Kangura No. 65

How Is the Situation in Exile?

Hassan Ngeze

In this period, there is a certain uneasy feeling in everybody’s heart in exile. This feeling is in relation with the idea that if the armed forces do not take the lead of the population with the military modern weapons [to go back home], that they [the population] will prepare an attack with traditional weapons.


Keep that determination and those forces together because we will use them; and all that you do, you must do it secretly; you must keep the secret, it is what Kangura told you, but you must remember that among the authorities who came with us into exile, there are four categories:

The idiots, the thieves, the Accomplices of the Inkotanyi and the honest ones who will help us to go back home, and your must be cautious, so that no other idiot could confuse us and delay our plan. Make sure that there is no other accomplice who could be among us just like persons such as Colonel Nsengiyumva, Lieutenant Bizimuremyi, Captain Habimana and all others that Kangura denounced to you. Ask also to the thieves the properties they stole from us, and if they refuse to give that back, just tell them that they will not eat that, that they die and leave it.