Kangura No. 30

The Unity of the Holy Trinity Does Not Work in This World!

Dr. François Ben Dedale

Lord, forgive me
That I am borrowing your image
It is not for lack of respect
Far from it
I wanted to speak
To those who have not wanted to listen
And who have even refused to see
As the saying goes
When I go abroad
And I return to the fold
I will therein find well defined unity
This unity we are so afraid of
This unity we abhor in all ways
Which suggests the use of the machete
And not peace
Which sheds blood
Instead of shining forth
Which rejects work
And associates with war
Which refuses to espouse the human being
And discriminates against race
Depending on the place of birth
Which rejects work
And disregards those in the majority
As in the olden days in the bosom of truth
In the times of the symbolic drum
Known to the inhabitants of Murunda
Before it turned around
Unity which rejects the crown of thorns
And limits itself to the altar
Unity which rejects the sweat of the crucifix
And confines itself to the sacristy
Which flees the masses and hides in the backyard
This unity of the miracle!
Whosoever will support it
Whoever he may be
Wherever he may be
Shall be the enemy of God (Imana)