Kangura No. 30

R.P.F. Accomplices Have Now Been Authorized to Operate Publicly; Where Will Rwanda Go?


Rwanda is still in a very bad situation. For over a year now, it has been waging a war that was imposed on it by the Inyenzi Inkotanyi. We are now used to the war. Up to now, Rwandans and the Rwandan Armed Forces have conducted themselves well. They have been able to stop the enemy. The enemy has became discouraged and resorted only to suicide operations. The recent decision taken by the Transitional Government however, is worrying!

The Government has firmly decided that people, who had been dismissed from their work following the outbreak of the war, should be reinstated. Moreover, employers have been asked to implement this decision as soon as possible. This is astounding! This decision has made the majority think. We once said that the majority are already angry! Their anger is justified because they have continued to be treated with contempt. Just imagine! The accomplices have collaborated with the enemy and betrayed the country. Thanks to the unity of Rwandans, they have been unveiled and checked.

After some time, the (sell out) international community made a lot of noise, declaring that Rwanda was not respecting human rights—rather, Tutsi rights.

Rwanda closed its eyes and released the said accomplices who have continued to demonstrate and establish political parties and newspapers. This situation has enabled the Tutsi to do what he wants with impunity, deriding members of the armed forces killed or wounded in action and many Rwandans who have been killed by the enemy or who have been displaced from their property by the war. Instead of thinking about those people first, the Transitional Government is more concerned with solving the problems of the accomplices.

It has been claimed that Sylvestre Nsanzimana’s Government is made up of two political parties: M.R.N.D. and P.D.C.! We have to add R.P.F. which has many Ministers in the Government!

Why are the accomplices being reinstated to their posts when the war is not yet over? Did they ever apologize for the acts that they have continued to commit? Let them resume working so that there will be no salary to pay other civil servants? Let them resume working so that they can be in a position to send their salaries to the Inkotanyi to buy guns and ammunition, leading, in turn, to the resumption of war.

We were used to Kalashnikovs and Katyuchas. So we should not be surprised when they start using MiG fighter planes.

Friends of Rwanda, people who are thinking about our armed forces at the front, of the displaced people and of people who have been killed as a result of the war should act to stop the Government from implementing its decision. Otherwise, the enemy will enslave us again because of the lack of concern on the part of the Hutu.