Kangura No. 30

Advertisement: Kangura’s Editorial Staff Advertises P.D.R.

Considering the fact that the majority need a political party that would lead them to true democracy and speak on the behalf and on behalf those who do not have a forum to express themselves, as Rwandans, regardless of their religious faith, are invited to join P.D.R. (Parti Démocratique pour la Révolution). Many people in Rwanda, particularly those who support Dr. Gregoire Kayibanda’s ideology of protecting the interest of the majority and Habyarimana’s ideology of advocating peace and development, have already joined the Party.

If you want to join the Party’s leadership, or for more information, please write to Gisenyi Information, P.O. Box 19, Gisenyi or P.O. Box 1312, Kigali. The Party’s Charter is being studied by a competent committee.

Rwandans do not have a culture of negative criticism. You know very well that there are people who like saying that Habyarimana’s and Kayibanda’s regimes have not done anything. What is important for us is to express our satisfaction with Rwandan authorities for their achievements since the overthrow of the feudal regime and to see how we can build on those achievements.

Those of you who wish to join the Party should be convinced that that our role is not to denigrate others or to be eternal malcontents. Help us complete the work accomplished by our political predecessors and retired soldiers. This is your Party—a Party for those who do not yet have a voice. So, join now!

Given the fact that the Tutsis of Uganda, Rwanda and Zaire want to rule us under the banner of the Hima corridor, it is necessary for many Hutus to come together under P.D.R.-Parmehutu. If need be, the party will collaborate with Palipehutu of Burundi, giving all Hutus a voice and ending their slow death.