Kangura No. 54, Cover Illustration

Kangura No. 54


  • The Inyenzi Were About to Kill Hassan Ngeze, but Thank God He Escaped Death.
  • Goma: The Mukombozi Hycenthe Caught Red-Handed Selling a Bulldozer.
  • Cartoon:
    • R.P.F. Soldier, left: We are going to kill you, come what may. You are not the first and will not be the last. Who told you to fight us by making yourself a Hutu spokesman?
    • Soldier, middle (wearing glasses): Why do you continue to pit the ethnic groups against each other? Repeat that you in the C.D.R. are vigilant. We are going to kill you, come what may. Call Ikinani to come to your rescue. We shall deal with those you refer to as Hutu extremists.
    • Ngeze (sitting, middle): Do what you like. Kill me, but know that if the people who are in the majority hear about my death, Rwanda will be razed to the ground.
  • The Ones Who Want to Kill Habyarimana Are the Same Ones Who Shot Justin Mugenzi on the Night of 19 January 1994.
  • The Inkotanyi Want to Stage a Coup d’État.
  • The War May Spread to Kigali in a Few Days.
  • Habyarimana Himself Is Calling for Contempt.

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