Kangura No. 30

Our Rwandan Politicians Have a Fowl Pest!

The old man Félicien Semusambi once wrote that the fowl pest was raging our Rwandan politicians, and he told us that it was a challenge to the authorities. Nevertheless, some of his remarks have started to have effect. Minister Casimir Bizimungu whom we consider to be perceptive has also fallen into the net of the Tutsis. In fact, he declared in public in Burundi that the Kangura newspaper was working for the Inkotanyi, and he promised Buyoya that Rwanda was going to arrest its Director on the grounds that he dared say that the Burundi Hutus were being oppressed by the Tutsis. In the discussions that this Minister had recently with his counterpart from Burundi, he again promised him that he would ban the publication of the Kangura newspaper and put an end to its articles on Burundi.

So, as you have noted yourselves, if it is for political incompetence, Minister Bizimungu is betraying the Hutus and his fatherland. It is unfortunate that he dared to hand over to Burundi the Rwandans who had escaped being killed and had sought refuge in our Embassy in Bujumbura. In Burundi, the Rwandans had escaped death and had sought refuge in our Embassy in Bujumbura; handing them over to the Burundian authorities shows that this Minister has not yet been able to distinguish between the enemy and the friend of Rwanda.