Kangura No. 35

Editorial: Burundi—Tutsi Extremism Threatens Republican Institutions

Twenty years after the birth of the Republic in Burundi, there are those who still long for the return of the monarchy. Where have they been? Incredible as it may seem, some still believe that all the problems can only be solved by the “mwami.”

Mathias Hitimana, Chairman of the Parti Royaliste Parlementaire du Burundi (P.R.P.) and a businessman residing in Brussels, believes the monarchy would be a solution to the inter-ethnic clashes for, saying that such acts were unknown at the time of the “Bami.” As a matter of fact, Mathias Hitimana and his supporters take it with those who denounce the massacre of Hutus in Burundi. Indeed, under the reign of the “Bami-Tutsi,” nobody cared about the death of a Hutu; it was even considered normal for them to perish by the thousands. The death of a cow was a more significant affair.

Today, the Tutsi royalists still wish to institutionalize Hutu slavery, to the extent of rendering them inferior to domestic animals. What a horrible thing!

How does the P.R.P. expect to achieve its objectives with a Buyoya pretending to be a partisan of national reconciliation? Mathias Hitimana counts on his fortune, especially his flour mill, the only one in Burundi. In his own words: “flour will help restore the monarchy…” to lure the Hutu youths into his party and he affirms that he will reestablish ethnic balance in the army, by stopping the recruitment of Tutsis until such a time as the number of Hutus is proportionate to that of the Tutsis. That’s a big lie!

Thus, Mathias is so determined to reinstate the monarchy that his party has already chosen the future king, in the person of Godefroid Kamatari, a nephew of the late King Mwambutsa IV.

That is the fate awaiting the majority in Burundi, if it does not rise up and defend its cause and especially if it allows those with fascist plans to seduce it with their gifts.

Is it only in Burundi that the minority Tutsis are threatening to reinstate the monarchy? Certainly not! Similar plans exist in Rwanda, except that the instigators are not doing it openly, as is the case in Burundi.

Rwanda has been a Republic since 1961, but those who still long for the monarchy have never admitted that fact and have all along continued to overthrow the [republican] institutions through armed attacks launched from neighboring countries.

Today the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi are attempting to do the same thing, by launching repeated attacks against Rwanda. Using the slogan “struggle against the dictatorial regime,” they think they will be able to win the sympathy of the Rwandan people, who have always been and still remain the target of their evil acts.

Thanks to the bravery of its army, the population has so far been able to repel the attacks of the Inkotanyi, who, counting on the complicity of the Tutsi-dominated political parties in the country which they finance, still dream of seizing power in Rwanda so as to reinstate the, monarchy. Thus yesterday’s plans of the Tutsi minority are still the same today and will remain the same tomorrow, both in Burundi and Rwanda.

Therefore, the majority should remain vigilant and united in order to thwart the fatal plans of the Tutsi monarchists and to preserve the republican institutions.