Kangura No. 65

It Is Not the Authorities Who Will Take the Population Back Home; It Is the Population Which Will Take the Authorities Back Home [to Our Country].

Hassan Ngeze

It is difficult to understand this question, because it is necessary to support it with enough intelligence and analysis. Foreign countries continue to allege that the authorities have taken the population hostage, but for us in Kangura, we find out that it is the population which has taken the authorities in hostage. How to explain this? Among the authorities, there are four categories which follow:

  1. Authorities who are idiots.
  2. Authorities who are traitors.
  3. Authorities who are greedy.
  4. Authorities who are honest persons.


I would simply ask those who like Kangura to reflect to problems we have faced, for having struggled for the Hutu. But is not it true that the Inkotanyi use Hutu to harm us! Don’t you remember how Colonel Nsengiyumva, in collaboration with Captain Habimana, who was the Commander of the 62nd battalion, as well as Lieutenant Bizumuremyi, for whom we have enough evidence that he is Inkotanyi and who currently lives in Kituku refugee camp in Goma, attacked my home, destroyed it, and burnt my new vehicle? But all that did not discourage me, but instead, when I meet them in exile, I ask myself why they have not yet gone back [to Rwanda] to join their boss who would manipulate them, save if they continue to hide themselves among us with another plan that we have not yet uncovered. I even got the information that the person who would call himself Rasta in Gisenyi, who would offer his premises to shelter meetings intended to kill me, has also arrived in Kenya, in Komaroke area. Those living there must pay attention since now.

When I remember that I am the African journalist who has been into detention more than all other; remember that it is 20 times in prison and 35 times in the gendarmerie detention facilities, plus the 36th time when Colonel Nsengiyumva detained me in May this year, when I remember how in April when Habyarimana died, more than 43 telegrams have been launched and all of them would instruct that whoever would see me had to shot and kill me without any hesitation, until when we got information about a plan consisting in killing me in Bigogwe, and this was a plan hatched by Colonel Anatole Nsengiyumva, General Gatsinzi and other their colleagues Inyenzi, when I remember that all that was done against me when I was not expecting any official post save to see that the majority population has peace, all that shows that it is not the authorities who will take the population back home, but instead, it is the population which will take the authorities back home.