Kangura No. 53

Prosecutor François Nsanzuwera, Once Again!

Hassan Ngeze

Like the born-again, François Nsanzuwera obstinately continues to consider himself a righteous person. He has just written a book wherein he paints himself innocent while he has murderous plans. When the story of Tharcisse Rukara, Eugene Rutagengwa, and Isaie Hitimana was made public, he endeavored to seek and obtain a short training in Belgium so that he would return after it had been forgotten.

We requested to have a debate with him on the shameful acts that he perpetrated against the country but he refused. On top of this, he is hiding behind the “Tutsi rights” organizations in order to try to prove his innocence in the eyes of the Rwandans. You, truth-loving people, will better discover what sort of person Nsanzuwera is when you read the letter below, addressed to the Presiding Judge of Kigali Court of Appeal. A big liar eventually falls victim to his own lies!

Editor’s note: In this piece of writing, “Padiri” refers to a person whose actual name we do not want to disclose.

Tharcisse Rukara
Eugene Rutagengwa
Isaie Hitimana
Kigali, 26/11/1992

To: The Presiding Judge of Kigali Court of Appeal

Subject: Since we were bribed to testify against Alphonse Gatarama for an offence he did not know anything about, we have resolved to prove his innocence. We have nothing against him and are not even acquainted with him at all.

Dear Sir,

Following the judgment of the case no 4078/S10 by Kigali Court of First Instance on 7/9/1992, which sentenced us to jail for 15 years while Gatarama, Twizeyimana, and Mukabandora were sentenced to 20 years, we have decided [to declare] that such an offence never existed and was plotted by Venant Nkundabatware, Prosecutor Francois Nsanzuwera, Deputy Prosecutor Leonard Mukeshimana, and “Padiri.” This simply ensued from an old hatred between the two as clearly explained below.

  1. On 9/5/1992 shortly after my (Rukara) release from prison; Padiri came to see me in any abode in Remera saying that he badly needed me. When we met, we agreed that I would go to see him at his house at six o’clock p.m. When I reached his house, I found Venant Nkundabatware and Francois Nsanzuwera there. I was given a seat and some beer. They first of all helped me calm down, as they appeared to be authorities that I had never met before. I could not figure out why I had been summoned.
  2. Padiri said: “Don’t be afraid. You’re soon going to emerge from your poverty owing to this man (Tenant). I called you in the presence of these men because I know that we lived as close friends in prison. I know how poor you are and have resolved to put you in contact with Nkundabatware so that he would tell you his problems in order for you to solve them. If you do, you will say goodbye to poverty and you will never ever go to jail again.” “This is the man who can send people to jail or release them” he added.
  3. I then followed closely what I was being told, which was as follows:

    Nkundabatware asked: “Do you know Alphonse Gatarama?” I said that I had known him in prison and nowhere else. The Prosecutor then said “This is fine. Since the two were in the same prison, people will believe that the plot was done in the prison:”

    That was Nkundabatware’s wish.

    He then said: “Alphonse Gatarama is my enemy. Three times, he hired thieves to kill me. But since his plot has never succeeded, I intend to use money and have him sent to prison, as I am richer than he is. I am also acquainted with many high-ranking authorities.” They immediately convinced me that I had to tell myself that I was one of the thieves who attacked Nkundabatware’s house, that I was the ringleader and had been offered FRW 600,000 by Alphonse Gatarama.

  4. I immediately accepted to play the game but asked how much I was to be paid. They said it would be three million, part of which was to be paid immediately while the rest would be paid upon release from detention, which was going to be three days at most. The Prosecutor said: “As soon as I receive your statements showing clearly that you connived with Alphonse Gatarama to murder Nkundabatware I will at once set you free, while Gatarama will be kept in prison. You, Jerome Twizeyimana, and Mukabandora will be found innocent and released.
  5. On 11/5/1992, the Prosecutor summoned me to his Office. Unable to complete his questioning, he took me to Muhima Brigade. Two hours later, he ordered that we meet at Padiri’s home and closely examine the issue. We were also to find two additional persons [besides myself] since, as he indicated, according to the law, the court cannot accept the testimony made by a single individual. The following day, we looked for those people and visited all possible places, including Gatarama’s home, these being the venues where the meetings supposedly took place. I did my uttermost to find the two people, namely Eugene Rutagengwa and Isaie Hitimana. I put them in contact with the others. The next step was for us to be shown the places which Gatarama and his people regularly visited, namely Mukabandora’s home in Kicukiro and a small pub on the upper side of Nyamirambo Regional Stadium, so that we could prove that the plot to kill Nkundabatware and his children was hatched at these two places. All this was arranged by Nkundabatware, using his 305 car. He immediately went to show us Nkundabatware’s home so that, once asked by the court, we would not fail to identify the place and thus be accused of perjury.
  6. Following this, Padiri arranged for us to spend the night in Remera so that he could notify security officers who would come to arrest us. François Nsanzuwera was the brain behind all this set-up. On 18/6/1992, at ten a.m., Padiri came to see us in Remera, where we had spent the night and told us that we should be on stand-by and that they would soon come to arrest us. He asked us not to panic. A prosecution officer, whose name we do not recall, came, sent by the Prosecutor, together with three gendarmes. We were arrested in front of the [office of the] Remera Secteur, put in a 305 car owned by Venant Ngirabatware and driven to the Office of the Prosecutor, Kigali.
  7. At the Office, the Prosecutor agreed with Nkundabatware that we would be questioned by Deputy Prosecutor Leonard Mukeshimana, who was favorable to both and would not divulge their secret. All the questions put to us can be found in the enquiry conducted before. The report is still available and there is no need of going back to the details. At 12:30, a messenger of the Office of the Prosecutor escorted us to Muhima Brigade. From this place, we would be brought to prison and then be released after three days. The following day, on 19/6/92 at 3:30 p.m., we were taken to prison. As planned, they tried to expedite our case. They told us that we had to openly testify against Gatarama after which we would be cleared and released. Unfortunately, this is not what happened. After the trial, we were sentenced to 15 years in jail. When we asked Venant why, he told us not to worry and said that the issue would be settled in the Court of Appeals. This is where he [Gatarama] was going to be arrested and formally sent to jail.
  8. We did not like this at all since we realized that we could die in prison for reasons that were not clear to us. We immediately wrote to Prosecutor François Nsanzuwera informing him that if the promise made to us was not kept, we would bring everything out in the open for everyone to know, this being our final stand on this matter. We have a copy of this letter, which we wrote on 9/9/1992. When he received our letter, he rushed to see Venant, who in turn went to see Padiri and told him about the letter. Padiri immediately came to see us in prison. He tried to threaten us so that we would not mention his name any longer. He then gave us Frw 30,000 for the visit and boosted our morale saying that we would be released within a month.
  9. They kept hatching various plots and when they realized that we would not keep silent for any longer, they plotted to have bandits kill us in prison. We were then beaten up outside the prison but were lucky to be left alive. Outside the prison building, we spent a whole month not knowing what we should do. As we were on the brink of death, we decided to leave the prison, where we were kept for no reason, in order to make the truth known to the larger world, which is what this writing is all about.
  10. When they learned that we were free, they tried their best to have us killed. They tried to have us thrown in jail again but failed to catch us. The purpose of all this was to conceal their tricks. Even if we are said to be free, we cannot move around since we have to hide from these peace enemies. In short, that is what happened.

Supplementary Information

Just as we have accepted to make this plot public by unmasking both its author and the other people involved, we would like to request that this writing be sent to authorities at all levels so that they too could be informed of the nature of this plot and the people behind it If necessary, we can go back to jail and these various authorities could offer us protection during our detention. Also, we seize this opportunity to put our security in the hands of the various administrative levels of the Government of Rwanda. Should we happen to be harmed, the following people, who all appear in this affair, should be held responsible: Venant Nkundabatware, Prosecutor François Nsanzuwera, Padiri, and Deputy Prosecutor Leonard Mukeshimana.

Done in Kigali, on 26/11/1992


  1. Tharcisse Rukara
  2. Eugene Rutagengwa
  3. Isaie Hitimana

C.C. to:

  • The President of the Republic, Kigali
  • The Minister of Justice, Kigali
  • The Attorney General of the Republic of Rwanda, Kigali
  • The Presiding Judge in the Court of First Instance, Kigali.
  • Mr. Gaspard Mutambuka, Prison Governor, Kigali Prison.
  • Rwanda Human Rights Organization - Public Prosecutor, Kigali Office
  • Mr. Alphonse Gatarama
  • Kangura Newspaper

And on top of these scandals Prosecutor François Nsanzuwera wants to blow his own horn in a book he entitled Rwandan Legislature. Tutsis are definitely shameless!