Date of Transmission:28 May 1994
Name of TapeRTLM/11
SourceU.S. State Department
Prosecution ExhibitP103/11
Name of Translator:Fabien Nsengiyumva
Date of Translation:28 October 1995

R.T.L.M. Tape 0011

Side A

Speaker: Gaspard GAHIGI, Editor-in-Chief of R.T.L.M.

We were about to conclude saying that the citizen, who is responsible for civil defense, controlling the barrier to see the movement of Inkotanyi, has no reason to flee. Up to the present, citizens have won this war; there is no more Inkotanyi 's infiltration, everything is all right. We would like to tell fugitive people or people who have intention to flee whereas they had won the war, that they are falling in the enemy's trap. Inkotanyi, profiting from people's running away leaving their quarters and barriers, can come and enter the houses. I tell you that in the military fighting strategy, when an enemy is in a house it takes a lot of bullets, grenades, streams (maybe a kind of grenade) to chase him from that house. Then if you leave your house to Inkotanyi, not only your properties will be damaged, but also the country, the government and the soldiers you support will lose a lot of things in chasing Inkotanyi.

Speaker: Kantano HABIMANA, Journalist for R.T.L.M.

Stay, protect and close your house so that Inkotanyi cannot enter.

Speaker: Gaspard GAHIGI

Kantano, we must sustain the idea that people shouldn't flee. However, there is one point on which I don't agree with you and it is normal since people don't always have to share ideas. You said that even a woman shouldn't flee because in misfortune, her husband needs her and children very much. (Coughing) Excuse me, it is maybe the gas from Inkotanyi 's bombs which make us cough. Kantano, I think that in regions close to where the fighting is taking place, women and the children can flee. Men, young men and young ladies will stay controlling Inkotanyi 's movement. I don't know whether you think that a woman can stay and fight. If you think so, it is your point of view and everyone has got his own way of thinking. But for me, if my wife and children go, I will not be discouraged.

Speaker: Kantano HABIMANA

To take the wife and children and go to Runda! What does it mean?

Speaker: Gaspard GAHIGI

Let's not spend much time on this, what is important is that all of us stand firm and defeat Inkotanyi. Anyone who feels unable can go a bit away. But it is not good to flee. Kantano, it is normal to find that in regions where the war has taken place people have fled. But the population, living in regions where the war didn't take place, shouldn't flee.

I have a proposition to prevent people from fleeing. People who are fighting have their chiefs of cells; people who are fighting in quarters, on barriers are with their presidents, Interahamwe ( M.R.N.D.'s youth), Inkuba (M.D.R.'s youth), Abakombozi (P.S.D.'s youth). The youth, all the people who are fighting against Inkotanyi have got their leaders. In town, sectors, cells these leaders should make lists of people who have decided to fight against Inkotanyi.

After our victory against Inkotanyi, people who will have fought against Inkotanyi will demonstrate. We will present and give medals to people who, in each sector, cell will have stayed in town. We must continue fighting against Inkotanyi. I can't support people who run away. The fleeing people are dishonoring our country. We will thank people who have accepted to stay. Though we will not do anything to those who fled, we will blame them.

Speaker: Kantano HABIMANA

Listeners of R.T.L.M. continue standing firm against Inkotanyi, in this war based on terrorism, self- admiration, malice and lies. To fight in this war is to stand firm and if someone wants to use malice to you, tell him that his intention is clearer than a day.

If they throw a bomb say that no one must be afraid of a thunder while he is under the sky. Then Inkotanyi will get disappointed, sit down and accept negotiations. You are still tuning to R.T.L.M., the private radio broadcasting from Kigali. Very soon I will read your communiqués. (he doesn't read them)

I don't understand whether those grand-children, our Tutsi brothers who fled in the 1950s want to show us that where they lived they learnt only to destroy and not to construct. It is like saying that if one fails to take something, one destroys. This reminds me of a similar case of a woman who, in the bible, told the King Salmon to share the child into two parts.

R.P.F. seems to say that since it can't take Kigali, better destroy it and then return to where it was. If then these Tutsi brothers want to show us that they only know how to destroy, there are not our brothers. They should stay where they went because they are good for nothing. We must fight against these destroyers, dare-devils. Then when time comes, we will capture and ask them why they have destroyed our town and made it look like Kampala. They throw bombs anywhere, they have destroyed houses no matter whom they belong to. Actually no one can know the intention of Inkotanyi.

The interesting news is that on Mont Kigali, normally the route for people fleeing from the town, I haven't seen a lot of fugitive people. It is not good to flee. Stay in your town, our soldiers are vigilant. They are everywhere with guns and enough bullets. Stand firm on barriers; imitate our army and control Inkotanyi to know where they come from and their destination.

However, we have to condemn acts of banditry observed in town. After this piece of music, I will read to you some people who have asked me to condemn those acts. You have to condemn people who are hungry and take people's things on the barrier. This behavior cannot let us win the war. Let's fight without fear because we are sure of the victory. You people of Kigali let's fight together against R.P.F., don't flee. Let's fight against Inkotanyi no matter how many years the war can take provided we kill them all.

People are lamenting about bad actions which are being committed during this war time. You can think that people are crazy. For example at KIMISAGARA, KATABARO zone, I don't know where it is precisely, a man called Muvunyi together with a soldier are raping women. They have even beaten a man asking him why he has made his wife flee before they have had sex with her. What is this? Muvunyi and this soldier are doing bad things.

Another man called Aloys, Interahamwe of Cyahafi, went to the market disguised in military uniform and a gun and arrested a young man called YIRIRWAHANDI Eustache in the market, a merchant who has been selling things at the market for 18 years. In his Identity Card it is written that he is a Hutu though he acknowledges that his mother is a Tutsi. He is from Gahanga sector in Kanombe commune, but this man Aloys and other Interahamwe of Cyahafi took Eustache aside and made him sign a paper of 150000 RWF. When he was going to take the paper from them, they ran away. He is now telling me that they are going to kill him and he is going to borrow this amount of money. He is afraid of being killed by these men…. If you are a cockroach you must be killed, you cannot change anything, if you are Inkotanyi you cannot change anything. No one can say that he has captured a cockroach and the latter gave him money, as a price for his life, this is cannot be accepted. If someone has a false identity card, if he is Inkotanyi, a known accomplice of R.P.F. don't accept anything in exchange, he must be killed. People who oblige you to write that you have a loan of 150000 for them and that it should be given back today, this is cheating. It is a pity. This man Aloys of Cyahafi who calls himself Interahamwe, spends his days sharing beer with those Interahamwe who were with him. They have guns called Uzis pretending that they are ensuring security and saying that they have seen cockroaches. If the cockroach had given them 150000, what could have happened if this man had been a true cockroach. However if you have killed him, you will have problems. He is called YIRIRWAHANDI Eustache… [inaudible]

The Cockroaches Inkotanyi are trying to infiltrate themselves and they're lucky because they return to where they have come from. If we happen to know where they have infiltrated in the daytime, we will chase them with tough means. But people ask themselves why the Rwandan army doesn't attack those Inkotanyi who are at Gatsata. Every night they shoot, and the Rwandan army responds. Our army should attack them and take those bombs so that people of Gatsata can return home. And then Inkotanyi will go at Gisozi to dig for potatoes and that will be the end of their attacks. People think that to let the enemy continue disturbing us is contempt.

We have more 500 young men who came from Gatsata and who are now being trained. They have sworn to fight against Inkotanyi until they defeat them. Why then the army can't make a plan of how to attack and free Gatsata so that the population can return? I myself can make a plan. Let me tell you…no let me keep silent so that the cockroaches can't know. But I will send it to the Army Headquarters. The plan to free Gatsata is not difficult to make no matter the number of people which will die provided the survivors return in their properties…

Inkotanyi are brave and we too have to be like them. They can give a machine to a cripple, put him somewhere and tell him to stay there promising to bring him food. They ask him to continue shooting to disturb us. We have no choice; We have to stand firm as Inkotanyi do. It is not understandable to see that a crippling Inkotanyi or the one suffering from AIDS can spend one month on a machine gun and we fail to stop them.

Yesterday I have tried to look at them through the binoculars. Some were running at RWANTEXICO with their heavy weapons. I was at Kimisagara. They too had binoculars I didn't know that they were looking at me. They tried to shoot at me but I ran and escaped. I don't see why those sons of bitches, can continue being there. Why should they continue being there while we see them? People were puzzled to see that people of Nyamirambo, Gikondo have fled to Gisenyi where they are doing nothing while we who live at Muhima, Nyarugenge, Karambo see, insult and fight against Inkotanyi. Why should we flee from Inkotanyi ? What are they? They have guns; we too have got them; they have machetes and we have them, they have small hoes and we have them; they bleed and we bleed. They are human beings. You have seen all those dirty young men who were at C.N.D. (The house of the National Counsel for Development).

We have strength and arms, why then should these people chase us from our country? We must fight against them. If they insult us we have to respond; if they shoot at us, we must shoot at them and if they beat us we must beat them until we show them that we are angry, that they can't defeat us and make them understand that they made a mistake. They are dull, Arusha had given them a lot of things but they will not get any. We can no longer call them brothers. This is how things are… [inaudible] We have to fight until we defeat them. Those who are fleeing will regret. It is said that you refuse to die for your country and die like a dog. We must combat those dare-devils, who use doping; who spend their time running, crying and thinking that that is the way they can take the power, the country, by inspiring fear to ignorant coward Hutus.

This is not possible, we have to refuse this image of an ignorant coward Hutu who runs away without any reason. We have to stop these things because they dishonor us. To see someone coming with a Kalashnikov with five bullets and who runs away after when bullets are over. We have to stop this. Corporal Linguyeneza Gaspard of 50 battalion Kigali Inkotanyi wanted to tell lies and inspire frighten the whole world. He said that Kigali has been taken by Inkotanyi, Hutus have fled and left barriers; soldiers are falling in the Nyabarongo river fleeing to Gitarama. After this, they played music saying that their wish is accomplished. Nothing is worse than dreaming in daytime. After having heard this news diffused by “Radio France Internationale” I got up and looked. They said that it was seven in Paris which is the same hour ours and I asked myself whether in Paris, French people are still dreaming or not.

But meanwhile, they have diffused the dreams of Kanyarengwe and Kagame alias Kagome (Nickname he give him to mean ‘wicked') that they have taken the half of the country and they need people to live there. This is also like a dream. To say that you have taken the half of the country and that you want people to live there. The people you chased from their properties; people you ill-treated, I don't know whom they want to talk about. In addition Kagame and Kanyarengwe, the latter who wants to be president of Rwanda, ignore that Rwanda is one country; the one accepted by the International Community. We don't have the Rwanda for Kanyarengwe and Kagome and the Rwanda for Theodore Sindikubwabo and Kambanda Jean. So, it is clear that this is like a dream of Inkotanyi. Actually Kigali the capital is in the hands of its people: the Rwandan army and all Rwandans who love their country, no other people. The cockroaches are running there in our cassava plantation, where they are digging out bananas, eat and make beer from bananas they didn't plant, there far at Gatsata, where they use heavy guns on Bumbogo hill in Gikomero commune and there far at Kanombe but there they can't enter the military camp where they are set a trap for so that they can die all.

They are also at the airport. But Unamir soldiers are asking them what they are doing there since the Rwandan government has given the airport to Unamir, U.N. and there are no Rwandan soldiers. Due to their self-admiration, they continue running on the airport. Let them do. But the town of Kigali, in its entirety, belongs to its people.

In a short time we will have a turn at Kacyiru, Kanombe, Gatenga, I am from Kimisagara, Cyahafi. You will hear voices of people who are on barriers and don't pay attention to the propagators of rumors that Hutus have fled appealing to Tutsis to come and rule. This has been diffused by journalists of Radio France Internationale, who serve as Inkotanyi 's tools. The wish of these white men is that the preferred race, by God, must rule Rwanda. It is like saying that the race of God has won in Kigali town. They tell lies to the international community so that it can continue assisting them. But I think that people will get used and don't pay attention to such a policy or to the war which leans on lie without power.

In fact, we are reassuring our listeners. We tell them that the town of Kigali is in the hands of its owners that is the Rwandan army. In all corners, we don't see any Inkotanyi and it is understandable, Normally to take the town is to come and open the banks, go to the office of the president, to invite people to march in the center town. It is to show truly that you have taken the town; you take the post office, all important places and important things in town are known; all the places are under the Rwandan army's control. I don't from where French people get the idea that Inkotanyi will take the town. They will die before they realize their dreams.