Kangura No. 35

Editorial: Mineprisec [Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education]—Agathe Uwilingiyimana Is Not Fit for the Job

When she was a teacher at the Groupe Scolaire de Butare, Agathe Uwilingiyimana had a fiancé, but they never made love.

When her fiancé went to Europe for further studies, Agathe could not abstain any longer. She fell in love with a student at Nyakibanda Seminary who made her pregnant shortly thereafter. Fortunately he was honest enough to leave priesthood and become a family man, pursuing his studies at the I.P.N. (which was at Butare at the time).

…[missing text] …family went to Nyakinama to pursue his studies at the Ruhengeri University Campus, his “beautiful” lady was again unable to control her desire, for a teacher at the Groupe Scolaire made her his mistress and increased the family size by having another child with her.

What a peculiar Rwandan mother! Is she really fit for the job of Minister of National Education, given her weakness and infidelity? Maybe she will seize the opportunity to extinguish the fire burning inside Rusake heart and… [missing text] …