Kangura No. 30

Letter: We Appreciate the Articles in Kangura Newspaper

From: Members of the Palipehutu Steering Committee, Burundi

Subject: Appreciation of the articles published in Kangura No. 3 and No. 28

Kangura newspaper,


Lately, we have been receiving the Kangura newspaper in Bujumbura. This newspaper has been well received in the whole of Bujumbura to the extent that it has become more popular than Radio Burundi and the Buyoya government has had to stop its circulation under the pretext that it supports the Palipehutu. Surprisingly, the more the ban on the sale of the newspaper is enforced, the more widespread it circulation has become and the more the people read it uninhibited just as the saying goes: “One can also be unjustly condemned.”

Things have improved tremendously since we received Kangura No. 3 (International issue). This issue came at a time when the Hutus were facing difficulties with more than 3,000 of them in prison. They were strengthened, just like the Israelites when baby Jesus was born at Christmas. I do not have words to describe the prevailing situation. When this issue of the Kangura newspaper appeared, in some areas of Bujumbura, all the Hutus, particularly Palipehutu members, heaved a deep sigh of relief They distributed the newspaper everywhere, including prisons, to the extent that a copy could cost up to 1,000 Burundi francs, that is, if you are lucky enough to get one because some people preferred to frame them so they could enlighten all family members.

When the Tutsis saw this, they became very uneasy because of the truth contained in that Kangura issue. And by the way, the axiom says “the truth hurts.” Though Buyoya has terrible weapons, he was crushed by that issue and the country’s security department went to work. Raids, seizures in houses continued… The Hutus and Twas hid the issue and said “We must hide this photograph of the redeemer of Burundi, Rémy Gahutu. We will never forget him.”

To the Hutus of Burundi, Kangura’s issue 28 brought the hope that the Hutus of Burundi, like those in Rwanda, would be guided in speech and action by the ideas of Dr. Kayibanda of the M.D.R. Parmehutu and Rémy Gahutu of the Palipehutu who have fought for the rights of the Hutu in Central Africa.

These ideas would put an end to the war of the Inkotanyi in Rwanda, to injustice, lack of respect and to the ill treatment of the Hutus by the Burundian Tutsis. Kangura, you have offered a wonderful Christmas 1991 present to all the Hutus who are unhappy as well as to all our supporters in the country. Thank you Kangura and Kangura officials for this Christmas present.

The Palipehutu leaders appreciate Kangura’s bravery in spite of the fact that some people are fighting the newspaper for speaking the truth. Kangura should be an example to all Hutus in Central Africa so they may put a stop to the oppression as well as to the killings that are being perpetrated in the region.

May Kangura become the voice that will awaken and protect the interests of the majority people!

Bujumbura, 28 December 1991

President of the Executive Committee of the National Palipehutu Francois Akimana (S.E.)