Kangura No. 35

Bujumbura Continues to Have a Rough Time

Issa Nyabyenda

The authorities in Burundi have always wondered who finances Kangura. This appears to be the right time for us to give them the appropriate answer.

It is a well known fact, that one day, President Buyoya submitted to his cabinet copies of Kangura from Issue No. 1 to 22. Surely President Buyoya must have bought all these copies! This was sufficient evidence that he himself finances Kangura himself, for he is ranked among our most ardent readers. That’s great!

It is a fact that the economic crisis being experienced by almost everyone has drastically reduced our readership, with our readers’ purchasing power dwindling by the day. But we have all the same managed to stay afloat, which is proof that Kangura is self-sustaining.

Nobody is responsible for the on-going problems in Burundi, except the Burundian government itself. The Tutsi extremists are committing more and more carnage on the peaceful Hutus, because they have realized that their regime is nearing its end. Democratic pluralism clamored for everywhere, including Burundi, provides the most eloquent proof of that.

The Tutsi thugs, bent on suffocating this democracy, are everywhere on the Burundi territory and their opposition is so evident that the authorities are expecting an armed attack or a coup d’état anytime. Cyprien Mbonimpa’s arrest is proof that Buyoya recognizes the strength of his extremist brothers. They wield such power both in public administration and the national army. In 1988, the soldiers rebelled and massacred the population of Ntega and Marangara. They did the same thing on almost the entire Burundi territory in 1991.

The Tutsi army insurgency activities underscore Buyoya’s complicity because he is the commander-in-chief of the army. All efforts to clear his name are nothing but political tricks.