Kangura No. 30

No Hutu Shall Be Sent to the University as Long as Cyubahiro Is Responsible for Higher Education

Noël Hitimana

Higher Education is the source from which the country draws various experts to solve the various problems it is facing. It is for this reason that in many countries, the management of higher education is often entrusted to people who have a higher level of education. In Rwanda, the situation is quite different. One wonders whether Rwanda does not have people with Doctorate degrees or whether it is not deliberate to purposely and knowingly slow down higher education in Rwanda.

Can you imagine? You have a kid like Cyubahiro and he is appointed Minister for Higher Education and Scientific Research though he himself has not yet completed his studies. Besides, in the field of research, he has never shown his intention to be associated with the experienced researchers in the search for solutions to the numerous problems the country is facing. Can we hope that Cyubahiro would do something to promote research in Rwanda?

We nonetheless need the research carried out by the learned Rwandans during these difficult times. Would Cyubahiro support a researcher who would take the initiative to find solutions to some of the problems Rwanda is facing?

Regarding the officials responsible for higher education in Rwanda, they were not only mistaken about Cyubahiro. I do not intend to analyze the manner in which higher education on the whole has been entrusted to undeserving officials, my comments would rather relate to the problems the National University of Rwanda is encountering. They took one Maurice Ntahobari, who previously and unsuccessfully, had been assigned several posts and put him in charge of the National University of Rwanda. In choosing this man, who had only completed his Honors Degree at the University, was there no one with a Doctorate degree to fill this post?

The fact of entrusting the responsibility of higher education and the University to people who have not had much education and who are incompetent impedes immensely the functioning of higher education in Rwanda. The fact that Cyubahiro is incompetent and does not even want to be in charge of higher education in Rwanda is not in itself a problem, since most of the Rwandan authorities have been appointed to positions they did not deserve. What is unfortunate is that Cyubahiro, with his incompetence, only promotes the interests of Tutsis as if they were the only ones living in Rwanda.

Since he was appointed Minister, 98% of those who have been offered scholarships are Tutsis. Is Cyubahiro only responsible for the education of the Tutsis or that of all Rwandans? The Tutsis have for a long time deceived the Hutus to take advantage of them, but today, we can no longer accept such blatant discrimination. That is why we are requesting the Rwandan authorities to reform the management of higher education before it is too late. The introduction of inequalities in the Rwandan educational system is one of the judicious means of hindering the development of an ethnic group. It is true that “when you accommodate a Tutsi in the living room, he throws you out of your bed.”

It seems he found a place for his wife at the University! That is not all. It also appears that he was going to take away the small budget of the Ministry which he is responsible for to join the Inkotanyi who are attacking us, under the pretext that he was going to pursue his studies. If we had not been vigilant at the Presidency, Cyubahiro would have been the first, in the whole of Africa, to abandon his ministerial post to study. Aren’t there people who have completed their University education who could be appointed to this post instead of choosing Cyubahiro, who has not yet completed his studies? The studies in themselves are interesting, but Cyubahiro’s intention was not for his interest in the studies but rather, the wish to fight with the Inkotanyi. For as long as he has not yet travelled abroad, (he continued in fact, to reserve the said scholarship for himself), we hope that he will find the time to come and justify himself to the population.