Kangura No. 30

Now That the Tutsis Are Pitted Against One Another, Perhaps Their End Is Imminent

Papias Rubera

No one is ignorant of the fact that this war which Rwanda is experiencing was prepared by all the Tutsis of Central Africa who wish again, to subject the Hutus to drudgery and whipping. Anyone who does not believe it should approach Museveni and ask him why he continues to support the Tutsi Inyenzi who want the Rwandan Hutus to be pitted against one another so that afterwards, by means of this division, the Tutsis would take advantage to seize power in Rwanda. Let the person who still doubts the fact that this war was prepared by the Tutsis of Central Africa ask why the BUYOYA regime continues to kill many Hutus.

The Hutus who are living in the Great Lakes countries (Rwanda, Zaire, Burundi) have discovered this trick of the Tutsis. This is why, during the meeting that grouped them in Mbandaka in Zaire, the Presidents of these countries set up a Committee to restore security in this region, which is today disturbed by the Tutsis! We hope that this meeting will put the Tutsis in their place because it is difficult to understand how the Tutsis who represent only 15% of the population could disrupt the security of the Hutus who represent 84%, and this, throughout the year!

The majority of the Tutsis living in Rwanda participated in preparing this war. Those who played an important role in it have been arrested and imprisoned. After a few days, they were cleared and released whereas they did not deserve to be released and moreover, they had not hoped for it. After their release, these people guilty at heart, although found not guilty, returned with the plan of supporting the Inyenzi Tutsi. Those who could read read it in all the Tutsi newspapers.

The situation did not end there since the Tutsis who had been released were searching for grenades to kill our leaders and our soldiers. It is within this context that the MUHEKERA and RUDODO Bagogwes were sending their children to steal grenades from the army positions at Nkamira and at Bigogwe in the Mutura commune. It appears that these Tutsis were paying 5000 RWF for a grenade. Once discovered, the security services brought them before the courts. We hope that during this trial, the law will be enforced.

But all the Tutsis would not like the Hutus to be subjugated again. Indeed, on 16 December 1991, at an M.R.N.D. meeting which was held in the Mutura commune at Kabari, the Bagogwes had the opportunity to publicly denounce the Tutsi journalists who had been lying that Bagogwes had been killed. These Bagogwes have also decried the accomplices of the Inyenzi-Ntutsi. From where I was, I said to myself that now the Tutsis had been pitted against one another, their end was perhaps imminent.