Kangura No. 19

Editorial: Hutus Should Help Kangura Defend the Hutus; I Will Pay the Price if Necessary, but I Will Warn the Hutus

We are now in a critical phase. I am saying this because the war that we thought was almost over has taken a turn for the worse. You are all aware of how the Head of State has endeavored to restore peace in Rwanda, but in vain. We have been attacked by the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi who accuse the Rwandan Government of preventing them from being repatriated. I will not go into any more details because I feel that those who follow the situation closely are aware of everything that has been done. Indeed, once you have seen one war, you have seen them all! We all know that with the exception of a few Hutus such as Kanyarengwe and Bizimungu, the refugees who have become Inyenzi-Inkotanyi are all descendants of the Tutsis. We dare say that when they came, shooting at us at the borders, they made no ethnic distinction. Nevertheless, they were willing to distinguish between Hutus and the Tutsis within the country. There were indeed numerous Hutus in the country and army who didn’t succumb on the battlefield; some of them fell into the trap of worldly women. So far, many have fallen into the trap. They include figures of authority, who consort with them even now, although they know perfectly well, and it has been proven, that when it comes to spying, the Inkotanyi enlist the help of their worldly sisters and daughters. You find them everywhere in all the institutions, in the Ministries, in the private sector, in legal and illegal drinking-places, as well as in our own houses, which many of them have managed to infiltrate through marriage. Having husbands does not prevent them from being accomplices and extracting secrets from people by using their worldly wiles. Hutus do not abuse others, they are taken advantage of. The Hutus must understand that they are not at all waging the war as the Tutsis, because everyone can see that the Tutsis want to regain the power that was taken from them by the Hutus. If you look closely, you will see that 85% of the Tutsis who live in the country are somehow linked with the refugees from which come the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi who attack us. That is the reason why some do not understand this war, while others prefer to remain quiet; but that doesn’t mean they do not have an opinion about it. And what explains the fact that the enemy and the refugees throughout the world are informed daily of the events in Rwanda? The problem with the accomplices is complicated. They work day and night. The Tutsis who live in the country keep helping their brothers to the detriment of the Hutus. Are you aware that even today, our soldiers - your children, your brothers - are still fighting the enemy in the north of the country? Moreover, these Hutus, who come from all the regions of Rwanda, are Inyenzi targets. What information do you send them?

We have noticed that these worldly women work for their Inyenzi-Inkotanyi brothers. The explanation we give is that the refugees who are attacking us are the descendents of the Tutsis who went into exile between 1959 and 1972. Many of those who remained inside the country are related to the Inkotanyi. Nevertheless, several have decided to remain quiet, in regards to their situation, which is far from being favorable. Those who can, operate very discretely. For example by deliberately engaging in improper conduct: handling files improperly, recruiting young men and women and sending them to the Inkotanyi, sending their children and their sisters to the Hutus to obtain information to send to the outside, etc…However, it is unfortunate that those who benefited the most from the unity and peace established by the Hutus participate in a campaign to confuse Tutsis of low rank, so that they do everything in their power to throw off the shackles of the regime… [Illegible] … Kajeguhakwa, Majyambere, Rwigara, Kimenyi and others…After realizing that it was impossible to make puppets of those inside the country, they attacked Rwanda, assisted in their endeavors by Museveni, the guerrilla fighter. Nevertheless, as you have seen and heard, the Rwandan Armed Forces proved themselves invincible. We are appalled by the words of Tutsi detainees amongst the accomplices who spread the rumor that upon their return from the battlefield, the soldiers will exterminate all the accomplices starting with the Inkotanyi -accomplices, their children and their grandchildren. Those are the ones who want to continue waging the war until there are no Hutus civilians or soldiers left in Rwanda, except for their slaves. The Tutsis and the Inyenzi will have conquered the country. Amongst those slaves, I won’t be surprised to see Kanyarengwe, Mbonempka the lawyer, Mugenzi, and all those marginal Hutus I already mentioned who follow the Tutsis blindly. The Inkotanyi use several tactics. As soon as they see that they have lost the armed war, they will use their sisters’ bodies as well as that of their wives and mothers. This has already happened it is appalling! If a young man fornicates with his sister, he is capable of doing so with anyone.

The Hutus should always remember that the Tutsis will never accept defeat or a loss of honor. If needed, all the means will be put into place until their objective has been reached. In fact, isn’t it true that they have been preparing the war that we have been waging for thirty years? Aside from the Hutus who are getting involved in something that is none of their business, what Hutu can claim that he was aware of their plans? Or that he had a role to play during all these years? Or that he was one of those who gave money or who built schools abroad or military camps? Or one of those who sent their children, and so on?

I feel sorry for those Hutus who have fallen into the Inkotanyi trap.