Kangura No. 30

The Provocation of the P.L.

As you are aware, before their attack, the Inkotanyi first betrayed us, and their accomplices destroyed all the army vehicles so that when the war broke out, Rwanda did not have vehicles to convey troops to the front. Only the God of Rwanda enabled ONATRACOM to provide the army with buses to satisfy their needs by way of transport to the front.

This discouraged the Inkotanyi as well as their accomplices. But the Inkotanyi devised other tricks which the accomplices adopted. During their demonstrations, the members of the P.L. were to do their utmost to bum down the ONATRACOM buses or to break their windows, not to forget bursting the tires. The Rwandan Army, now that you know the trap set for the enemy, you know what remains to be done.

They agreed that the Inkotanyi should attack us on the eve of the demonstrations!