Kangura No. 35

Editorial: On Your Marks, Hutus

…[missing text over entire first column] …

…with the assistance of his fellow refugees for the first year. The following year, he thought of resorting to corruption which, in principle, worked out. A Rwandan delegation on mission to Canada was asked why almost all Francophonie scholarships were awarded to almost one ethnic group (nine out of ten going to Tutsis). The delegation was shocked and embarrassed.

The administrative conquest having been clumsily handled by the Hutus as far back as the sixties, the Tutsis decided to hide in the field of education, in order to keep a watchful eye over their kith and kin. They advised their fellow Tutsis to choose disciplines that were on high demand in the labor market, such as English, computer science and the like. When they graduated from schools and universities, the Tutsis got more jobs than the Hutus in projects and international organizations, in addition to mistreating them in the Administration.

What about trade? Nothing to say! That is their field. Who? Of course the Tutsis. Their secret lies in the fact that they have their brothers in exile who facilitate their importation without having to travel abroad. Additionally, they obtain more credit facilities from the banks in Rwanda than the Hutus. For their international trade, the Hutus have to travel to Europe, America, etc. in the search for merchandise. All this travel reduces their profit margin, unlike the Tutsi international businessmen who remain in Rwanda.

With all this intellectual and economic power, the Tutsis carry forward their “Moral Revolution” totally unhindered. It is not easy to push them. The means envisaged by the 1959 Revolution are too vague and nebulous to force the Tutsis into submission, just because when the popular majority liberated themselves physically, the minority was aiming at the deadly target, i.e. their psyche… [missing text] …

There is absolutely nothing, nothing in the world that can move the Tutsi, with his Nazi heart. The best solution therefore to this incurable disease is to numb it by means of a mental revolution similar to his. And how else?

Hutus, you must realize that you are now standing at the edge of an abyss. Beside you, there is chasm, which you cannot even dare look into, for its depth makes you dizzy. The abyss is the trickery of the Parti Liberal, which is now joining the government. For them, that is a tool that will enable them to achieve their ends. All the State communication means have been put at the party’s disposal to betray the country. That chasm you dare not look into is no doubt the Rwandese Patriotic Front, because it has been further strengthened by joining the government through the Parti Liberal. But do not lose hope. Salvation is in front of you. Call all your brothers to board the ship for the voyage to “Mental Revolution” island. This island is none other than the C.D.R. Right from today, Hutus, on your marks. Your arrival will no doubt be synonymous with vigilance and never again shall you accept mental, administrative or economic domination. The 1959 Revolution will thus have regained its importance and every year, a memorial day, for instance 1 November, the date marking the decisive beginning of this Revolution, would be set aside to mark the event. To this we add the following quotation from the C.D.R. Chairman on the occasion of the official launching of the party: “On the military front, the popular majority can be proud of the bravery of its sons and daughters. However, on the political scene, there is a tremendous sense of disillusionment. Only silence! Nothing but traitors! Nothing but recognized or discrete accomplices!”

The C.D.R. intends to redress the situation, not through violence, not through the use of arms like some political parties are doing, but through an ideological battle based on… [missing text] …