Kangura No. 54

As a Result of Their Politics of Lies, the Inkotanyi Regret Having Started the War

Hassan Ngeze

It is also a well known fact that bad company corrupts. It is also known that it does not take long to expose a lie. After finishing their military preparations for the war and after the Tutsis received support from their Hima congeners like Museveni, Buyoya and the others…the Inkotanyi were told a lie that we had no soldiers in the country, that there were none, that there were only boy-scouts. Consequently, Tutsi accomplices in Rwanda attended Inyenzi meetings at which they told the Inyenzi that Habyarimana had already resigned. Here are some of the examples given by the accomplices:

  1. The accomplices had forced all senior officers in the army into business to the extent that every soldier was associated in large-scale business with an accomplice.
  2. No Hutu would go to Habyarimana’s house; it was only the well-to-do Tutsis such as Rwigara, Kajeguhakwa, Katabarwa, Shamukiga and many others.… Whenever there were functions, these Tutsis did their best to make video recordings which they sent to the Inyenzi with this comment: “at the moment there are no problems and Rwanda is in our hands.” When the Inyenzi saw all of that, they were convinced that if they attacked, they would take Rwanda in three days.

Three months before the attack, the Inyenzi Rwigema along with some of his congeners came to confirm if what he was being told was true. He arrived at Kajeguhakwa’s house one evening. The latter tried to show him that all officers were I his hand. He said to Rwigema: “Relax and watch how we shall take all these scornful Hutus by surprise.” Immediately, he took the telephone, called all the Hutu officials and said to them: “I would like us to have a drink together so that I can introduce my cousins who are in town and who would like to meet you.” Within two hours, all the senior officials, particularly the soldiers had gathered at Kajeguhakwa’s house. When they got drunk, the mututsi provoked them and they talked at length, without restraint, saying that Rwanda was enjoying unity, peace and development thanks to the M.R.N.D. party. When Rwigema left, he was indeed convinced that he could capture Rwanda in three days.

What is the Truth the Inyenzi Did Not Know?

The Inyenzi were deceived into believing that the authorities had been bought but they had forgotten that the Hutu majority had not forgotten the 1959 Revolution. These Hutus who were sons of mere farmers noted that even if all the authorities had been bought, a Tutsi could never rule Rwanda; that even if the Tutsi killed a lot of Hutus, they could never exterminate them. When the Inyenzi were at the last stages of the preparation for the attack, all Hutu who only thought of themselves realized that Rwanda was going to be attacked but because of their greed, they would not allow anyone to talk about it. That was how the first lie pushed the Inyenzi into committing suicide, into getting themselves exterminated because of their belief that the population had been corrupted

The Second Lie Told by the Inyenzi

Having realized that it was impossible to capture Rwanda because of the expertise of the intrepid Forces Armées Rwandaises, the Inyenzi started a second war against democracy and tried to mobilize some Hutu collaborators such as Mugenzi, Rukokoma, Mbonampeka, Gatabazi and many others you know. The Inyenzi urged them to embark on a war of words within the country and give Kinani a hard time and if he resisted, Museveni would send his soldiers across the border to come and kill again.

Things happened that way and in the six months that followed, the Hutus became more aggressive. Mbonampeka and the others strongly defended the accomplices while the Mugenzi questioned the 1959 Revolution. They said a group of killers had come together to make people believe that they were behind the revolution. Mugenzi was the first to implacably attack Habyarimana, using the Tutsis; and the P.L. worked vigorously to send youths to the Inkotanyi, while Twagiramungu was made the leader of a coalition of political parties fighting for change and he worked tirelessly for the Inkotanyi. By so doing, he showed everyone and the Inyenzi that the M.D.R. worked hand in hand with the Inyenzi to take power by all possible means. That happened in Brussels but when he returned, Twagiramungu distanced himself from Nsengiyaremye, this good-for-nothing person whom you all know and asked him to have the Brussels Agreement rapidly implemented. Nsengiyaremye was therefore behind the capture of Byumba as well as of a large part of the northern region. This was possible because Nsengiyaremye, who was incompetent, did not realize that Twagiramungu was manipulating him like a child would handle a ball. Until then, the Inyenzi had been made to believe that they were really needed in the country and that if they came, there would be no problems, that we would have forgotten our loved ones who were mercilessly killed, that there were no Hutus in Rwanda. All that was confirmed by that useless Nsengiyaremye who always said there were no ethnic groups in Rwanda.

How Did Things Change?

Under the terms of the Arusha Agreement, the M.D.R. stripped Habyarimana of all his powers, knowing fully well that the Prime Minister would come from their party and the M.D.R. knew that Nsengiyaremye would still be Prime Minister. Ngurinzira made the country bankrupt and together with the incompetent Nsengiyaremye, they appropriated the agreement. At the last minute, Twagiramungu ousted them and took the position. The M.D.R. Hutus remembered that they were “parmehutu.” That caused a problem and all the promises made fell through. Mugenzi and the others returned to their fellow Hutus and the Mbonampekas joined the Forum for the awakening of the majority. The Parmehutu showed that they were Power; that the Hutus had the power. The Inyenzi had thus fallen into their second trap.

The Third Lie

The Inyenzi were made to leave Mulindi under the pretext that they would seize power immediately in a coup-d’état with the help of Kavaruganda. As soon as they arrived in Kigali; they were locked up in the C.N.D. building and remained there as prisoners. The people in the majority had therefore been able to thwart their coup plans. They no longer had the number of ministers they wanted, nor did they have enough parliamentarians. Kinani was no longer scared and he refused to sign for this clique of people who wanted to place us under the yoke of slavery once again. Right now, from where they are, the Inyenzi must be regretting why they fought. And to say that they spent a whole four years swallowing the lies of their accomplices!

The Last Lie

The Inyenzi accomplices have drawn up a list of 1600 people who oppose them more than others. These people must be killed during the transition period. This was to instill fear in the people who would be left with no choice but to follow the Inyenzi. This was referred to as the “Final Plan.” We know how many people should die but we are still trying to get their names for you. What the Inyenzi are not told is that if they raise their heads again, it will no longer be necessary to go and fight the enemy who remained in the bush but rather, people will start by eliminating the enemy who remained in the country, beginning with those in the C.N.D. building. Furthermore, those helping the enemy are now known; they have made themselves seen enough. Let’s hope the Inyenzi will have the courage to understand what is going to happen and realize that if they make a small mistake, they will be exterminated; if they make the mistake of attacking again, there will be none of them left in Rwanda, not even a single accomplice. All the Hutus are united; what is left is to get back Kanyarengwe, Bizimungu and some others. They will come back, for they were not as virulent as Mugenzi. Who was more aggressive than Mbonampeka in defending the accomplices? Who was more of a traitor than the incompetent Nsengiyaremye?

The Role of Kangura in the Salvation of Rwanda

Before Rwanda was attacked, Kangura revealed the plan. We started urging the Hutus to unite, not to listen to what the enemy was asking them to do, especially as the enemy was the cause of the war amongst them. From that time, the truth preached by Kangura has played a remarkable role in the reconciliation of Hutus and the return of those who had been misled. Today, Hutus from different parties meet, discuss and share a drink. The irrefutable proof of this is the speech Justin Mugenzi delivered during the M.R.N.D. meeting the day before yesterday in Nyamirambo. Who could have thought that Mugenzi will one day become an Interahamwe? Kangura’s role will be studied in the history of Rwanda and that of the region we live in where a lot of Tutsis reside; Besides, Kangura has revealed to the coming generation who the Tutsi is.

The C.D.R. has massively supported the Kangura; the R.T.L.M. was established; the Interahamwe, the Impuzamugambi and the Inkuba of the M.D.R. are saying: “We are ready to fight for our motherland.” At the moment, all Hutu youths have been taught how to fight the Inyenzi whenever they show their faces; however, the Inyenzi have understood that they cannot break through our defenses.

Kangura spared no efforts and said everything: History will reward us. We have finished the first task which consisted in preventing the Inyenzi from putting us under the yoke of slavery again; we are now starting with the second task which consists in asking the Hutus to share the fruits of the revolution. Should we really accept that Hutus share death and misfortune, while the goodies are monopolized by those whose names we would not reveal? A word is enough for the wise. As for us at Kangura, we have demonstrated courage and time will reward us.