Citing RwandaFile

Here’s the basic model for citations of material found on RwandaFile, according to M.L.A. style:

Last, First. “Title of Article.” Ed. First Last. Trans. First Last. Website Name. Web. Date retrieved. <U.R.L.>.

The first name is the author. The next two are for the editor and translator, if applicable. If there is no author available (e.g. for an R.T.L.M. transcript), put the translator first. Put me (Jake Freyer) as the editor. The website name is “RwandaFile.”  When citing a Kangura article, add the name of publication after the article title.

Here are a few sample citations:

You can feel safe citing material on this site; after all, I cite all my sources. All radio transcripts and news articles are linked to the PDFs they came from, all of which are clearly authentic documents, usually with I.C.T.R. jargon scribbled on them. Security Council Resolutions are cited as specified by the United Nations, and the sources for all section introductions are cited according to M.L.A. style.