Kangura No. 32

What Has Been Should Not Be Again!


In February 1972 when rivers overflowed in the University, Tutsi students were in majority. The Hutu, who stood for the 1959 revolution, got angry and put up lists and many people started to flee.

The disturbances that took place at that time were characterized by the hypocrisy of the authorities. On the surface they acted as if they wanted to stop unrest and re-establish law and order, in reality, behind the curtain, they were fuelling it. That was the reason for toppling the regime because it was no longer acting responsibly; instead it encouraged civil strife when it was supposed to settle disputes. There is an adage which says that “what happens in the night is only told by one who experienced it.” When you look at what is happening today, you would think that the Tutsi have forgotten what happened to them then. But they don’t forget; it is only a trick to let time pass.

For some of the Hutu, their conduct makes one remember what was said, “the tobacco from Nduga is tricky because when you grow it, it attracts enemies and when you don’t grow it you go in need of it.”

It is sad to see a journalist like Sixbert Musangamfura and political parties like M.D.R. and P.L. challenge eminent personalities who took the lead in 1972 to put back the Tutsi in his right place. The most surprising is that those idiots tend to throw the responsibility onto the “Bakiga” as if they were in power in those days. Let us not look at the persons who made up the “committee of safety;” let us look at what they achieved. If they had not stood up what state would Rwanda be in now? Let me remind you that the Tutsi at that time made up over 60% in the university. You pretend to be wise men, you do not expose yourself to danger at the front and, after a number of years, you timidly come out with an unctuous speech putting yourself on the safe side and saying “You Tutsi, look, they are those bakiga who molested you;” your conduct has been that of cowards.

Now, wise Hutu are trying to make you understand that the enemy has infiltrated you and you don’t want to hear, saying that instead of being ruled by Habyarimana you would rather prefer Kagame! One day the courageous ones will rise in fury and set up the “committee of safety” to push you off those streets in which by your demonstrations you fool the unintelligent people and prevent us from seeing where the enemy has arrived. After that, don’t come again with you unctuous speeches, we have discovered you, now we know you: among the Hutu you are Hutu and among the Tutsi you are M.D.R. and P.L., among the foreigners you are Inkotanyi, you are like the tobacco from Nduga.

Your conduct is not surprising because among you are mixed blood like Twagiramungu who are Hutu by the identity of their father when they behavior remains loyal to the defense of the interests of their mother. After all what relationship is there between Twagiramungu and his mother’s grandfather? Does he know his father? Even if your name was Kayibanda, no human being can defend his father’s interest and forget those of his father in law. All that has been observed in the distribution of places in schools during the first republic, as much as Twagiramungu’s misconduct who wants to lead his party (if not misleading it) using the money of the enemy, who acts through P.L.

There are people like Mugenzi who believe wrongly that the party does not belong to Inkotanyi, because they themselves founded it and Inkotanyi like Kameya and Mbanda joined it later. What stupidity, even your child knows that in their strategy of gaining power, the Tutsi always avoid changing the existing order, instead they use it to consolidate their power once they are in control?

In the history of Rwanda it has always been that way. At the beginning, on their arrival from Abyssinia, they found that there were Hutu kings who controlled the land. They had their authority and their system of ruling. The Tutsi did not do anything else, he replaced those kings from their thrones, their ruling system continued as before shifting only to the clan of Abanyiginya.

When in 1973 Habyarimana gave them peace they said, “The Hutu are still angry, let us forget for a while the question of overthrowing them from power, let us serve them first, in the meantime Habyarimana will repair the second republic and when time comes we shall take the power from him.” Habyarimana has been a wise man for them. He did not give them the pretext to seize power. The man from Bushiru is very clever. May be that his father had told him the secret of his forefathers that had kept the Tutsi out of what the idiots of today call the “Akazu of the Hutu-nshiru.” Habyarimana has governed them efficiently and when they discovered that they could not do otherwise, they run to Museveni for his troops. Did they think that that Hima man could beat the man who helped him when he w. as in the bush against Obote? When they finally f and that there was no solution, they remembered that during the ancient time, their forefathers found the solution in the land of Mashira and they said: “since Habyarimana has revealed to be tough, let us turn to the south, we may find people we can manipulate.” It did not take long, when they arrived there they were received with applause, they settled, they sat on P.L. and took M.D.R. as a cover.

The next morning they took Twagiramungu and Mugenzi aside and told them, “Lend us your parties and we shall go to the streets and overthrow Habyarimana who until now has been invincible.” That was the end of the war. They went into the streets demonstrations, they stoned the passer-by, they punctured tires on public buses, they prevented children from attending schools, they insulted and provoked the national forces of security and they set regions one against another Gatabazi and Ngango, known to be intelligent and truthful in their speech said: “even if we are opposed to the current regime, we are not so far gone that we are willing to replace it with the Inkotanyi.” P.S.D. managed to free itself from the trap; it deserves congratulations and should be given an important position in the transitional government. Will the M.D.R. free itself? I don’t think it is possible as long as Twagiramungu’s mother’s relatives are still outside the country.

Let me finish by asking Mugenzi and his followers. In what he has recently declared over Radio Rwanda confirming what had been declared by Bizimungu Pasteur, that P.L. collaborates with the Inkotanyi, we were not surprised because we knew it already. But he added that the reason is that the current administration did not explain the real causes and nature of the war. That helped us to discover that you know better the real reasons and the nature of this war. You also criticize the government of inefficiency for not having known those causes and the nature of this war beforehand. If one came to the conclusion that you are on the side of the aggressor, would one be mistaken? If the Inkotanyi (yourself) took power, the war would continue, what would happen then? The mistake you make, Mugenzi and your Inkotanyi, is that you think that when you seize power, the war will be over. In fact it will be the beginning of another 1959. Now then, get ready and pack up to go.

If you have understood this message properly and the title “What has been should not be again”; there is a good reason for it and its meaning. Because those who deceive themselves, hoping that they are clever and can bring an end to the war, they forget themselves since if the war came to an end and the Inkotanyi returned in the country, we, we think that there are other people who know that there could be other solutions.

We have been patient enough, speech is different from action, what is important are deeds! Mugenzi, stop sending those ‘children of god’ to the war front. In Rwanda there are people who have been over saddened, there are angry people, there are people who are ready to take revenge, and you know them;

Continue mocking us saying that you are privileged because you are in contact with the Inyenzi. Continue sending Tutsi children into conflict in the same manner as Kanyarengwe sent them in Mutara. Continue sending them in street demonstrations in the country, just like the son of Bushiru-Hutu, Pasteur Bizimungu is sending you, telling you that you are together while he is in safety in Europe.

We all know what is happening in the capital city these days and it is normal. When an enemy is weakened without being totally incapacitated, he always tries other ways, like somebody caught in a burning house. If you read in Kangura No. 28 p. 7, a letter written by a person who named himself Tirwomwe Patric addressed to his relatives living inside the country, you will discover that their program is still in action. There is a passage in that letter where he writes: “we must gradually attack the stability at home in order to reach our goal.” He goes on: “those political parties you fear to join are ours, they will help us…each political party has been given its own message. You must know it and join them. Money is not a problem to you, you mist infiltrate everywhere intelligently and encourage your newspapers (those belonging to accomplices of Inkotanyi ). This will disturb them and we shall take them over. If it becomes necessary we shall resort to terrorism and banditry and they will be exhausted. Briefly, those political parties are ours, look after them.”

As for you Mugenzi, can you bet that this letter never reached you? Don’t you see that you are carrying out the instructions contained therein in broad daylight?

Start the war inside the country. Who knows how you will stop it? Apart from that if you are not careful. It has been; it should not be!