Date of Transmission30 May 1994
Name of TapeRTLM/15
SourceU.S. State Department
Prosecution ExhibitP103/16
Name of TranslatorPénine-Joie Muteteli
Date of Transcription28 February 2000
Duration60 minutes
Original PDF

R.T.L.M. Tape 0016


Side A

  • Meeting between the Government and the R.P.F. chaired by General Romeo Dallaire who the government accuses of taking sides
  • Kantano describes the shelling of the Inyenzi by government forces; Inyenzi are accused of sabotaging the Arusha and Kenya negotiations

Side B

  • Kantano incites the people to go fight the Inyenzi
  • Announcement
  • Ananie recounts the fighting in various areas in Kigali
  • Gaspard Gahigi thanks all those at the roadblock and incites them to go and fight in Gatsata and Kanombe.

Side A

Speaker: Ananie NKURUNZIZA, Journalist for R.T.L.M.

…who is probably in his 50s and spends the whole day in Unamir vehicles with his forehead in the sun. He recounted that, everywhere he visited in the Inkotanyi area, the situation was fine, that children were playing football; that the situation in Kayonza was better than in Kigali. Indeed!

The journalist asked him if the Inkotanyi had done something to organize the population. He responded that he had seen a gathering of some people as if they were having a meeting. He saw some people wearing khaki, definitely R.P.F. soldiers, who were supplying information to be used to fight government propaganda. He was shocked, as a journalist, to discover that there were Hutus and Tutsis at the meeting. Just like the whites, the Inkotanyi could not tell a Hutu from a Tutsi; but when they want to kill, they would check identity cards [inaudible] and then claim that there were Hutus and Tutsis at the meeting held in Kaynza area is not understandable. This was not a journalist but an Inkotanyi propagandiste. This explains why, on our part, we publicly condemn him.

Another thing that he mentioned but which he knows nothing about is that the Hutus are leaving Tanzania and gradually returning to Kinihira area.

We also discussed the O.A.U. summit scheduled to hold in Tunis. The Head of State, His Excellency Dr. Sindikubwabo, will represent us. In particular, this summit will focus on the Rwanda issue which remains a cause for concern. On his part, President Omar Bongo of Gabon stated that Rwanda should be placed under U.N. supervision but I do not know why he is going that far. If that is the case, I believe that his country will suffer the same fate soon. In our opinion, Rwandans should solve their problem. We must bear in mind the Head of State’s message: he always said that it is better to count on yourself because help from someone else always comes late.

Regarding the freedom of our country, let’s free the country without waiting for those coming from the U.N. for we have had an experience with Unamir whose mandate has just been extended until 9 December of this year. Nothing good can come from Unamir. Nothing good can come from the O.A.U.

I have forgotten to mention that the Inyenzi in Tunis have been authorized to attend the summit meeting as invitees of the O.A.U. Secretary General. This is surprising because the O.A.U. Secretary General should not invite people as he pleases! The O.A.U. does not belong to him. It is not his private property. The O.A.U. belongs to all member countries that are, by the way, sovereign. Therefore, he should not invite this group of criminals.

Still on Rwanda, Alpha-Omar Konare, President of Mali stated that it is a disgrace to the whole of Africa that it cannot find a solution to the Rwandan problem.

I would like to conclude with the news about Radio Muhabura, the voice of the Tutsis because in actual fact, they are only talking to themselves, they listen to themselves and clap for themselves. At least, at the time the accomplices existed, before they detested the Inkotanyi, they took pains to listen to them. This radio of misfortune has stated that, this time around, the objective of the Inyenzi is not to take Kigali but to free the entire country.

Obviously, they have not forgotten to take it out on Kantano the R.T.L.M. journalist. I noticed that he is one of the people who scare them. I encourage him and encourage R.T.L.M. to go forward. This time, Muhabura has stated that their objective is not to take Kigali but you will recall that they had planned to take Kigali in 48 hours. However, its been one thousand five hundred and thirty six hours. Have a good day. I leave you with Valerie.

Speaker: Valérie BEMERIKI, Journalist for R.T.L.M.

…thank you, Ananie Nkurunziza. You have just briefed us about the news from radio stations. [inaudible] The Rwandans heard you. They are now aware of the wickedness of the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi, and we have not stopped talking about it. We have been talking about it for a long time, and there is no need to dwell on it. Later on, I will air my view on the matter, though I have talked briefly thereon while informing you of the situation.

Ananie Nkurunziza has explained to us in detail but we will came back to that. Meanwhile, lets’ listen to this song. [Brief silence]


…was held, we were saying this earlier and wondering if this meeting would really hold. We said it would not hold because Unamir representatives who were meant to chair the meeting were still in Nairobi and had not arrived here. We therefore thought that the meeting would be postponed. But that was not true because it was eventually held and chaired by General Dallaire, the commander of the U.N. Forces in Rwanda. The meeting was to look into the cease-fire issue but participants left without achieving anything concrete. However, as Ananie was saying, Dallaire informed foreign stations that the meeting was going on and had yielded positive results. However, he did not state what the positive results were. Moreover, yesterday, the meeting had not concluded. It shall continue today and both delegations will consider together the draft cease-fire document.

Still on the meeting, it was reported that it was chaired by Dallaire whom all Rwandans know. Every Rwandan is aware of his conduct in the country; he was unable to fulfill the mission assigned to him by the United Nations through Unamir which he headed.

We remember that often, he would allow the R.P.F. to win the battle or be in a better position. We recall also that when Unamir made mistakes, Dallaire did his best to destroy the falsehood. Every time it was reported that the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi were taking people to make them undergo military training, that we had given them the C.N.D. to house only a battalion of 600 soldiers in charge of taking care of their superior officers; but that to our surprise the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi brought in many other Inkotanyi and weapons, and that with the connivance of the Unamir Belgian contingent, the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi took up strategic positions from where they could attack the town and war would eventually break out in that town, Dallaire shouted out very loudly: “That is not true, do not say it, those are lies, we have sophisticated weapons capable of detecting men even at night in the dark.” We told him of every situation and shortly afterwards, on 6 April, what we had predicted happened.

Once again, it was Dallaire who chaired that meeting. And in what capacity did he do that? If the situation is closely examined, one would notice that the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi have just lost the war though there are still groups of Inyenzi-Inkotanyi, 5 or 6 at the roadblocks or elsewhere. In any case, it is clear that the Inyenzi themselves are conscious of their defeat. Even Museveni, the great Inyenzi who has pitched the other Inyenzi-­Inkotanyi against us has come to realize that the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi cannot win this war. Now, Kanyarengwe himself has stated that they were not fighting to capture the capital and we remember that statement. Kagame said that in 48 hours he would be at the Rwandan capital. Faced with their failure, they have once again sought assistance from Unamir because the latter had given them something that they did not have a right to by making it easy for fighting to break out in Kigali. They therefore want to use Unamir through Maire who has always supported the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi so that the on-going negotiations will only endorse the conditions imposed by the R.P.F.

On that issue, we shall appeal to our Government, that we have labeled the Abatabazi, not to fall into the Dallaire trap by accepting at all cost the conditions imposed by the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi when they have not accepted ours.

If they accept ours, Rwanda will indeed be divided into two: there would be on the one hand the part that we were talking about controlled by the Rwandan Armed Forces and inhabited by many Rwandans who support them, and on the other, the part inhabited and controlled by the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi strewn with bodies [unclear]

You will recall that during the first phase of the war, people fled the fighting abandoning their property. The Inyenzi then went to Uganda and brought back their refugees whom they settled in that area. That was the objective of the Inyenzi. They want to bring the old and new refugees from Uganda and settle them in that area and then say that it belongs to them, that the area is occupied when in actuality it is not.

The agenda items of this meeting must therefore be carefully studied and the views of both parties taken into consideration. They must look into the conditions imposed by the Inyenzi and Dallaire’s proposition. But we know Dallaire. Let him not set traps for us. It was not even him who chaired the meeting from the beginning. It was another Unamir leader; however as he was unavoidably absent, Dallaire was entrusted with the task. One had to be careful especially as many Rwandans have on several occasions called for the departure of Dallaire. We know that he is responsible for die problems we are currently experiencing for every time he received overwhelming evidence that war was going to break out in the capital, rather than categorically deny this, he allegedly made the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi understand that it was not a good thing.

Therefore, at the meeting, Dallaire should be closely monitored. As a matter of fact, that is another trap. They have realized that the Inyenzi are about to lose and, once again, they want to help by assisting them in finding other ways and means so they can take power in Kigali.

Speaker: Kantano HABIMANA, Journalist for R.T.L.M.

…R.T.L.M., your radio station transmitting from Kigali on a frequency of 106 and 94.

Greetings to all our listeners wherever they may be, Ngara in Tanzania, Burundi, Uganda, Zaïre, Gitarama, Butare, Gikongoro, Cyangugu, Kibuye, Gisenyi, Ruhengeri, Our listeners in Kibungo, here in Kigali Rural and Kigali ville. This morning you are with Kantano Habimana and Jean Ntezimana who have selected music for you as well as all that you need to make your day, 30 May 1994, a pleasant one.

Bomb explosions in Kigali have made the headlines today. I believe the cowards are hiding under their beds. However, the good news is that our armed forces have, very early this morning, at dawn, stuck the Inkotanyi who now have a lot of problems because they are being shelled. Do not be afraid of all these explosions. I have just toured Kigali, which is why I arrived late. Do not be afraid of these explosions.

Last night, the Inkotanyi tried in vain to infiltrate and launch an assault on St. André College in Nyamirambo. For the time being, they are being pursued everywhere in the banana fields. They are running…they have been decimated. The Inkotanyi also tried to enter Muhima. As a matter of fact, a handful of Inkotanyi succeeded in entering the Muhima area but are being pursued. At Gisozi and elsewhere, the Inkotanyi are facing great difficulties.

Do not be afraid of these explosions. It is the Rwandan Armed Forces striking the Inkotanyi. That is clear… you should know… you are now used to the war. You should understand this expression: “these are the people who take the initiative.”

Regarding the explosion, when you no longer hear any bomb explosions in town, then you know that it is the Rwandan Armed Forces launching bombs. I am therefore assuring the people who are scared of this explosion. There is a high caliber weapon called “quadruple” firing one thousand shells a minute. When you hear the sound of the bombs being launched at the Inkotanyi, do not be scared. It is our heavy artillery that fires several shells at the same time. It is true that many people are scared of this weapon but there is nothing we can do about that; when you are attacked, you defend yourself with heavy weapons. You will no doubt see this weapon called “quadruple.” It is a heavy weapon with four cannons, which launches four thousand shells per minute. When you hear it launch the bombs on the Inkotanyi, do not think that it is the latter launching bombs. Rather, it is the Rwandan Armed Forces shelling these cursed Inyenzi in order to exterminate them so that we get rid of them once and for all.

When this was announced, the people of Muhima became scared and said “Oh la la, what is going on?” To those in Muhima, take courage. Nothing terrible has happened. You see that it is day time. Help the Rwandan Armed Forces. Show them where the Inyenzi are hiding, be it in a WC or elsewhere and then give them what they deserve.

Moreover, other Inyenzi are trying to penetrate Mpanzi in smaller numbers. Wherever you may be at Mpanzi be watchful. find out if any of them is hiding there and beat them up before they drown. Besides, the sound of a small gun can be heard in Nyamirambo. As far as this gun which goes off is concerned, you need to understand the tricks of the Inyenzi. They are trying to scare people. This little gun is hidden near Rebero. Therefore it is nowhere near you. However, when it is fired, its tatatatata, which comes from afar, is heard close by and gives the impression that the Inkotanyi are close by. It is a trick. That small gun and its missiles fly across the sky. It is just to scare and to make people believe that the Inkotanyi are in the area. Take courage. The Inkotanyi are not here and, moreover, you will notice a strong Rwandan Armed Forces presence.

Earlier, I went to an area where thousands and thousands of youths were training for combat. They were preparing to join the army. I also saw many vehicles filled with Rwandan soldiers heading for that area…where the firing was coming from.

Indeed, though this small gun could be heard at Nyamirambo, stay in one place. There is no need to go out for a walk, sit somewhere on your terrace and allow this small gun to explode. You will notice yourself that it will not hurt anyone. Once again, it is nothing but Inyenzi-Inkotanyi intimidation. That is the small gun, I think that it is called “milou.” Its missiles explode in the air in such a way that when you are at the foot of a hill, you would hear its explosions. If you are at Nyakabanda, you will hear it. If you are further up you will also hear it. However, it is positioned far from that location. As you can see, it is nothing but an action of intimidation by the Inyenzi. That is the only intimidation method that the Inyenzi use.

As I mentioned earlier, these small Inyenzi tried the night before to enter into Muhima. In any case, exterminate them.

Those of you are the market square where I have just come from, you have noticed that there are refugees in the town. They came from St. Famille church because the Inyenzi-­Inkotanyi, in their usual wicked manner, are bombing refugees who have taken refuge in that church. However, among them are poor Tutsis. It is at this location that those from Kacyiru also took refuge and now the Inkotanyi are bombing this target; a way of covering the shame inflicted on them by the advancing Rwandan Armed Forces. Rather than open fire on the latter, they are venting their anger on refugees in distress. That is why you have been seeing these people carrying bags and mats. There they are near here, at Gakinjiro, they have congregated at Gakinjiro, near the Pentecostal church.

If you see these people from St André, from St. Famille rather where they had taken refuge, do not be like those who when they saw a group of people leave Kanombe immediately packed their bag and baggage and fled. These people are leaving St. Famille because the Inyenzi are firing at them… a real volley of shells. They are seeking refuge further away while waiting… they were giving up the land to the Inkotanyi. (coughs)

Those who see this should not think that this is a disaster and that the explosions they heard were real… I do not know… You should understand that the firing is being done by the Rwandan Armed Forces and that the shells are falling on the Inkotanyi who are dying in droves, to the extent that one is wondering if they will not be exterminated in three days if the Rwandan Armed Forces continue at this pace, especially as the Inyenzi are attacking mindlessly like ants. Nobody can understand them. They are mad. However, Museveni has warned them that none of them will return. He did not know how right he was. They will not come back because, in actual fact, they will be exterminated in a manner that will make…in a pleasant manner as far as we are concerned, but in a ruthless manner for Kagame, alias Kagome.

Another piece of news, other news broadcast by foreign radios is that the government had allegedly fled, that things are bad and that it is chaotic. These French journalists are saying this to assist the Inkotanyi. When the radios broadcast this type of news, the foreigners who assist the Inkotanyi say : “Eh! These Inkotanyi are extraordinary. They are making progress and are going everywhere and have invaded the entire country. However, in most cases, it is nothing but lies. When they say that the Government is on the run, it is a lie.

Who can flee the government? Even when it was installed in Gitarama, it was not that it fled but because it desired to be aloof. Therefore, if they find another location where they can even withdraw further to, they would. And the Inkotanyi resort to lying, saying that they are pursuing the Government when in actuality they are finding an excuse to reduce country to fire and blood. How can they claim to be looking for a Government made up of 18 people and kill thousands and thousands of people? Don’t they know where the 18 people are?

You therefore notice that these rumors are only aimed at boosting the morale of the Inkotanyi by making them believe that they are extraordinary and are making the people flee. That is why you hear radio broadcasts to the effect that Kigali town will be captured when in actual fact the Inkotanyi are marking time. How fast can they go? This is surprising.

Moreover, the Rwandan Armed Forces are preventing the Inkotanyi from stealing our beans stock at Magerwa; in fact, these Inkotanyi are hungry and want to come down the Karambo hill to steal beans. What should one think of people who have come to the country to steal? Deal ruthlessly with them and give them the punishment that they deserve.

What I have being trying to say is that the most important thing to remember is that the explosions can really be heard in town. However, in general, people do not know much about weapons. Whenever you hear a loud explosion in town, it is a shell launched to crush the Inyenzi and not a shell launched by the Inkotanyi. We are the ones shelling so do not say: “They are bombing near here.” Therefore, do not be afraid (smile) …you will only hear the sound close by in town because the shells are landing on the Inyenzi where they are at Kacyiru, everywhere they are hiding, wherever they may be harvesting sweet potatoes and eating cassava. Those rascals! So do not be afraid. Be courageous. Those of you far from Kigali, when you hear explosions, know that it is our cannons striking the Inyenzi so that negotiations that will be held today may take place peacefully as the Inyenzi are far from here.

This is the situation this morning Monday 30 May 1994, R.T.L.M. listeners take courage. Be valiant and fight for our country. The rascals who left Uganda and other locations armed only with pieces of Kalashnikov and obsolete guns should not erase us from our country. That would be a disgrace. We would be banished from other people.

For those requesting weapons, I have just been informed that they are now available. To the youth, continue with the training. Tomorrow or the day after at the latest, you will be provided weapons. We would then go and flush out the Inyenzi wherever they may be hiding. We will free Gatsata and chase out the small Inyenzi there, those cowards. Yesterday, I saw them in a church I do not know what they were doing there. The Inyenzi are indeed suicidal. I do not know if they pray in that church. But how do you pray when you are a band of criminals? They were in a Pentecostal church, the one on the hill opposite us and watch through the windows. Eh…it seems that the country….What are they looking at? Those people are mad. I do not understand them.

When the weapons are available, tomorrow or the day after, we shall fight these Inyenzi and drive them as far as Rusine. And then we shall return to our town.

That is the situation. Dear R.T.L.M. listeners, listen to this piece of music. [Brief silence]

Good day Gahigi [few seconds of silence]

[Instrumental music: “Bene Sebahinzi bararutanze” (Sebahinzi’s sons have sold the country…) Simon Bikindi’s song]

Speaker: Gaspard GAHIGI, Editor-in-Chief of R.T.L.M.

…everywhere that Unamir left them. They are running to Kagugu. They are running to the C.N.D. ruins. They are running to the ruins of a hotel there far… there in Rebero. What have they accomplished? What have they achieved? They believe they can advance…They should advance, nobody is stopping them from doing that. ‘They should come and get themselves exterminated. I did indeed see, I saw youth at a run this morning. I saw a lot of youths running and saying: “Let’s go and beat these bungling idiots. I said to myself the Inkotanyi will all eventually die. They said they will go to Gitarama, that they will go to Cyangugu and where else I do not know.

If everybody, if all the Rwandans, if 90% of the Rwandans can rise like one person against everything that the Inkotanyi represent, they will disappear forever and will no longer think of returning to Rwanda. If they maintain this suicidal behavior, they will completely die out. Think of this yourself: when all these youths would have acquired weapons, for in all the communes everybody is asking for weapons, and that all those people are Hutus; what would the Tutsis who are only 10% of the population do? Even if the call on the refugees, where would they find youths to match 90% of the Hutu population?

I think they are trying to commit suicide. I hope that the negotiations today will result in a cease-fire and that the Inkotanyi will reason this time around and try to establish what they have achieved and eventually conclude that they were not worth much because the fact that they had run to Nyamata, to Ruhango is also a form of suicide.

We have been reliably informed that the Inkotanyi did not leave anyone behind. They all fled: some to Gitarama via Bugesera. What will happen to the Inkotanyi who went to Sake if someone should block the road leading to Rwamagana during a counter offensive? And that is soon to happen. If someone blocks the road at Zaza how will the Inkotanyi who have penetrated the Sake region come out? What will happen to the Inkotanyi at Bugesera? Where will those at Bugesera go? Where will they go? Eh…If not to Burundi. That is the only solution. Running here and there among people who do not want you is suicidal. This also applies to their entry into town.

There are no more accomplices in town. The only people remaining are those who smoke Indian hemp while waiting for the Inkotanyi. Also in the town are the angry soldiers who are saying that this town in Rwanda, the capital of our country, should not be taken because if this happens, the population will loose confidence in our Armed Forces. We would die in this town if necessary. If the Inkotanyi want to go to their death, then they should come. If someone is bent on committing suicide and you do all that you can to stop them, after a while you just leave them to do want they want to do. The international community has not stopped saying to the Inkotanyi “please negotiate for the war has never been a solution to problems.”

-Even World War I ended through negotiations.

-The Vietnam War also ended after negations.

-So did the Angolan War.

-So did the War of Mozambique and everywhere. Similarly, the war launched by the Inkotanyi in 1990 ended through negotiations.

How are the Inkotanyi going to win this war? How are they going to have the upper hand if all the Hutus rise as one man and say: “we do not want Gatutsi children in our country.” What would they do? I pray they listen to the advice that they are given, advice offered by foreign countries. Speaking of advice, this reminds me of the meeting convened by Arap Moi of Kenya to which Mobutu, Mwinyi and the Kamikaze Museveni were invited.

In fact…though there were a lot of Inkotanyi in Nairobi, some things have changed and many had not realized this. The Inkotanyi were unaware of the change. In the past, the Inkotanyi would go to Nairobi and marry around in the Ilotes; however, as my colleague Gaspard Gahigi just said, from now onwards the Tutsis and the Inkotanyi are no longer alone. The Hutus have also taken refuge there. These Hutus talk of the problems from the Hutu point of view. They explain the problem as seen by the Hutus to the extent that the Tutsis are no longer alone there. Even Roger Boh Boh who is currently in Nairobi has not stopped talking to the Inyenzi. He has closely followed the negotiations as well as all the meetings chaired by the President of the Republic some of which did not end until the early hours of the morning. He realized that the Inkotanyi were giving unreasonable conditions.

As for Mwinyi, he is upset. It is unbelievable. He is discouraged because of the large sum of money Tanzania has spent in Arusha pleading with the Tutsi terrorist. He tried to beg them (I remember someone named Tambwe and cohorts) etc and even went to the extent of providing civil servants from his country, secretaries, aviation fuel for the plane requisitioned all the time in order to go, and met with them. However, Mwinyi invited them to Arusha two days ago for talks with him but they declined. They rejected his offer with scorn. They called him an imbecile. I believe that shattered him. Let’s now talk about Mobutu Sese Seko. What did this man not do as a Zaïrian in aid of reconciliation among Rwandans? It’s no good. The Inkotanyi claim that he supports Habyarimana. Why would he favor Habyarimana who personally accepted the Arusha Agreements? Mobutu did a lot during the N’sele negotiations but the Inkotanyi did not cooperate.

Therefore, I do not know if the Inkotanyi will make any impact during the meeting. I do not even know if they would have anything to say on 6 June because they have become inflexible. They have proven to be difficult to both men. They thwarted the efforts of Mobutu at N’sele, Gbadolite and I do not know where. Moi knows how far he has gone with Museveni. They do not see eye to eye. Museveni continues to harass him setting the Kenyan Inkotanyi against him. As for Mwinyi, he is worried. He was treated with scorn, like a fool. He no longer understands anything.

We shall see what the Inkotanyi would say about that. But I really do not believe that they would say anything. Enter into the country of brave men to sow chaos, kill, displace the population, bomb and destroy a town that you have not built and later claim to love that country! That is unspeakable. I do not know what the Inkotanyi would say about this. Let us wait…I know that someone may do silly things and by chance, with the help of God he can begin to see reason.

Let me read the lies they have written me to you. I will start with Appollinare Munyaneza, hunting commando from Rulindo.

End of Side A

Speaker: Kantano HABIMANA

…our “tank” is firmly rooted to the ground and will not move without a reason. It is with the population and associates with them in the war that they are fighting. What I am saying is that it will not easily change position and move here and there. It is a real “armored tank” made of stones. However, it fights alongside the population.

When we move around here and there, we are looking for news. It is untrue to say that we are not sure of what we broadcast. That is impossible. In fact we are actually experiencing it. We are experiencing it. A short while ago, I was driving around the market. People at the market were watching others flee. I asked those fleeing: “Where are you going and where are you coming from?” “We had left Kacyiru to take refuge at the St. Famille church and now the Inkotanyi are shooting us; they are mad. We had left the place for them” they responded. Eh…okay, they are shelling from afar…because they dare not approach St. Famille church. The refugees therefore decided to flee. They took some of their belongings and left. When you see them, I hope you will not shout.

I should also mention that the explosions you heard earlier were from heavy artillery and that the shelling is landing on the Inkotanyi and will crush them. For now, the noise has reduced. I think you can go about your businesses because fearing the Inkotanyi would be like fearing a ghost.

To the people of Ruhango who flee as soon as you talk to them about the Inkotanyi, I do not know what to say to you. We told you a long time ago that the Inkotanyi are human beings like you. Is it really a miracle to hear that an Inkotanyi has arrived? How can you ask if an Inkotanyi who was hit with a club has broken bones, may die, if he screamed, if he is shouting for help? He is a human being like you. Is it normal for someone to come and take your property simply because he is an Inkotanyi ? Is it just the name Inkotanyi that you are running from? If that is the case, how far will you run?

Arm yourself with clubs and arrows and protect yourself. When criminals attack, people arise up in arms and fight. Moreover, when a thief succeeds in dislodging you from your position, you do not negotiate with him saying: “take this and leave that for me.” Not at all! You do not negotiate with a thief. You protect all your property and the thief leaves empty handed.

So then, get up and fight the Inyenzi. They have turned out to be ghosts. The Inkotanyi never attack during the day. Never! They attack at night. It is obvious that this is due to fear. The Inkotanyi are… “every land has its own laws.” These people were indeed trained abroad. They received a bad education. When you offer them hotel accommodation they turn down the offer. They would rather dig trenches. You give them food, you take ready-made meals to them and they say no. They would rather dig themselves for sweet potato roots. They would rather go around carrying fresh beans and dragging goats. These people are indeed strange. Rise up and fight them. I think that they are crazy. Nobody understands them.

Greetings, Warrant Officer Padiri! Bravo. I received your letter. Umm…a while back. How are you? How is your friend Mathias ah, ah! For the time being, they are in Gitarama. However, friendship today is flot like in the olden days umm.

Soldier Gérard Niyonsenga 51st Battalion OPS Byumba ummm You said: “I, Gérard Niyonsenga of the 51st Battalion would like to inform my parents residing in Rushashi that I am still alive and to add that if there is a problem, they should make an announcement on Radio Rwanda or R.T.L.M.

Lastly, a communiqué from the Préfet of Kigali ville. The Préfet of Kigali ville is inviting the youth wing of all political parties represented in Kigali at an urgent meeting to be held at the Kigali-ville Préfecture office this Monday 30 May at 11 a.m. Given the importance of the agenda items, the presence and prompt attendance of all invitees are essential.

That means that later… you still have time, except that public transport is in short supply …the Préfet of Kigali ville is inviting all the leaders of the Youth Wing of all the political parties represented in Kigali to an urgent meeting scheduled to take place at the Kigali ville préfecture office on Monday 30 May 1994 at 11 a.m. Given the importance of the agenda item, all invitees are expected to attend punctually.

Please attend the meeting to obtain information on the prevailing situation. This is the multiparty politics era. Politics is still alive. I am saying this because some people are asking if they can one day attend political rallies when the situation improves.

We will attend but things will not be like before. There would be no more accomplices nor I don’t know what. There would be no more scorning and every body will be Sebahinzi’s son, united and having a common homeland, Rwanda. People will attend meetings and every one will say what they intend to do for the progress of Rwanda with the involvement of the Inkotanyi, without insults…without inciting anyone to “free” the others as if those people have done something bad to you. In short, the meetings will be held peaceably because the accomplices and the words that the Inkotanyi have put in the heads of the people no longer exist. Nobody knows if the Inkotanyi will still organize meetings, but this idea of bringing democracy of bringing I do flot know what is finished. What kind of democracy chases people from their homes! What kind of democracy butchers people and rips open their bellies! What kind of democracy consists in shelling a town with Katyusha and killing people indiscriminately? Whosoever behaves like that is not a democrat. He should think of another lie because it cannot be otherwise. You are still listening to R.T.L.M., your private radio station transmitting from Kigali. Before we continue…

Speaker: Ananie NKURUNZIZA

…Kacyiru gendarmerie. For those who live near by, we want you to know that the explosions which you will hear shortly are from that location. They have been surrounded there. I have heard people say that the Inyenzi will not survive this. In fact, they will not succeed… inaudible … I seize this opportunity to thank the youths fighting at the front: Ruguyekera, Ntwali, Nzarora and others …inaudible…Kiralika, Ramazani and others, as well as those manning the roadblocks, in particular, those who have told me that things are heating up at the Roundabout roadblock. Further clown from this roadblock, the people have risen like one man, that is the end of the Inkotanyi.

As I said earlier…inaudible…some Inkotanyi tried to descend dragging their wounded on the ground, but inaudible … I said that they attacked Gisozi. We have been talking about Gisozi for a long time now; however, I believe that this time around, the National Army will not rest until they go and see what is happening in Gisozi. Some cannons are supporting the Inkotanyi and are firing from Kariyeri and others from the small woods near Serubuga’s house…inaudible… because our high calibre guns have silenced them.

Once again, I must remind you that those Inkotanyi often attack at night. The best weapon against that, I think …inaudible…the best weapon [inaudible] is night patrols …And the round…inaudible

In general, those that the Inkotanyi find napping during their night patrols are the ones who have had problems with them. When you are vigilant, they generally retreat because their attacks only consist in reconnaissance missions. Their approach is different from that of the Rwandan Armed Forces. When the RAF say they would attack on such and such a day, they do indeed attack. Whether you are vigilant or not, they attack, fight and win. When the Inkotanyi come and find you on guard and you fire first, they flee immediately. That was exactly what happened on the 22nd when they tried to flee by crossing Kabirizi in Kabakene cellule. They met vigilant people who opened fire on them. They lost seven men and abandoned everything they had on the spot.

We would come back to that attack later, maybe in the evening after finding out where the attackers are. I would also like to say a word about the Interahamwe. Bravo to all Interahamwe. They should stop taking up their guns and spending time escorting conseillers. A conseiller should not be escorted by five Interahamwe for then we are talking of five guns, five guns allocated for the protection of only one conseiller.

The Interahamwe should not be absent-minded, spending time with only one conseiller, drinking. The Interahamwe should be at the front. I believe that Kantano sees things the same way too. That habit of spending time behind a conseiller should stop so that the Interahamwe may go to the front. Today, I am unable to get the news I am in the habit of bringing to you; I am talking about news from other newspapers. Maybe Kantano has been able to listen to them. Maybe you can bring the news to them. In conclusion, once again, I would like to thank all those fighting fiercely down there. It is indeed hot. Kantano, if you have time, I notice that our editor-in-chief is also here, we can visit Kacyiru. That would enable you to witness the sad fate experienced by the Inyenzi in Kacyiru…inaudible…And broadcast accurate news.

Dear R.T.L.M. listeners, have a good day. See you later.

Speaker: Kantano HABIMANA

Thanks Ananie for the refreshing news, the refreshing news that you have just shared. That noise is from a shell that has just been launched and which will exterminate the Inyenzi. As I have said and continue to say, these people have been cursed by their soothsayer. He has cursed them so they may all commit suicide. And leave no one behind.

I have said that the day the Inkotanyi will enter Kigali ville to see if there is something to take, they will all be exterminated there. And now, they have begun to get themselves exterminated. You may have learnt that they launched an attack, that they walked all night until morning and that everybody saw them. The population and the Interahamwe detest them. Those of them hiding in a ditch were dislodged. The person hiding behind a house, the one who tried to flee are identified and come under fire. The situation is such that one attack on the Inkotanyi can kill about 100 of them. Therefore, they will be exterminated. About one hundred Inkotanyi killed with bullets in one go, you do understand that it is no small exploit. If they continue in this manner, loosing one hundred men per night, there would be no more men, you do understand this yourself. You understand that we are in the process of exterminating the Inkotanyi in Kigali ville. Come and assist us in exterminating them so that the population will be rid of this plague at all cost for in Kigali-ville, we shall exterminate them. There is nothing else to do.

Thank you Ananie for the news. Shortly, we will report on the prevailing situation. We shall give the number of deaths, the number of Inkotanyi that have been killed. Stay tuned to R.T.L.M.

We are not giving you this information to boost your morale nor for fun because the situation is bad. We know what we are talking about and we cannot lie to you. Take a walk and listen to Radio Muhabura, Radio France International and Inkotanyi women such as Monique Mass. Do not believe what they say. Listen to Radio Rwanda instead…which is now like your brother. And then listen to R.T.L.M., your war radio station. Stay tuned.

[Brief silence]

Music: Mwaraharwanye ngabo z’u Rwanda, Simon Bikindi’s song.

Sorry. Ananie was telling you about the fighting down there on the other side, there in Kacyiru near the Gendarmerie military camp. My colleague Gahigi and I went close to these locations in order to assess the situation. The fighting is raging. But….in a minute Gahigi will tell you about it. As for me, you may think that I am exaggerating, but one can never know the objectives of the Inyenzi …inaudible They are either cursed or mad.

Hold on. It was reported that this morning, around 3 a.m. rather, they launched an attack barking like dogs. Some people thought that it was a pack of dogs going somewhere. They eventually realized that it was the Inyenzi for they are well aware of their tricks. At daybreak, they put on skirts, headscarves to pass themselves off as young Tutsi girls though it was the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi. But the fact that we continue to ask questions about these people…but they have just been struck violently. hand over to Gahigi so he can tell you all about this.

Speaker: Gaspard GAHIGI

I have nothing to add, Kantano. I just saw the Inkotanyi running….they were scattered. ‘They were being shelled and grenades were being thrown at them. I must say that nobody has found words with which to describe them. Much later, we shall see how the fighting ended. But the Inyenzi have been surrounded and I believe that none of them in Kacyiru will escape death.

Kantano, I would only like to repeat to our listeners what you are in the habit of saying: “People should not flee.” If the people had fled in Kacyiru, the Inyenzi would have got us. They would have come and moved into the houses of those who fled. However, when they arrived, they found the people in their homes. They found the Interahamwe and the soldiers. I believe their fate has been sealed. The Inyenzi are in the habit of attacking at night. They infiltrate. You heard the testimony of people, that they come barking like dogs. This time around, they were wearing skirts and headscarves. And for this reason that whatever roadblock people are manning, they have to be vigilant They have to carry out serious checks and be careful. People must stop being absent-minded.

Kantano, I would also like to talk on self-defense. Everywhere, people are asking for guns. To that end, I would say that even if our country had a lot of money, even if we receive aid, we would not have enough guns for everybody because the Inyenzi are in the habit of attacking in the night; in my opinion, what counts is cooperation among the people. Those with bows, spears, clubs, catapults must get ready. If one or two people are armed with guns, they must join this group. So if an Inyenzi infiltrates in the night, shoot him with an arrow. He would not know where it came from. If some are armed with bows and others with an arrow and two with guns, they should all be able to defend themselves.

When we talk of self-defense, everybody asks for guns. Most Rwandans believe that guns are the only weapons. Someone may have a spear or a bow, another a gun and others grenades and when the Inyenzi attack, all these weapons combined can be used by everyone as a team. Kantano, don’t you know that people kill buffaloes and lions with spears? Are the Inyenzi stronger than these buffaloes and lions? Therefore, we believe that traditional weapons can be used. Kantano you are in the habit of saying that the Inyenzi are bleeding. I noticed how they bolted in Kacyiru. When one sees the way they are fleeing then one should not be scared of them. They must have serious problems. Our youths have beaten them up ruthlessly in front of the whole world.

In my opinion, people should not be scared. They should not flee especially as the Inyenzi attack at night. As a matter of fact, when somebody flees and an Inyenzi takes over their house, a rocket launcher and grenades should be used to to dislodge them though these are weapons used at the front. Rather than use them to demolish your house, use them to fight the Inyenzi. People should remain in their homes and stop fleeing so that we can really fight the Inyenzi.

Regarding the fighting in that area, I have just met a young man who bas just come from there sweating. saw many bodies. “You would need a mechanical shovel to bury them,” he said. The Inyenzi have just been badly hit. Towards evening, when the fighting would have stopped completely, I hope that won’t be long…for all that is left to kill is the remaining handful of Inyenzi who have begun to escape here and there but they have been surrounded and we can therefore tell you how many Inyenzi will be killed there. As a result of the manner in which they are surrounded, the way they have been shelled and the way they are, running and not knowing where they are going, I believe that no Inyenzi will survive at that location.

Speaker: Kantano HABIMANA

Thank you Gahigi. I would like to come back to the fleeing, the fear of the Inyenzi. In fact, I am aware of what has just happened in Kacyiru and I feel that if the Inyenzi are not careful, they will all perish in this town. We know their tricks: the wearing of skirts etc…If the Inyenzi continue to infiltrate this town, they will die there.

I call on those who have fled the town to return so we can fight the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi. Come and be part of a comic show and see how they run as they escape. This is their end. Come and see a man take off his trousers to wear a skirt in order to disguise and escape and at the same time: he believes that he is extraordinary, valiant, able to bring an end to the war, an exceptional combatant, an Inkotanyi.

Come and see how these people have no other weapon other than intimidation, lies solely to seduce whereas in actual fact they are not capable of doing anything. They are useless. We have used the Interahamwe who have just routed them with stones, clubs, guns, grenades and clubs. The Inyenzi have just been taught the lesson that they deserve. You will therefore agree with me that it is a welcome move.

Remain vigilant at the roadblocks, wherever the Inyenzi are. Greetings to those who man the roadblock. As you know Gahigi, around 7 p.m. yesterday, we visited various neighborhoods including Muhima and Cyahafi to assess the situation. Every where that we went, people were hiding in holes or elsewhere. Initially we thought that there was nobody about; however suddenly, people began to come out of hiding with spears and other sharp weapons. I saw weapons with handles which looked liked machetes. I do not know if it was used to hit people in the neck. At Cyahafi, everywhere we went, the situation was good. At Nyamirambo, be vigilant, no Inyenzi must chase us from this town.

Speaker: Gaspard GAHIGI

Yes. Kantano, you have reminded me of something. Yesterday evening, we did indeed show that we are not afraid. We toured the town at night in order to assess how the people were manning the roadblock and how the checks were being done. I insist on thanking all the people that we found at those roadblocks during the night. As we left Muhima, we could hear gunshots but when we arrived at Mutwe’s house close by at the roadblock, the people we found there were aware of the news. They were on guard and said: “We learnt that the Inyenzi have opened fire at Giticyinyoni. We are vigilant and will not allow any Inyenzi through.” When you see how these people man their positions, you will indeed realize that no Inyenzi can go through.

I take this opportunity to thank the people at the roadblock and still support the idea advanced by people requesting weapons to go and free Gatsata and Kanombe. I feel that if traditional weapons and guns are put at the disposal of the youths of Byumba, Ruhengeri and Kibungo, they could assist the Armed Forces and fight in the countryside. Additionally, we know that there are not many Inyenzi. These youths will therefore fight alongside the Armed Forces. The war will be decisive and the Inyenzi will be defeated in the areas they said they had conquered. The population can go there and fight them. The youths can go and fight alongside the Armed Forces.

In my opinion, it is time to change the strategy used in fighting the Inyenzi so that the war may be decisive, so it may become what the French call a “guerre total” (total war). Everybody will take part if we really support our armed forces and our youths, an incapable citizen could cook for the youths and the soldiers. The soldiers would get down to work fighting the Inyenzi wherever they may be in the country rather than continue the old practice of supplying food to the armed forces inaudible Let them cook for themselves. Who will supply the Inyenzi with food? Kantano, we have discovered the Inyenzi strategy. They are in the habit of attacking when the harvest is ripe. As they go by, they eat maize, beans which they cook. This strategy is not difficult to adopt. We too can cook, really fight the Inyenzi. We will see what happens to them in the end.

Speaker: Kantano HABIMANA

You are right Gahigi. I think we must prepare to fight. I am still against the cowards. As for those who flee, when they arrived in Gitarama and learnt of the arrival of the Inkotanyi, they proceeded to Kibuye. At the sound of the footsteps of the Inkotanyi in Kibuye, they threw themselves in Lake Kivu. They must come back so that we can exchange views and agree on what is to be done. We must help one another. If someone asks you for tobacco, give it to him. If someone asks you which road to take in order to follow the Inyenzi, show him and surround them. In short, we must fight them. We have realized that they have no strength. They too have a lot of problems. I do not believe that all the roads that they took are good. Some of them have been destroyed. I do not know if they still have food supplies. But then they arrived during the planting season. They eat cassava and other types of food. These people have indeed been cursed. They are given food, supplied with rice but reject that and nibble maize and ear raw peas.

All of this proves that the Inyenzi cannot do anything. Everything that they say is untrue. We must fight them to the end. If they want us to exterminate them as Museveni has told them, we would do so. If on the contrary, they want to calm down, go on their knees and call us brothers we would accept them. Forgiveness may be possible. They have caused us a lot of pain. They should ask for forgiveness before it is too late. You are still listening to R.T.L.M., the private radio transmitting from Kigali. It isf minutes to eleven. [Brief silence, music].

End of Side B