Kangura No. 30

A Sister Who Exposed Herself!

A sister called Therese Mukabacondo, the Headmistress of the young girls’ school of Kibeho, overemphasized her persecution of the Hutus, teachers and students together. Wherever she lived, this Tutsi from the royal dynasty distinguished herself through hatred and the disdain for those who were not from her ethnic group. This was confirmed by the sisters, priests and the students who lived with her in Byimana.

As soon as she arrived in Kibeho, she overemphasized her ethnic bigotry. For the time being, for example, she grouped within a signing and prayer association, students and teachers from her ethnic group. This association aroused suspicions: for example, it was posted for the information of the members of this association that a mass had been planned in memory of the Rwigema who died a year ago. Those who were invited attended the mass and dirges were sung. After the mass, Mukabacondo and her guests celebrated the event with pomp; they ate and drank galore.

This annoyed many Hutus, victims of the calamity which this war had caused them. When they inquired from their Tutsi friends about the object of these masses and these celebrations, they responded that the Hutu regime was to end with the end of this year. Subsequently, Mukabacondo threatened to dismiss the Hutu students if any continued to show displeasure in respect of this mass celebrated in memory of the Rwigema.

As you have noted yourselves, Mukabacondo represents the chaff in the wheat. We advise her to remove her white gown as well as her veil, to wear culottes and the R.P.F. cap and then go to prostitute herself in Biryogo. Although she has started growing grey hair, we think that she would not lack lovers as numerous are those who, believing she is a virgin, would go and see her, curious to know what a Sister tastes like.