Kangura No. 30

Press Release

THE INDEPENDENT NEWS AGENCY “GISENYI-INFORMATION” informs KANGURA newspaper readers that the latest issue is out and is available at the following sales outlets: Gisenyi, Mahoko, Kora, Mukamira, Ruhengeri, Gakenke, Vunga, Kabaya, Ngororero, Nyirangarama, Kigali, Kabuga, Gitarama, Nyanza, Butare, Gikongoro, Cyangugu, Bugarama, Kirambo, Byumba, Kibungo, Nyagatare and Kibuye.

Read and let others too read KANGURA, an independent newspaper.

Other Information

After reading this issue of KANGURA, immediately ask at the usual sales outlets for the KANGURA MAGAZINE, THE INTERNATIONAL EDITION since it has information on the times we are living through. If, on the other hand, you have the KANGURA MAGAZINE in hand, ask them to give you a copy of KANGURA No. 30 because it is the latest issue published this year. We seize the opportunity to inform you that the KANGURA newspaper is published every time in two versions: a Kinyarwanda version for those who speak this language and another version in French and in other languages so as to enable those who speak those languages to be informed of what is happening in Rwanda, Burundi and even in Zaïre. Ask, therefore, for your KANGURA issues. The price remains unchanged: 100 RWF.