Kangura No. 30

Libya Threatened by World Superpowers

Hassan Ngeze

Since the end of the 19 century and up to the beginning of the 20 century, the Arab countries were under a feudal and colonial regime. They suffered a great deal from this situation which left them in a state of poverty, ignorance and misery.

Having been bled white by the First and Second World Wars, the European countries rushed to despoil the Arab countries of their riches.

In order to consolidate their domination over the Arab countries, the imperialists shrewdly decided to set the inhabitants of those countries against each other. However, although they did not have the necessary military means, that did not prevent the Arab countries from defending themselves through the holy war known as “Jihad.”

Since the situation had proved to be difficult, the imperialists devised other tricks. This time, instead of using other firearms and ammunitions, they tried to fight against “Islam” by all other possible means.

All Muslim followers are therefore called upon to be clear-sighted in order to separate the wheat from the chaff, the friend from the foe, if they do not wish to be wiped out by the imperialists. The latter are used to treating those who do not think like them as enemies to be exterminated at all costs.

Formerly, the European countries were less aggressive because of the presence of another equally strong super power with which they had to reckon. At the time, the said superpower was Russia. But since the disintegration of Russia, the Europeans are surprised to learn that another country can think differently from them. The Europeans cannot bear any country which tries to find ways and means of solving its own problems without their supervision and control.

The superpowers recently came up with another trick to enslave the developing countries. They devised what they called “the new world order,” in other words, a new system governing trade. According to this new economic world order, the Europeans and the major powers dominate and the developing countries have no say.

Libya is among the developing countries that wish to throw off this colonial yoke.

Although Libya is no match for these superpowers, it continues to fight because it sees that as a way of helping the oppressed.

Libya will continue to fight injustice and oppression on behalf of all those fighting for their rights, who love peace and justice. It is imperative that all the people of this planet help Libya and leave no stone unturned in ensuring that dignity is restored to the world.