Kangura No. 30

They Hide Behind Political Parties, Believing That We Have Fallen Asleep

Déo Karangira

Some journalists continue, zealously and in vain, to set the Rwandans against one another, to divide the country, spread rumors and discourage government forces. The armed forces will not be discouraged by a handful of few people when they enjoy the support of most Rwandans.

Some newspapers want President Habyarimana (Hutu) to go into exile and Kigeli and his family to return, armed. What kind of peace do these people, particularly those who publish, articles in these newspapers, want for this country? They want some people to go into exile and at the same time they want those outside the country to return, armed! This proves that some people want to live alone in Rwanda at all costs. However, this is impossible. You may have realized that you will not achieve anything through elections if you do not divide the majority people in order to win their votes. The youth on which you were counting have learnt about your tricks, interestingly, through your newspapers.

However, as a fool is not completely useless; in its 12 issue, the newspaper Le Tribun du Peuples spoke the truth when it drew a cartoon of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces kneeling before Imana’s child. The child who is none other than Jesus was stretching his hand towards him to pronounce a blessing of victory over the monarchy threatening us [the Inkotanyi].

I congratulate you for this. You did not want to blow your own trumpet and this is why I am requesting that in your next issue, you publish a cartoon of the Inkotanyi generals in ­chief kneeling before the devil who will pronounce the curse of defeated at Mutara on them. Is that not true? Consult these soothsayers, look for amulets that would make you defeat the enemy, wear royal hair do, do all of this not go hand in hand with Satan?

I always start my articles with short questions. The questions are usually to those who write articles in these newspapers and my objective is to refute their rumors.

For example, these Inkotanyi accomplices had wanted our schools to stop teaching the history of Rwanda because it was fanning the embers of hatred. They had wanted the 1959 revolution to sink into oblivion (this happened because some people were saying that the revolution never occurred). Why then have you begun to teach this history through your newspapers, starting in the middle, well before your return to the country, and have not started with the extermination of the Hutu kings and then continue until today when Stalin’s organ (Katyucha) is shelling the people of Byumba and Ruhengeri.

Your plans have failed and that is why you have begun to unveil them. Go on; expose your plans to the public, what will be will be. Lads, we have been had. That is the truth, if we had no been vigilant, we would have been exterminated.

Ah! The youth on which you counted so much know the history of Rwanda. They even know about this trick. As for you, you are cutting out things from the history and confusing the issue as you usually do. If the leaders had accepted to drop the history of Rwanda as you had requested, what would have happened? And now you are seriously teaching your truncated version through your newspapers that are publishing rumors.


Rwandans armed forces,

Remain vigilant because the Inkotanyi accomplices just like the Inyenzi are not giving up their obstinacy. They are insisting on carrying out their plan to divide Rwandans and discourage our Armed Forces. Read and meditate on the sentences that follow which I have prepared for you:

Some newspapers are publishing lies, insulting the President of the Republic as if he was no longer the leader of the country (no more politeness in writings?), creating division between the Abakiga and the Abanyenduga, discouraging the Rwandan armed forces, poking fun at other newspapers, bragging about feats and extolling R.P.F. cowardice and atrocities! Have the other newspapers I would refer to as newspapers of the majority people realized this is a trap? Only a few newspapers, very few at least, are battling the accomplices and denouncing their provocation. What are the other newspapers of the majority doing? They have already swallowed the philter of the accomplices (bank notes) and that explains why some of them have gone ahead to insult the Hutus hiding behind political parties. Journalists, what are you doing, some of you continue to discourage the armed forces. Rather than write about the manifestos that the political party members are proposing to get the country out of poverty, they spent all their time denigrating the President and talking endlessly about the Akazu (inner circle). Can this Akazu be compared to that of the days of old when a son succeeded his father as king, chief, sub-chief, in dynasty rituals and even divination? It is rather unfortunate that a newspaper will publish an issue that contains insults and nothing but insults. You are calling for the resignation of the President. You spend all your time insulting him but he does not react. You probably need a President who would subject you to beatings! But it seems that foreign countries are protecting you! But the proverb says: the cattle rearer only realizes how good the milk tastes when he no longer has the cows.”

You denigrate leaders and call them members of the Akazu. However, when a newspaper points an accusing finger at the accomplices who are killing us with Katyucha, you tremble and whine for no reason.

The journalists of Tribun du Peuple have experienced a lot of pain and have made this known through their newspaper. They have not minced their words in their article on those responsible for the events of the night of 4 April 1990.

We know that the decision taken by Colonel Léonidas Rusatira to ban the movement of vehicles in Rwanda and to request everyone to remain at home annoyed the Inkotanyi and their accomplices because the Inyenzi who often used the camouflage tactic could not find a loophole. The person who tried to go someone else’s field under the pretext that he was going to farm was flushed out, leaving the embarrassed Inyenzi with more ideas. Sadness combined with the firing of the bold has plunged them into total confusion!

Who else will give an account of the events of the night in question if not the Inkotanyi and their accomplices? The person asking such a question already has the answer. Before we were attacked, had these things not happened before? You did not want the armed forces to intervene so the Inkotanyi and their accomplices may easily capture and take the people where they had planned to take them?

When the Inkotanyi first put on civilian clothing and then cover them with military uniform, do you think that they are acting? Why have you not denounced any of these acts committed by the Inkotanyi ? As far as you are concern all these actions are acceptable! You are forgetting the confusing statements you are making to mislead the people and now you denouncing this or that.

A few words appeared in a beautiful cartoon published in issue No. 12 of Le Tribun de Peuple(but Jesus cannot answer some of the requests). I retained only one idea: repentance. In actual fact and in my opinion, President Habyarimana can only repent of one thing which I would try to illustrate through the following story:

Once, there lived a snake happily and peacefully in the forest. One day, the forest suddenly caught fire and the snake was caught in the flames. Seeing the danger the snake was facing, partridge rushed up. Gripped with compassion, the partridge approached the snake and said, “I have come to help you.” The partridge craned his neck and the snake twirled around it. The partridge flew with the snake around his neck and landed on a hill. However, when the snake unwound from the partridge’s neck, the first thing it did was cut its neck.

That is probably the source of the saying: “Too much kindness can bring you trouble.” You too, strive to insult others; in any case, unity and peace are essential.

Journalists of the newspapers in question, I shall continue to contest your writings. Every time you draw an analogy, you like to compare our country to other countries without taking into account the peculiarities in the history of each country, their customs as well as the ethnic make-up of the population. For example, you say the President of Kenya is from among the minority ethnic group. When you give examples citing what is happening elsewhere, for god’s sake, speak the truth.

In Kenya, the Kikuyu are the majority group followed by the Luo. The person who led Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta, was a Kikuyu and his Vice-President, Oginda Odinga, was a Luo. You see that people from the majority ethnic groups led the country. Oginda Odinga later rebelled against Jomo Kenyatta and threw away the opportunity of being his successor. Arap Moi replaced Oginda Odinga as Vice President and succeeded Jomo Kenyatta as stipulated in the constitution. If elections are held again, I do not know what will happen. Your guess is as good as mine!

You are saying that someone from the ethnic minority can also lead the country and some of you are denying that you fled democracy, so then, why don’t you wait for the elections to resolve the matter? I have noticed that some people are scared of democracy and have therefore refused to lay down their arms and come back in peace to work hand in hand with other citizens to organize free elections (it is being said that some of you are counting on the national conference referred to as “Rukokoma”). If this conference does not take place will you not vote? You are hoping to take power through the Katyucha and the so-called “Rukokoma” national conference!”

Moreover, why are you using countries that are far away as examples and forgetting neighboring countries? In actual fact some of these neighboring counties are ruled by people from only one ethnic group. Are you not avoiding some of these countries because they do not respect democracy? Your newspapers surprise me. The Rwandans of those days were lied to when told that “the King is born with grains in his hands” or that the harvest would be poor without him. Would any Rwandan believe that Rwigema is still alive and that he has allegedly changed into a young girl? Can Rwandans of today be deceived into believing that the Inyenzi have just built an airport at Mutara or that the Inyenzi are constructing the Cyanika-Ruhengeri road, or deceived with similar lies about the Inyenzi? Please, stop discrediting others as the Inkotanyi did in Uganda and wherever they were abroad. As for the accomplices, they should stop their game for we shall remain vigilant. Stop boasting and encouraging the Inkotanyi, stop you provocation, stop whining when accused. Rather, tell the refugees to lay down their arms. Ask them to return peacefully to co-operate with the other citizens in building our nation.

When we state that there was never a time that the Inyenzi won the war, you become irritated and say that the Inyenzi of today are different from those of yesteryears. The Inyenzi of 1962 attacked on five fronts but were defeated everywhere by the Garde Nationale. The Inyenzi of today are receiving support from Uganda. They have undergone training. They possess heavy weapon including the Stalin’s organ; however, in spite of all that, they have retreated. So what are you denying? As for us, we do not go around in circles looking for the truth where it does not exist. The Habyarimana of 1962—1967 is the same as that of the 1990s. He has not changed.

I would like to conclude my article by calling on the journalists of Le Tribune du People to contest my sayings as they did when they made confusing statements aimed misleading us regarding the matter of a Kangura journalist, Papias Rubera.