Kangura No. 30

The Wickedness and Provocation of the Tutsis of the P.L.

It is no longer a secret to anybody that the Tutsis, hiding behind their P.L. party, are trying to exterminate the Hutus. Our confidential sources of information as well as the information received from the influential youth in the P.L., working at the Ministry of Agriculture, reveal that the Tutsis of the P.L. have decided during their meeting that on the occasion of their demonstrations, they would do their utmost to take revenge on the Hutus for having arrested them in October 1990.

That is why, as you have observed yourselves, all the vehicles which had their windows broken during the demonstrations belonged to Hutus. Also, all the people hurt so far by stones thrown by the P.L. youth (from Bugesera) have been Hutus.

In fact, what do these insatiable Tutsis want? Arriving in October 1990 and armed, they killed the Hutus at Mutatas. The survivors abandoned their properties. Their plan, it emerges, was to kill every Hutu child, particularly the boys. But at this moment in time, we are not afraid to say that this plan has failed. Even if people die, there are always survivors. I wanted to warn the Hutus and to tell them that the actions of the P.L. during the demonstrations sufficiently show the anger that the Tutsis have always shown towards the Hutus and that they are only bent on exterminating them.

It is difficult to understand that, to participate in political party demonstrations, Tutsis would carry bludgeons, knives, machetes or even grenades. Who else other than the Hutus would be their victims? It is indeed a known fact that no Tutsi would dare hurt his Tutsi brother. Have you ever seen a snake eat another snake?

Let us remind one another that at the beginning of the 1959 events, young Tutsis attacked Mbonyumtwa and beat him up. Recently also, Tutsi youth attacked Hutus, Edouard Karemera, Bonaventure Habimana and Jean Habyarimana and maltreated them under the cover of the demonstrations! The Tutsis really have a short memory! It is not in fact a short memory, they continue rather to take the Hutus to be foolish people who are not aware of the deadly plans of the Tutsis.

The Tutsis of the P.L. should stop lying that they are associated with the M.D.R.; in fact until now, the acts of destroying properties and violence have been carried out by the P.L. militia who are in the majority from Bugesera, their stronghold. The Rwandan Government should stop the acts of violence of the Tutsis aimed at killing the Hutus as soon as possible. If the Government says that it is not capable to do so, then it should not be surprised if the Hutus organize demonstrations to protect their properties and their Hutu brothers whom the Tutsis want to kill. Each time the situation deteriorates, the Tutsis flee to Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania and Zaire. Where can the Hutus seek shelter since the Tutsis lay down the law everywhere in this country? I dare hope that when we will organize demonstrations, the embassies of foreign countries as well as Amnesty International would not intervene to declare that the Tutsis have been wronged whereas they say nothing about their provocation.


At the time of drafting this issue, we heard on Radio-Rwanda that the authorities of the P.L. party have this time publicly admitted their collaboration with the R.P.F.

Their declaration thrilled those who were following the situation closely. It is for this reason that Gatabazi of the P.S.D. has refused to continue to cooperate with the Inkotanyi who have been attacking the country. We appreciate these important decisions which have been taken by the leaders of the P.S.D. They should therefore accept to participate in a Government which the majority of the people want. It is not headline news that are lacking!

The Latest

It appears that Minister Bizimungu is having sleepless nights because of our people, mainly the Hutus arrested by the Tutsis in power in Burundi.

Soon, the Minister could reveal to us the reason why the Burundians continue to provoke our Hutus. It is even true that at the Kigali General Hospital, patients have been stabbed by Burundians, accomplices of Buyoya. If Doctor Casimir Bizimungu is keeping quiet while the Burundians are stabbing us, the situation is far from being clear.