Date of Transmission2 June 1994
Name of TapeRTLM/19
SourceU.S. State Department
Prosecution ExhibitP103/20
Original PDF

R.T.L.M. Tape 0020—Extract

Speaker: Valérie BEMERIKI, Journalist for R.T.L.M.

And yet, there will certainly be criticism regarding what must be in this commune, but I’m not saying…There are not many of them; only one person named…a woman named Jeanne. Jeanne is a sixth-form teacher at Mamba, Mamba in Muyaga commune. Jean is not doing good things in this school. Indeed, it has been noted that she’s the cause of the bad atmosphere in the classes she teaches. She had a husband named Gaston, a Tutsi, who took refuge in Burundi. He left, but when he reached the other side, he started to plot against the Hutus of his commune; he arranged their murder through this woman, his wife, Jeanne. He is doing everything possible to launch attacks in Muyaga commune, through this woman named Jeanne, who is a teacher at Mamba, in Muyaga commune. She did not stop at that, she taught that to her students; she urges them to hate the Hutus. These children spend the entire day at that, and it corrupts their minds. We hereby warn this woman named Jeanne, and, indeed, the people of Muyaga, who are well known for their courage, should warn her. You therefore realize that she is a security threat for the commune.