Kangura No. 9

Extract—Kangura Continues to Report People to the Intelligence Service

Kangura Editorial Staff

Do not forget to pass through Munigi, Zaire, not far from Byahi—where GASHAKABUHAKE V. KAJEGUHAKWA trained his combatants—to check whether, Gasake, whom we have lost track, is still there. They should also pass via the town of Goma and inquire about SHANKURU, who has been accused of being an Inyenzi since 1990. If they watch carefully, they will surely see General Manager Jean Baptiste GACUKIRO pacing the streets of Goma. They should try and find out whether he is in contact with Pascal, aka Nouveau Riche, and inquire whether he didn’t contact the Inkotanyi delegation at their latest meeting in Goma; they stayed at the MASQUE hotel.