those people in order to loot their property. They also say that the Conseiller of…

37.1 minutes

…Nyakabanda does not do anything to prevent this. He rather helps them. He sends them and they load things in vehicles and take them away. This thing …I know that this Conseiller came here at R.T.L.M. the day before yesterday. Nevertheless, I did not hear him denying anything. But this. I do not know …If people continue to phone and if we receive five calls saying the same thing about the same people …That is not understandable. So, the Bourgmestre of Nyarugenge should take cane of this matter, and see what is going on in Nyakabanda sector.. People are complaining about others, even about the Conseiller. We do not know whether he is innocent or not. However, when we hear about such news, we inform the concerned authorities or organs so that they can verify if that is true or if it just rumor. Because everybody is saying that such practices are common in Nyakabanda sector. It is even reported that this especially happens at “Tapis Rouge” behind the stadium, and that it is mostly done by workers of the Nyamirambo market in Nyakabanda sector. They go in houses of people they suspect to be accomplices, load stuff …Sometimes, those people can even lose their lives. Se, we request from the commune ‘s and prefecture ‘s authorities to look into that matter because they are continuing to accuse an authority, a Conseiller …We cannot know for sure what this is about. But since many people continue to talk about this. Still, they did not give any piece of evidence. Except one lady they said they wanted to attack, saying that they found an Inkotanyi’s radio with her …But we never saw that radio. They did not even arrest that lady with that radio so that they could have said that they caught her with it …We just heard that they caught her with it. But they never produced that radio …That is what we always say that we should not attack people for no reason. If somebody is caught red-handed, they should bring him along with the evidence …The administration is there, let us not despise our administration. We know that our administration is really running well. So, if those people are caught red-handed and brought along with the evidence, we think that measures must be taken against them. But people should not act like that, one here, another one there …and then, continue to spread that story ail over while the truth is still to be found out. We ask higher administrative authorities to examine what is going on in Nyakabanda sector, what is being said about that Conseiller, so that they can tell us the truth.

That is what was said on radio stations …Especially that some people interfere in jobs that are not theirs…Like Bernard the leader of “Médécins sans frontières” who insisted on the quick establishment of tribunals …We do not know if he does not have patients to treat …But we know that there are patients and wounded people whom he should look after instead of interfering in political problems of the country …He should just do his job of treating people. He is really exaggerating …For him, soldiers and ammunition should be sent to our country. He seems to have abandoned his medical job. He rather seems eager to take a gun and ammunition and be one of the French soldiers who are supposed to come here.

You heard that the French troops are actually coming, that the international community showed its support concerning that initiative. They will come to help the needy people Rwanda as they explained it. That initiative is good. Indeed, it is not because we did net like them that the French left. It is the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi who continue to bother them, asking for their departure. Even now, they continue to shout that they do net want the French to come. They are really worried. And their concern is understandable. They realize how we have given them a hard time and can see that their condition will get worse with the arrival of the French. Anyway, the French may come

41.1 minutes

After we have finished off everything especially that the chief of staff told us that the equipment is now available. So, we have to do our best and work hard so that the Inyenzi will not continue to kill our people.

A news item that was also talked of concerns the Rwandan refugees who are in Tanzania in Ngara district. When the Inyenzi cannot find anything to broadcast on Muhabura radio, they talk of things they do not know. Like Louise Kayibanda who said: “What is the Rwandan Armed Forces’ reason of fighting?”. (Laughter) …What is Louise Kayibanda talking of on that Muhabura radio? Why is she saying such things? …(Laughter) … The Rwandan Armed Forces know why they are fighting. She does not know what she is talking of into Muhabura radio’s mike, on that so-called radio station. She should not think that she is the one to advise our country’s Armed Forces. They know what they have to do. They know that their aim is to defend the sovereignty of our country, to defend the Rwandans. That is what they are doing. And they will continue to do so as long as they will be under any threaten. They will do their best to defend themselves, to defend their country. The same thing for those Interahamwe …All the refugees, all the Hutus are now called Interahamwe. The Inyenzi-Inkotanyi call them Interahamwe. Now, they are accusing them of having aggressed and killed the Tanzanian citizens. They are accusing the Interahamwe. However, we know that some of those Interahamwe were put in jail …So, did they escape from prison in order to kill? We know that one of those detainees is the former Bourgmestre of Murambi commune, Jean Baptiste Gatete. We know that he is detained. So, how did he kill those Tanzanian citizens? Did he escape from the prison? Did they arrest him again? That is not really clear. We rather think that it is another Inkotanyi’s trick. The Inyenzi-Inkotanyi use their tongue, their words, to attain hidden objectives. Maybe, they want to attack our people who sought refuge in Tanzania and kill them. After, they will claim that those Interahamwe killed Tanzanian residents who retaliated. This issue should be carefully followed. Our people who sought refuge outside the country, who do not want to go in the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi’s zone must all come back. Perhaps it is a good thing that Gatete is in prison …To be in prison is not a good thing but I think that if he were not detained the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi would have killed him long ago. They wanted to kill him even when he was the Bourgmestre of Murambi commune but they could not get him. So, we think that the prison is like a refuge for him, for the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi not to kill him. Because Inyenzi-Inkotanyi are losing now many things …(Laughter) Do you remember how they shouted asking for the dismissal of Kajerijeri, the Bourgmestre of Mukingo commune? But as from what we heard in the speech delivered by the Minister of Information about the newly appointed communes’ authorities, Bourgmestre Kajerijeri was reappointed at the head of Mukingo commune. The Inyenzi-Inkotanyi held a grudge against him and this led to his dismissal as a Bourgmester. The Inyenzi-Inkotanyi have lost. They do not know what to say or to do and talk nonsense.

Another story is about the Belgian newspaper Le Soir edited by a woman called Colette Braeckman. I often told you about her. I told you that she once came here along with some Belgian ministers, allegedly to visit us but in reality to visit their soldiers in Unamir troops. And at their return in Europe, they took their pens and wrote disparaging things about Rwanda. I told you about that. Now, that woman Colette once again took her pen and wrote. She did not know what to write and she wrote nonsense. She wrote that France was involved in the shooting down of our Head of State’s airplane. That is what we sometimes talk of, about misleading tricks.

45.2 minutes

Everybody knows who shot down the airplane of our Head of State. We all know them. We know who shot it down. We know which criminal plans were behind that. So, that woman Colette should not try to make fools of us …That is what I always tell you that they think that they are cleverer but now, we all the Rwandans have awakened. In fact, the French themselves denied that news, saying that they had never had any involvement with that. What we know is that the airplane of the President of the Republic was shot down by the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi, with the assistance of those Belgian scoundrels who were in Unamir. We know all of this. Even irrefutable evidence proved that the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi had a plan through those Belgian scoundrels who were in Unamir because the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi had established their positions in order to attack the capital at any place under the control of those scoundrels. Those were my comments.

Continue to follow the R.T.L.M. radio’s programs. In a while, if George Ruggiu is not here yet, I will read your announcements. I will read them to you waiting for his arrival. That will be at 4:30, in four minutes only …Anyway, if he is not here, I will read your announcements. Continue to listen to your radio, the radio of your choice, the voice of the masses, the R.T.L.M.’s voice.

Speaker: Unidentified

.[inaudible] after more than two months that the enemy attacked us again with the help of Museveni and his Army, with the help of white mercenaries too. I would like to greet you and tell you about ideas on which, in my opinion, we should base our judgment. When attacking, the Inyenzi used the pretext of fighting Habyarimana and his tyrannical regime and bringing us democracy. In spite of the sufficient posts granted to them by the Arusha agreements, they refused and demanded that the Tutsis should represent the majority in the administration. They refused until they killed President Habyarimana and the chief of staff General Nsabimana. Then, Kagame sent his troops into an important attack. So, the Tutsis came along with Ugandans who did not have where to go and suicidal white people claiming that they were coming to liberate Rwanda. They killed. They killed the Hutus. They killed Hutu adults, young men, teenagers, children …They killed women, old women, pregnant women and babies. They said that since they had the good luck of being Tutsis, they had to kill the Hutu gorillas. That is the R.P.F.’s panegyric. They killed bishops…

End of Tape.