Kangura No. 30

Sooner or Later, Destiny Takes Its Course

Venant Barutwanayo

In Burundi, we are also just about to have a multiparty system. The day before yesterday, our President, P. Buyoya declared that he was going to authorize the setting up of several political parties. Let us hope that he said it in good faith and was sincere. Let us hope that it would not be like in July 1991, when he announced that he had accepted multiparty politics but thereafter, he refused to sign the Constitution under the pretext that the Committee which prepared it should once again consult the population and get their views. Yet this Committee, for about six months, had heard the wishes of the people.

When the draft was submitted to President Buyoya and he dismissed it, the population was consulted again, but the response was the same: we want multiparty politics. That was what was to be obtained sooner or later! “When a child’s upper jaw teeth start growing, that means he is ready to eat.” And you Hutus too, prepare yourselves to take the reins of power.

We hope that our President got what he wanted. It was nothing else: in my view, he refused multiparty politics before reaching his goal of destroying, killing and exterminating Hutus. Now that he realizes that an unknown number of Hutus are being annihilated, he accepts multiparty politics, because he knows that the small number of Hutus remaining would put up with it and would be submissive. He will tell them that he allowed them to have multiparty politics and brought unity (his idea of unity) which he goes on about so much to the people.

Men, Women and you, the youth of Burundi,

The time has come for us to get rid of the bloodthirsty and oppressive regime. Be careful, let us not fall into the trap like the one in which Rwagasore led us, when he deluded us with his fine talk saying : “Follow me, I will not put you in a difficult position,” except that he was himself killed by the enemies of Burundi. I do not know whether he would have done to us what his Tutsi brothers subjected us to. But I must remind you that we should know that the time has come for us to get rid of the weapons and cutlasses pointed at our throats!

The African problems and grievances have always been referred to the international community and it has now resolved to introduce throughout the whole of Africa, the era of true democracy. So be careful and jump at the opportunity. For a long time, the Hutus are being killed every day. So, don’t forget your Palipehutu party. Let authorization be given for the setting up of several parties without excluding any. We would choose the one that will speak the truth. Buyoya should not hide anything from us. We all know that the problem keeping us in exile is that of the Hutus and the Tutsis.

For the time being, Buyoya should change his negative attitude and understand that, no matter the problem that Burundi is encountering, it should be highlighted and explained to the international community so that it can help us find a solution. Buyoya should not continue lying about peace and unity which are only recounted in words. The Tutsis really take the Hutus to be fools! Do they believe that we do not know them? … They continue to lie to us. Do they forget that they have hurt us a lot or do they, think that if the Hutus were governing the country, they would pay them back their own coin! Don’t be afraid. The Hutus are ugly physically but are not as wicked as you. Don’t persist in doing wrong; mend your ways instead of persisting.

Also, I will advise Buyoya to pursue the good initiative that he took and to meet with Dr. Etienne KARATASI, the Palipehutu Chairman, for them to exchange views in time; there is nothing else to do, the Hutus will win whether you like it or not And you Tutsis, there are many examples which show that the Hutus should take back the country which you have taken from them for over 400 years. This time is too long. It is time you handed over power.

Long Live Palipehutu and its Chairman!

–A reader of Kangura

Gitega, 11 September 1992