Over the course of my research on Rwanda, I came across some other material which, though it does not fit into the three categories I set out at the beginning, is still very important. These miscellaneous documents are listed below.


And another thing: I was poking around the I.C.T.R. webdrawer recently, looking for items in existing sections of RwandaFile that I might have missed. I found plenty of interesting stuff, but my eye was caught by one ting in particular. I came across a very large collection of “Sitreps” (situation reports) — published daily and weekly by Unamir commanders to apprise the security council of the current, well, situation. I downloaded as many as I could find — about 95 — and upon reading a few realized that they could potentially form another full section of this site. They include a lot of trivial things — Unamir exercises, supply deliveries, etc. — but also very specific information about operations of the R.P.F. and Rwandan government, which is far more detailed than anything else available.

I very quickly started visualizing a section full of those, and then another section as well. It would be a comprehensive timeline of Rwanda extending from about 1990 to 1995, with any available events listed for each day, and for as many dates as possible, links to primary sources. One day, for example, could have a list of events compiled from several external sources, plus a Sitrep and a radio transcript or a magazine article from that day. It would be a huge amount of work, but I do believe I see the future of RwandaFile. I will work on that at some point — after I am done applying to college.