Kangura No. 11

The Inkotanyi are Losers Everywhere, in the Volcans Region and in the Volcan Newspaper

Jean Pierre Kanobana

We must not trust the Inkotanyi who are despondent, disappointed and enraged by their successive failures. They continue to soil the press through endless libelous monthly eruptions by the Volcan a Goma pro-Inkotanyi newspaper. This newspaper confuses the attack against Rwanda with a Hutu-Tutsi problem which it dubs to as the “Rwando­-Rwandan war.” My mother and father are Tutsi and my name is Jean Pierre KANOBANA. My testimony:

The aim of this article is not to contradict the malicious statement contained in the Volcan which accuses the Head of State and his people of being racist. I will not deny the fact that there were individual incidents between Hutus and Tutsis in and around the country, but for foreigners to claim that they understand the current situation better than we do is beyond my understanding.

I must first point out that it was normal for us Tutsis to be afraid of the Hutus after the Inyenzi attack. The, percentage of our ethnic group within their ranks exceeds 95% and there is no point telling us that we have Twas and Hutus among the Inkotanyi. Even if we have them, an objective observer will tell you that they are very few.

The Volcan strives to explain the current problems facing Rwanda which it refers to as Apartheid, is currently faced with Judging from the several articles published in this issue, it is clear that the Volcan journalists do not know anything about what is going on in our country. They reportedly received libelous information from an Inyenzi accomplice living in Rwanda or they may simply be journalists that have been bribed by the Inkotanyi. This was why I said my article is not aimed at criticizing their articles, I would just from their ideas, I would just glean from their articles, the words of encourage which they unconsciously proffer.

Firstly, on page 13 of the Volcan of 11 February 1991, we find words of encouragement to our enemies: “Make further efforts men of the Patriotic Front” This proves that you support our enemies 100%, which will only force us Rwandans to unite even more against you and your enemies.

Moreover, you affirm that that the Inkotanyi attack was a “necessary” evil to save the Tutsis of Rwanda. You forget that these Inyenzi kill all Rwandans of all ethnic groups who cross their path, they loot everything, rape all women they come across, irrespective of their ethnic group. No doubt, you know better than us that we need to be saved. Again by the Inyenzi! I am a civil servant, I work every day, I eat well, I sleep well, my brothers and I, Hutus and Tutsis alike live in harmony in spite of the threats from these undesirable “freedom fighters.” Note that for you to try to free an individual, he should first call on you for help, but this is not the case here.

The newspaper Le Volcan states further that in Rwanda, only l% of primary, secondary and university students are Tutsis. This again proves that the newspaper does not know Rwanda. Ethnic balance has never been practiced in our country in relation to primary education. Regarding the 1% figure, any Tutsi living in Rwanda will confirm that you are exaggerating. If you want to push us to rise against our government, you will not succeed by giving us false information about what we know, even more than you do.

Another thing which confirms that you are our enemy and which will focus us to unite even more is the fact that you do not know who a Rwandan refugee is though the false accusations being made by the Inkotanyi is based on the word refugee. On page 11 of the Volcan of 11 February, you said that the refugees are people sent out of Rwanda by the Belgians colonialists because they were clamoring for independence. This was between 1959 and 1961.

This is not true. All Rwandans know that the refugees are the people who left Rwanda during the 1959 social revolution which no one would dare condemn and those who left Rwanda after the elections which swept their monarchy out of power and replaced it with a democratic majority. If you are not aware of that, journalists of Volcan these are the people who have tried and are still trying to reinstate the monarch in Rwanda. In the past, they were known as Inyenzi, today they have changed their names and are now called the Inkotanyi. Even if the monarchy favored my ethnic group, I can confirm that at the moment, a referendum will prove that we Tutsis within the country do not want a system that is outdated all over the world. We want democracy without weapons, we want nothing but that, we want the majority to rule and respect the rights of the minority.

In order to tarnish the image of our country, the Volcan newspaper reported about many of the detainees in our prisons. We know our Zairian brother! If what is happening in Rwanda had happened in their country, no doubt their prisons would be empty. Here in Rwanda, we do not execute our accused, justice is rendered on behalf of the people and the people are currently satisfied with it. It is not the foreigners who would bring about judicial changes in our country at least as long as they do not wipe us out.

In the same articles, the journalist condemned two of our soldiers who had not slept for nights and who got angry and committed blunders against C.E.P.G.L. officials.

These soldiers were severely punished but the mistake of two people should not be blamed on an entire race. If two of our Barundi brothers were attacked, this does not mean that Rwanda should become such an ingrate to the extent of forgetting the moral and political support it receives from its Burundian brothers. Regarding the list of seven people that Kangura published, the people are not in any type of danger. In fact, Kangura is not an official publication as stated by the Le Volcan. It is a private newspaper that wants to be the voice of the people and which publishes the names of some people of suspected of complicity with the enemy. It is obvious that not every suspect is an accomplice.

However, until further notice, the Inkotanyi accomplices are in our country and they appear innocent. We are at war; we must hunt down the accomplices and bring them to book. The innocent will be freed after being honorably defended; the guilty will be convicted by the legal systems and not by the press.

To conclude this article, I would like to call on all my Tutsi brothers in Rwanda to go about their business as usual and continue to build our beautiful country. What do the Inyenzi want to free us from? I will fight them; we support our President Juvénal HABYARIMANA. As for the Volcan newspaper, let them continue their useless attack against our people. The things published in this newspaper will not prevent us from conquering the Inkotanyi forever.

Shame on the Le Volcan.