Kangura No. 63

Which Trail Will We Reserve for Those Who Played a Role in Our Defeat?

Hassan Ngeze

It is difficult to understand this problem; it necessitates much intelligence and ability to understand well how it is. Some of us say that we have been defeated because of the embargo which caused the lack of ammunition. Others say that we have been defeated because such or such other country supported the Inkotanyi. Saying that would be to ignore the truth about which occurred.

It is true that those errors indeed occurred. Even if we left the country in July, it was not necessary that the population and the soldiers leave at the same time. I ask you to well understand the examples I will give to you, because if they are not good understood, they would push us into a bad situation once more. How is it possible that a person called Anatole Nsengiyumva would spend his time in making love with other persons’ wives, instead of preparing how we will escape and where we will go, since he was the one in charge of ensuring contacts between authorities from Gisenyi and from Goma concerning that question? How is it possible that after going into exile, he continues with that practice in taking other persons’ wives from Goma to Kenya, to make love with them here in Kenya? How is it possible that that man is the one who dares to write to the Inkotanyi, asking them to allow him to go back to Rwanda after a so short period? Another example: How is it possible that the person who was the Director of Intelligence Services in our Government, Mr. Iyamuremye Augustin, has become a Minister of the Inkotanyi ? How is it possible that Mr. Gatsinzi Marcel who was the Chief of Staff of our forces after the death of President Habyarimana, that man Gatsinzi who would go in our negotiations with the Inyenzi, be the one who has been the first to go back to the country? How is it possible that the person who was in charge of the Military Academy be the one who immediately joined the Inyenzi? Are not those who would send Captain Habimana who was the commander of the 62nd battalion and Lieutenant Bizumuremyi, to come and attack my home in order to kill me simply because I would affront the Inyenzi? Can Anatole Nsengiyumva explain why he detained me in a prison cell in April? Does he remember the telegram he launched so that I would be killed in Bigogwe, and why he launched it? All those are among the ones who made us flee at the wrong moments.